A Duck and his ducklings

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Chapter 5: Who is it hiding in those bushes?

Kakashi is looking at his team training while hidden in a tree. His team is training like usual. And with usual he means also totally destroying this training ground. Not one of the training grounds have survived until now. Kakashi has no hopes for this one.

He often wonders what he is supposed to teach them. They seem to know everything already what he planned to teach them. Walking on trees, walking on walls, walking on water...they also are already aware of their chakra natures.

Teamwork is still an issue. They are capable of working together. Seamlessly so which is a surprise. But only when the situation really calls for it. Sasuke wants to do everything on his own. Though he slowly depends more on his teammates. It doesn't look like he thinks them incapable. Naruto wants to do everything together with Sasuke and if Sasuke wants to do it alone Naruto takes it as a challenge. Sakura also wants to work together but when Sasuke works alone and Naruto challenges him she gets angry for being left behind and runs after them. They all ignore their sensei.

Kakashi doesn't that mind at all.

The further those brats are from me the better.

He doesn't know how to handle them.

Right now Sasuke and Naruto are sparring. Sakura is cheering Sasuke on. Kakashi has notices how she acts around Sasuke. He has seen her blush and she reacts differently than Naruto when Sasuke rejects them. Sakura has a crush on Sasuke he is sure. Naruto says dejectedly that she should cheer him on.

...Wait...Does Naruto challange Sasuke for Sakura's attention? Does Naruto have a crush on Sakura? That would be his old team all over again! Is it karma?

No wait. Naruto might try sometimes to get Sakura's attention but the ones whose attention he wants the most and tries to hardesr for is...

Oh kami

It is also Sasuke.

Don't tell me Naruto also has a crush on Sasuke!

Kakashi narrows his eyes as he senses someone getting closer to his students. They are hidden in the forest behind a tree. Kakashi moves closer so that he can look at who it is. There standing behind a three is a girl with short black hair and big grey eyes.

Isn't that Hinata Hyūga? What is the heiress of the Hyūga clan doing here?

Kakashi blinks in confusion.

Is she spying for Kurenai on his team? But why would she? That would be more like a Guy thing to do.

When Kakashi observes her further he notes that she is blushing slightly and looking intently at Naruto...and only at him.

No...don't tell me...

As Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura start do argue about which training ground to destroy next and take their leave from this one Hinata follows them. doing her best to stay in the shadows and move quietly. Kakashi has to hand it to her she is good at it but does this really mean that...

I am not equipped to deal with all this teenage drama.

When Hinata has also almost disappeared from Kakashi's view following Naruto Kakashi notices another figure this time following Hinata. She is smaller, has the same eyes but has brown hair.

Is that...Hanabi Hyūga, Hinata's sister? Is she following her sister? Does their father know? Is their father also here?

Kakashi wisely shunshins away.

Author's note

I was inspired for this by a certain anime filler episode.