So I'm not very good at summaries, or writing. But, I wanna give it a try so here's the first chapter to my first story. It's a little fast paced, but they'll be longer and better paced as the story goes on. Anyways, please enjoy.

Glancing over his meager possessions, Hikari realized he'd have to buy food again. Well, it was either that or he would have to steal. Stealing never settled quite right with Hikari, so he'd only do it when he had to. Crouching down, he reached into his pockets for what little cash he had.

Scratching beneath the eyepatch over his left eye, Hikari sighed as he stood. Staring down on his dismal amount of money, he frowned before pocketing the cash. Tugging his jacket onto his shoulders, he stepped from the darkness of the alleyway and onto the sun-lit sidewalk. The January weather cut through his thin clothes, but in the face of his new goal, he didn't feel it. With rapid steps, he approached the store across from him. His hand on the handle, he hesitated for a second before pushing the door open.

Immediately the heat rushed forward and wrapped around him, the jingle of the door announcing him to the kind shop owner. She turned towards him with a gentle smile, welcoming him silently. Dipping his head in greeting, Hikari walked towards the produce aisle. Staring down onto the many fruits and vegetables, he held up his fingers. He began silently counting and whispering to himself.

As he was calculating to himself, a loud crash startled him out of his counting. Scowling, Hikari turned towards the noise and began stalking forward. Only stopping when he saw the three men with ski masks holding up the store. Narrowing his eye, he sighed and scratched underneath his eyepatch again.

"Hey, pricks. Leave the granny alone and leave the store." The thugs jumped slightly before turning in Hikari's direction. For a moment, they looked confused before looking at each other and laughing.

"Hehehaha, kid, you obviously don't know what you're trying to get yourself into. Turn around and go play or some shit." Still chuckling, he turned back around only to hear Hikari clear his throat.

"Now, I'm gonna assume that you either didn't hear me, or you're stupid. Which I'm beginning to lean towards the latter. Turn around and leave, final warning." Sliding forward a step, Hikari slid his coat off.

Now the three men stopped laughing and stared down Hikari. The guy on the left held his fingers up, and they became barrels. The man in the middle grew a foot or so, and steam came off him in waves. While the last man had no changes to his body, he only held his gun up towards Hikari. The man in the middle growled and let out some steam.

"Boy, last chance, or you'll be sent home in a box." A grin spread across Hikari's face as he cracked his knuckles. Looking towards the old woman, he noticed she was calling the police.

'Guess I'll just have to be fast then.' Opening his mouth, Hikari spit onto the middle man. "Well, come on, send me home then." The man roared and charged forward with steam following behind him. Sliding down, Hikari allowed his Quirk to flow off of him. Neon lights swirled around him as he flew on in a streak. Slamming into the man, he launched him out into the street. The man with gun hands began firing onto him in a frenzy.

Hikari stood still as the bullets flowed through him. Again he charged towards the man only to duck underneath a shot from the last guy. His eyes glowing, the Thug let loose another few rounds with the same result as the previous man. Suddenly the first man swung onto the back of Hikari's head, hurling him into and through the wall.

For a few seconds, all three men sat breathing heavily in the newfound silence. Sighing, the Steam Thug turned towards the old woman. Opening his mouth, he was cut off as a crippling punch hit his lower back. He let out a gasp and crumpled to the floor, shrinking back all the way. The other two men turned towards Hikari in horror. The Gun Thug brought his hands up and fired quickly. Only for the bullets to phase through Hikari and into his friend across from him.

Turning towards the Gun Thug, Hikari grabbed his hands and began letting off neon lights again. The Thug started screaming as his hands began glowing orange and melting together. Frantically he reverted his hands back to normal, leaving a melted mess behind as his skin stuck to itself. He fell back, screaming in pain as Hikari stood over him.

Turning towards the woman, he looked her up and down. "Are you alright? They didn't hurt you, did they?" She just stared in response before dumbly nodding her head. "Yeah, I...I think I'm alright." Nodding, Hikari stepped over the still screaming Gun Thug kicking him in the head as he did. Walking over, he picked up his coat and went back to the produce aisle.

Grabbing some cheap fruits, he walked back toward the cash register. Putting the fruit down, he looked towards her. "Sorry to bother you, but could you ring these up?" Rubbing the back of his neck, he grinned at her. Nodding, she slowly rang up the fruit, and after he left her the correct amount, he thanked her and left.

Slinging his coat back onto his body, he noticed his shirt had some new holes in it. Grunting, he put the fruit in his jacket's pocket and entered the alleyway again. Settling in next to a dumpster, Hikari felt that something was wrong. His Quirk wasn't buzzing underneath his skin like it always does. Before he could assess this change, he was wrapped in a sturdy cloth and hoisted into the air upside down.

Hikari was met with a red glare through yellow goggles. The man tightened his grip onto the cloth and began to speak. "You're under arrest for illegal quirk usage. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" Hikari glanced back down in response and then looked back towards him.

"Yeah, you crushed my fruits." And for a second, the guy seemed almost remorseful.