Author's Note

Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome, as of 10/4/2020, I'm busy working on classes for a Bachler's Degree in History, trying to get a new and better job soon, and trying to focus work on 3 to 4 fanfic stories, and one original work. The other fanfictions are Assassin's Creed, Transformers, Spider-Man, and this. I do have buckets of other stories, but one girl can only write so much with a perfectionist imagination and wild horses get the better of me...

Any-who, this is a story for Batfleck, because the poor guy needs some love, and Bruce needs a healthy relationship for once. Now, I know people may not like him, and have their favorite Ship, but keep calm. This has been one heck of a year, and I just want to tell a story.

I got this story idea from two things: one, I want more Batfleck; two, Bruce needs a healthy relationship before he can feel confident on passing on/hanging up the cape and cowl. For that he needs a woman. And the top comic ladies, are not healthy for him.

First is Andrea Beaumont: not healthy because she is too far gone in her sorrow and anger to stay with him. Second is Selina Kyle: now she may be the first thing to come to many minds, and she may understand the need to suit-up, but she's too crazy or hungry for a thrill to be a wife or mother. Now there may have been that one time she and him did marry and have a daughter, but she's still not good for him. Just look at what happened in Batman Returns! Third is Talia al Ghul: she really isn't good for him, she's an assassin, he has his "Code," and she raped him and turned their son into an assassin too. Nope. Fourth and last is Diana: I do love their chemistry in JLU. I love WonderBat, but she's an Immortal, basically. Dating or marrying someone that will watch you grow old and die while he or she is ageless, is heartbreaking.

Bruce needs a woman, so I came up with Lana Lane. She may be an OOC of Lana Lang, but hay I loved her from the classic Superman films with Christopher reeve. Also, I found that kid in the old movie annoying, so Tim Drake, is now Tim Drake Lane...just role with me.

Batman belongs to DC. Rated M for death, violence, and sexual themes (not much, or just mild). Things only get tense when it gets closer to the Last Christmas or Last Year…Look for the Party Hill. Other than that; don't be a pansy, and don't expect me to bend the knee. Found on Wattpad or

Also, this may be based off the Long Halloween, but the Halliday Killer is different than from the comic. He kills more than one, and she is not who you think. Not even I am sure who it is yet, it could even be Lana or Tim? Maybe not all the killers get apprehended? Who knows, I'm still working on it, along with other projects. But one thing you can count on, is that it'll be a game of clue, and it'll be...

~ Coming after Justice League Snyder's Cut~