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First Time, First Fear

"I can't believe this is happening! I'm actually going to Plumber Headquarters!" Macy exclaimed with excitement, packing her bag with things she might need. "Oh! Should I go in wearing my Black Rebel outfit or as myself? Is there a certain dress code I should know when being there? Oh, great, now I sound like Tina!" she groaned.

Sage looked at Macy and chuckled. "Mace, we're just going there to meet Magister Tennyson and for you to get the lay of the land. Your acting like this is your first day of school," the Wolfblood replied, as he crossed his booted feet.

"Well, it's also my first time being surrounded by professional Space Cop Plumbers. First impressions were a huge deal back in high school. Make one false move, and you get labeled for life," Macy explained, little panicking. She looked at her wolf sadly. "Last thing I want is to embarrass myself in front of Magister Tennyson and the other Plumbers."

Sage smiled. "You know, Aunt Rachel slipped on a water puddle and slid right into Uncle Rook, then ran off. Uncle Rook sought her out and now their married. Believe me, people are going to label you. But it's better to prove them wrong. Don't worry, you'll do fine. Just go as yourself," He said calmly.

Sighing, Macy looked up and smiled. "You're right. If I can survive high school, I'm sure I can survive Plumber HQ."

Sage smiled. "Maybe bring the plans for your suit. Though, there are techs that can help with any questions you got," he suggested. "We might even get to meet Azmuth."

"Seriously?! The same alien Galvan who made the Omnitrix? In HQ? Oh, man, you just had to stress me out more!" Macy groaned.

"Macy, chill. Seriously, you're working yourself up for nothing. From what I hear, Azmuth can be a little bit of a stickler but he's still just a normal guy like anyone really." Sage said, waving his hand.

Macy took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. "Okay...You make a good point. Azmuth is just gonna be like one of those tough teachers. Not a problem. I'll just get my blueprints on my suit and bike and we'll be on our way,"

Sage chuckled. "Well, that, and maybe shoes would be a good idea." Sage noted, pointing at Macy's socked feet.

The Brunette blushed before chuckling nervously. "I was wondering why my feet felt weird," she said, grabbing her sneakers before leaving.

Sage smiled as he followed her outside where his uncle, Rook Blonko, was waiting with his Proto-truck.

"I was wondering what was taking so long," Rook said, as Sage opened the door for Macy to slip into the back.

"Oh, just nerves. That's all," Sage replied getting his seat belt on.

"Don't worry. I'll get over them while we start moving," Macy assured, putting on her earbuds to listen to her favorite songs to help calm her down while putting on her seat belt.

After a decent drive, they soon arrived at Plumber's headquarters. The place was vast with many different alien species; some recognizable, other not so much. After a short tour, Rook showed them to the main hub where Magister Max Tennyson stood watching the progress of some ongoing missions.

"Magister Tennyson, these are the two that I have spoken to you about. Sage, the son of Whampire and Sasha, and Macy Monroe, his girlfriend also known as Black Rebel," Rook said with a smile. "Sage, Macy, this is Magister Max Tennyson."

Sage offered his hand the same time as Max. "Honor to meet you, sir."

"The honor's mine, Sage," Max said with a smile before offering his hand to Macy.

"Magister Tennyson. What a pleasure it is to finally see you in person and being here," Macy said happily yet calmly, shaking his hand. "Your grandson, Rook, and all the other Grant Mansion aliens I've met speak very highly of you."

"I've heard much about you two, as well. Whether as you are now or as Black Rebel or Street Wolf or Saber," Magister Tennyson replied, as he moved to show the monitors. "This is what you could face if we think you can handle it. What do you think?"

Sage looked at the battles, his eyes slowly shifting at seeing the problems ensue.

"Life won't get any easier sitting on the sidelines. Best thing I can do is try to make it easier. There's an old cowboy saying that you're given three choices in life: you can give in, you can give up, or you can give it your all. And I've never considered myself a quitter, sir," Sage replied, looking at Magister Tennyson in the eye.

Magister Tennyson nodded before looking at Macy. "And you, this will be far more dangerous than a street fight."

Macy nodded. "I know, sir. I've experienced it the first time out of Earth and yet, after all that, I wasn't afraid nor gonna quit on the spot. I train myself hard every day, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I study on not just martial arts and new skills of defense, but also every known dangerous alien species, along with their environmental planets, and prepare myself for any possible outcomes. I never would have come this far without the guidance of Sage and his family. If being a Plumber means protecting lives from beyond my own planet, then that's the path I truly want to take," Macy reasoned with determination, not losing her gaze on Magister Tennyson.

All was quiet for a minute before a loud booming laugh filled the air, catching both Sage and Macy off guard.

"Golly, you kids need to relax a little. You're both so serious." Magister Tennyson said, patting their backs.

Sage looked at Mr. Tennyson, utterly stumped. "Is he serious?" Sage asked himself.

"Wow...It's like talking to my dad when first introducing him to Sage all over again," Macy said, equally surprised yet shocked like her Wolf Boyfriend.

"I've heard and seen your work, you two. You have what it takes. Heck, my grandson, Ben, approves of you. Says you two have real passion for helping others," Magister Tennyson said with a smile. "Now, how would you two like to try one of the Plumbers screening exams?"

Sage raised an eyebrow but nodded. "Sure. Have to get used to this stuff sooner or later," Sage replied, placing his hands in his leather jacket.

"Plumbers Screening Exams? What exactly is that?" Macy questioned.

"Every month or two, we have a day where our cadets and higher ups are checked both physically and mentally to see how the strain of working here does for them. If something is wrong, the Magisters are notified and we deal with the situation," Magister Tennyson said, as they walked a long hall.

"So you're basically trying to prevent things like P.T.S.D and so on," Sage summed up, as he followed beside Magister Tennyson.

"Yes, and a Plumber takes care of the mental screening do to his abilities of reading minds," Magister Tennyson said.

"I remember Uncle Rook saying something about an alien like that...yeah, his name is AmpFibian, right?" Sage said, thinking hard.

"Correct. His species have the ability to enter minds and check for danger," Magister Tennyson replied.

"AmpFibian...Sounds like an interesting alien. I've never heard nor seen him before. What type of mindreading alien is he?" Macy asked, kind of intrigued and interested.

Magister Tennyson looked at Sage. "Well, do you know the answer, Sage?" the man smiled as he asked.

Sage smiled back. "Amperi from the Andromeda Galaxy, known for their electricity powers," Sage answered.

"I'm impressed, very good. You even pronounced it right," Magister Tennyson said smiling.

Macy chuckled. "That's my Sage. Knows how to crack the books as much as me," Macy commented with a smirk and playful elbow hit him on his arm. "I'll be sure to read about the Andromeda Galaxy on the planets and inhabitants when I get back home. These Amperi creatures sound very impressive to study."

Sage smiled. "Though, aren't their abilities to read minds with Electro-kinesis dangerous? So much can go wrong," Sage asked.

"If the Amperi were inexperienced, yes. But AmpFibian is very skilled. He's part of our security team." Magister Tennyson said, as he opened a door allowing Sage and Macy to enter first.

Sage instantly took in the comfortable room, spotting the large jellyfish-like alien hovering over a chaise lounge chair.

"Magister Tennyson, I was just about to contact you to say that I am ready," AmpFibian said, taking note of Sage and Macy.

Macy's eyes suddenly grew wide, her heart beating wildly, and her skin nearly turning pale. Even her throat instantly became dry. Although that was happening, she kept herself calm and tried not to panic. Seeing he was a telepath and might sense her fear.

"Sir, who are these two?" AmpFibian asked curiously.

Sage stepped forward. "My name is Sage. I'm the son of Whampire and Sasha. And this is my girlfriend, Macy Monroe. Also known as Black Rebel." Sage said calmly.

"Hi," Macy replied, giving her best smile while waving gently and keeping her distance.

"A pleasure. Are you here to try the screening process?" AmpFibian asked curiously.

Sage nodded. "Yes, we are hoping to be added to the Plumbers ranks. Magister Tennyson suggested that this would be a good way to get started."

"So, uh, how does this work, exactly?" Macy questioned, doing her best to hide her nervousness. Not about the test, but on someone else.

Sage looked at Macy out of the corner of his eye, sensing something was up.

"You will simply lay here and I will touch your head. You'll feel nothing other than my touch. Then, after you relax, I'll begin. Essentially, you'll be unconscious till I remove myself. I will write down what I have seen and any areas of concern, and that is it." AmpFibian explained calmly.

Sage noticed Macy shift uncomfortably at the mention of being touched by AmpFibian.

Wonder what's up, Sage thought to himself, not caring if AmpFibian was reading his mind.

"Good to know. Before I start, can I please use your restrooms, first? This place has one of those, right? Because it would be super weird and awkward that it didn't," Macy casually replied.

"Yes, down the hall and your second right," AmpFibian answered. "Macy, is there something wrong? You're looking pale."

"Never better. Just really need to use the bathroom. Thanks," Macy answered, making her way to door. "I'll see you guys in a bit," she said before leaving and closing the door behind. Once out of sight, she began running down the halls to reach for the bathrooms.

Sage looked at the door.

"Okay, something is up," Sage stated. "Macy was acting way out of character. She was stressed out, but...why?"

"Hmmm…Lets find out. The screening isn't for another hour or so." AmpFibian said, moving to the door and opening it. Sage followed, worry filling his heart.

As soon as Macy made it inside the girls' bathroom in such a hurry, the first thing she did was go to the sinks and splashed cold water on her face to help calm herself down. Even kept breathing constantly.

"A jellyfish...It had to be an alien-like jellyfish," Macy said in her reflection, splashing more water on her disappointed face. "There's no way I can become a Plumber now. One touch and I'll be done for. I'm such a loser...and a coward," she lowered her head, letting a few tears come running down her face and on the sink.

Meanwhile, AmpFibian floated down the hall with Sage by his side, following Macy's electrical pulses.

"Sage, do you have any idea why Macy would act like that?" AmpFibian asked, looking at the Wolfblood.

Sage looked at the Amperi. "No, but if I were to hazard a guess, it must be something from her past or she's afraid she won't pass. But she wasn't afraid earlier," Sage replied, as they arrived at the bathroom. Reaching up, Sage knocked on the door. "Mace, it's me. What's up?"

"Sage?! Um, nothing, really. Just...taking longer in here than I thought. No problem," Macy spoke, trying to hide her sore throat voice from crying.

Sage sighed, motioning AmpFibian and Magister Tennyson back.

"Mace, you know my ears are keener than that. Now, come on. What's wrong?" Sage asked. "We've had secrets before and they've turned nasty when revealed wrong. I want to help."

"Sage, this is different. I...I don't think I have what it takes to be a Plumber," Macy replied sadly.

Sage raised an eyebrow. "Okay...but why the sudden one-eighty? You were confident before," Sage asked. "Is it because of the test?"

"This is beyond the test. The test is hardly what is bothering me," Macy answered.

Sage narrowed his eyes. "It's AmpFibian," he stated. "You're afraid of him."

Macy stayed quiet. Of course, she was afraid of AmpFibian! But if anyone else knew that, it would prove she's not Plumber material.

Sage gave a sigh. "Mace, listen. What I'm about to tell you will probably sound weird, but it might help. I was afraid of the Vladat side of my family, after I was first adopted," Sage admitted, his body stiffening a little.

"How is being scared of your new family any similar to my life-death fear?! They obviously love you!" Macy argued.

"Yeah, except when I first arrived, I didn't understand that," Sage said. "I was nervous about anyone having something in their hand."

"Like what?" Macy asked.

"Dad bringing me a book that I couldn't reach, and I'd flinch and shift away from him when he'd hand it to me," Sage replied his head leaning against the door.

"...Why? Why did that freak you out?"

"The other man used to get drunk and would offer me my...empty food bowl, but instead use it on me...on my head and muzzle," Sage said in a small whimper.

Although he couldn't see her, Macy stared in disbelief. "Sage...that was in the past. Your new family would never do that. Not even your Vladat side," Macy reasoned.

Sage nodded. "Yeah, but tell that to my body and subconscious who had to deal with it on a daily basis. It took weeks to get to the point I'm at now. What I'm saying is that, big or small, I want to help. But I can only do it if you talk to me," Sage replied, rubbing his eyes.

Macy remained quiet for a while. Eventually, she groaned while laying down near the door. "...I was five or six when it happened. My parents and I were at the beach, enjoying our time in the sun and sand," the Brunette explained, sighing. "When I swam around the water...well, let's just say that my first encounter with a jellyfish put me rushing in a hospital and nearly losing my life,"

Sage raised his head, eyes widening a little.

"Macy, AmpFibian is different from our jellyfish. He's not poisonous at all. His kind feed off electricity," Sage replied.

"Sage is right. I've never hurt anyone with my tests," AmpFibian said, announcing his presence.

Macy let out a small scream and stood up to move away from the door. "He was here the whole time?! Why didn't you tell me!?"

"I was worried when you left the testing room. You seemed overly nervous and, so, I wanted to set your mind at ease. Sage seemed like the best option to barricade the subject," AmpFibian replied calmly.

"You handle better talking to me. If you knew he was here, you wouldn't have opened up." Sage continued.

"I-I-I'm really sorry, AmpFibian. I di-didn't mean to ins-s-s-sult you. P-please don't hurt me!" Macy whimpered in terror, shaking uncontrollably.

"Macy, I'm not going to hurt you. I only hurt my enemies and you are not one of them." AmpFibian said calmly.

"Even if that were true, how can I call myself a Plumber when I'm afraid? Plumbers are supposed to be fearless!" Macy said.

"No one is fearless. Fear is the thing that keeps you from doing something dumb. However, once you know the facts about it, then the fear goes away." AmpFibian replied.

The electric alien had a point. AmpFibian is not a normal jellyfish like the ones Macy encountered when she was small. And if she wanted to face her fear, she had to do it head on. Although reluctant, Macy slowly went to the door. "Okay. I'm gonna come out," she said, gently opening the door with a shaky grip.

Sage and AmpFibian stepped back, allowing the door to open. The Skinwalker sighed as he moved forward when Macy was in full view and pulled her into a hug.

"Never be afraid to talk to me," Sage whispered

"Mm-hmm," Macy muttered back, still terrified.

"Macy," AmpFibian says calmly, re-announcing his presence.

The Brunette whimpered, lowering her head and shutting her eyes closed while hiding behind Sage trembling.

Sage motioned for AmpFibian to back up a little before stretching his arms and pulling Macy into a bridal carry, his right arm holding her back while his left curled under her knees.

"Let's go to the room and we'll discuss this," Magister Tennyson said calmly, taking the lead.

Macy just held on to her dear wolf, hiding her face by burying it in his chest. Her heart was beating super-fast and nearly up her throat.

"Mace, breathe. Okay? Focus on my breathing and heartbeat. It will help," Sage instructed, as they entered the room and Sage took the chaise with Macy in his lap.

Macy did just that. When doing so, she was slowly starting to calm down. Sage's breathing and heartbeat helped her relax for a bit.

"That's it. Nothing to worry about," Sage whispered, giving a comforting growl that rumbled deep in his chest.

Macy couldn't help but smile with pleasure. Being near Sage made the Brunette feel safe.

"Macy, what if I went first with the screening? Would that help?" Sage asked, after Macy calmed down a little more.

"...Maybe?" Macy answered weakly.

"You can stay where you are, if you like. I don't mind." Sage said giving a smile.

"N-no. I'll come along. Can't face my fear if I'm hiding all the time," Macy said, staying calm and brave.

Sage chuckled. "No, I meant you can stay in my lap while I take my screening."

"Oh. Um...okay," Macy answered.

Sage smiled, as he adjusted a little before nodding to the Amperi.

"You have my permission, AmpFibian," Sage said, giving a smile.

AmpFibian hovered forward and placed a tentacle on Sage's forehead. Taking a deep breath, Sage closed his eyes and relaxed as he leaned back into the chair while rubbing up and down Macy's back.

Although paralyzed in tiny fear, Macy studied how gentle and firm AmpFibian was on Sage. He didn't electrocute him or did any pain on him. It actually...did not look so scary.

After a few minutes, AmpFibian removed his tentacle and Sage opened his eyes, giving a small stretch.

"Well, I feel refreshed," Sage said, popping his spine.

"Wow, really? That was it?" Macy asked, kind of surprised.

AmpFibian nodded with a chuckle. "As I said, you don't feel a thing and everything is done to the convenience of you taking a short nap," AmpFibian replied, as he wrote down some quick notes and finished Sage's screening.

"That is very impressive," Macy said, looking at her Wolf with a caring smile. "Sage, thanks for letting me see this. Is it okay if I do this test without being on your lap this time? I think I feel comfortable doing this by myself now."

Sage smiled and nodded, giving her a peck on the cheek before lifting her up and removing himself from the chaise before setting her down.

"I'm right here." Sage whispered nuzzling her cheek.

Macy chuckled in response. Taking another deep breath and letting it out slowly, Macy looked at AmpFibian and nodded. "I'm ready," she said calmly.

AmpFibian nodded, hovering closer and then slowly placed his tentacle on Macy's forehead. Sage watched Macy close her eyes and then seemingly fall asleep.

"You and Macy are a good team." Magister Tennyson said placing a hand on Sage's shoulder.

"Thank you sir. I hope we can go further...I really care for her." Sage admitted.

"Hmm, have you considered asking her?" Magister Tennyson asked.

Sage blushed. "Nah, we're a bit young to be thinking about that stuff." Sage said.

AmpFibian chuckled. "And you're done," the Amperi announced removing his tentacle as Macy opened her eyes.

"Huh...You were right, Sage. That was refreshing," Macy said happily, getting up.

"Oh, Macy, one thing." AmpFibian said, catching Macy's attention.

"Yeah? What is it?" Macy asked.

Suddenly, all of AmpFibian's tentacles reached out and began to tickle all of Macy's tickle spots.

"Coochie, coochie, coo!" AmpFibian said with a laugh.

"GAH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HEY, CUT IT OUT!" Macy laughed, squirming around to get away while trying to protect her spots by gently swatting the tentacles away.

"So are you afraid of me now, Macy-Lacy?" AmpFibian asked with a chuckle.


"What? Macy-Lacy? Tickle, tickle, tickle," AmpFibian replied, as he did one last surge of tickles before stopping.

Finally, relieved that the torture was over, Macy caught her breath before answering. "Yes. I prefer Sage giving me the nicknames that do not sound like I have to tie shoes. Seriously, that was the best you can come up with?" she argued.

"Oh, should I tickle you again and come up with a better one?" AmpFibian asked, raising his tentacles.

Abruptly, Sage found himself being a human shield for Macy when she reacted quickly enough from getting caught by hiding behind her love, making him laugh.

"Hey! You leave Wolf Boy alone and out of this!" Macy exclaimed playfully, making a jump to grab AmpFibian from behind and tickled him back.


"Oh, does that tickle wickle? Is little Ampy Whampy very sensitive around his smooth skin?" Macy cooed teasingly, keeping it up.


Sage chuckled. "Okay, Mace, let's let him up."

Macy chuckled, now stopping her tickling assault on AmpFibian, and letting him go. "Hey, he started it," she defensively responded, raising her hands while smirking.

Sage sighed. "Yes, but like all my uncles, he does it out of love," Sage said, helping both Macy and AmpFibian to their feet.

"I know that. And who says that what I did wasn't the same but more out of friendship?" Macy pointed out.

Sage smiled, wrapping his arms around and Macy kissing along her cheek to her temple.

"No one said anything, my Moon," Sage whispered.

Macy smiled before kissing him back.

"Well, you both have passed the exam. And I'd say you're ready to be in the Plumbers," AmpFibian said with a smile.

"Alright!" Macy exclaimed happily.

Sage gave a confident smile. "We'd be happy and honored to do our part."

Magister Tennyson smiled. "Well, so long as you to have your parents' permission, we'll have you do missions in Staybrook and on Earth, with small missions outside the planet."

"Yes, of course, Magister Tennyson. We won't let you down," Macy promised.

"I'm sure you two will make us all proud," Magister Tennyson replied. "Now, I have someone else I want you to meet. If you'll follow me."

Sage followed Magister Tennyson outside, giving a farewell wave to AmpFibian as he and Macy walked down the hall to two large lab doors. Raising an eyebrow, Sage stiffened a little as the doors opened and the two walked inside. The lab looked like something out of a Star Wars film, unbelievable amounts of technology lay on every wall. However, all too soon, Sage's eyes fell on a small figure on top of a table.

"Sage, Macy, this is the Master Thinker, Azmuth. The one who created Ben's Omnitrix. Azmuth, these are-".

"Sage, son of Whampire and Sasha, and Macy Monroe, known as Black Rebel on the streets," Azmuth said bluntly.

"Guess we don't need the introductions," Macy responded, sensing that Azmuth was one of those types who are not easily pleased nor impressed. "It's an honor to meet the very same Galvan who created the Omnitrix and made Ben Tennyson the hero he is today. Both your works have inspired us," she said.

Azmuth huffed. "Ben is his own person. I had nothing to do with it." Azmuth said, shaking his hand.

Sage kept his eyes firm. "It's nice to meet you, sir. Ben, my Aunt Rachel, and Rook all speak very highly of you," Sage said calmly.

"Rook's spoken of you, and Ben has said how you stole his thunder the time you met. Though, I suspect it was a misunderstanding," Azmuth replied looking at Sage.

Sage nodded. "Was simply offering help."

"We've all made mistakes. Part of life, I guess," Macy agreed. "So how did you hear about us? Rook, Ben, or Magister Tennyson told you?"

"Correct. I also keep up to date on possible future Plumbers," Azmuth stated as he looked at his work.

"Azmuth, sir. Macy has been working on some new protective armor for Black Rebel. Would you mind looking at it?" Sage asked. The elderly Galvan looked up from his work, looking first at Sage, then at Macy, before nodding his head and moving his hand in signs for Macy to show him.

Macy took out her blueprints of her suit and bike to each place beside one another on the table. "These are the schematics of the Road Demon and my battle suit. Nearly every day, I keep thinking of new ways how to make them better and be ready for any type of dangerous threats. It's best to learn from what went wrong and figure out how to fix it so the flaw won't happen again," Macy explained.

Azmuth looked over the plans carefully.

"Well, you have the additions fine, but the main structure of your suit won't be able to handle stress of needed situation to situation change; burn out after only two switches," Azmuth said, tapping the main core of the suit. "Face too many different opponents at once, and you'd be down for the count."

Macy looked over, slight impressed on the Galvan's observation. "Good call. What would you suggest to fix that?" She calmly asked, rubbing her chin.

Azmuth looked at the blueprints of the suit. "There is a certain power crystal that would stabilize the changes and be better powered. Also, changing the main parts of the structure for a more relaxed and pliable material would help."

"And what kind of power crystal would that be? Along with the right replacement for the main structure of the armor?" Macy asked, making sure to write this down on her note book that she keeps inside her jacket pocket.

"The crystal is called Cybertonium. While the metal is a cybernetic synthetic, which as I believe a movie of Earth's origin says 'is light as a feather but as hard as dragon scales.'" Azmuth replied.

Macy couldn't help but smirk, not letting out a chuckle. "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Nice reference. Never thought you would be a fan," she replied while writing on her notebook. "Anything else?"

"Hmmm. Maybe an identification factor for your bike so only you or people you trust can activate it with your permission," Azmuth added.

"I'll be sure to add that with either Jury Rigg or Frankenstrike's help," Macy noted. "By the way, this Cybertonium you mentioned earlier. Where can I find it? Along with the material?"

"Cybertonium can only be found on one planet. But I've heard some of its inhabitants have come to Earth. I'll see if I can get in contact with them. As for the material, we have it here and use it in the higher guard members' uniforms," Azmuth replied.

"Thank you, Azmuth. You have been an amazing help on improving both my projects," Macy said to the Galvan. "Out of curiosity, though, what exactly is the name of the planet that has Cybertonium? And it's inhabitants."

"The planet is known as Cybertron, and the species are known as Cybertronians," Azmuth replies. "Large mechanical beings able to take on the forms of vehicles."

Macy smiled. "Now that sounds like something my brother and his friends would enjoy. Are any of them Plumber agents, too?"

Azmuth shook his head. "No, they are busy with their own battles."

Sage looked at the Great Thinker. "Another war on Earth?"

Azmuth nodded. "Yes. Between the Autobots and Ex-Decepticons against the rogue Decepticons."

"Uh...should we be worried about that?" Macy asked, kind of concerned on these Cybertronians having their war battle somewhere on earth.

Sage spoke. "Unless the rogues start bringing things to our side of the fight, we shouldn't worry about something that so far hasn't happened. It'd be like locking ourselves up because we're worried about being captured again." Sage said calmly.

Azmuth looked at Sage for a moment, then nodded. "Well said. Sage is right. Until enemies begin working together, we shall continue as we are," Azmuth says with a small tap of his cane.

"Okay, then. Don't suppose there's a book on Cybertron I can find?" Macy asked.

"We have a few texts in our computer system you can look over," Azmuth informed.

"Great. If I'm going to be coming here as a Plumber, I might as well take advantage of the computer systems here to learn any other species or planets that are not mentioned in the Grant Mansion library," Macy replied, placing a hand on her hip.

"It might be prudent to have two of our members go and meet the Autobots and the Ex-Decepticons to compare notes and deal with new upcoming dangers. Give a bit of warning," Magister Tennyson said. "Plus, the need of this Cybertonium for Macy's suit."

Sage nodded. "If you both agree, along with our folks, why not let Macy and me go? We've faced a few of our enemies and, to me, the Forever Knights are still a big problem with that."

"Yeah. Sage and I have faced way worse before. Meeting these Autobot guys shouldn't be too much of a problem," Macy agreed with her wolf.

Azmuth nodded. "Very well. If your parents approve, then I have no arguments." Azmuth said, after thinking things over.

Sage smiled. "Great. We'll do our best." Sage said standing straighter.

"Sage, Macy, it is time to get going," Rook said, as he came into the room. "Rachel called and said dinner would be ready in a bit."

Sage smiled. "Yes. Aunt Rachel's Pork Roast and mashed potatoes with grilled Asparagus." Sage licked his lips at the thought of the dinner.

Azmuth chuckled. "Enjoy your meal, and thank you for coming today."

"Same to you, Azmuth. I hope we see each other again soon. It was really great meeting with the Smartest Being in Five Galaxies. Especially when getting pointers," Macy said with a smile.

"Keep up the good work, you two." Azmuth returned turning his back and focusing on his work.

Sage and Macy soon began following Rook out and, in no time, were back in the Prototruk on their way back to the Grant Mansion.

"See? all those nerves for nothing." Sage said, leaning back into his seat.

Macy rolled her eyes, folding her arms. "Okay, you were right. No need to rub it in,"

Sage smiled before looking in the back. "Come on, Macy, at least we got the new info for your suit and Road Demon." Sage said with a smile.

"And meet a new alien to help me face my deadly fear of jellyfishes," Macy pointed out, smirking. "Remind to take a look on the book about the Andromeda Galaxy and species, like AmpFibian."

Sage winked. "10-4. Might want to check out Cybertron, as well. We both should, since we may be meeting these Autobots and Ex-Decepticons soon."

"I'm aware. Who knows what surprises that await us when meeting aliens like them?" Macy replied thoughtfully.

"It sounds like these rogue Decepticons are our enemies. I think we should keep our minds open with all of this," Sage said calmly.

"Agreed. Think I should bring the battle suit and or Road Demon on this mission just in case?" Macy asked.

Sage shook his head. "No. Bring some hidden weapons, instead, just in case. I'm going to bring my bowie knives," he said calmly. "We don't want to give them a reason to think we're there to attack. Peace mission."

"Got it. Keep the weapons minimal and not create a war with them. How about my shurikens instead?" Macy questioned.

"Good idea. Better and easier to hide. I'm planning on taking my boot knives, too," Sage replied.

Rook chuckled. "Remember, not everything is a battle. There are those peaceful missions where everything goes perfect." Rook said beginning to sound like a wise man.

Sage put his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. " be prepared, uncle. We're going normal street clothes nothing fancy." Sage said.

"I second that motion!" Macy raised her hand in agreement to her Wolf.

Rook chuckled. "Okay but first dinner, shower, and homework just because you are saving the world, it does not mean you get to neglect your studies." Rook said with a smile.

"Yes, sir." Sage said with a smile.

"Fair enough," Macy said.

As they drove to the Grant Mansion, Sage wondered what was next on their road, now that the Plumbers were in his life. Glancing at Macy, Sage gave a small smile. Life was looking brighter and the shifter hoped that everything continued to go smooth.

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