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A world of darkness..A world of pain..This is the life of a boy who can't find his past....

A soft, calm melody ringed in the dark air as there stood a lonely, little boy holding his navy blue beyblade. From his hands the blade dropped on to the ground with a click, then was swallowed by the surrounding darkness. The darkness was all around. Nothing could survive it, nothing could defeat it. Not even the tiniest spark of light could be seen in this world; a world full of pain and sorrow.
"He is a perfect soldier. My perfect boy!"
"We will always be there for you. Remember that."
"I love you..."
"He's our son! Not your experiment!"
"Soon this world will be yours."
"No one will stand in my way!"
"A terrible accident has occured. A family split apart through death."
"Remember..Fate's Melody..."
All these phrases, sounds, and memories rushed through the boy's head. What they meant he did not know. They were only tiny fragments..missing pieces to a finished puzzle. Holding his head and kneeling down the boy did the only thing he could do. That was to cry all his pain out from his broken heart. If no one could help him now, then it was clear that there'd be no help. What torture, what agony. To feel confusion, loneliness, and heartache all inside.
All this pain was too much to handle. This pain turned to anger while the boy pounded the ground with his fists. The sound echoed through the darkness with the melody still being heard. Then it all stopped. Lifting his head, to see what happened, there was a mirror in front of him. Inside wasn't his reflection, but a flashback of the past.
The little boy ran to a slightly opened door. Swinging the door opened there stood two men arguing.
"You don't love him! How could you raise him?" cried out the youngest man.
Next to him stood an older man holding a cane. He calmly pushed his hair away from his face to reply.
"I can raise him to become powerful. He could grow up to become a fine ruler."
"He'll grow up to become like you! A monster!"
The cane met the man's cheek with a loud smack. This shock made the boy shake and step back away from the door.
"I will not tolerate such behavior! You should respect me! Me! Your father!" yelled the old man at the top of his lungs.
The mirror shattered along with the memory. Glass flew and landed neatly on the ground as it turned to a red liquid. Its crimson color was a reflection of the boy's angry eyes. Still in shock he lifted his red, soaked hands. This wasn't just any normal liquid. It was blood.
"You have the eyes of a killer. I envy you," said a harsh voice from behind.
The man from behind,who was covered by a red cloak, threw a dagger next to the child. He lifted the weapon up to see if the dagger's blood stains matched the one on his hands. Though his thoughts were interrupted as the man spoke.
"You killed them...You killed..."
The dagger hit the ground hard. Wide eyes were on the child's face and with a soft whisper he said,"No...."