Draco ran his fingers along Harry's chest, avoiding the two peaks that were screaming to be played with. He was waiting for his lover to say something, but the latter remained obstinately silent. How was Potter ever going to learn the rules of the game if he never spoke? Resolute, Draco leaned over and let his tongue circle Harry's right left nipple; Malfoy swore that he could feel Harry's heart racing.

"Lick the damn thing!" the dark haired boy shouted, moving as much as his bindings would allow him.

His lips stretched into a smile, Draco licked the nipple, then shimmied down Harry's body until he was staring at the Golden Boy's erection. He opened his mouth and swallowed Harry, then immediately pulled back and returned his attention to Harry's chest.


Malfoy internally snickered at Harry's frustration. At the rate this was going, Harry was never going to figure out the rules. Perhaps he should have mercy and nudge him along the correct line of thinking?

He considered for a moment before totally dismissing the idea. This was far too much enjoyable.


The Slytherin once again moved down Harry's body to take all of Harry into his mouth for one brief instant. And just as quickly, he slid up his lover's body and nibbled along the veins in that tanned neck.

Harry's head kept turning from side to side. It was easy to see that he was anxiously trying to figure out the rules. Draco congratulated himself on his brilliancy. The Gryffindor was going to be working on this for a while.


The Golden Boy's voice was showing his desperation. It had no hint of humor or play; the voice was total need and want, and Draco loved it.

"It's...hard...to think...that mouth...on me," Harry managed between moans and sighs.

Mercilessly, Draco continued to kiss, lick, and nibble his way across Harry's body, entertaining himself until his lover said something else.

"Draco," Harry whispered, holding the 'a' a little to long.

The blonde's smile faded. This one was going to make it too obvious, but if he didn't do it, he'd break the rule. Sighing, he took Harry's arousal again.

About a minute later, the dark haired boy gasped. Draco was sure he'd figured it out now, and silently cursed himself for picking something too easy. Or perhaps, for underestimating Harry.

"Please," his lover tested. And Malfoy returned to his in-depth exploration of Harry's elbow.

"Draco," grinning.

Yes, Harry had figured it out, and Draco wanted to smother him with the pillow for it. The blonde grudgingly moved down to swallow the prick. About to retreat, as he had done every other time, Harry spoke again.

Putting extra emphasis on every 'd', Harry proudly stated, "Don't you dare leave that dick, Draco."

One blonde eyebrow raised, until he realized that the Gryffindor couldn't see anyway. Malfoy knew he had to honor the rules, and he did, though he hesitated just long enough to make Potter worry.

"I hope you're happy," Draco grumbled, most unbecomingly, "you've cut the night incredibly short."

"No, I'm getting the night started. Now," Harry thrust his hips up, "time to collect my winnings from this round."

The Slytherin smirked; he could take his time giving Harry 'his winnings.' Lowering his head, he wondered how long he could keep his lover from release. He'd soon find out.


Harry sat at his table in the Great Hall, watching Draco's slightest movement. The Slytherin had started out pouting, but, upon realizing that Harry was watching, quickly made his actions more purposeful. The Gryffindor was caught between laughing at his lover and admiring him for taking advantage of the situation, as Slytherins were known to do.

From his position, Harry could perfectly see Malfoy, eyes down demurely, gently running his fingers along his lips. Then, he looked up to make eye contact. Smirking, Potter planned out the night's entertainment, laughing out loud when he saw Draco fill his dessert bowl. Harry leaned forward and enjoyed the blonde eating his ice cream, suddenly feeling ravenous.