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Chapter 1 – True Beauty

Miss Minerva's Academy

A frail-looking woman walked up the difficult mountainous road to the temple of Othyris. She clutched the wool cloak tighter to her body to protect herself from the harsh winds. Her wrinkled hands shivered from the cold so she clasped them near her chest.

Suddenly, she stopped and her breathing turned erratic. She collapsed on the rocky earth and her cloak fell from her frail shoulders, revealing an old woman dressed in a beautiful golden-white gown.

"N-no" she whispered desperately, "it's not time yet".

Seeing her plight, a small girl from the nearby village ran up to the old lady.

"Miss? Miss, are you alright?" She picked up the cloak and wrapped it around the old woman, trying to warm her up.

"T-thank you, young lady. There is a small temple on the top of the hill. Would you be kind enough to lead me there?"

"Of course miss."

With the girl's help, the old woman got up and slowly walked forward. She looked towards the sky and saw that the sun was setting.

"There is not much time left." She whispered "Hurry or all will be lost."

Soon, they reached the hilltop. There was a pitch black marble temple, with four tall pillars and an altar at the center. The marble was intricately carved with images of a scythe and there was an ancient looking hourglass on the altar.

"Can I leave you here, miss? Do you need help with anything else?" The girl asked in a kind voice.

The old woman untied her cloak and her gnarled hands shot out, wrapping around the girl's neck. An evil grin appeared on her face and she cackled loudly. She spoke in a raspy voice,

"Such a pretty face, beautiful blue eyes and luscious locks – yes, you will do just fine."

A look of pure terror appeared in the girl's eyes. She struggled to unclasp the old woman's hands but it was useless. Her breathing turned erratic and she gasped. She tried to scream for help but no sound escaped. The loss of oxygen made her unconscious, and she collapsed on the altar.

The old woman cackled loudly once again and looked up to the heavens. In a quiet but powerful voice, she chanted-

"Lord of time, son of the Earth

Powerful and brave from birth

Thou art the one I call upon

Accept this sacrifice of mine

Use your power to turn back time

Let my body be as it once was

For my beauty, let age be the cause."

She kept chanting again and again until a blinding light erupted from the hourglass. A gravelly voice spoke to the old woman

"Countess Camilla, you have cheated death for too long. " The voice sounded condescending and annoyed, but not angry.

The old Countess trembled with fear, "Lord Kronos, I have brought you the sacrifice. This body is old and ugly. I cannot live like this any longer. Turn me back. Please, make me beautiful again."

"As you wish" he growled.

The body of the girl glowed for a moment before dissolving into golden dust, which rose from the altar and covered the Countess' body. Her white hair regained its golden color. Her face became smooth and the wrinkles on her body disappeared. Her back got straighter and her body turned back to a young maiden's. The only thing that did not change were her eyes. They remained dark and evil as they always were.

With a cruel smile of satisfaction, Countess Camilla Verta of the house of Vam-peirre walked out of the temple. There was not a single bit of remorse on her face.

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