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Chapter 1: Oh Deer!

Life, or well, even the afterlife could be full of unexpected surprises. Some planned and some not so much. But when such unexpected events are thrown at you, there are multiple ways to react to it. Anger, sadness, disappointment, happiness, shock, no one's reactions are the same. And where does one such event could be occuring? Well for the story that I am about to tell you, is centered around an event that no one was prepared for. Only caused by a freak event. And the situation was odd even by Hell's standards...

Alastor was a demon who lived on excitement. Either from watching or creating at it. It was no secret he lived for the thrill. Those closest to him knew that lived for dramatics. Though many couldn't handle his eccentric and thrill-seeking personality. It was probably why he had so very few friends in his afterlive. Even when he was alive he only had one friend, not counting his beloved mother. So when he was thrown this unexpected curve ball, he didn't know what to do. The red deer demon was just taking a nice stroll through the Park of Pentagram City.

He was whistling his favorite song as he spun his microphone cane. Any time someone saw him coming his way, they took off running. No one wanted to be near the Radio Demon. His terrifying reputation of being a cannibal and murder sprees filled the Sinners of Hell with dread when he was in the area. If you valued your life, you would keep away from him. But he was not alone today on his walk. Oh no. Joining him was his dearest friend, or "acquaintance" as the other preferred, Husk. A tuxedo cat demon with large wings with a casino theme and a flume at the end of his tail.

It was rare for the cat demon to be willingly joining the Overlord on his walks. But Alastor wasn't one to look a gifted horse in the mouth. Especially when it meant that Husker was in a rare good mood. The cat was happily explaining a big win at the casino he did some time ago. And the Overlord was excited that the feline was with him. He was going on about a trick that he was pulled when they heard an explosion behind them. Husk facepalmed knowing exactly what was going to happen next.

"God dammit."

He turned to see that Alastor's eyes had lit up and turned to look behind them. His ears perked as where the explosion had happened.

"No!" Husk snapped at the crimson stag. "You are not pulling me into some damn turf war so you can get your fucking rocks off! I only agreed to go out for this walk to get out of the damn hotel! You promised me no bullshit was going to happen!"

"Oh certainly not!" Alastor spoke up. "I promised you, we wouldn't be pulled into the gravitational pull of brawls! But I never promised we wouldn't be watching it from the sidelines!"

Husk immediately started giving a string of curses as his friend, boss, whatever dragged him to watch whatever chaos was taking place. So now they were standing on a sidewalk, watching two demons shooting, kicking, punching and all out duking it out. It was the well known rivals, Cherri Bomb, Angel's best friend, and serpent Sir Pentious. Alastor was watching with glee at the carnage happening around them.

The spunky cyclops was throwing her bombs, breaking Sir Pentious' many egg minions, and insulting the older Sinner. With Sir Pentious fighting back (failing) as he normally did. Many demons had fled the scene. With very few (including the cat and deer) watching them. Actually, scratch that, it only them watching. The few that were fled. Alastor was practically bouncing with what was happening in front of them. The radio host enthusiastically grabbed his friend's arm. Tugging on it excitedly like a child.

"Isn't this exciting Husker? The action! The chaos! The thrill!"

Husk rolled his eyes. Not in his opinion it was. But whatever float the fucking boat for him, whatever. He didn't give a shit. Though he was going to give Al hell when they got back to the hotel. This was not what he agreed to. He wanted a quiet walk. Not some drama fest that resulted in injury. He scowled, crossing his arms. The fucker owed him. He better buy him the best alcohol or either pay for unlimited drinks until he passed out. Or else he was going to deal with a more than average grumpy cat than usual. He wasn't going to stay for this shit.

"No. It's not. I'm going back to the hotel. I wanted a nice no-nonsense shit walk. But we just couldn't fucking have that without you dragging me into whatever catches your eye!"

Alastor blinked in surprise.


"No! Don't you "Husker" me, asshole! We can't have one outing without some shit happening!"


"No! I'm leaving!"

As the cat started walking away, the stag started chasing after him.

"Husker, wait! Don't go-!"

Husk's ears perked at the strange bleat that came out of Alastor. Confused, he turned around to look the red deer. Only, instead of seeing the deer like human in front of him, he was not expecting what he did saw. Laying in front of him was a baby fawn that looked quite similar to Alastor. With red fur with white spots and same ears and hair of his boss. He looked small. Maybe only a day or so old. He didn't know what happened but he had a feeling it had something to do with the snake bastard. One of his egg creatures or his shitty inventions had transformed Alastor into a fawn. Whatever happened had Alastor temporarily knocked out. Husk groaned. This day just went to a new level of shit. He went and gently picked up the unconcious baby buck. He had no idea how he was going to explain this back at the hotel.

"Fucking shit. Can't have one day without everything going to shit. You fucking owe me for this."

Holy shit, Alastor got turned into a fawn!

I had this idea stuck in my head, and I was looking for stories to see if anyone has done this and I saw that no one did! So I decided to take it upon myself!

How is everyone going to react when they get back? Will Alastor be turned back to normal? Are there any consequences to Alastor's new form?

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