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Glancing down, Hikari moved his hands in the handcuffs giving a few experimental tugs. Looking around the bland room, he noticed there was only the table he sat at, two chairs, a camera, and one-way glass. He knew what they were doing; he's done this song and dance more times than he'd care to admit. They wanted him to be the first to move so they could capitalize on it; they wouldn't get what they wanted.

Sighing, he looked towards the glass, wishing they would hurry up already. But it seemed as if they were content to make him wait tonight. As if the gods heard his complaining, the door slammed open, and a cop walked in, followed by the Hero who arrested him. Stepping to the side, the Officer closed the door behind them and stood next to it. The Hero continued walking until he stopped behind the chair. Sitting down with a groan, he took off his goggles and stared at Hikari.

Reaching into his back pocket, the Hero took out some eyedrops and sat them onto the table. Rubbing his eyes, the Hero held his hand out to the side, and the Officer placed papers into his palm before walking back. All was silent as the Hero read the articles; sighing once more, he glanced up at Hikari.

"Let's see, arrested for Illegal Quirk Usage, and Property Destruction. Do you object to either of these?" He raised his eyes from the pages to look towards Hikari. Hikari shook his head.

"I don't understand why I'm in trouble; they deserved it." The Officer scoffed at this, but a look from the Hero silenced him. The Hero sat back in his seat and rubbed his hand across his face.

"Alright, you don't understand? You used your Quirk without a license to do so; you launched a man through the doors of the shop, thus the property damage. Now, that's not even mentioning the damage you did to the men. Thankfully for you, the injuries have been chalked up to self-defense. One man will never be able to walk again, another is in a medical coma from his wounds, and the last will never again be able to pick up a pencil. Do you understand now?" The Hero finally looked irritated. Hikari stayed silent.

"Before we go on further, it would be logical to proceed to introductions. I am the Pro Hero, Eraserhead." At this, he looked towards Hikari expectantly.

"Ahem, Hikari...Tatsumaki." When his last name left his mouth, he could Eraserhead's eyes open wider a bit. Silence filled the room as Eraserhead looked over him.

"Then, that makes what I'm about to propose even better. From here, you have two choices, go to a prison for misguided youths and be reformed underneath the Hero Commission's fist." He stopped to gauge Hikari's reaction to the news, whereupon he only received a blank stare in return. "Or, on behalf of Yuuei Academy, you can attend their Delinquency Reform Program and work on your way to being a hero. I couldn't care which way you go, but Nezu told me to offer this to you. I need an answer within the next few days." With his speech done, he stood and began leaving the room. Stopping at the door, he turned to give one last remark.

"Also, I know what it's like to be seen as a villain. Our situations may be different, but know you aren't alone and that you CAN become a Hero." With this, he stepped out of the room, the Officer following silently behind him.

The room was silent, yet somehow louder than when Eraserhead was giving him his ultimatum. To Hikari, the silence sounded like his own personal guillotine swinging above him. He was left in the room with nothing but his thoughts and the buzz of the lights above him.

Eventually, the Officer from earlier opened the door and approached him. He reached down and grabbed Hikari from under his arms and pulled him towards his new cell. The door was closed behind him, and he settled in without complaint. The night fading into a day marked by restless sleep.

Breakfast was silent and cold, after which he had nothing to do but fiddle with the cuffs still around his wrists. The day came and went as he had nothing to do but think about Eraser's proposition. The next morning he was taken to relieve himself and bathe. As Hikari was about to enter his cell, he stopped. Turning around, he noticed that the Officer was reaching for his gun.

Holding his hands up, Hikari scratched underneath his eye. He had come to a decision.

"Can you call Eraserhead? I've made up my mind." He then turned entered his cell. The hours flew, and before long, Eraserhead stood outside of his cell. Opening the door, he stood over Hikari's sitting form. Crouching down, he took in Hikari's state before stopping at the cuffs. A hint of anger playing across his face.

Scowling slightly, he pulled the cuffs' key from his pocket and unlocked them. The Officer began to say something but stopped at Eraserhead's glare. Turning to Hikari, he beckoned him to follow. Walking down the hallway towards the interrogation room Eraserhead stopped next to the door.

"At this point, I would assume that you have an inkling of what my Quirk is. So, you know that if you try anything, I will just lock you back into the cell, and the Hero Commission can do whatever they want to you. Am I understood?" Looking at Hikari out of the corner of his eye, he saw him nod. "Good, now go in and sit."

Hikari shuffled past him, and Eraserhead followed quickly, keeping his eyes on him the whole way. Sitting down, Eraserhead got straight to business.

"I received a call informing me that you've made up your mind. Is this true?" At his question, Hikari released yet another nod. "Good, now tell me." Silence reigned through the room for a few minutes. Each of them studied the other, Eraserhead silently hoping he'd pick UA. Nothing was said for a few more minutes before,

"I think...Yuuei would be the better choice; I'd rather not be 'reformed' by the Hero Commission. But, don't get your hopes up, Eraserhead. My goal really isn't that heroic." Hikari stared down Eraserhead to gauge his reaction to this.

"If it puts any classmates you may have in danger, then I will personally put a stop to it." Eraserhead gave Hikari a glare as he said this. This was fine; Hikari didn't want people getting caught up in his goal anyways. Hikari nodding stood up and held his hand out towards Eraserhead. Eraserhead stared at his hand for a bit. Hikari began dropping his hand then, Eraserhead gripped it firmly and shook.

A grin broke out across Hikari's face as Eraserhead led him out towards the black limousine that held Yuuei's symbol on the side. The door opened by itself, and Eraserhead gestured for him to slide in. Settling into the leather seat, Hikari let out a groan. It had been a while since he had sat in something this comfortable.

"Hahaha, I'm glad you find the seat so nice!" A squeaky voice said from behind Hikari. Jumping forward, Hikari allowed his Quirk to flow around him. Bringing his hand back, he was about to attack when Eraserhead poked his head in.

"Nezu, what are you doing scaring the kid?" His tone showed that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened. Hikari turned his Quirk off and stared at a...rat?

"Eraser, what the hell is that?" Pointing a shaky finger towards Nezu, he slowly began to edge out of the vehicle.

"What am I? Am I a bear, a rat" At this, Eraserhead groaned and slammed his head into the door. "Haha, I honestly don't know! Don't ask me how I'm the principal of UA either because I don't know myself!" The being known as Nezu cheered. Then he produced a cup of tea from nowhere.

As suddenly as the cheery atmosphere came, it left. Aizawa closed the door and sat down next to Nezu. Nezu adjusted his tie while staring Hikari down with a smile still on his face. "So, allow me to introduce myself and Mr. Eraserhead here. I am Nezu, the principal of the Yuuei Academy of Heroics. This is Aizawa Shota, homeroom teacher of class 1-A and Pro Hero Eraserhead." He clapped his hands and looked upon Hikari expectantly.

Catching the memo, Hikari coughed into his hand. "I am Hikari Tatsumaki; I, unfortunately, don't have any titles." He chuckled while scratching underneath his eyepatch. Nezu chuckled a bit himself.

"That is quite alright, now; I believe you will be a part of the Delinquency Reform Program at UA. This is a relief to hear. I would like to tell you everything that entails but first, I would like to know about your Quirk." He leaned forward and poured himself another cup of tea.

"You make it sound like it's a business deal-" Nezu cut him off hear, with a sad chuckle.

"I'm afraid that it is something like that. There's a shift coming, and I would like to see as many Heroes on this side as possible. But, the heroes that the Hero Commission use, well, Hawks turned out fine. Anyways, please continue; I'm sorry for my interruption." Waving his hands, he offered tea to Hikari. The smile never leaving his face.

Taking the tea, Hikari settled in silence, the cup feeling heavy in his hands. The liquid swirled around the cup as the vehicle silently passed through Musustafu. He leaned back again and sighed.

"My Quirk is Neon. It allows me to change my body into the stuff, so things pass through me. But, I have to be paying attention to do it consistently. By converting my body into Neon, I can also move kinda like a wisp of smoke. It makes me faster, and I can fit into areas I otherwise couldn't. That's all I've got right now." Still from his slouched position, he moved his eyes from the ceiling onto the two. They showed no outward change in expression, Aizawa dead; Nezu cheerful.

"My, that is quite the Quirk, now-" Clapping his hands Nezu pulled a book from somewhere. "-You will be tested on your knowledge of certain subjects. Given a comprehensive breakdown on your character and quirk counseling if needed. Then you will take the entrance exam, or if you're good enough, a teacher may just sponsor you for the recommendation exam. Any questions?" He set the book down and peered up at Hikari with curious eyes.

"Yeah, just one, I guess. How long will this take exactly?" Again scratching under his eye, he glanced out of the window.

"Ah-ha, good question. How old are you?"

"14, I think."

Nezu hummed to himself for a minute. "A year then." He said before confidently nodding. "Yes, I do believe a year will be long enough to prepare you. But, we're here." Immediately after he said that the limousine came to a stop.

Doors once again opening by themselves, Hikari stepped out onto the sidewalk. It was night, and glancing up, he noticed the giant H-shaped building towering over everything else. Shining as if the very structure knew it was the haven for Heroics. Hikari felt it, the shift in the wind, the way that just the area around Yuuei felt pure. He stood staring at the building, and unknown emotion welling up inside of him.

Before he could place the feeling, a hand landed on his shoulder, breaking his musing. Following the arm led him to Aizawa, who nodded his head towards the gate. Handing him a visitor card, Nezu led Hikari onto the campus. If the outside felt pure to Hikari, the inside felt as if the very essence of Heroism was flowing through him. Smiling at him from Aizawa's shoulder, Nezu glanced around a bit.

"Feels great, doesn't it? I've been to many Hero Schools, but none feel the same as Yuuei. No matter how many times I set foot out here, it never changes." Hikari could only nod dumbly in agreement. The rest of the walk was silent, but it didn't bother Hikari; he was too absorbed into UA's campus.

Eventually, they stopped in front of a single-story building, Aizawa unlocking the door and turning the lights on within the building. The three of them stepped inside, and Hikari glanced around the room.

"This is where you will be living until you get into UA; it doesn't matter if it takes you a year or five. Once UA, and by extension me, sets out to something, we get it done. Now, the house has one bathroom, a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen. In the coming months, I expect that you will become familiar with your schedule and the campus. With that said, Aizawa will come and wake you up at 6:00 a.m. to begin your lessons. Please, get some sleep, and I will see you tomorrow." Nezu gave one final grin before both he and Aizawa left.

Entering the kitchen first, Hikari fixed something to eat. After this, he went to sleep, and for the first time in years, he slept peacefully.