Notice about Limes and Lemons

Many people have been asking me lately about the lemons so I decided to stop being lazy and put them up on pat re on, at /grumpywolf. Use the desktop version of the website if you cannot find my name on the app (some people have issues with that for some reason).

Don't worry you do NOT need to pay anything. All "Caterpillar" chapters are set for public, they are free to read. I would obviously not decline if you wished to support me but I'm not demanding anything. I'm just giving everyone a way to read the NSFW content that cannot be posted here.

That said, I haven't posted all the chapters yet. There are only 36 chapters up so far (only 3 short limes and 1 lemon so far, you pervs). The NSFW chapters are 17, 23, 24 and 36 and they are also marked as NSFW in the title. Shouldn't be difficult to find, just go to the "Collections" tab and select the Caterpillar story.

New Justice League story

To be more specific, I just started writing a new fic, a Harry Potter/Justice League crossover called "Emissary". It is a spin-off from "Back? Not Really" but you don't necessarily need to read that one in order to enjoy the crossover. All you need to know from the first fic is that Harry Potter is a powerful and jaded war veteran who gets sent to various worlds to kill those who made it on Death's shit list.

It will have a Harry/Power Girl pairing. There is only 1 chapter on FFN so far (and a 2nd on pat re on) but now that the Blue Lock story is over (I will post the final chapter on FFN next week), Emissary will take its place in my updating schedule.

⁂ Other fics ⁂

For those who don't know, I have 3 other Naruto fics:

1. "The Fox and the Hare" - Naruto/My Hero Academia crossover. Naruto/Mirko pairing. Naruto is reincarnated in the MHA world with a Fox Quirk. Filled with action and many wholesome moments. The romance is getting there too.

2. "The Renegade" - pure Naruto fic. Naruto/Konan pairing. After getting thrown into the Blood Prison, Konan comes and breaks Naruto out. He defects from Konoha and joins Amegakure. Plenty of action and no mindless bashing. Naruto doesn't become a bloodthirsty edgelord if that's what you're afraid of given the nature of the fic lol. It's more like he's fed up with how Konoha treated him and decides to have nothing to do with them anymore.

3. "Blue Lock" - a Naruto/Blue Lock crossover for football enjoyers. Naruto/Saeko Busujima pairing (from Highschool of the Dead). Heavily focused on football, a more niche fic. In this fic, Naruto is a street rat obsessed with becoming a professional player as it is his only way to escape from his life of poverty. The fic is almost complete but it might get a spin-off in the future, probably a Highschool of the Dead crossover.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the support they showed me both here and on pat re on. Caterpillar was my first fic and while I know that it's not perfect, it'll always be special to me. As I was at the beginning of my days as a writer, there were times when I found it hard to continue but I did complete the fic in the end, in no small measure due to everyone's encouragement and the interest you showed.

I wish you all a happy new year and all the best in your endeavours. Until next time!