Episode 4: The Strongest There Is

All Characters Belong to Marvel and Disney!

Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkholme AKA Mystique

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk, cuz what will we ever do without him, hmm?

Please enjoy!

Three Days Ago... Moments after Sokovia's Destruction.

"Hey, Big Guy. We did it. The job is finished" The voice of Natasha Romanoff spoke as the Hulk just recently finished shutting the Quinjet's doors right after kicking Ultron out of the driver's seat. Her calm, gentle voice motivating the Gamma Radiated Creature to walk over to the front. "Now, I need you to turn this bird around, okay? We can't track you in stealth mode, so help me out. I need you...!"

Hulk's large hand gently pressed the button on the flight controls, which started to end the call immediately as he was left alone to himself, to rest. Hulk had helped his Avengers Smash the Puny Robots, even though the whole city ended up getting smashed in the process, but it didn't matter. Innocent people were saved, and that's all it mattered to Hulk.

But right now, Hulk didn't want to go back to Hulk's friends. Hulk simply wanted to be left alone after the events that took place. Hulk didn't care where this Plane was going, or Where Hulk would end up... All Hulk knew that wherever he was going, Hulk needed someplace to spend time away from Friends, to think about things as Hulk started sitting down to take a nice long nap...








Loud annoying sounds started ringing in Hulk's ears as Hulk woke up from his slumber, startling at first until Hulk lifted himself, seeing the window screen staring at nothing, but a complete fog of snow darkened by the cold night. At first, this confused Hulk, considering it was only just snow, but when Hulk started looking closer, only then did Hulk realize that puny plane was actually trying to warn Hulk about how he was about to crash.

As the Quinjet flew blind in the storm, it ended crashing right on top of a hill, causing everything to shake, making Hulk stumble as the plane began to slide downwards straight into the forest, making Hulk let out a roar as he ended landing in the middle of a forest just miles outside of the city of Chicago...

Present Day.

Wolverine opened his eyes as he felt himself lying on the ground in the cold, letting out a growl as he gritted his teeth together, with his whole shaking just while it moved.

As he got up on his knees in the middle of a crater after spitting out some blood, he found his arm broken from whatever punched him hard. Then he began mustering up the will to reconfigure his broken bones back into place, letting out a scream that echoed throughout the entire mountaintop.

Once his arm was fixed, he started getting back on his feet, stretching the fingers of his once broken limb as he stood in his costume in the middle of mountain as snow began to fall into the ground.

...What the hell happened?


Logan moved his head up, seeing a large Green Creature jump right off the cliff to land on top of his truly, making Wolverine jump back out of survival instinct as the creature landed on the ground, blowing the dust up into the air just enough to provide a fog.

And then when the fog cleared, with Wolverine standing on his feet, his eyes began looking back at the Green Gamma Radiated Creature, seeing how angry it was as the Incredible Hulk began letting out another roar that shook the very hills that they stand on as the blizzard began to take place, letting the snowfall right on their own shoulders.

"...Oh yeah," Wolverine said to himself as he started letting out his own Claws, preparing himself for a really tough fight.

A Couple of Hours Earlier...

Logan was seen at the Black Bird with Bishop and Wade as they looked up old footage of the Hulk per the request of Charlie, AKA Raven Darkholme, AKA Mystique.

"So, mind telling me why we're looking into Bruce Banner?" Bishop asked as Wade sat there eating some Chimichangas.

"According to... "Charlie"," Logan explained, almost spelling out Raven's real name since his last conversation with her last night. "She says that Trask International is looking to strip this guy from his blood."

"Oh, that's easy; they should have just went after Edward Norton," Wade said while eating with his mouth open. "After all, he was a Hulk too."

Bishop turned to Logan. "What exactly could Trask International want with the Hulk? Banner has been labeled as an Avenger, should anything happen to him, it would put a bullseye's mark on their name, and S.H.I.E.L.D. would go after them in an instant."

"That's not quite true," Wade said pointing a finger up. "See, once upon a time ago, Mark Ruffalo, sorry, not Edward Norton anymore, got caught in an experimental nuke caused by the U.S. Government which was supposed to kill him. But then the Gamma Radiation from the Nuke somehow ended up turning the guy from Now You See Me, into one big-sized, angry-looking Green Gremlin, which at that point, everybody started hunting them down because everybody's a dick like that since he's good to them as a weapon rather as a person, something many should of us should know how that feels like, right Wolvie?"

Logan closed his eyes, folding his arms together. "Regardless... Creed wants him, and it clearly ain't nothing too good about it."

"Well, if that's the case, then Banner might be our one-way ticket to getting close with him." Bishop implied. "After all, we just took out his favorite asset on the field, so he'll definitely want to be searching for us."

"Yeah, especially after Charlie blew up one of his penthouses! Oh speaking of, who exactly Charlie again?" Deadpool asked. "I mean, I didn't the bottom half of the script because I was banned from reading the rest, but I wasn't really sure whether or not she's one of those OC characters, or-!"

"Charlie is the Raven, and that's all she has to say for herself," Logan spoke. "If she wants to open herself up to every one of us, that's her own call, not ours."

Wade raises a brow. "Okay... So does this mean she's part of the team now?"

"That... Is a very good question." Bishop, turning to Logan.

"Look, just hold on tight, both of you, I'll go see what we're going do." As he started exiting the Blackbird, Bishop and Wade were left alone together as the Merc with a Mouth started leaning a bit too close to Lucas for his own good.

"Say..." Wade whispered. "Since I've had my own X-Force Team, doesn't that make me one of the OG leaders?"

Bishop turned to Wade. "...Didn't you get your whole team killed after jumping off a plane?"

"...I'll just sit here and be silent then," Wade said as he felt the brunt of that minor scene in Deadpool 2.

As they both sat on the ship, Logan started walking out to head inside of the bar where Melita was seen sitting alone with a couple of sleeping drunk bikers as she was just holding onto an empty bottle.

"So, I'm guessing you're heading off somewhere?" She asked as Logan walked over to her.

"Yeah... I'm heading off to god knows where." Logan told Melita as he pulled up a stool and sat next to her.

"That sounds nice..." She said as she continued clutching that bottle, leading Logan to sniff what was inside.

"...That club soda you drinkin'?" Logan asked as she nodded.

"Find that part out by smelling it?" She asked.


"Hm... Figures."

He leaned against the bar as Melita held onto the bottle in her hand.

"Yeah, I don't like drinking in my morning... It makes my stomach feel grouchy, and it makes me less open-minded about the beginning of my day."

He nodded his head as she finished what she had to say as she just sat there quietly with him, having absolutely nothing to do at the moment.

"...So was it true about what Charlie said, about your Boyfriend?"

She scoffed, peering her eyes over to Logan. "...What was it you said to me back in Canada, when I asked you about your story? Yeah, I think it was around the lines of, "My Story is none of your Fucking business."

Logan nodded his head. "...Fair enough."

Afterward, the two just chuckled at that, simply enjoying each other's company despite sitting inside of a really dirty bar.

"...So what are you going to do now?"

Melita sighed, lowering her head before setting her bottle down and leaning her back against the counter. "I don't know... I've spent six months of my whole life trying to find Charlie, only to find out that she never really needed my help in the first place."

Logan leaned forward towards the counter as he moved to steal a drink from the bar. "You could always just leave, you know?"

"Oh, I wish I could," Melita said as she heard Logan grabbing a bottle of Whiskey. "Except Charlie says that I'm better off sticking around now that I was seen hanging out with you folk, I have a target planted right on my back."

Logan sighed, pulling out a drink as he used his claw to pop it open. "Yeah... Sorry about that."

"...Don't be." She said, shaking her head. "I was the one asking for it, after all. I got myself into this mess months ago, not the other way around."

He turned to glance at Melita as he started drinking the whiskey. "Either way, we're going to fix this as soon as we can so you can get back to your life."

"Someone sounds so certain of a fight that can be won despite having it being fought for over two decades."

"Well, it's different now, because I was the one who stuck out of the fight, but not anymore." He placed his bottle on the counter. "I'm the Best There Is At What I Do, so if there's anything I can do, I can finish where I left off and put Creed right in the ground so he won't trouble us anymore."

"And then what happens then?" Melita asked as she turned to Logan. "What are you going to do after you take care of your personal business?"

He sighed, lowering his head as he heard the question being said out loud for his ears to be heard.

"...You can just let me worry about that."

Melita hummed. "Of course..." She leaned her head back as her eyes darted up at the ceiling. "Well... I guess whatever you do next, I just want to say for the record that I'm grateful for you guys tolerating a non-Mutant the whole way."

"Yeah, well you can thank Charles Xavier's teachings for that," Logan said, drinking the whiskey one more time before throwing it back to let it shatter against the wall. "I gotta get going."

"Yeah..." Melita said, nodding. "Of course you do."

Logan started to enter the front of the stairs when he paused, turning to glance at Melita one more time. "Say... Did Charlie ever say anything to you?"

She shook her head. "Not to my face, no... Though it's kind of obvious that she's a Mutant." She glanced back at Logan. "Why?"

"...Nothing," Logan spoke. "It's nothing at all."

Logan started turning to leave as he walked up the stairs, finding Mystique in her true form looking over

"Logan, there you are. I was just about to look for you." The Redheaded, Blue Skinned Mutant Shapeshifter said as Logan turned to her.

"Why haven't you told Melita the truth yet?"

The former ally of Magneto paused, turning her head around as she glanced her eyes at Logan. "Why haven't you?"

The man scoffed. "You know, when we agreed to be allies, I thought it meant that you'd finally playing these bullshit games with me anymore."

"And I thought we agreed when we were allies, that we didn't have to be friends."

"And I thought you told me that you actually cared for Melita, or was that some kind of bullshit game you were pulling on me?"

At that moment, Mystique turned around, feeling insulted at that assumption. "What point are you trying to make from this argument, Logan?"

Logan walked towards her as he and Mystique locked eyes on each other. "Bishop and Wade I understand because they're part of this group, but Melita I don't because she was only a part of us just to look for you."

"And you think I've forgotten about that?"

"I think you're fucking scared to show her your real face, that's exactly what I think."

She scoffed, shaking her head as she started walking around the room to focus on her work. "You seriously have a lot of nerve telling me shit that isn't true."

"Then why bother hiding?" Logan questioned. "See, if you didn't care, you would have just told Melita everything including who you really are, and then we wouldn't be having this conversation right about now, but here we are."

"What do you expect me to say?" Mystique asked him, turning to Logan. "What exactly should I say to her? That the name that I made for myself was based on Charles' name? That not only am I a Mutant, but I was on the side of the Brotherhood of Mutants who has spent a lifetime trying to sabotage, maim, blow up people exactly like her who I felt like that they would have stopped at nothing to kill people like me if I hadn't tried killing people like her?"

"I expect you to be honest with her," Logan said. "I expect you to tell her the truth because she deserves better from you after all that she's been through. Do you really expect that she'd want to have her journey end without knowing all the full details, except the fact that you've just straight up abandoned her after everything that she has done for you, and everything you have done for her?"

Mystique rubbed on her arm as she heard Logan's wisdom despite her initial reaction to him due to past conflicts, knowing that in a way, he was right about her holding back the truth from Melita.

"...Let's focus on one thing at a time." She said, changing the subject as she started showing off a map. "Local travelers at several mountain resorts outside of Chicago reported several avalanches this morning due to an unexplained earthquake that was caused uphill." She turned to glance at Logan. "And funny enough, Trask International's Security Teams just so happened to be making a fly-by near the area, which by then, all radio contact was lost at the exact time of the earthquake."

Logan leaned against the wall with his arms folded. "So you're saying to me that this could be our guy?"

"Could be, could not be... All I know is that Victor Creed started a manhunt for Bruce Banner just twenty-four hours ago when word of his disappearance after Sokovia's collapse was reached, so it's likely that our guy is right up there."

"Alright, now what? Where do I play?"

Mystique started holding out a digital map using borrowed tech from Trask International as she began highlighting coordinates. "My best bet is that we take the Black Bird up the air at that exact altitude, where we drop you off at the highest slope that the security team was last spotted in."

Logan chuckled, looking at his hand. "Why do I have a feeling that I'm going to be the only one that's going to be looking for this guy?"

"Because one; Bishop is our best pilot. Two, Wade, as much as he is an ally, he's twice the liability as he is an asset."

"So in other words, Wade talks way too much to handle this job."

"Exactly my point."

Logan cracked both sides of his neck. "Fair enough. But say I end up finding our missing doctor... What the fuck am I supposed then?"

Mystique sat herself down on a chair. "Well, from what I've gathered, my intel is reporting that a highly qualified S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is flying in from New York City with a goal to recover Banner in safe hands. When you find him; you deliver the doctor straight to the Agent, let him deal with Banner."

"And what exactly do I do then if I end up finding a Green Monster rather than some paranoid nerd with anger issues?"

"Then you call me. I have an idea that may help you, and I'm hoping it may be enough."

"What exactly can you do to help?"

"Let's just say I've discovered a little trick that may help soothe the beast within," Raven said before standing up. "Now, you should probably get yourself ready. I'm having Bishop fly you right in within the hour."

"Great..." Logan started unfolding his arms as he turned to Mystique. "But just so we're clear; if I end up coming back from my trip, and you still haven't uttered a word to your Roommate downstairs, then I'll be sure to tell her everything that you won't."

She sighed, folding her arms. "That's an excellent idea."

"I'm not fucking around with this. I meant what I said before about how she deserves better."

She nodded her head, lowering her eyes down. "...I know."

"Then you better do what's right... Or else I'll do it for you."

After that, Logan turned around as Mystique was left alone in the room, leaving her to shapeshift back into her human disguise as she pressed her hands against her chin just to think to herself in silence.

While she remained in solitude, the boys on the Black Bird were seen having a... "Conversation", if one can call it that as Wade was just simply doing most of the talking while Bishop was seen acting completely annoyed.

"Alright, so for the first episode of my show, when the writer gets to it; I was thinking that my introduction should be somewhat of an homage to my canceled cartoon show by Fox, you know? The one where it begins with me being the best version of myself possible and ends with me being thrown out of explosion while all four of my limbs got cut right off, that introduction. Then afterward, I was thinking of starting off having a team of my own, starting with Taskmaster, because let's be honest; everybody loves Taskmaster, whether or not he's wearing a cape and a costume made purely out of spandex, which I find completely sexier than the one we're having from Black Widow, but the armored MCU look is welcome none of the less. Also, I was thinking that if we have any crossovers in the future, we should probably include the part where I kick Wolverine straight in the balls instead of Black Panther because truth be told, normally I wouldn't give a damn whose balls I kicked, but with Chadwick Boseman passing last year, I'm not even certain kicking his Character's nutsack is even considered funny anymore..."

"Hey, shithead," Logan called out, stepping inside of the Black Bird.

"Oh, hi, honey, how are you?" Wade asked with a smile.

"I want to speak to Bishop alone, so I need you to fuck off so we don't have to deal with your shit."

"Well, by all means..." Wade spoke with a bow. "Don't have too much fun, you too!"

Wade began singing his way out of the ship as Bishop lowered his head while Logan sat exactly where Wade was sitting.

"So, how long has he been talking this time around?" Logan asked Bishop.

"...Way too long for my sanity to handle," Bishop said as he leaned his head against the seat. "Tell me we're doing something that doesn't involve his crazy ass."

"Well, you're in luck, Bub; Charlie's sending us both on a mission."

Bishop raised a brow. "Oh yeah? Where to?"

"To the snowy hilltops just outside this town," Logan answered. "Apparently, she thinks that's where Bruce Banner is."

"Well, damn... Sounds like I need to pack in a shit ton of arsenal on me."

"No, no, finding the Geek is my job; yours is to just fly the plane in and out of there, that's it."

At that point, Bishop turned to glance at Logan out of curiosity. "You're going in alone?"

"Clearly, I'm the man for the job."

Bishop whistled softly under his breath. "Damn... You realize who you're dealing with, right?"

Logan sighed as he leaned against his chair. "I've dealt with worse."

"Not like this guy, you haven't. Trust me, the Hulk isn't the kind of being you can just be done within a matter of minutes; the Hulk is... Well, he's bound to give you a run for your money, I'll give you that."

"Know that from experience?"

"By reputation, actually." Bishop leaned forward, facing the window. "See, I was lucky to never have met the Hulk before during these years following my coming out of my Safehouse. Truth be told, if I had ever encountered an Avenger before in my lifetime, I would pray to god I'd never have to meet the Green Guy."

Logan turned to glance at Bishop. "What exactly are you saying to me right now?"

Bishop sighed, leaning back as he glanced back at Logan. "All I'm saying is that if you're actually telling me that you're being sent on a mission that involves possibly one of the most dangerous living beings alive on this entire planet... Then you're going to need all the luck you'll ever carry with you."

That was all that Bishop said to him as Logan leaned forward with his hands clasped together with his eyes looking up at the snowflakes falling right out of the sky...

Somewhere else, Victor Creed was seen at the ruins of one of his penthouses as the very top of the building was completely blown to bits, leaving him standing on the surface to look up at what remains as he stood next to Trask International's Walter Declun.

"Mr. Creed. Sir, let me just say that you have my sincerest condolences for the amount of loss of life that have transpired here last night-!"

"Where's Arkady?" Victor asked, not seeming to care for anyone else but his bodyguard.

"...The Russian, of course, uh... He fell into hibernation right after those... Mutants started tearing him apart, and then after the penthouse got blown up, his body was caught in the fire."

Creed scoffed, shaking his head. "Shit... Logan, you fucking animal." He turned to glance at his employee. "Where's our CFO? That woman, uh... Charlie?"

"Yes, Charlie..." Walter rubbed on his neck. "We're unclear where she is at the moment; there are survivors who lived through the initial attack and the explosion, but we're assessing just how many we're estimated-!"

"Don't bother; the woman's clearly dead if she isn't already," Creed stated flatly as he turned around to leave. "Since she's nowhere in sight, that makes you her replacement."

Walter nodded, somewhat stunned. "W-Wow, thank you... I promise I won't let you down."

"Be sure you that you don't, or otherwise, I might just let you join her," Creed said, implying Walter's price for failure. "Now, get back to the office; there's some personal business I need to take care of."

Creed started sitting down inside of his personal limousine as he left Walter behind in the wreckage, sighing as he started to take out his meal for the hour... Only to find something odd as he sniffed the plate, having found something he didn't like.

"...What the fuck?" He started banging on the window. "Hey, driver, pullover!"

The driver did what he was told as he pulled over to the side of the road.

"So... What time did you pick my lunch today?"

The driver turned his head slightly facing Creed. "...Around 12:15, sir."

"Okay, and when was that around?"

"Around five minutes before I picked you up, sir."

Creed chuckled, shaking his head. "Okay, so you mean to tell me that you picked up my order around five minutes ago, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you did without checking if the pricks sitting around at the kitchen got my order exactly what I had ordered, right?"

The Driver started having sweat forming around his head as he could just feel the hostility flowing from Creed.

"...Sir, let me just apologize sincerely for not checking your order..."


"Yes, it was inconsiderate of me, and I should have known better..."

"Yeah, you should have."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry-!"

That was all the driver said before Creed moved in and slit his own throat with his own fingernails, making him choke on his blood as the driver covered his throat, his bitter old boss started getting out to take the wheel, pulling the dying man out of the driver's seat before standing right over him.

"You know, normally I'd just leave your sorry ass on the street, and then the rest is just history; but the thing is that those assholes at the kitchen got my order wrong, and I need to set an example so... You'll just have to do..." Creed said before he started getting his hands real dirty...

Later, Wolverine and Bishop were seen flying on the Black Bird as they started getting close to their location.

"Alright, we're getting real close to your LZ. You ever done this shit before?" Bishop asked as Logan nodded his head.

"I'm two hundred years old, and I've fought lotta wars, Bub, so yeah; I've done shit like this before."

"Figures, since you look pretty confident about it." Bishop started flying nearly closely below the clouds as he saw the slopes in front of him... Then he noticed something on the surface. "Oh... Oh, hey! I got something, down there!"

Logan looked down at the mountains as he saw what remained of a helicopter as well as a giant-sized crater in below the Black Bird.

"Shit... Looks like you're dealing with the Big Green Guy."

"Yeah... Looks like it." Logan said before pressing a button that unlocked the Black Bird's landing ramp. "I'll take it from here."

"Wait!" Bishop called out, turning to Logan. "Don't you need a parachute?"

Wolverine growled lowly as he pulled his Mask on, looking down at the surface below from his current height. "...Nah."

And that was all he ever said before diving right out of the plane, leaving Bishop to just fly the plane as he remained stunned by how Uncanny Logan's approach was.

"Fucking wild animal, he is."

As Bishop flew away, Wolverine dived deep into the cold air, leaning himself towards where the hills are located as he got closer and closer with every drop of altitude that he moves past down.

Soon enough, he got just enough distance that he started lifting his chest up to where his feet can land on the snow, sliding himself down smoothly without taking any kind of serious damage to himself.

Once he slid to a solid surface, Wolverine started getting himself up to move towards the crater, standing in front of what may as well be evidence of a massive brawl.

His eyes peered down over to the large wide circle, kneeling himself down to press his hand on the destroyed surface, letting him use his nose to catch a scent of the being known as the Hulk as he started to sniff...


"No, no, NO!"


Logan's eyes reopened as he caught a trace of the Hulk's scent, turning around to his left to find a dead corpse just lying on the ground, with the whole body nearly being covered in snow as his bones looked completely broken.

"...This happened just recently," Logan said to himself as he faced the path in front of him, he began calling in Mystique. "Mystique, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear. Have you found Banner yet?"

"Not quite, though I find one of his old battlegrounds... Clearly, some of these Trask International boys picked up a fight that was way over their heads."

"Watch your back... The Hulk might still be active, which if it is the case, you call me immediately, try not to engage him."

"Oh, well I can't make any promises on that note." Wolverine turned his head around, using his nose to track down the scent. "Alright, I'm still picking up some trace of him around here, so I'm gonna follow it. I'll call you back when I can give you an update."

"Copy that, keep sharp, stay alive."

"Like I don't-!" The call ended right before he could utter another word, making him sigh. "Oh... Some things never change, I guess." He started venturing onto a path where he can trace the scent in his nose, running down the snow to act quickly during the hunt.

Elsewhere, on the other hand, Mystique was seen in her human form typing on her computer when Wade Wilson should up to brighten the room.

"Hey there, Charlie!" Deadpool said with a sing-song voice.

"Wade." "Charlie" acknowledged with a low tone as he felt Wade creeping next to him while sitting down.

"So uh... What you working on there? Is that a top-secret dating site I should be aware of?"

"No, that was just me looking up my files on these creatures that Logan, Bishop, and Melita encountered." She answered as she displayed a photo of a Wendigo.

"Oh, yeah, those Big Foots that Wolvie first encountered earlier at the beginning of the Season. Gotta say though, not the Writer's best introduction, considering the fight scene was cut short, with the only person that ever fought it the longest at the time was Logan's new GF."

She scoffed. "Okay, she is not Logan's Girlfriend."

"Really? You don't think so?"

"No." She turned to Wade. "I mean... Logan isn't exactly the kind of person who would have the longest-lasting relationship with anyone, and he's frankly way too old for Melita to even try..."

"Yeah, and Henry Cavill made love with Amy Adams when he's practically the youngest out of their relationship in the Snyderverse, and even I dig that shit."

She shook her head. "Look, let's just not discuss anything about things we don't really know about...!"

"What's there to know about?" Melita asked, walking right into the room. "Is everything alright?"

Mystique nodded her head as she maintained her disguise as Charlie. "Yes, everything is fine, it was just... A dumb conversation we were having."

"Like how you and Logan would make such wonderful babies together, wouldn't you say?"

Melita raised a brow at Wade's behavior as she folded her arms. "...You're right, that was a dumb conversation. What the hell were you thinking?"

"Don't ask me, Wade started it."

"Aw, you're both so sweet."

The Blonde rolled her eyes up into the air. "How are you doing right now, Melita?"

Melita tilted her head as she glanced at the Shapeshifter. "Are you asking me this out of being a friend, or because you're just making sure I'm not part of some collateral damage to this war you're fighting?"

"What are you implying?"

"Only in the fact that all this time that we've been living together; you've been using me as a cover just so you can do all your super-secret espionage right behind my back, not to mention that you even planned on dumping me even though we became friends." Melita folded her arms. "Wait, sorry, was that part about us a lie too?"

Raven closed her eyes, letting out a sigh. "Melita, it wasn't simple for me to honest about everything."

"No, but clearly it was simple for you to leave without an explanation."

"I was just trying to protect you."

"No, you were trying to form up a wall between us by abandoning me! And now, you're still forming walls by distancing yourself from everyone around you even though you just became part of this Secret Warriors club, let alone tell us everything! Hell, I don't even know if the name "Charlie", is your real name!"

Wade raised a brow. "Wow, that's actually a good point."

"Man, fuck off, this ain't your conversation!" Melita snapped, turning her head to Deadpool. "Look, why don't you go someplace where you can just do whatever the fuck it is that don't concern us? All you're doing is just eavesdropping at this point, and it's fucking annoying."

Wade sighed, lowering his head down. "Well, I guess anyone thinking like a critic might assume I'm kind of overkill, with me hogging all of the spotlight anyway." Soon, the Merc with a Mouth started standing up from the chair to stretch both of his arms. "Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and see if Thor is available on Fortnite just long enough for me to make fun of how it has taken him at least four years to figure out Loki was alive and pretending to be their Dad... Ciao!"

And then Wade resigned himself away from the ladies as he strutted himself to another area, Melita and Mystique were finally alone together at last.

"...I'm not trying to be an ass right now, you know?" Melita said as she sat on where Wade used to sit. "I just want to understand, that's all."

The Shapeshifter lowered her brow, looking down on the floor as she started leaning back against her seat. "I know... And I guess I owe it to you that I should start... Explaining things."

Melita folded her arms as she leaned against the chair. "So... Let's start with the question that's been boggling on my mind ever since you're this Raven that all the X-Force members look up to... Are you some kind of Mutant?"

Mystique nodded her head. "...Yes."


Mystique started tilting her head as if she was examining her Roommate. "Does that... Scare you?"

Melita wrapped her leg around the other. "Not really, no. Now, have you ever... Dated more than one boyfriend?"

Raven hummed softly. "More than once."

"Are there any favorites?"

"...I once knew someone named... Hank," The Woman posing as a Blonde answered as her mind traced back to a certain Blue Furred Beast. "He was... One of the smartest people I've ever known, one of the kindest too."

Melita started unfolding her arms just to wrap her own fingers together. "Have you ever... Been an X-Man before?"

"...Briefly." The Mutant answered truthfully. "To be honest, I wasn't part of the team that long, I uh... I quit."

"Really? What happened?" Melita asked. "Wait... Did you caught one of your BFs cheating on you?"

"Uh, no. No, no, no, I didn't quit because of some relationship issues, I quit because..." Mystique paused, not wanting to go any further than that... Perhaps maybe yet not. "...Of some family issues."

Melita raised a brow. "...You have a family?"

"...Had a family." Mystique's voice lowered the tone as she thought of the losses that were made from 7/15.

"...Damn," Melita said, showing some form of sympathy to her. "I'm... I'm sorry to hear that."

"Right now... I'm just sorry I'm still sitting amongst the living while everyone else I ever known is just sitting in a grave, or... In a morgue inside of a fucked up research lab just to be used for study."

As she sat down on her chair, her computer started beeping loudly, causing Mystique to pull from her conversation with Melita just to take a peek at a message.

I have your Early Christmas Present... Meet me at this location.

"Everything okay?" Melita asked as "Charlie" blinked, glancing at her friend.

"It's fine... Uh, a contact of mine, he just got something for me, something that might help us where all these damn Wendigoes are coming from."

"Anything I can do to help?"

Raven raised a brow. "Melita... I can't ask you to go with me."

"Why not? Because I'm just human?"

"Because you've risked your life enough as it is."

Melita sighed. "Yeah, well, I'm willing to take my chances. And to be honest; I'm feeling really cramped just being around Wade Wilson's, "Friends", and with Bishop currently off flying that Plane, there's no way in hell I'd wanna stick around and just wait for the next pervert to ask if I can consent to him getting into my pants, so... Will you please let a girl tag along?"

The Mutant Shapeshifter thought about as she turned her eyes to the ceiling just to think... Maybe it wasn't safe for her to come outside to the outside world just a day after she was an accomplice to blowing up a building... But maybe she'd be a lot safer if Mystique was the one there to keep her company the whole time.

"...Alright, but I'm driving this time around." Mystique said as she grabbed the car keys with Melita nodding her head.

"Hey, just as long as we don't get to sit inside of a taxi car all over again."

Somewhere else in Chicago, Creed was seen driving the limousine that he was supposed to be just a passenger of when his own driver picked up the wrong order and had him killed on the spot for it.

As he was on his way to correct some errors with his food, he started getting a phone call, which he answered during his drive.


"Mr. Creed sir, it's Declun," Walter said on the phone. "I have some bad news."

Creed snarled at that. "Oh great... What is it this time? Did another of my property get blown up?"

"No, thankfully. See, someone snuck into our facilities and stole something from our file servers."

"Which server?"

"We're still trying to assess that part, but sir, don't you worry about it! I'll be sure to have this contained by the time you've come back."

"Be sure that you do, Mr. Declun. In the meantime, I have some business to settle." Creed ended the call as he got out of the vehicle, standing outside of a lovely restaurant.

Inside, he walked inside with a shopping bag in hand as he approached a staff employee at the front.

"Hello, sir, how can I help you?"

"Yes, hi, I'd like to speak with your manager. Where is he?"

The manager was just around the corner as he turned to Creed. "I'm the manager. Is everything okay?"

"Oh, as a matter of fact; it isn't." Creed started showing off his wrong order. "See, these Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders here? They're cold. Very cold, I should add, and I've come to correct that error."

The manager raised his hand over the chicken just to feel the temperature. "...Wow, they don't even feel fresh." He glanced back at Creed. "My apologies sir, I don't even know how that happened. I'll have the chefs fix that right up."

Creed nodded his head. "Yeah, and then I wait another ten minutes, and suddenly, you people fuck up my order again, and I'd have to come back here again on repeat with my whole entire day being wasted, so you know what? I'm just going to provide you the motive to make sure that you people get my order right this time around because say hello to my Driver."

Without further adieu, Creed let out a decapitated head of his previous driver, making the host shriek in terror and the manager let out a disgusted expression, terrified for his life as the CEO of Trask International tilted his head without remorse.

"See, my driver was supposed to check if the meal I had specifically ordered was correct. He didn't, and this is what happened, so..." Creed started walking over to the manager, looking up his nametag. "Chris... Would you like to end up like my driver over here?"

Chris the manager nodded his head as he felt extremely intimidated by Creed's gnarly characteristic. "Okay... O-Okay, I'll be sure that the Chefs get your order right this time, just, please don't hurt us!"

He started running into the kitchen as Creed remained behind with the host, who was just as scared as her manager was as she couldn't even look at the head of Creed's dead driver.

"And another I should have mentioned before, honey... You and your staff ever report this to the cops around here..." Creed started pressing his fingers on her chin, making her shake within his own grip. "...I'll fucking kill every single one of you right here at this very minute."

She nodded her head silently without even uttering a word as she stepped right back from him after Creed let her go, only to run away and hide in the kitchen as Victor remained behind to wipe away the blood still dripping from his own fingertips.

Somewhere on the mountains, Wolverine continued his search for the Hulk as he continued running down paths to where he could catch the Hulk's scent. Soon, he approached a nearby lake where he knelt down, sensing places where the person he was sent to find could have been drinking water from to survive. Clearly, this was the place as the scent was felt strongest as Logan became accompanied by a lone wolf who began drinking water from the lake, as even he started drinking water as well, the animal didn't even seem unfathomed by the presence of a human.


Logan turned around at the distant explosion up ahead as he started following a lead, hearing the sounds of birds chirping in the sky while he continued climbing up the hills. When he reached the top, he found two large footprints at the center of a small-sized crater, along with a couple of snapped trees as he began following what may look like to be a fresh trail.

Soon, he followed the trail to a large pile of ground rocks that he had to climb over as he started jumping and walking to the top. Afterward, he leaned himself against one pile of rock just before he could turn to the next corner, preparing himself to meet head-on with the Strongest There Is.

Turning his head around the corner with his fist in the air, his eyes found no one in sight, but rather a crashed Quinjet that was currently covered in snow. Seeing that he was in the clear for now, he made it his point that he started walking over inside of the Quinjet, having to smell the toxicity of Gamma Radiation flowing within the aircraft.

As he made it inside of the jet, he walked inside of the small narrow interior, making his way over to the pilot's seat as he attempted to learn what happened that caused the aircraft to crash. As he pressed his hand on a scanner, however, the ship's A.I. began to fill the cold air.

"Welcome. Voice activation required."

"...Yeah, fuck that."

"Access denied." The voice said as Logan pulled his hand away from the handprint, letting his Claws out to stab at the panel. "Access denieeeeeeeedddd."

With the A.I. being taken care of, Logan began to type into the system's computer, hoping to find a way to find a trace of where the Hulk is located when a loud thump resonated inside of the entire Quinjet.

Raising his eyes up, Wolverine slowly turned around, seeing a familiar large Green Monster on the ship as his breathing was heard loudly as he stomped right towards Logan without an intent to even talking to him.

"Hey, Big Guy..." Logan greeted, raising his hands up. "Listen, Bub, this ain't what you think this is-AAAAGH!"

Without saying much, Hulk grabbed Wolverine and threw him right out of the ship, leading him to a tree as his back landed right against it, making him cry out before falling right into the snow. There, as he got back up, Hulk began walking right out of the Quinjet as he still looked angry at him.

"Oh hell... I suppose you don't got any interest in talking this out?" Wolverine asked sarcastically as Hulk began to let out a roar that screamed at his face. Then in a matter of seconds, Hulk swung his arm so hard that it sent Wolverine flying way up high into the air, making him scream his way through one cloud and another before falling right back down and fall right onto a flat surface, letting darkness take hold of him...

Back in Chicago, where everyone was perfectly safe from the brutal brawl that was taking place in the mountains, Melita and Mystique were seen driving a car over to a crowded plaza where no one could barely tell whose face it is due to the blur of motion taking place while one is moving with great haste.

"What are we doing here?" Melita asked as "Charlie" began putting on her hat.

"This is where my contact wanted us to meet." She answered Melita's question before getting out. "Stay here, keep the doors locked. I'll be back in five minutes, tops."

She shut the door behind her as Melita folded her arms, looking out the window of the vehicle while Mystique continued walking down towards the center of the plaza, seeing so many people walking past her at once, making detection extremely difficult, especially when one can lose themselves in a crowd... The perfect place to meet.

Soon, she sat on an empty bench as Mystique get out a book to keep herself acting like she's minding her own business as she sat there for however long it took until the person she was supposed to be meeting finally appeared to her from behind.

"Are you the Raven everyone speaks about?" The man asked her as she tilted her head up slightly, recognizing the voice behind her.

"Nice to finally your acquaintance... Gambit." She acknowledged without turning her face to Remy LeBeau, who continued standing above while looking at her. "Now, do us both a favor and sit down. You're beginning to stand out in the middle of the crowd."

Gambit nodded his head, using his "Walking Stick" to hold on to something while he sat right behind Mystique as the two began looking in opposite directions.

"I was told that you were good at making people like us disappear... That part of you true?"

"I can guarantee you safe passage to Madripoor with a clean slate, and a fresh new identity, as soon as you deliver me what I came for."

As the two continued their conversation, Melita was seen leaning back against her seat as she started stretching her arms out, unaware of a black sedan that just pulled up behind her on the driveway.

"Here you are," Gambit said, passing her a folder to which she quietly accepted. "The intel you wanted to know about those Sauvages Blancs."

Mystique held the file in her hand as she saw Wendigo headlined on the top right of the folder, placing the file inside of her purse as she continued to look away.

"Thank you... You've pulled off your end of the bargain, now I'll pull mine."

Gambit sighed, leaning back against the bench. "Before we start, Ma dame, there's something about you that I need to get off my chest."

She folded her arms. "I see... Do you have any family members I should be concerned about?"

"I have no family... Not anymore when the people who took me away from them had them murdered on the spot by the Assassin's Guild when I was only, but an enfant."

Melita groaned as she looked at her window, finding the car parked behind her as she started raising herself up just slightly when another black sedan started parking just across from where she's parked.

"Is that why you're choosing to leave the Thieves Guild then? Because they had your family murdered years ago?"

Gambit chuckled as he shook his head. "Mon Famllie was heavily known as a highly toxic anti-Mutant Extremist... They would have disowned me on the spot given the chance, or worse had the Guild I grew up in not taken me in."

"So what's the point then? Do you want some kind of fresh start? Retirement from the whole world perhaps?"

"No, no, Ma Dame. See, I'm not simply looking for someplace to lay low, I'm just looking for a place simply to run away."

Mystique hummed. "Well... Considering you've stolen something from one of your own Guild's Top Clients, I'm certain you've got ample motive for wanting to run."

"It's not that simple, I'm afraid," Gambit explained, leaning forward towards his Staff. "See, there is a small rumor that the Thieves Guild is planning to join in on this merger with a... Committee of sorts based in New York City. The kind of Committee that would thrive on stealing directly from the poor and disadvantaged."

She raised a brow. "Does this Committee have to do with anything with Trask?"

"No... No, it's mostly an Eastern Seaboard Branch, and Trask's CEO likes to remain where he is out here in the Midwest, so you don't have to worry about them as far as you're concerned, it's just..." Gambit sighed, leaning back. "Well, I guess I just don't like stealing things from anyone who actually needs things in life more than myself or just about anyone."

A third sedan started parking in front of Melita as men in masks started getting out, walking over towards the plaza with armed guns as she covered her mouth to cover her gasp.


"What about you? Why are you deciding now to betray the company you've worked so hard for, hmm?"

She shook her head. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"No? Hmm... In that case, I must be thinking of another Blond that I saw last night before the Penthouse explosion... The one that was conversing with one of the uh, what do you call yourselves then? X-Force?"

"Shit, shit, what the fuck do I do?" Melita asked while whispering to herself as more men with guns started getting out of their vehicles.

"Seems like whoever you are, you are not what the world perceives you to be," Gambit theorized, leaning himself back as Mystique listened to him talking. "And I don't suppose anyone who knows you personally really knows what they perceive you to be... How could they not? It would seem from another point of view that you are quite a good liar than many people are lead to believe."

"Enough," Mystique finished Gambit's musing as she turned her eyes to him. "Let's just get started on how we're able to get you out of the country without anyone getting hurt, shall we?"

Gambit nodded his head, agreeing as he has wasted enough time talking about her directly. "Tres bien alors."

The gunmen began to load their weapons as Melita had nothing left to do but stare at the driver's horn in front of her. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes shut before counting to three.

"Three... Two... Fuck it!"


As the loud car honk started attracting a lot of attention, including Gambit and Mystique's, the gunmen turned around, surprised by her distraction before they started pointing their weapons at her, making her turn tail and run as she started bolting herself out of the passenger door and get herself out right out of shooting range.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!"

Screams started to spring out of the air as people started running in different directions, causing the two Mutants to stand up as they saw the men wielding weapons, with Gambit recognizing a family crest that was familiar to him.

"...The Boudreaux hitmen." Gambit turned around, glancing at Mystique. "I am so sorry, but I've been compromised! Go, get yourself out of here!"

Mystique turned around, facing Gambit. "Wait, Remy, I can help you!"

"It's already too late! I'm beyond saving at this point, just save yourself, run!"

Gambit began disappearing into the panicked crowd while Mystique just stood by and watched as he vanished right before her eyes. Then she turned around, seeing the gunmen began drawing their fire onto the crowd, shooting just a few people out of their path as if they were explicitly attempting to go after her.

While this went on, Melita crawled herself on her fours, trying to get away from armed men attempting to gun her down as she crawled beneath the cars before police began to arrive on the scene, attempting to defuse the situation when the men started shooting at the cops, killing them dead on the spot.

Melita screamed at that, standing up only to run away as she just started to sprint. She didn't even know where she was going, and she didn't even know if she was going to be able to survive this, but all she knew that if it is possible, then all she had to do was run. And she kept on running and running and running until eventually, fate caught up to her as one of the masked men started pulling her to a corner, pressing his hand into her mouth to silence her panicked screaming.

She struggled in his grip as she looked into the person's eyes as more of her men began to join him, immediately assuming that it was the end for her.

"She's already gone!" The man shouted to his fellow mercs, puzzling Melita at that. "Go, that woman isn't even the objective right now! I'll catch up with you as soon as I scout the perimeter!"

The men nodded their heads, moving down the street as they were completely misdirected by one of their own as he let go of Melita's mouth, who silenced herself as she looked at the person in front of him.

"What... What kind of Mercenary are you?"

"...I'm not with them."

She raised a brow. "What?"

"I said..."

Suddenly, the man in front of her began to change shape, completely stunning Melita as Mystique reverted back into her Blonde Human disguise as she looked right at her own Roommate.

"...That I'm not with them."

Melita blinked, taking a step forward as she took witness to what she just saw. "You... I... That's your superpower?"

Mystique nodded her head. "...Yes."

"...Now that's some dope shit," Melita said with a smile. "Like, holy fuck, that is uncanny, but it's also pretty dope."

Raven started to smile lightly as she started getting a compliment from her own abilities. Then she started dropping her excitement as more gunfire started filling the air, causing her to switch into another person's face as she held her hand out into Melita's.

"Come on." Mystique said in the form of a Brunette office worker in glasses. "More will come soon."

Melita took her hand without question, recognizing the face in front of her before they both started running together to escape the carnage that was going on.

...What the hell happened?


Wolverine was standing right where he was at the beginning as he was standing out in the blizzard facing the Hulk as he started getting out his Claws just to defend himself.

"Oh yeah..." Logan said as he started just remembering what he was doing as he took a breath, facing the Hulk before attempting to get out the phone that was supposed to call Mystique when the time came, only to find that he dropped it when he was thrown out in the sky. Cursing himself, he glared at the Hulk in front of him as he was now forced to go into Plan B. "Alright, Bub, let's fucking do this, come on!"

Hulk unleashed another roar before slamming his hands down onto the ground, causing the cliff they stood on to slide and collapse, making both Hulk and Wolverine fall deep down into the lake below them.

When they both hit the water, with the two being surrounded by rocks that keep falling down with them, they fought deep in the water with Hulk swinging one punch and Wolverine swing another, which Hulk barely felt as Logan widened his eyes before getting hit three times, and being delivered a heavy hit that sent him flying out of the water and onto the ground.

Hulk growled lowly as he rose himself from the water, walking himself out as he started walking away from the scene, attempting to regain some sense of solitude when Wolverine was seen on top of a cliff behind him, jumping off to stab his Claws right into his back.


Blood began to spill from the Strongest Man There Is as the Best There Is kept on stabbing until Hulk moved backward against a wall, crushing Logan from behind just to make him let go of his back.

When Logan fell to the ground, he was on his knees when Hulk started throwing boulders at Wolverine, causing him to jump to move towards Hulk more as Hulk grew angry and threw another boulder at the Mutant, this time hitting him square in the head when the last couple of throws failed to make the shot.

However, despite having made a successful throw, Logan merely kept his ground as he glared at the Hulk, moving towards him with fury before Hulk smashed him onto Wolverine's back on the ground. When he was just lying there, Hulk began smashing Wolverine more as Hulk grew infuriated with this Mutant in particular.

"Grrr... Hulk Smash Little Man!" Hulk said his own words as Hulk began punching Logan's seemingly weak form. "Little Man Leave Hulk alone!"

As he unleashed another roar, Bishop was seen flying the Black Bird when he heard of the Hulk's voice even from above his cloaked being, making him raise a brow as he knew something was going on down there.

"Shit." As he started turning to his comms, he began to contact Raven, who was just acquiring a vehicle for herself and Melita just after they escaped a gnarly gunfight. "Charlie, are you there? Do you copy?"

Raven sighed, letting Melita go inside as she pressed on her earpiece. "This is Charlie, I copy. Who is speaking here?"

"Bishop speaking. Has Logan contacted you yet?"

She shook her head. "No, not that I'm aware of, why?"

"Well, I'm up here flying the Bird, and well..." Another of Hulk's screams echoed from the surface, making Bishop glance back from the sound as he held his earpiece on his own finger. "It sounds like Logan's having a tough time right now."

"Shit, the Hulk may have smashed Logan's only source of communication... Alright, I have an idea, just stay put in the air." She ended the call as she cursed herself once again, leading Melita to peer herself out of the vehicle.

"Is everything okay?"

Mystique turned around, facing Melita. "Listen, Melita, I... I've got to do something; Logan needs my help."

Melita nodded her head. "Okay, then go. I'll wait right here this time around."

She nodded her head, thankful for Melita's understanding before she turned around to vanish into the dark, leaving Melita all alone once again as Logan continued getting pummeled by the Hulk, who is yet to give up on his brutal offensive.

"Hulk is Strongest There Is!" Hulk shouted before making one more swing at Logan, letting out another vibrating roar.

Once he felt like he was finished, Hulk began to breathe intensively as Hulk turned around and walked away, leaving Wolverine to lie on the ground with his eyes closed shut as Hulk continued to walk towards the edge of another cliff.

There, Hulk began to relax as much as he could as he looked at the lake before him at the spot he stood on, letting the view wrap into his primary focus until a sound was heard behind him, making Hulk turn around, and much to Hulk's surprise, the Little Man that Hulk Smashed was standing despite pummeling him to a point that Little Man shouldn't even be standing.

"...Alright, Bub," Logan started as he let out a bloodied smile on his face. "Let's try that again."

After letting out a snarled frenzy, Wolverine began to sprint towards the Hulk before jumping up just to dig his Claws right into him again. With the fight being moved on to round 2, Wolverine began to cut the Hulk with each dodge he makes into his attacks, creating so much effort to just take down the Hulk as blood began to fall right into the snow.

Finally, after what may be considered their standstill, the two started to just stand right on their feet as they began feeling slightly worn out from their fight, with both warriors panting their breaths out as Wolverine and Hulk continued staring at each other with violence in their eyes, both just waiting for one or the other to anticipate their attacks when a gentle voice started filling in the air.

"Hey, Big Guy."

At that moment, Hulk turned himself around, finding no one, but a familiar Red-Headed Woman in a Black Suit as Logan raised a brow, seeing her wearing S.H.I.E.L.D. symbols around her shoulders as he just assumed that she was just the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that was supposed to be coming for the Hulk.

"Sun's getting real low." Natasha Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow said as Hulk turned around, facing his fellow Avenger on the field as the two locked eyes with each other.

Wolverine simply held his ground, unsure what to make of it as he simply held his ground, preparing for the worst when Black Widow knelt to the ground, exchanging her eyes with Hulk's as she held out her open hand, which Hulk merely held out in exchange as they kept on just staring...

And soon enough, Hulk began to calm down, allowing him to turn around, shaking in his form as Wolverine stood back, seeing the Monster's Skin turn from Green to a shade of tanned orange. And in a matter of seconds, the Hulk was reduced into a mere man, with the face of Doctor Banner just lying on the ground unconscious as he was suddenly put to sleep.

As Logan knelt himself down, checking for Banner's pulse, Natasha began to turn away as she glanced out into the horizon, with Wolverine standing up to meet up with Widow.

"So... You must be that S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent that I was told about."

Nat lowered her brow, turning her head to Logan. "...Not quite."

At that moment, Natasha's entire look began to change skin, along with her own firm, and being as Mystique suddenly took place, almost surprising Logan in the process.

"Oh... It's you." Logan said as he still stood despite his weakened form.

"You look like hell." Mystique as she looked at Logan.

"I've looked a lot worse." He glanced at the unconscious Banner. "...What the fuck did you to him?"

"That device I gave you? It is a remotely piloted drone that I'm currently using to broadcast a holographic feed, with some added upgrades such as a sleeping gas that is powerful enough to knock out an elephant." She glanced back at Banner. "He'll be fine... He just needs to rest, just like you."

Logan grumbled lowly as he rubbed on his stomach. "Any idea what to do with him now?"

She sighed, folding her arms around her chest. " I've made an anonymous call to the real Agent that's coming, and he's already coming on his way to pick up Banner at your spot, while in the meantime; I'm going to send Bishop down to pick you up. Hopefully, the two of you will be long gone by then."

"Yeah... Whatever..." Logan whispered before falling into the snow next to Banner. Both had fought their fight as Mystique began to fade out due to a consented end to their mutual transmission as the Black Bird started flying right down on their location.

When it landed, Bishop moved right in to pick up Logan and carry him around his shoulders as he stood where he was, the sounds of a Quinjet began to echo out the entire mountain top, leading Bishop to turn around to face the aircraft that was moving towards him with its' top speed.

As soon as it got close, the Quinjet started hovering above the air as its' hangar doors were opened up, allowing a man to climb himself down through a rope as the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent in question met up with Bishop in person as he walked over to him, with Banner lying on his feet.

"...This Logan's doing?" The man asked as Bishop stared at the Agent.

"Who's asking?" Bishop questioned rhetorically as he held his ground.

"...Fury." The Man with the Eye Patch answered. "Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Bishop raised a brow, tilting his head. "Director? Well, I'll be damned."

Fury began to kneel on the ground as he checked out Banner's pulse. "He's going to live, ain't he?"

Bishop shrugged. "Probably. I mean, we're supposed to be bringing him to you, so hopefully, he's on the side of living by the end of today."

Fury stood up, lifting Banner off his feet as he glanced back at Bishop. "How's Logan doing?"

Bishop still felt a bit answering the man's question, even though he doesn't really know this person that well. "...He'll live."

"As I'm expecting him to." Fury began to get out a tablet. "Here... When he wakes up; hand this over to Logan. Tell him Nick sent him a parting gift, as a debt settlement per my Grandfather's request. He'll know what it means."

With that said, Nick Fury turned around to leave as the Quinjet lowered itself onto the ground. "And one more thing; tell Logan that whenever he has some free time... We'll need to talk soon."

Bishop nodded as Fury took Banner inside and started to leave inside of the Quinjet, Lucas did the same and placed Logan on a bed as he piloted the Black Bird back home...

Later, Logan was seen back at home as he was lying on a bed unconscious, with his shirt taken off to let his body get exposed to the air as Melita and Mystique walked right in to join Bishop as they saw him sleeping.

"Holy shit..." Melita whispered, running over to Logan's side. "Holy shit, what happened to him?"

Bishop sighed, sitting on a chair. "He got into a fight with the Hulk, that's what happened."

Melita turned around, glancing at both Bishop and Mystique. "Do I even want to know how the fuck that came to happen?"

Mystique pulled out a file, handing it to Bishop. "Here. I need you to take this to the Black Bird."

Bishop takes the file into his hand, seeing the word, "Wendigo" on it. "Where'd you get this?"

"I'll explain, just please do as I asked."

Bishop nodded, turning to glance at Melita once before taking his leave as the ladies were left alone with Logan.

"Damn, this guy is tough," Melita whispered as she rubbed on his chest. "And Bishop said he went toe to toe against the Hulk?"

Mystique nodded her head. "Yeah, well Logan is what he says he is... The Best There Is At What He Does."

"I've never heard him say that, at least not around me before." Melita rubbed on his arm. "...Do you think he'll be able to wake up, Charlie?"

Mystique lowered her brow, folding her arms. "I'm certain... And Melita?" Her friend started glancing at her. "...My name isn't really Charlie."

Melita tilted her head, turning around to face her Roommate. "Oh? Then, what is your real name then?"

"I'll get to it in just a second, but first, I need to show you something else, and before I do that, I need to absolutely know for certain if..." She bit her lip, lowering her eyes once before glancing at Melita. "...If you truly mean what you said about not minding me being a Mutant."

Melita sighed, taking Mystique's hands into hers. "Look, Charlie... Whatever your name is; I've seen the guy behind me take way too many bullets for us, and the guy that just left fire a laser out of his own gun, not to mention watching you change into any person in the whole world. I mean, for god's sake girl; you could look like Dazzler or Lila Cheney, and I'd have no idea about it."

"Well, that's... Kind of the point I'm making."

"Why? You're saying that as if this face of yours isn't even..." At that second, she paused herself, staring into Mystique's current eye color as she lowered her brow twice before coming to a mental conclusion. "...That's not your real... Face, is it?"

She shook her head, taking in a deep breath as she held her hands tightly. "No... This is."

Soon, in a matter of seconds, Mystique began showing off her true form as she changed her shape and look from head to toe. Her Yellow Eyes piercing into Melita's Black Eyes, as her Blue Hands held onto her Ebony Palms.

"My name... My real name is Raven Darkholme." The Mutant told her as she observed Melita's initial reaction to her real face. "But before 7/15, I was also a... Terrorist, that many knew me as Mystique. I was known infamously for working closely side by side with a man named Erik Lansherr, who lead an entire branch of Mutants opposite of Charles Xavier's X-Men, known as the Brotherhood."

Melita tilted her head. "The... Brotherhood? Were they like... The bad guys?"

Raven nodded her head. "And so was I for a long time. But I wasn't like that before; see Charles... He was like a brother to me, just as much as I was a sister to him. I even named my fake alias slightly after him, just so part of me reminds me that I'm always carrying a piece of him inside of me."

Melita began to gently pull away from her hands just so she can rub on her blue scaly skin, rubbing on her cheek as Mystique watched and let her.

"...So, why did you turn against him then?"

Raven lowered her eyes, gently pulling Melita's hand away. "Because for a long time... In all my years of living; the only other side of Humanity I have ever witnessed was hatred, cruelty, and unwarranted violence, much of that focused on people like me. And in time, I've started to forget about that other side, the gentle, kinder, peaceful side. The one that Charles kept trying to tell Erik over and over again, what he kept trying to remind me before it was too late. And then just living with you, seeing your warm heart despite the difficulty you've endured; it... It helped remind me of what Charles' dream was back then... Of the person that I used to be."

Melita held her ground as she listened to what Mystique had to say as she looked to her, bringing her hand against her shoulder as if she needed to provide comfort.

"...As someone who had to grow up being a Black Girl, and I know it may not be exactly the same thing, but I get what you're going through. Sometimes, it's really hard to tell if there's any difference between the good and bad sides of Humanity, but all you have to do is just look for it. I found it when you started living with me, back when you protected me from my Ex... And you found it when you and I started growing closer than just being roommates."

As they began having enough to say, the two began to pull each other into a hug as they enjoyed each other in a heartwarming moment they both shared.

"Just... Tell me you don't walk around butt naked in this form all the time."

Mystique chuckled while hugging her friend. "I can switch form to make it look like I'm wearing clothes without even changing my face if that's what you're asking."

"For real?"


Melita pulled away, smiling at Mystique. "In that case, wait right here... I'm gonna browse the internet, and see what fits that look on you, I'll be right back!"

Melita started running down as Raven started rubbing on her arm, almost feeling some semblance of happiness for the first time in years as Logan remained lying right behind her unconscious... Till now at least.

"Took you long enough," Logan grumbled, taking Mystique's attention to her as she turned around and sat right on the chair.

"You're awake," Raven said before sniffing her nose and wiping away any tears that were leftover.

"And you're weeping... That's a new one."

She scoffed, shaking her head in denial. "I'm not... Crying."

"No, but I can smell one of those rare happy water drops pouring out of your eye sockets, I'll give you that." He started lifting himself waist up as he groaned, rubbing his neck. "So... I take that it means I don't have to do everything for you?"

She shook her head. "No... No, you don't."

"Good... Because that woman, God help me, she likes you as a friend would."

"Oh, and I take you don't share her sentiment?"

He sighed, rubbing his tired eyes as he glanced at Mystique. "Why don't we don't work on small steps first?"

"Hey, guys! What did I miss-!" Deadpool said, walking into Mystique's full form, gasping. "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE NAKED!"

Wade let out a scream, covering his mouth as Mystique and Logan turned around, facing Deadpool's overreacting being.

"Oh my god, my eyes! My eyes, I've just looked at someone's body parts without consent, holy fuck! I'm so sorry."

Raven shook her head, rolling her eyes. "For god's sakes, you can't see my actual body parts, Wade."

"I know, but still, it's kinda... Awkward, and distracting, you know?"

"What the hell's going on here-?" Bishop walked right in, only to find Mystique in her true form. "...You."

With that said, Bishop started pulling out his gun before Mystique made a flip and kick the gun out of his hand, causing the two to face each other in combat before Logan raised his hand high.

"Stop it, all of you!" Logan shouted as Melita came inside to see the fight going on. "Bishop, she's one of us, so stop trying to kill her."

Bishop raised a brow, letting go of Mystique as she did the same. "She is?"

"And Wade, chill the fuck out before I stab you right in the throat."

Wade sighed out of relief. "Thank god, I thought you were gonna stab me in the Testicles for a second there."

"Wait a minute, you knew about her?" Bishop asked. "Logan, do you even remember who she is?"

"I know. Just ask her, I basically stabbed her once."

Wade raised a hand. "Just so I'm curious, where the hell did Charlie go?"

Everyone turned to stare at Wade for his naivete as he started pointing at himself.

"...What? I just said before I didn't read the ending of the last episode, so how the fuck am I supposed to know everything?"

Bishop rolled his eyes. "Just, shut up Wade."

Mystique raised her hands up. "Look, I know-!" Bishop turned to her with intimidation. "...I know that I don't exactly have the best track record for having mildly good behavior, but all I can say right now is that you have to trust me."

"Why? So you can just stab us all in the back later?"

"Bishop, please just..." Logan sighed. "...Hear her out."

Raven glanced at Logan for his intervention before turning to look at Bishop. "...You know me as the Raven, don't you?"

"Wait, she's the Raven? I thought Charlie was the Raven..." Wade gasped, covering his mouth. "Oh my god, you're Charlie!"

"Oh my god, shut the fuck up!"

"I am this fucking close to shoving my Claw down your throat, Bub!"

"Fuck that, I'll just put a bullet in his brains."

Wade raised his hands up, lifting up the white flag. "Okay, okay, I'll stop! Jesus, are the only people that like me around here is the Fandom?"

Everyone sighed as Deadpool finally went silent, resuming the conversation once more.

"Anyway... I'm on your side, Bishop."

"Try telling that to your Brother."

"I mean it. Look, I'm just looking for a way to make sure that we all get justice for what happened to us on 7/15, but not in the way that you think! I'm just... I'm trying to be different here."

"Like you blowing up that penthouse was any different than the good old Brotherhood philosophy?"

"That was different; I was forcing Omega Red into Hibernation at the time." She sighed, lowering her head. "All I'm saying is that I've had plenty of chances to betray you... I could have told Creed that you were dropping Logan off at the mountains today, and he would have had you blown to smithereens, but I didn't. And if you find it that you can't trust me still, then trust that all I want to do is make sure that Victor Creed gets what he deserves."

Bishop shook his head, unsure of this as he turned to Logan. "Well... It's your call, Logan. What is it going to be?"

Logan glanced at Mystique, who stood where she was with her hand placed on her arm while glancing at Melita, who folded her arms as she was completely worried about everything that may happen in general as he sighed, closing his eyes.

"...She's helped us this far, so she sticks with us."

With that decided, the silence began to fill the air as Bishop sighed, rubbing his head.

"Alright then... Well, I guess I should probably provide us all with an update as usual."

Raven turned to glance at Bishop. "Did you find anything from the File I sent you?"

"No, not yet, though that may be useful for us." He turned to face Logan. "Actually, this update is for Logan."

"What do you got, Bub?"

Bishop walked over to hand Logan a tablet as Wolverine took it out of his hands.

"That S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, the one who took Banner? He wanted me to give this to you."

Logan tilted his head. "...What is this supposed to be?"

"I have no idea, he told me you'd know about it."

"And who exactly is "He"?"

"A S.H.I.E.L.D. Director... Nick Fury, I believe."

Logan raised a brow as everyone else did as the name filled the air.

"You've met Nick Fury?" Melita asked with a bit of hype in her voice.

"Oh, so did I, for the record!" Deadpool said, raising his hand. "Yeah, he and I had a great time during our road trip from England to the Hague. It was fun; he and I had a bond together, though he had this excessive use of the word, "Motherfucker". I mean, do you have any idea how hard it is to ruin the word, "Motherfucker", during a road trip? I mean, it takes a lot of skill..."

"Okay, we get it, Wade, you can stop now." Mystique said, glancing at Bishop. "Now, what else did Nick Fury say?"

Bishop folded his arms. "Well, he says that the tablet is a parting gift based on settling a debt for his Grandfather. Other than that, he says that whenever Logan has the time, he should come and talk to him soon."

"Yeah, that's... Likely not going to happen anytime soon." Logan said as he looked at the tablet. "Thanks, Lucas... I'll take a good look at this as soon as I take a nap."

With that said, everyone began to part ways as Logan held the tablet in his hand, tilting his head as he was just thinking to himself quietly.

...What exactly do you want me to look at, Fury?

Victor Creed was seen coming into work as he sighed, walking over to Walter Declun as he folded his arms while standing in front of a glass window.

"How are we doing, Mr. Declun?"

"Pretty well, sir. If all things go according to plan, we probably might as well have ourselves an early retirement plan set up."

"Good... After all, this work is far too important for me to let it go undone after all the time I've put into this..."

As Creed stood next to the Human, he looked out into the window as he stared at a large Purple Machine that was nearly the size of a Sentinel...

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