A Duck and his ducklings

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1: Goals

''Now it is your turn.'' Kakashi announces as he looks at the three newly graduated genin in front of him. They didn't seem surprised at his own introduction. The Uchiha keeps on scowling and the other two keep looking at him with bright smiles on their faces. It is a little off-putting if Kakashi is honest. They all seem a little off. But what can he expect given Naruto's and Sasuke's background? The girl is a big fan-girl according to her file so he guesses her staring at Sasuke like he is the only thing that matters in the world isn't that weird for her?

''My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I like cup ramen. What I like even more is the ramen at Ichiraku when Iruka-sensei treats me. What I love the most is spending time with my friends! What I dislike is waiting 3 minutes for cup ramen to cook and traitors. My dream is to become Hokage and have all the people of this village acknowledge me, world piece and...'' The boy glances at the Uchiha who does his best to ignore the blond. ''Protect my friends and never let a weird snake guy get to them. I will follow them forever and bring them home. My hobbies are playing pranks, training and saving my friends.''

Kakashi raises an eyebrow.

A weird snake guy? What? He can't mean Orochimaru right? No there is no way Naruto should know about him.

''Me to!'' The Pink haired girl suddenly announces as she also glances at the Uchiha though her expression is a little more dreamy. ''I like spending time with my friends, I dislike traitors, weird snake guys, people who don't take me seriously and people who underestimate me.''

The girl's aura suddenly changes as she looks all serious and fold her hands in front of her like the Uchiha next to her. '' I don't want to use the word dream but I have an ambition. To become the strongest medical ninja the world has ever seen, to protect my friends and to follow them and bring them home no matter what it takes and to kill a certain snake guy.''

Naruto begins laughing loudly and the Uchiha rolls his eyes. Kakashi raises his other eyebrow.

A medical ninja? Did they get thought about the three legendary sannin recently? And what is up with this snake guy!

''My hobbies are training, reading, learning and shopping.'' Sakura finishes.

This is all really interesting. No not interesting...off-putting, weird. Kakashi feels like he is missing a piece of a puzzle.

''My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I like being alone, justice and killing bloodline thieves. I dislike weaklings, fan girls and the two people next to me-''



''My goal is to kill a certain man and...no five men and...'' The boy gives his two teammates a look.

''Leave this place as soon as I am able to.''


''We will never let you go Sasuke!''

''You will never get rid of us!''

''No matter how many time you try to kill us!''

''We will follow you everywhere!''

''Scratch that I am leaving right now!''

Well these three are a interesting bunch. Kakashi just hopes they will not become his interesting bunch. He has no more eyebrows left to raise so he just facepalms.