Star looked excited, Robin had asked her to go on a date. He said it was a surprise. They had been together just as teenagers but now, they are in their serious mid 20's and they knew it was going to work.

Star was bugging Raven on what to wear and how to act. Raven could only advise because she was with Beast Boy for so long as well.

Raven was shy and so was Beast boy but they also grew close through their teen to adult years.

"well Star, you know Robin likes whatever you wear but, I've been saving something for you," Raven said in her usual emotionless voice. "You have been there for me in the worse of times and I've been keeping something for you."

Star looked so happy, her friend was giving her a gift. No one had ever got Starfire gifts. (Often at lest.)

Raven handed her a dress, just tight enough to fit her skinny body, it was knee length and black. It was one of the cutest dresses Star has ever had, on top of that it came with a pair of black flats.

Starfire looked so impressed "This is a beautiful dress! Thank you, Raven!"

"I suppose it is. and my advice, be yourself. That's what Robin likes. Well, and have fun. Don't try too hard."

Robin on the other side of the tower was talking to himself in the mirror to find lines to keep her happy. Now, speaking of trying too hard, whelp that was the bird boys specialty.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I want to-" a knock on Robin's door and it was Star. Robin jumped, looking at the time. He looked handsome himself, wearing a suit with a red bow around the collar.

He opened the door slowly and it was Starfire. His heart skipped a beat and her cheeks grew pink.

Starfire was in her new dress, shoes, her make up looked stunning as well. Her hair was wavy and she had a black bow on her head.

"You look so amazing Star, so beautiful! Like, you always do but, you look stunning Star. He sounded so cheesy and he knew it.

"You look of the handsome as well." Star also blushed, he looked handsome in a suit.

"Well, ready?" Robin asked, taking her hand and leading her out the door.

He drove her to a ballroom with a and it was huge, white building with golden stairs and large golden lions on the sides of the stairs, what wowed Star was, the most was the inside. gold painted walls, chandlers, a large dance floor that was made out of silver, angel paintings on the ceiling, and dim lights. They also had small tables for couples that had roses in the middle.

"Well?" Robin asked, words didn't need to happen, Star was in a trance with how amazing it was. She had never seen such a site. "I love it!" what she also saw, no one was there except the workers.

"Robin, no one is here." She pointed out. "Yeah, I rented it out, for us."

"Oh thank you, Robin! I am most happy!"

They sat and got their food after they eat slow romantic music plays. "Would you like this dance my princess?" Robin, you dork.

He got up and put his hand out. Starfire nods and takes his hand. "I'd love to."

They got on the dance floor, after the song ends Robin got on one knee and pulled a golden ring with a simple but beautiful diamond.

"Oh, Robin! I'd be most delighted to be your bride." tears of happiness well into her eyes and she jumped into his arms. "I'm crying because I'm so happy." he held her for what seemed like forever. "I love you Starfire. ," he says in a soft voice. "I love you so much too Robin," Star responds.

They both get up. Robin presses his lips to Starfire's. She made a small sound as she kissed back. Her lips tasted like a dream and felt like one too, soft and sweet. Almost addictive. Not even almost, very.

Star felt the same as Robin. The kiss was shared so long and passionately.

When they got to the tower they looked so happy and everyone saw it.

"Oh yeah! Did pop the question!?" Cyborg asked. and Star showed everyone the ring.

"Good jump for both of you." Raven seemed satisfied but, of course, monotone.

The next day, Raven and Star already were out looking for a dress. The earlier the better. Of course, it wasn't easy. "What about this one?" She shows her a long white dress with lace robbins for the legs and a lace for the arms. "It's most wonderful!" Starfire cheered. They bought the dress and Raven said "It's bad luck to see the bride in her dress before you walk down the aisle." Star already knew this.

The day of the wedding and it was time for Starfire to walk down a nice red carpet.

She looked like a princess, your wedding day is supposed to make the woman feel the worth she really was.

After the preacher gets to "your vows."

"Star, I always loved you, even if you where only kissing me to learn English it was a kiss from heaven. I am glad we met and now that we have, I am happy. When you agreed to be mine, I felt like crying. I feel like I never had with any woman before. I want to spend my life with you. I love you and I want you as long as I live. I mean, through sickness to death. You are my queen and my world."

"Robin, I am so happy. We have been together for the longest time and I am most grateful. I have never had someone to treat me like the princess I really am. I am the happiest princess ever and you are now the prince of not only my heart but my world. Thank you, Robin, I love you."

"You may kiss the bride."

The kiss was amazing like every kiss they shared but better.