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Chapter 4

My Little Brother – Art Brut

Finn absolutely hated Kurt being at Dalton. Yes, he was safer there, probably? He was surrounded by only boys and they were the more artistic or aristocratic types but that didn't mean the bullying didn't just come in another form. Or worse, especially since no one that loved him was there.

Kurt didn't look overly happy there either, he came home from school exhausted now that his day was another 4 hours at least than it had been. He had also lost so much of his self-confident personality and character. He had been an unique little bugger for so long that Finn seeing Kurt as a baby-faced youngster was a strange sight. If anything he seemed even younger and more vulnerable than he had at McKinley with all his loud and flashy clothes which had just given him so much more perceived size.

He would lay on the floor of the basement and work on homework while the other two boys played their games or would take a nap with his head on either Finn or Puck's shins as they played or did homework themselves. Neither minded that it would cast them with the same brush others painted Kurt with. They'd grown up together and had taken naps together in the past, all three had fallen sleep with their heads touching before and had gone camping and needed to use each other for warmth and had piled in together.

Kurt did that for the first few weeks but after a little while he realized he couldn't get back to sleep or sleep well once he did that, so he pushed himself to stay away those extra hours in their day. He had to use that time to do homework anyway. While Kurt was always a good student, he'd never particularly tried to excel in school and now he was catching up, years behind most of the other students. While he knew the lingo and the appearance, body language and demeanor, he didn't know the classwork as well nor the secret society he felt the others lived in.

He hadn't realized the others found him just as peculiar and interesting, wondering at this strange boy in their midst who talked about things they'd never heard of before; when he talked. Otherwise he kept to himself and watched them, learning about them without having to interact with them. Then he'd be outside as soon as he could and headed back to Lima, not joining them in any of their extracurricular activities.

Burt probably couldn't afford any of those activities either and the uniform bills were already crazy, Kurt had needed 2 uniforms and those required a lot of attention to keep it clean and neat throughout the whole week. If he lasted long at the school he'd need at least one more with shorter sleeves.

He was probably there a month before Finn's annoyance at his brother being so far away at an entirely different school became even worse when Kurt showed up at the house one day towing a curly haired boy into the house and announcing proudly to everyone that this was Blaine and was his friend. The way they held hands meant that they were probably more than that but weren't ready to tell anyone else that or even admit it to themselves. At the moment it was a friendly hand hold, a hand through an arm or linked arms as they moved or chatted or sat or stood together.

Kurt was being seduced by the fact that there was another gay guy around his age and he wasn't realizing the very real danger he was walking in to.

Finn eyed Blaine as he came over with increasing frequency and touched Kurt constantly and made his brother bashful and even younger looking as he had his first crush and Blaine appeared to be innocent himself, overly confident and charming and Finn didn't like him at all. He seemed oblivious to what he was doing to Kurt and his actions in general. Finn really didn't like him. He made Kurt unsure of himself, and boneless and melted into a stupid little jabbering puddle whenever they were together and Blaine did one of those unconscious touches. Finn was pretty sure he hated Blaine.

Then Blaine invited Kurt to try out with the Warblers, The New Direction's chief competitor this year and Kurt did and got in. He tried out for a solo position and failed and Finn thought that the Warblers were the stupidest people in the planet if they couldn't see Kurt's glory. Finn had gone to console Kurt at the loss but Blaine was there, explaining to him that it just wasn't their style and they couldn't look passed that to see how fantastic Kurt was and that he would probably get all the solos if he just found the right style. Kurt had fallen into his arms and hugged him in thanks for the confidence booster. Blaine had taken Finn's role from him without asking and just pulled it right out from under his feet, he and Kurt had often dueted in Glee Club but now it was Blaine doing all the duets and sounded absolutely extraordinary with his little brother. In fact, Finn didn't think anyone else in the entire world would be better suited to pair with Kurt and that made Finn know for a fact that he hated Blaine.

Then Blaine asked out another guy (got turned down) but that hadn't made it ok, especially as Kurt had been excited, thinking it would be him that Blaine would ask. He was still touching Kurt and couldn't stay away from him and was constantly at his side or brushing up against him or wrapped up with him, trying to mentor him on things he obviously had no way of knowing himself, Finn could see it, see that it was all a brave act and just trying it on for size, giving Kurt terrible advice. Finn really hated Blaine.

Then, in front of all of their friends, in a repeat of what had gotten him turned down in the past, Blaine serenaded Kurt with a song, I Like Me Better by Lauv and Finn didn't really think it was a song that was meant to showcase Blaine's feelings for Kurt, rather to talk about Blaine only and how he was using Kurt. But Kurt didn't seem to mind, he fell for it lip, line and sinker. At that moment, Finn loathed Blaine and wanted to pummel him into the ground.

Kurt meanwhile was on cloud 9999, he had met a boy who he really liked, who had been there for him and had just let Kurt adjust to him and the life at Dalton with absolutely no pressure and and just let him ease into his feelings. He had gone off to woo another boy with Kurt's help but that was just a mis-step on his path to Kurt. He'd admitted too that while he wanted to help Kurt through his emotional trauma with Karofsky, he hadn't wanted to press and hadn't thought that Kurt would have ever have liked him, even though they inhabited similar worlds that crossed paths with each other often and similar tastes and styles and so much more. Yet Blaine had admitted that even then he hadn't been able to keep his hands off of Kurt, he'd find himself reaching out and squeezing Kurt's knee before he even knew he'd been moving.

Blaine would play it off as a silly joke or harmless banter or flirtation but he would remember how it felt to touch Kurt, how he just gravitated towards him even when he was trying to give Kurt his space, which is why he kept pulling away. He hadn't wanted to pressure Kurt or take advantage of him but he also wanted to be there for him and feelings kept developing and growing and deepening the more time they spent together.

Both of them were lost to their relationship before it even truly began. By the time Blaine mustered up the courage to kiss Kurt, he was already in too deep and would have been gutted had Kurt turned him down, even though he knew Kurt liked him based on earlier conversations. Still had tried to hold himself back but it didn't matter, he was Kurt's from the first day they met

Blaine had fallen for so much of Kurt's charms and couldn't help but offer him a duet role and sing to him whenever he could. He had managed to convince his fellow Warblers to sing a song that showcased his current feelings for Kurt but it only scratched the surface and he'd done it in front of friends and he'd kissed Kurt at the end and while the other boy wasn't a huge PDA fan, he'd kissed Blaine back with gusto.

Someone had then thrown slushies at them and attempted to ruin the moment but he and Kurt hadn't bothered to break for breath let alone the slushies. They continued to kiss for several long minutes before a throat clearing tried to split them apart. Since there was no way they'd succeed, they had to result to putting a hand on each chest and pushing them apart.

"Hey homos, people are trying to eat here and you're just making everyone queasy." Karofsky snarled and his fingers flexed into the front of Kurt's shirt while remaining perfectly flat against Blaine's.

"Hey- let him go." Blaine nodded toward the hand that was drawing Kurt in closer to the other boy, apparently he wasn't the only one who couldn't help but touch Kurt despite their intentions. Their intentions though was the biggest difference.

Finn and Puck had walked away from the kissing couple same as Blaine's Warblers but seeing Karofsky between them, Finn had found a purpose once more and went to intervene, Puck right at his side and they got there just as Blaine finished talking.

"Never." Karofsky smirked at Blaine's surprised face- there was a lot more there than Kurt had realized and Blaine was seeing it clearly. Blaine was about to say something to cut him down and force him to let go of Kurt.

"Karofsky, what did I tell you about touching my brother?" Finn interrupted and Karofsky's hand instantly released Kurt and he eyed Finn warily.

"How about the other one?" Karofsky asked with a smirk and Puck's lips flattened out as he looked at the bigger boy. Finn didn't say anything at first and Kurt arched an eyebrow at his brother. Puck grabbed Kurt's arm and pulled him behind the other two and then locked him against his side.

Finn sighed. "You shouldn't touch him either. He's under my brother's protection."

"What are they even doing here?" Karofsky asked dropping his hand from Blaine's chest and Kurt tried to move toward Blaine but Puck had him trapped so Blaine went over to Kurt and slipped his hand into Kurt's.

"I'm here to cheer on New Directions." Kurt shrugged. They had their own regionals a few weeks ago and now it was New Direction's turn. Blaine had thought it would be fun to admit his feelings before the ND had to go on. That didn't score him any points with Finn.

"We're all here to cheer them on." Blaine corrected. "The ND and the Warblers have always been supportive of their competition, just appreciating good music."

"Oh, they're all staying?" Puck asked in surprise. He spied their hands linked together and he pushed Blaine away and he had to let go to regain his balance but Kurt reached out for him again. Puck frowned at the action. Apparently it wasn't just Finn having trouble with their relationship. Yet he had let the kiss happen and go on.

When Finn asked Puck about it later, Puck shrugged and said that everyone needed to get lucky and he wasn't about to cock-block Kurt but he drew the line at the lovey-dovey stuff, he didn't want to lose his 'brother' to Dalton fully. Puck totally ignored the fact that he and Quinn were now completely lovey-dovey and that Finn and Rachel were too.

They were going to have a party, win-lose-or-draw, at Rachel's and she invited both Kurt and Blaine and the Warblers. Finn was irritated by the invite but found it the perfect time to corner Blaine. They'd won their Regionals and the party was even more fun because of it but Finn kept eying the dark haired boy dancing with Kurt. When Kurt went to the bathroom and Blaine headed upstairs for another drink, Finn fell on him like a dark cloud and pulled him outside onto the yard and into the corner away from the windows. "Woah- what-" Blaine was smashed but Finn would make sure he remembered this.

"What is your goal with Kurt?"

"Finn?" He peered up at him with a frown. "Why are you pulling me into dark corners?"

"Answer my question."

"Well, we're going to start dating and I know we've skipped a few steps but we've agreed to call each other boyfriends." They knew they had chemistry and they liked each other before they confirmed that. "Why?"

"You're going to treat him right, you will never once step a foot out of line and you won't push him to do anything he doesn't want to do. If you ever break his heart, you better hope that we're in different states until I calm down enough to not want to kill you anymore."

"I- well- I have a hard time believing that I'm going to be the one to hurt him but threat acknowledged." Blaine saluted him sassily and quite a bit drunk and Finn frowned, Blaine might think he was joking but he wasn't and he would find that out if he ever did any wrong by Kurt.

Finn saw Kurt get deeper and deeper in his love affair with Blaine and Puck had gradually accepted it but Finn didn't. He and Puck would laugh together when Blaine was out of earshot and send him looks but neither of them actually spoke about Blaine, they just wanted him to think it and he did.

Finn watched as Kurt and Blaine had a few arguments about Kurt's brothers not liking him and Kurt telling him that it was preposterous because they knew how much Kurt liked him and wanted him to be happy. Which was true enough but something about Blaine Anderson just rubbed Finn the wrong way. The arguments always ended in the longest make-out sessions he had ever seen, mostly because Kurt had admitted that he cared so much for Blaine and that had bowled Blaine over.

When Blaine and Kurt admitted they loved each other, the dopey doed eyed looks just got worse and they were always looking at each other or touching or practically in each other's laps. There was whispered conversations and sneaking off and the two of them existed as if the rest of the world didn't exist.

Finn threw his basketball at Blaine one day when the two of them got out of Kurt's steamed up windowed car and to his annoyance Blaine had caught it, dribbled it a little then threw it back to Finn without once missing a beat. Kurt had stopped and stared and the goofy smile on his face only got worse and he tossed the ball – lightly – at Kurt who wasn't paying any attention but while it would have hit him, it wouldn't have hurt him, but Blaine stepped between them and knocked it out of it's intended path. Blaine for the first time glowered at Finn directly. "What were you trying to do?" He demanded from Finn before turning to Kurt and running his fingers along his boyfriend's jaw. "Ok?"

Kurt shook his head bemused. "I'm fine, it didn't touch me. Finn wasn't trying to hurt me."

Blaine scowled. "It would have hurt had it hit," he rubbed his hands, he had caught the ball sure and had done well with grasping it and absorbing a lot of the energy but it still hit his hands with a lot of speed and had hurt him after all.

"Well thank you for saving me, my brave knight." Kurt had gained four inches in the last month and when he and Blaine met he was shorter but now he was a few inches taller. Finn for once appreciated that while his brother was now taller, he'd always be small in other ways but his shoulders were widening a little too, so there was hope that he wouldn't always be the small little bambi, he was slowly becoming a graceful gazelle. Blaine had filled in a little too, but he had a boxer's body, trim but muscular. It only inspired another makeout session.

Finn wanted to gag; but he did respect Blaine for once for sticking up to him in defense of Kurt. While he had seen Blaine try and put Karofsky in his place before and had confronted the big bully, he had always deferred and demured when it came to Kurt's friends. Finn had been impressed that Blaine finally stated his own opinion on the matter rather than let Kurt and his friends and family dictate everything and his opinion was in defense of Kurt.

Blaine wanted to see what would happen if it was one of Blaine's friends who had a problem with Kurt. That would come about all too soon however.

Karofsky was expelled, Nationals was a bust for both teams as Vocal Adrenaline won yet again. Then Kurt was back at McKinley and right next to Finn but he was unhappy yet again. It wasn't until a week later when Blaine transferred into their school that Kurt perked up a little. While Finn had been happy to have his brother back, Kurt had been miserable. Now that Kurt was back and happy, Finn was annoyed.

"You two are going too fast. This is too much too quickly." Finn warned Kurt and got a door slammed into his face and he lost his brother for another week. It had been Blaine that talked Kurt back around to spending time with Finn.

Then they were a six-some, eight if they were eating with Finn and Kurt's parents. Sometimes Mercedes and Sam filled that role of the fourth couple. They all did so much together, including Artie, Tina and Mike and later Santana and Brittany when they finally rejoined the group after Cheerios Nationals and weren't in their own honeymoon period. They had enfolded Blaine into the group with them.

Rachel and Kurt were close, very close now too and when she and Finn broke up over something stupid he had a very hard time picking sides but he did take his brother's eventually and when Finn calmed down enough to fully appreciate that, he let them be friends again without any guilt on Kurt's part that he was betraying his brother.

Sooner or later he and Rachel got back together and everyone was happy again.

Then Sebastian Smythe entered the picture and Finn had to warn Blaine yet again that if he ever hurt Kurt then Blaine better be on the first plane out of the country. "I don't have any feelings for Sebastian! How many times do I have to tell you Hummels that?" Blaine was annoyed, overly annoyed because Finn got to see that perfect mask slip, he'd never seen that happen before. Sure Blaine got overly excited and talked too much sometimes or got a bit pouty, especially when he wanted something from Kurt but never had anyone seen this side of Blaine except Finn, when he'd pissed off the smaller boy, and that wasn't often shown to him either, he could count the times on one hand.

"Hudson." Finn corrected, even though he'd been 9 when his mom married Burt, they'd kept his last name even though she took Burt's. "If you have to keep saying it, then maybe you're doing something wrong."

Blaine breathed deeply, trying to get his temper back in order. "He needs to trust me, not send you to do his dirty work."

"Kurt has no idea that we're talking about this. Yet if it's making him this insecure, perhaps you need to do something to reassure him." Finn suggested.

"Like what? I'm not going to stop being friends with Sebastian just because Kurt's got everything all wrong. I am not interested in Sebastian."

"No, but he's interested in you and the relationship is hurting Kurt. End it or I will end Kurt's torment." Finn threatened and Blaine's eyebrows jumped on his forehead trying to figure that one out.

In fact, Blaine did the exact opposite of what Finn was suggesting. He went out dancing at a gay bar with Kurt and Sebastian and Kurt came home very upset, he'd slammed into his room and locked the door and the entire next week he was jumpy. Finn found out a few interesting facts about that night, 1. Karofsky was there stirring up trouble and Blaine hadn't even noticed 2. Blaine had spent the whole night dancing with Sebastian while Kurt sat on the sidelines until he couldn't handle it anymore 3. Blaine had gotten too frisky with Kurt.

Blaine oofted when his back was slammed against the school wall where none of the cameras could see them or be seen from any of the windows. They were between school and Glee practice and Finn had asked Blaine to meet him out by the parking lot. He should have known better but they'd been on fairly decent terms for awhile, until that argument about Sebastian. He should have definitely known better. "What is it, Finn?" He asked a little tired, his eyes were bloodshot and there were dark half moons under his eyes. Finn took it in and didn't think it was enough.

"What did I tell you about stepping out of line with my brother?"

"What are you talking about?" Blaine reached up and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Finn was just holding him up against the wall with a hand in the center of his chest. "Kurt's the one not talking to me."

"And why is that?" Finn asked as if Blaine was dumb and needed help getting to the answer.

"He doesn't want to be with me." Blaine grumbled.

Finn snorted. "Just because he doesn't want to have sex with you while you're drunk, you're the victim? You pawed at him, groped him while he told you no." Finn held his gaze. "You're as bad as Karofsky."

"Hey!" Blaine objected. "I am not. There's no way you can compare the two of us! I would never hurt Kurt."

"And yet you did." Finn wished he could do the one eyebrow thing but he couldn't.

"When? How did I hurt him?" Blaine looked fearful about the possibility, not about what Finn was going to do to him.

"You hurt him when you betrayed his trust. When you tried to force him to go further than he was comfortable with, when you flirted with Sebastian all night rather than give your own boyfriend any attention."

Blaine groaned and let his head fall back against the brick behind him with a tiny thud. "Haven't you heard that there's 2 sides to every story? A. I did dance all night with Sebastian because he was on the dance floor with me but I didn't dance with him. I kept trying to entice Kurt onto the dance floor and looked at him the whole time, showing off my moves for him. I totally forgot Sebastian was there most of the time."

"B?" Finn asked waiting for the other point.

"B. I was drunk and flirty and horny and Kurt had finally danced with me toward the end and we were walking arm in arm and we ended up in the backseat of his car and I was again horny and got a little carried away but I respected him when he said no and didn't push once I knew he was serious and not just playing coy or hard to get. We got into an argument and I said things I shouldn't have and he said things that upset me and I shouldn't have walked home but I did. I regret it and have tried to apologize but now Kurt won't talk to me or look at me and I feel awful. You don't need to get involved in this Finn."

"I told you not to push him beyond what he was ready for." Finn repeated his earlier warning and Blaine shrugged.

"We're hormonal teenagers trying to figure out this big L word and everything that goes with it. Things are going to happen and we're going to be getting into fights. If you are going to harass me every time we fight, you'll be very tired trying to keep up. Kurt doesn't get involved in your drama with Rachel like this, what's the deal?"

"He's my little brother and I've always been protective of him. The fact that he's a specially recognized class makes me even more protective of him because he has a target on him and I only want him happy. He's always been the best part of this family."

"Geez, I thought you and Burt were close but not that you cared this much about Kurt too."

"Of course I do, he's my brother." Finn was deceptively fiercely protective of those he loved. "This is your last warning Anderson, you hurt him again and I won't be responsible for my actions."

Blaine held his hands up in surrender and took his warning to heart. He could win in a fight against Finn if he wore him out or got below his swing or danced around him and out of the way but Finn was protecting someone and so wouldn't give in as easily as if he was coming from just pure anger or competition.

Blaine headed back in and as he walked passed Puck, already seated with Quinn in the front row, Puck stuck out a foot and tried to trip him. He managed to get Blaine unsteady on his feet and wobbled and slipped into his seat in the front row but on the other end. He sent Puck a glare who only glared right back.

Kurt joined them after all of this went down and he took his usual seat in the back middle and Blaine kept looking over to him but he never caught Kurt looking his way back. Although that's because Kurt was better at hiding his looks towards Blaine. First of all, he didn't have to turn his head to see Blaine, like Blaine did to look back at him and so he had time to look away before Blaine could catch him. Second of all, he didn't even have to turn his head nor really even his eyes because he could see Blaine in his periphery and so looked like he was watching whatever was happening in the front of the room.

It let him see that Blaine was having a lot of trouble with this distance between them. Kurt sighed and gave in and wanted to talk to him but Blaine disappeared out of the building as soon as Glee ended and he realized he hadn't been helping Blaine adjust to this new school very well or making Glee club all that gleeful. He text Blaine that they needed to talk.

"After the show tomorrow." There was no emoji or any emotion in it. Kurt sighed and decided that he could wait until the next day.

Sebastian was in the crowd and cheered Blaine on and booed Kurt and Finn wanted to go up there and hit him but he was busy and it could wait. Already there were people telling him to be quiet.

After the show, Sebastian gave Blaine a lot of flowers and a congratulatory hug and Blaine looked incredibly uncomfortable with his attention but beamed as the other Warblers complimented him. Finn and Kurt also got flowers along with all of the other cast members and everyone slowly left.

Blaine went back to the stage and had to get out his agitation out and worked on a move he knew he had messed up tonight. He didn't feel like he'd put everything he could have in today's performance, his thoughts constantly going to Kurt and what he would say. He wanted this conversation tonight, because it was Friday and he wouldn't have to deal with the after math for the entire weekend.

Kurt left him hanging for a lot longer than he thought he would and when Kurt finally did show up, Blaine thought he wasn't going to come or hadn't known where to find him or something. "You were great tonight."

"Not as good as you were. The audience loved you."

"I can't help but pull focus." Kurt shrugged. Blaine looked over at his boyfriend without knowing what to say, he certainly always pulled Blaine's attention.

"Don't apologize, you deserve to be seen." Blaine's words were true and he believed them but they felt hollow to both of them because they knew they were dancing around the real conversation and Kurt made the first move to address it.

"The Warblers were here and loved it. Sebastian too, he couldn't clap loud enough for you nor was to be outdone with his bouquet." Kurt had found a single red rose to give to Blaine but in the midst of all of that, he felt very much like that flower, alone and insignificant.

"Sebastian-" Blaine for the first time finally realized just how much of a rock Sebastian was in their relationship. "Kurt, come here." Kurt reluctantly came over and Blaine reached for his hand and placed it over his heart. "This heart only skips for one person and that's you. I don't want Sebastian, I never have and I never will. He's cute but that's all his looks are to me, cute. I find you absolutely gorgeously stunning, unique, adorable, sexy. There are so many more adjectives that I can apply to you, even cute, but a cuteness that is so hard to look away from, it just makes me want to reach out and touch you and hug you close to me. I can't explain it, it's like the people who are so in love with their pets that they just want to hold them just a bit too tight and make those dumb comments about eating them up." Blaine held Kurt's gaze. "Understand?"

"I can, because I feel the same way about you. It's hard when we went from our own little bubble to having to worry about someone trying to dig their way in or dig me a ditch which they will then pave over so they can stand there instead."

Blaine laughed and shook his head. "That'd be foolish because I'd be in there right next to you because I don't want to be anywhere else." He tugged Kurt a little closer. "Are we ok now?"

"Yeah." Kurt agreed.

"Want to go to Breadstix with me? Artie is having an after show party for the cast." Kurt had obviously already known this but this was Blaine asking if he wanted them to show up together, as a couple who had made up and Kurt knew it too.

"No." Kurt shook his head and saw the disappointment flutter across Blaine's face even as he tried to hide it. "I'd rather you take me home for the night." Burt thought that Kurt would be sleeping over at Rachel's or Mercedes', he didn't care which.

Surprise and excitement crossed Blaine's face and he looked at Kurt, wanting confirmation that his thoughts weren't totally out of jurisdiction and Kurt nodded, he was ready and he wanted it too. He had seen how out of sorts Blaine was with their absence from each other and had taken pity and had acknowledged his own desires. He wasn't sure how far they'd go tonight but he wanted to start venturing south of the border with his boyfriend.

South of the Border was a lot of fun when hands were involved. Mouths would come later but this was a big leap forward for both and neither were complaining. Mouths came later but anything other than that would have to wait for quite some time. Both were perfectly ok with that and if it never came, that was ok too.

Finn knew instinctively and instantly that something else had changed between the two of them and he was less than pleased. He growled and threatened Blaine at every junction they had with each other, telling the boy that he better watch himself and keep his hands to himself, but as long as Kurt wanted it, Blaine wouldn't hold himself back.

Even Finn had to admit though, as long as Kurt wanted it, it couldn't be that bad, right? He would just have to deal with the thought of some guy sexing up his little brother and that had every protective instinct in Finn gagging and brimming for a fight. Oh how he wished he could beat Blaine up. It would have made things so much easier for him.

EAN: I purposefully put "lip, line and sinker"; I know it's hook line and sinker but in this case it's a bit of a play on the phrase and Blaine's smooth talking/singing. I've used the correct phrase in another story/chapter, and it's Finn thinking it and he's always getting expressions wrong.