Baby-sitting Estel

This is my first ever attempt at writing a story so it is probably not that good and as if to top that off, I also wrote this at midnight so here goes nothing. I'm sorry for all my grammar mistakes. I am really made at English because 2 years ago my parents got divorced and I have been moving around so much that I didn't really learn anything because all my teachers taught different and didn't help me much. But I should be getting better now because I'm home schooled so no matter where I move I can still keep up with my schoolwork.

Disclaimer- wishes I did, but I don't own any of Tolkien's books or characters.

Summary- Elrond makes the twins and Legolas watch the energetic and prank loving 3 year old Estel.


"Good morning, boys." Elrond said as he watched his identical twin sons Elladan and Elrohir walk over to the breakfast table and take their seats next to him and Estel.

"Good morning ada" chorused the still somewhat sleepy boys

"Please remember that I will be in and out of meetings all day today and you promised to watch Estel" said Elrond as he put more scrambled eggs and toast on his 3-year-old foster sons plate.

"Ada... you don't mean today. Do you?" asked Elrohir as he rumpled Estel's hair as he sat down on the left side of his father.

"Yeah" joined Elladan "you mean tomorrow right?"

"No brother, ada says that I gets to go with you," said the very excited estel "T'DAY"

"Estel is right. You two told him you would play with him today while I am in my meetings." stated Elrond as he quickly moved his youngest son's glass of milk before he could spill it all over himself like he did the other morning.

"I'll be good...I p'omise" pleaded Estel " don't you want to play with me?"

" Oh estel, its not that we don't want to play with you its just that, um well...." said Elrohir as he gave his little foster brother a bone crushing hug.

"Ouch, you're hurtin' me," cried Estel as he tried to wiggle out of his brother's hug. "Let go!"

"Elrohir, Estel, stop before you two end up wearing your breakfast!" said Elrond as he smiled. He hadn't seen his sons so happy since before their mother left for the undying lands and their younger sister, Arwen, moved to Lorien to be with her grandparents. Ever since then Elladan always seemed to be angry with everyone and Elrohir just tried not to be noticed at all. But Estel somehow changed all that. He was always making everyone laugh at his newest faces and escapades.

"Ada, I thought that you eat your food, not wear It.," said the now curios estel " how do you wear it?"

"Like this, Estel!" said Elladan as he reached across the table and put a piece of toast on his and Estel's head.

"Why do you do it?" said Estel as he tried to keep the toast on his head and eat at the same time like his eldest brother was.

Elrond tried to choke back laughter as he said "Elladan... Estel... stop it... now"

"Oh! All right ada, we just tiring to have fun" said Elladan as he and estel took the toast off their heads and started to eat it.

" Now tell me why you and Elrohir don't want to watch estel today" said Elrond

" It's not that we don't want to watch him. We just seem to have lots of things to do today and estel will be very bored and we all now what happens when that when he gets bored." said Elladan as he remembered the last time he and his twin were left to care for the sick 2 year old boy that missed his mother horribly. The day had started out fine but seemed to get worse and worse as the day progressed.

"What happens?" asked estel "what?"

"You get out of bed when you're not supposed to and get lost and then you go though other peoples things and hide their belongings and then you hide your self."

Said Elrohir a little sharper then he meant as he remembered what estel had done to his room. It had taken him hours to clean it up and even longer to find his things that estel had hidden and, like most 2 year olds would, he forgot where he put them.

"Oh" said estel very quietly " I'm sorry"

"Its alright estel just please don't do it again" said Elrohir very hastily when he realized he hurt his younger brothers feelings.

"I wont," said estel giving Elrohir a hug " you still like me right?"

" Of course I do," said Elrohir laughing " your not that bad.... At least not all the time"

"Hey that's not fair brother," cried estel

"Yeah well life's not fair mellon" said Elladan

" Alright, alright calm down and answer my question" said Elrond " why don't you want to take estel?"

" Because.... We are supposed to meet Legolas at the ford. Ada, remember, Legolas is coming here for the month." said Elrohir

"Aye, I remember, but he will not be any where near Imladris until well after dinner tonight. Why must you wait for him all day?" questioned Elrond

"Because we wanted to help guard the ford today" said Elladan

" But you did that yest'rday" said estel as he got down from his chair and climbed onto Elrond's lap. "You p'omised me before I went to bed last night that you would play with me."

"Yes you boys did so now you will hold to your promise and spend the day with estel just like you told him you would." said Elrond as he hugged estel closer to him to keep him from falling off his lap.

"But ada... what about Legolas? He's expecting us to meet him," pleaded Elrohir

"Legolas will not be at the ford until well after Estels in bed so when he goes to bed you to can go and meet him. It will not hurt Legolas to wait and rest a few minutes if he gets to the ford and you are not there."

"But.........." said Elladan

"No buts Elladan you promised. Now I don't want you to take estel near the ford, river, lake, or stables. Keep him inside and in some of the smaller gardens. Also make him eat lunch and takes his nap because I will most likely be busy till dinner. Agreed?'

"Yes ada" said the twins

"Alright then. I will see you at dinner. Please don't bother me unless its life and death. If you need help you can ask maids okay?"

"Yes ada" said the twins" we know. We have watched him before."

"Good then you surely wont have too many problems.

Estel be good, I most likely will see you at dinner but if I'm still busy I will make sure I can tuck you in tonight and read your bedtime story ok?" Elrond said as he stood up and gave estel one last hug before he handed him over to Elladan.

"I'll be good ada. Bye" estel said as he was placed on Elladan's hip.



I know not much happened in this chapter but more is coming. To all Legolas fans - Legolas will be in here later on in the story.