The Legend Of The Golden Barboach

A Pokemon story
by Muramoto Hana

North Lake Miloch stretches across part of the Wild Area in the Galar Region. It is a magnificent lake that is located in the northeast of the southern portion. It connects East Lake Axewell in the west with the Motostoke Riverbank in the north and South Lake Miloch in its south.

The lake has been home to numerous Pokemon for many years. Both in the water and around it within the wonderful nature that has formed through its existence. For example, there is Machop, who likes to show its muscles in the glaring sunlight. Sometimes you can see a small Natu sitting in a treetop when fog has formed over the valley. It loves the melancholic scenery. If it snows you can meet Snorunt and Snover who love the cold season. Even Pidove and Stunky are not uncommon. And when there is lightning or rain, Joltik and Grubbin dance around between the drops, looking for food. After all, the area is known for the numerous Rawst and Persim Berry trees. Cherubi and Skwovet know this too, when they traverse through the dense branches that form their home.

And then there are the Pokemon inside of the lake. Sometimes it happens while fishing that you catch a Magikarp or a biting Basculin. But the most beautiful and splendid water Pokemon that can be found here is Barboach.

So it happens every year that numerous hikers set out to study one of the magnificent and strong specimens. But that is not the only reason that leads them to the lake, no. It is also due to a myth about this lake that has been driving adventurers out of their minds for many years. The legend of the golden Barboach.

It happened many, many years ago that a young boy came to Motostoke town with his father. The name of the little boy with dark brown hair was Eiji, written using the kanji for prosperity and peace.

Little Eiji loved the industrial city. Steam-powered marvels of modern engineering decorated the city. A paradise for every machine lover. The streets and alleys were paved with light gray, slightly reddish cobblestones and their sidewalks made of somewhat lighter, whitish ones. There were also houses made of brick-red cobblestones, some with simple windows and ornaments made of locally produced steel in between. The reddish light in combination with a few green bushes transformed the cold industrial city into a warm environment in which Eiji immediately felt comfortable.

But there was a heavy burden on Eiji and his father. The reason they took the trip to Motostoke was not because of his father's work. They tried to escape the sad everyday life. Especially to free Eiji from the prison of grief. His father made this decision. The burden they both had to endure was the painful loss of Eiji's mother.

It had been a tragic time for the young family to go through. For a few years now, the young mother had suffered from a rare disease that had made her bedridden in the end. Saying goodbye to her beloved family in her own home had always been her wish. In the end it was fulfilled, but it was too early. Especially for the young Eiji, who was only eight years old. The only thing that the young family had left of their mother were the beloved memories and the little Goomy that had accompanied the mother through her life.

At this time it happened that the so-called Berry Festival took place once a year in Motostoke. It was a tradition that took place on the occasion of the annual harvest. Since many green spaces grew full of fruit trees around Motostoke, berry farming had been one of the town's main sources of food for decades. Even before the machines had caught on in Motostoke and the city was modernized.

Little Eiji loved the berries his father picked from the local Oran Berry tree every year. Little Goomy, too, loved the little blue berries with dark blue speckles and the green stem. They had been one of his favorite food additives.

"Otou-san, when will the festival begin? When does it finally start?", little Eiji asked his father. The excitement was already broad in his face.

"Now calm down, Eiji. The day has only just begun. Even the farmers are still busy collecting the last berries for tonight. ", his father replied with a big smile. He was glad that the change of environment improved little Eiji's mood so much.

"Is it true that today they weigh all the persim berries from the area and then press them into juice? The old woman at the reception told me that."

"Yes, Eiji, that's right. Motostoke residents have practiced the Berry Festival for decades. And every year on the first day of the festival, the yield of the persim berries is determined. In fact, Motostoke residents believe that the amount of yield predicts luck in the next year. Last year they collected 11532 gallons from persim berries alone, and this year they want to break that record again. It is said that it takes about 3.3 pounds of berries to make one liter of juice."

"Wow, 11532 gallons I can't imagine that. I hope they manage to break the record again this year. I really want to be there. ", Eiji announced to his father."

Eiji and his father spent their lunchtime in a museum. It was a museum that exhibited pictures of the most diverse Pokemon that have ever been seen around Motostoke. And every time a new species was sighted, the first picture a person had taken was displayed there. Eiji liked one of the pictures there the most. It was a picture with a somewhat older man who was feeding the Barboach at North Lake Miloch.

"Otou-san, take a look. I've never seen so many Barboach. Are there really any of them around here? , asked the little Eiji energetically.

"Yes Eiji, these Barboach live in North Lake Miloch around here. If you like, we can stop by there before going home and watch the Barboach swim. ", his father replied. There was nothing wrong with a little trip before they returned home.

"That would be great. I love these Barboach. I really want to see some for real. Preferably immediately."

Eiji and his father were just crossing the exit of the museum to make their way to a local restaurant. Neither of them had eaten since breakfast and their stomachs were already growling. In Motostoke, most things were already prepared for the festival. Everywhere there were wooden stalls that were opened in the evening. Some smelled of delicious stews and sweets that Eiji and his father had never tried before. This only made them both hungrier.

Many of the stands were beautifully decorated. With drawings or figures of berries. Many exhibitors also set up strange machines. They were modern juicers with which the citizens could be supplied with enough juice. However, there were still no persim berries to be seen. These were already packed in several boxes and collected on a large stage. Each box was labeled with the name of the person who had collected the berries. In addition, the weight was on it, which was already determined in advance. Only the berries from today's harvest would change the current, but still secret, result. The boxes are then returned to the farmers, each donating a box for the beginning of the festival. At the opening there was a free juice made from berries for everyone who came.

But suddenly the mood in Motostoke changed. It was one of the town's young farmers who had stormed into it. A panic spread across his face, which spread over the faces of the other people.

"It's awful! We need help in the fields. It is a terrible thing. One of the machines at North Lake Miloch caught fire and set the persim berry trees on fire. Since it has not rained for weeks, it spreads without stopping. We absolutely need machines and helpers to put out the fires. Otherwise the record for this year is definitely in jeopardy. Oh, what's going to happen?", the young farmer called out.

"Otou-san, we absolutely have to help too, don't you think? We absolutely have to save the persim berries and the Pokemon!", said Eiji, conscious of the need to help.

"Eiji, I know it's dangerous, but do you think the same as me?", Eiji's father asked him. Although he seemed a bit insecure, his father was immediately convinced that he would help.

"Goomy here can use a few water attacks and I have Poliwrath with me who can also be very helpful."

"All right, then we should immediately go and help. Let's go Otou-san!", Eiji shouted full of energy.

Immediately the two set off to reach North Lake Miloch. Other townspeople went with them. Some also drove to the site of the accident in large and heavy machines. Everything from water pumps and water cannons was included. Even the police, represented by police officer Jenny rushed to the action. Everyone in Motostoke knew the importance of saving the festival. And so it came to a spectacle that day, which should go down in the history of the city.

Eiji and his father reached North Lake Miloch in the south via the Motostoke Riverbank. It had been an incredible view, like the one in the photo they had seen earlier. Green fields with countless berry trees and a sky-blue lake. Only at this moment a huge cloud of smoke with flaming lights clouded the scene. It was the fire that broke out on one of the machines and set numerous trees on fire. Some residents and farmers were already putting out the fires, but the drought meant there was no end in sight.

"Come on Goomy, use Water Gun to put out the fire.", Eiji said to Goomy. The small snail-like Pokemon jumped off him and shot a powerful jet of water at one of the persim berry trees. Immediately the flames diminished a little.

"You too, Poliwrath. Come out and use Water Gun on the fire. ", his father called and threw a pokeball. A short flash of light blinded the two and Poliwrath appeared from the unfolding ball. Then it too shot a jet of water at the flames to extinguish them.

It was a spectacle how everyone helped to put out the fires. A backdrop that Eiji had never seen before. When the big extinguishing machines were set up, the flames were further and further contained. They were supplied with water from the nearby lake. Their water jet was so long and powerful that it far exceeded that of the Pokemon. Even a Poliwrath's Hydro Pump would have been little consolation.

But even with all this support, not all flames stopped and some spread further. Especially falling, burning branches that set the meadows on fire and drove Pokemon out of their nests made the situation more difficult.

For Goomy and Poliwrath, putting out the flames was an extremely tiring endeavor. It did not take long until little Goomy just did not have the strength to continue. Other Pokemon also showed first signs of resignation. Even the large water cannons alone were not able to kill the flames quickly enough. In order to save the festival, the last flames had to be extinguished as quickly as possible.

He had almost given up hope, but at that moment little Eiji saw a golden flash in the middle of North Lake Miloch. At first he thought it was just a reflection of the flames in the lake. But on closer inspection he saw a group of fish-like Pokemon swimming closer. It were Barboach who came to help. Right at the front was a Barboach, which however clearly stood out from the others. Instead of the blue whiskers and fins, it was colored gold. As it swam in front of the others, it looked like their leader. It was a Barboach that Eiji had never seen in any picture before.

"Otou-san, look there! The Barboach are coming to help.", Eiji called out to his father happily.

Many of the people who had come also turned their heads in Eiji's direction and then looked at the Barboach. In a flash they came closer and closer to the edge of the lake. Then some of them started to clear the trees with Water Gun. The flames diminished rapidly everywhere. There were around twenty Barboach who had come to the rescue. But suddenly the Barboach began to behave strangely. What they were doing in the water looked more like a dance than trying to put out the fire.

It was not long before the numerous helpers understood what the Barboach were doing. It was a rain dance with which they tried to cause rain. Some instructed their Pokemon to follow the Barboach and also help with the rain dance. Eiji also told little Goomy to participate. The Pokemon danced and the helpers sang. After a short time the first clouds appeared over the area around North Lake Miloch and it began to rain. First in small quantities, then in streams. The flames now had no way of spreading any further. And so they were completely diminished after just a few minutes. While it was raining a happy mood spread among all who had come. The Berry Festival was saved and the reason for this were the Barboach. First of all, the golden Barboach that Eiji had seen.

As soon as the rain stopped, everyone began to help the farmers with the berries. Even Eiji and his father were able to collect some berries with the help of the Pokemon. And so the Berry Festival was still a success.

Towards evening everyone had returned to Motostoke to open the festival. Most of them still had to change because they were soaked from all the rain. Fortunately, Eiji and his father had brought replacement clothes with them.

Then the time had come and the Berry Festival began with the weighing of the last collected berries. At first there was a little uncertainty among the residents, then tension as to whether the record of last year could actually be broken despite the incident. But when the mayor of Motostoke finally read out the result, a lively and joyous atmosphere broke out in the city.

"This year, despite today's incident, we managed to collect a staggering 146,602 pounds, which translates to about 11736 gallons of berry juice. The record was broken once again this year and shows that we will be as lucky next year as never before.", he announced with great joy.

Within minutes, Motostoke turned into a gigantic festival and people began to get drunk on juice and fill their stomachs with delicious food. Of course there was also something for the hardworking Pokemon that had saved the day. A large portion of feed was prepared especially for the Barboach. The people of Motostoke never forgot that the Barboach had saved the festival and so even today Barboach still adorns the town's honor coat of arms. But nobody could really remember that a golden Barboach had been there. The backdrop of smoke and lights had been too blurred for that. Only little Eiji had noticed and insisted that one should not forget the golden Barboach.

The Berry Festival was a great success and two days later Eiji and his father got ready to go home. They had local specialties and some berries from the festival with them.

"Otou-san, can we come back to the Berry Festival next year? I really want to take a camera with me so I can photograph the golden Barboach when I should see it.", Eiji asked his father.

"Of course, Eiji. We can definitely come back here next year.", replied Eiji's father without any need to overthink it.

Since that day, the golden Barboach has never been seen again. But the legend of the golden Barboach still exists to this day and attracts many visitors to the Berry Festival in Motostoke every year. Maybe one day a picture of it will be placed in the museum.