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Kai was losing air fast. If he didn't think quickly he'd die. But with every few minutes that passed the grip kept getting tighter and tighter, until he would finally pass out from the loss of oxygen.
'I can't keep going on like this!' he thought.
Bringing his knee up he kicked his leg into the man's stomach. That was enough time to loosen the grip so Kai could draw back. Yet while Hiro's father was on the floor , Hiro drew a knife, pushed Kai against the wall, and created a horizontal cut to add to the one he had before. The pain stung for a while as his cheek was fully covered in blood.
" What makes you so sure I won't kill you here and now, Kai?" spoke Hiro without taking his eyes off of Kai's.
"Because I won't allow it!" cried a voice.
Hiro's eyes widen as he turned to see Voltaire standing by the door. The light from the ballroom lit the room to see both Hiro and Kai. Where Hiro's father went no one knew. A powerful thump from Voltaire's cane meeting Hiro's face made the assasin fly into another wall.
"Just because I pay and support your family doesn't give you the right to kill my grandson! Is that clear, Mr. Sadamoto!?"
Drawing his knife back into his pocket, Hiro just stared and nodded. Then left the room glaring at Voltaire. Kai was happy to see that his enemy wasn't around. Now he could tend to the new injures he had. Dropping on to his knees he took a deep breath and fainted.
Later on
Opening his eyes, he noticed he was in his room. Several bandages covered his cheek wounds and neck to help them recover. What surprised him more than anything was how his own grandfather came to save him. Voltaire never showed any signs of emotion towards him. Once he found out he was going to live with his grandfather fear struck him. He knew he'd be sent away to the abbey for training, and he knew that it's be a painful experience for him. Even when he returned all Voltaire could think about was how Kai could get stronger and soon be as strong as himself. He wanted a family member to take over the company or to finish what he wanted to start.
Kai never had any intentions in ruling the world, or for more power. All Kai ever wanted was to forget everything. He always wondered how life would have been if he stayed with his parents and never met Voltaire. Still it was too late. Him, nor Voltaire could turn back time. Thinking all the thoughts over, he placed his hand next to something. It was cold from the gold coating on it, and the shape of a watch. To be exact it was a watch. It seemed familiar to Kai, but he couldn't think of where it came from. Getting out of bed to go ask his grandfather what it was, he noticed by the door was a red liquid. Shocked, he still opened the door to see his butler on the floor dead.
"What's going on...," he quietly said.
Stepping over the body he looked down the stairs to see a trail of blood spots. The first thing that came to mind was Hiro, so he followed. Reaching the bottom steps it lead to a room that had the door slightly opened. It creaked when he swung it opened and his eyes grew wider at the horrible sight. The clock he held in his hands hit the ground and it opened to play a melody that lead Kai away from reality.
'Kai..., we always wanted to protect you. That's why we're doing all of this for you..' a voice rang in his head.
Several screams and visions passed through his mind, that he kneeled down to hold his head.
" Please stop this! Why is it always my fault!? Why must I always suffer!?"
The body on the chair was covered in blood with the arms and legs thrown apart. The head hanging off a small piece of flesh from the neck, the mouth sown together, the eyes pulled out, and deep wounds covering the whole person. The sacrifice was Voltaire.
Hiro stood outside looking through the window from a tree and licking the knife with his tongue.
"This is a warning to those close to you, Kai. Telling them not to interfer with my plan. Because you belong to me....And I'll have all thew pleasure in the world killing you," he smirked. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Okay, along time ago I had the idea of Voltaire being killed and yet I found this odd way of having him killed. Lol. Kinda gross how Hiro thinks. But now Kai is starting to remember his past and he has no one to look after him, now that Hiro killed Voltaire. Poor Kai. T.T Soon the whole true secret of Kai's past will pop up, and the battle between Hiro and Kai is drawing nearer than it was in the first chapter. Lol. Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter, and the next one will be up in a week!