Title: A Wrinkle in Time

Author: Crimson Coin CrimsonCoinyahoo.com

Rating: Varies by chapter ... we'll place PG13 to R and then NC 17 when noted.

Spoilers: Not much really.

Summery: Moments from the lives of multiple couples highlighted.

TimeLine: starts in the summer of 2002. NOBODY was injured.

Pairings: Jeff/Lita. Jericho/Trish. Christian/Torrie. Edge/Stephanie

Disclaimer: I'm working on owning something, but it sure as hell ain't the WWE

Archiving: You are more then welcome, just give me credit.
Christian walked into the locker room, his arms outstretched. "There is no need to fear, the best looking guy on the planet is here."

All eyes turned, Lita's voice ringing out. "We know, Jay. Chris just got here a few minutes ago."

Jeff stuck his lip out in a pout. "Aren't you supposed to think I'm the best looking guy on the planet?"

She shrugged. "I don't wanna play favorites."

Jericho stood, motioning to himself. "Yes, ladies. I AM the hottest piece of meat on the market today. Here you can see me sporting a lovely black and white checker board outfit, open at the chest of course to expose this gorgeous chest and so tight to show off my fabulous ass." He gave a turn, the women ooo-ed.

Christian pushed past. "Him? Great ass? Hah! Look at what these jeans do for me." More ooo-ing.

"You guys got it all wrong." Jeff said, standing. "Less is more." He removed his shirt, a little louder reaction gurgled in the crowd and Lita licked her lips.

Jericho strutted, cockily. "I ... am already shirtless."

Jeff smiled. "The more, the merrier. Or less the merrier." He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down and off as he stood in his boxers. "Like so." He hummed HBK's theme song, dancing around. "Sexy booooy. Da da da boy toy!"

Laughter broke out, Lita's voice the loudest. "Oh my God, I'm dating a lunatic."

"Only dating?" Jeff smiled, approaching her and putting his hands on his head as he continued to grind. Then he moved over, dancing right in front of Trish, all the while humming.

Trish smiled, shyly, but reached into her pocket, pulling out a dollar bill and slipping it into his boxers. More hysterical laughing broke out.

Chris's jaw dropped. "To hell with this." He ripped his shirt over his head then stripped down to his boxers. "If you get from mine, I get from yours." And he walked to Lita, firing his eyes and beginning to dance.

Lita bit her lip, grinning wildly and pulling a five-dollar bill from her pocket. "Jeff, he's better than you." She slipped the bill into his boxers.

Chris sang a different song. "I'm ... too sexy for my shirt ... much sexier than you." He pointed at Jeff. "I'm the King of Bling Bliiiing."

The door opened. Oh God, do I really want to know?"

Torrie shook her head. "No, you don't."

"Then I won't ask." Stephanie responded, walking into the room. "Can you gentlemen put your clothes back on. I uhm ... I kind of need a favor."

Jeff looked to her with a curious tilt of the head. "What kind of favor requires clothes?"

Lita cocked an eyebrow, glaring at Jeff. "Excuse me, Mister. But you better not be doing favors for ANYONE that require you to not wear clothes."

He smiled, winningly, pecking her lips with his. "Don't worry, Baby. All the naked favors are only for you."

Chris nodded, smiling at Trish. "And aren't we glad for that."

Trish shrugged. "Speak for yourself."

At Jericho's shocked expression, the room erupted and Trish managed to keep a straight face. Concern, worry, maybe even hurt spread across his face. "Are ... are you serious?"

Trish broke into a smile, walking up to him and touching his chest with the palm of her hand. "No, sweetie. I'm joking with you."

He nodded, wrapping an arm around her. "That's good. Cuz the naked thing is me and you ONLY! I'm picky about that kinda thing. Call it my ego."

Jeff nodded. "Thank God. Cuz I don't want to think of your sorry ass naked. Trish on the other hand ..."

Chris's eyes blazed with jealousy and Trish only turned his head, clearing his thoughts and anger by pressing her lips to his.

Lita smiled as the two blonde Canadians shared a sweet kiss then turned her attention to Stephanie. "What do you need?"

"I'm a little worried about Adam." Stephanie said. "I don't know if something's up or he's in a rut. But I was wondering if you boys could take him out for a drink and a good time. You know try to cheer him up."

Christian smiled. "Sure, we'd be happy to."

"Speak for yourself." Chris shot out, tightening his arms around Trish. "I got plans with my girl for the night."

When he would lean down for a kiss, Trish shook her head, pressing her fingers to his lips. "No no. You take Adam out. You boys have fun. And then ..." she traced a singly finger over the contour of his lips then down his chin and neck. "Well, then we can have fun later." She swirled that finger around his naval. "How's that sound?"

Catcalls erupted and Chris couldn't contain his growl. "Oh, I will be sooo ready for you, woman, you won't know what to do with me."

Trish smiled back, stepping away from him. "I'm holding you to that."

Torrie clapped her hands. "Oooo, girls night. Steph, you're gonna come right?"

"Well, Mom does have Jaime." Steph said. "Let's do it."

"Oh man, this will not be good." Christian said.

Jeff pulled his pants up. "Yeah tell me about it."

Chris finished putting on his shirt. "As long as they video tape ... I'll be fine."

As the group laughed, the door flew open. "Stephanie? Where are you, you whore?"

Stephanie flinched at the sound of his voice. "Paul, what do you want?"

"To take my whore home."

"Hey!" Jeff growled, stepping between Hunter and the McMahon. "Get the hell outta here."

Hunter laughed. "I'm not scared of you, Boy. Your chick is bigger than you. There was a reason they called her a man back in ECW, and chanted STD's at her. Hey Lita, just so you know something about your boy. When he likes to fuck butch women like you up the ass ... well then you know he's gay."

Jeff's eye fired as he dove at Hunter. "You Fucking Son of a bitch."

But Chris Jericho caught his friend, holding a swearing fuming Jeff Hardy back. "Jeff, Jeff don't man. Calm down."

Hunter laughed, not in the least intimidated by the raging Hardy or the angry glares from everyone else in the room. "Awww, look at him. He thinks he can take me on."

Jericho clenched his teeth, his task of holding back Jeff becoming harder by the moment. "You better leave before I let him go." Chris growled and Hunter simply laughed that off, walking out the door.

Jeff struggled. "Lemme go. Let me go!"

Chris shook his head, his teeth clenched. "No, No I won't. Calm down."

"I'LL KILL HIM!" Jeff hollered.

Lita collapsed to her knees, the tears welling up in her eyes, her body trembling as she tried her best to restrain from crying.

Jeff heard her whimper and his anger immediately calmed. Instead he turned around, his eyes wide on the fallen redhead. "Baby," he breathed, pulling from Jericho and dropping to his knees in front of her. "Baby, don't ..."

Lita raised her hand, silencing him and shaking her head. The rest of the locker room stood still, stunned at what had just happened. But Lita only swallowed everything, forcing a smirk. "No, Jeff. It's ... it's ok. I'm just ... I'm shocked. That's all."

"Sweetie," he cooed, reaching out to touch her cheek, wiping the single tear that slipped out from beneath her eye. "Are you sure? I ... I love you, Darlin. You know I love you and that you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

She smiled at him, nodding. "It's ok, Jeff. I'm alright. I mean it."

"I'm gonna stay with you tonight."

But Lita shook her head. "No, take Adam out. I swear, Sugar, I'm fine. I'm gonna spend the night with the girls and think about how much I love you. It's really ok. Sugar, believe me. Please."

He just looked in her eyes a few moments, trying to read her, to see if she was telling the truth. "Do you swear it? I ... I would never leave if you wanted me around."

"I'm ok." She answered, simply, cupping his cheek with her hand. "I swear it. Now you have fun. And I'm gonna have fun. And we'll both have fun. It's alright." She kissed him softly. "I mean it. Now you boys get outta here."

"Ok," Jeff took her for her word and stood. "But my cell is on and the moment you want me, just call and I'll come running. Ok?"

"Jeff, I won't call you if ..."

"Please." He begged. "Just humour me and tell me that you will if something is wrong. Just ease my heart, Baby, ok?"

She stood too, grabbing his hand. "Ok, Sugar. I swear. If I need you, I'll call. Now get outta here. Have some fun."
The four women sat in one of the hotel rooms. Torrie smiled. "I have the greatest idea ever. And I mean ... ever."

Lita looked to Trish. "I have a feeling we're getting into so much trouble."

Torrie shook her head. "Nope. Ok, look. I know out boys. They will be so drunk when they come home tonight."

Steph eyed her. "Ok ... and ..."

"And we're going to have some fun."

Chris Jericho staggered at the head of his friends as they stumbled down the hallway. "And that's when I said ... What the hell did I say? Ah FUCK IT!" He reached his door then saluted the others. "Until the Morrow!" They saluted back.

Stephanie heard the door open and knew it had to be Chris. The girls had decided to switch room keys. Let the boys come in and wake up first, spotting who was in the bed, then they'd probably run out of there so fast and down to the café.

Her back was to the door and she heard him crashing around then he slipped under the sheets. He wrapped an arm around her waist nestling against her, bare-chested and in his boxers. She shivered as he kissed her neck. His breath slowed, muscles relaxed. And just like that, he was asleep.

Excellent. Stephanie smiled, taking off her T-shirt and falling asleep too.
Chris moaned, awake and very hung over. Feeling a mostly naked body next to him, he smiled, rubbing his hands over her waist and thighs. But the moan she emitted was not the voice he recognized. He opened his eyes.

"Oh God," he panicked, jumping back and running a hand through his hair. "Oh Shit shit shit shit shit." She was still asleep, thankfully, and he slid out of the bed, pulling on his clothes and quickly leaving. He didn't remember the night. Did he? Oh man, he needed a cup of coffee. Walking into the café, he spotted the three other guys. "HOLY FUCK!"

"Wake up with Steph, huh?" Christian said more than asked.

Chris nodded, dumbly, falling into the empty chair.

Jeff raised a finger. "Torrie."

Edge raised his. "Lita."

Christian his. "Trish."

"I ..." Jericho rubbed his face with his hands. "I woke up and she ... she was shirtless."

Edge sighed. "So was Lita."

"Trish was just clinging to me. Nothing but your T-shirt." Christian answered. "And she ... she was just pushed so damn close."

"I tried to push Torrie away." Jeff said. "But she kissed me before I could."

Christian cocked his head. "Did you kiss her back?"

Jeff nodded. "I had to. If I didn't she would think something was wrong and probably open her eyes or wake up."

"Did any of us do anything?"

There was silence.

"Hey, guys." The men jumped as Lita approached, ready for the day. "Just gimme one second." She sat in Jeff's lap, straddling his hips as she hugged his neck, her lips by his ear. "Sugar, I just want you to know that what you did last night was the best sex I ever had in my life. All three times. I ... I didn't know you could do half the stuff you did but ... Wow!"

Jeff's angered intense eyes locked on Edge as he mouthed words. "I'll kill you. Kill you!"

Lita kissed his ear. "And what you did ... you just felt so much bigger, Sugar. It was amazing."

Jeff felt his self-esteem, his ego crash straight to the ground as she continued to kiss his ear.

"Jason." Torrie walked beside him, cupping his chin and kissing him. "I never knew you liked to cuddle when you sleep. I loved that thing with your lips at me ear and your hands were so much softer than usual. But ... you certainly were a frisky little thing." She tapped his nose.

Christian glared at the Hardy and it was Jeff's turn to look shocked.

Trish bounced over to Chris, planting the longest drugging kiss on his mouth. "Oh Christopher," she breathed onto his lips when she broke away. He was panting, and she kissed him just as hungrily again. "I think you boys should get drunk more often."

Lita smiled. "Yeah. What did Chris do?"

Trish fell into his lap. "One of my fantasies was to make love on the beach." She blushed. "We ... We did that the day he found me, he came after me and we made love on the beach and it was so wonderful. But ... but what he did last night was twenty times better." She kissed him again. Chris kissed her back but picked up a roll and threw it at Christian.

Chris and Trish were still kissing as Steph came up behind Edge, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Morning, Baby." She kissed his neck.

"What happened to you?" Torrie asked wide eyed. "You look so ... so satisfied."

Stephanie smiled. "I am. But a lady doesn't kiss and tell. Yet, if you can think about it, we probably did it." Jericho choked on his kiss and looked at Steph, Edge shooting daggers ... hell, claymores at him. Steph ran her fingers through Edge's hair. "Adam, Baby. I didn't think you could be so passionate and spontaneous and pure ... lust. You were amazing." She tilted his head to kiss him softly then got in his lap hugging him as the other divas hugged their respective men. All the while, the guys glared at each other.
It had been three days since that night and the guys all sat in their locker room. Christian paced. "Torrie said she wants me to do what I did a few nights ago. How the hell can I do that if I don't know what the fuck I did?"

"Trish said the same to me."

"And Stephanie to me."

"Guys something's so not right." Jeff said then bit his lip.

Chris sat. "What do you mean?"

"Think about it." Jeff started. "When you're with a chick, her hands are usually everywhere and at some point, they're in your hair, or holding your head." He paused then looked to Chris. "So how in the hell could she think you were Adam?"

One by one the light bulbs went off. Chris looked to Edge. "If I still had my really long hair, I'd understand. But ... my ... my hair isn't that long yet." Furrowing his brow, he paced.

"And why would Lita think I'm you." Edge said. "I shave my body, you don't. She would notice a distinct lack of chest hair."

Christ laughed. "Oh they're good. How much you wanna bet they switched rooms with us and have been fucking with our brains ever since."

Jeff laughed as well. "And it was probably all your girl's idea."

"Yeah," Christian answered with a smile. "We have to get them back. But how? They have so got something coming to them."

Chris's eyes brightened. "Holy Shit! I know how to shock the hell outta them."


"Well, that depends," Chris said. "How homophobic are you?"

"Oh no," Jeff groaned, bowing his head.

"No, no no." Chris continued. "It might not be to bad. Look the show's almost over and the girls will be here soon. What if when they come in, they walk in on something."
"I can't believe I'm doing this." Edge said, looking at the other men. They all had towels around their waists, naked other than that, although there was a communal decision to wear boxers under the towels.

"Oh shut up." Christian said. "At least you don't have to kiss him."

"I'm slapping Jeff on the ass." Edge retorted.

"Alright, ladies." Chris said. "Let's just do this." Sighing, Edge and Jeff left for the shower stall, turning on the water.

"Should we be wet?" Jeff called.

"Sure," Christian called back. "God, where are they?"

"Just wait." Jericho ordered. And they waited. Christian and Jericho face to face. Then they heard the all too familiar four voices coming down the hall; the doorknob turned.

Jericho swallowed hard then cupped Christian's face, crushing their lips together. Almost gagging, Christian kissed him back, his hands on Jericho's waist. At the gasp, they both thanked God then jumped apart. "Trish?"

Christian wiped his lips, just as nervous. "Torrie?"

"What ... what ..." Torrie couldn't get past the single word.

Jeff giggled, running out of the shower stall, a flounce to his step. "Hey, boys, Aren't you ... oh ..." he froze.

Edge laughed. "Come here, cutie. Where you think you're going?" and he ran up behind Jeff, wrapping his arms around the other man's waist. Then his eyes spotted the girls. "Oh."

The females' eyes jumped from one man to the other. Edge pulled back from Jeff. "Oh, uhm. Hi girls."

Stephanie stalked right up to Edge, no reservation in her voice. "WHAT IN THE HOLY FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!"

Edge's eyes widened. "I .. I ... I ..." he swallowed. "I thought you knew."

Steph looked to Lita and the redhead approached. "JEFFREY!"

Jeff swallowed hard, mostly because of what he knew he had to do. "Come on, Li. You had to have assumed." He walked in front of Edge, leaning back into the other man. Edge in turn wrapped his arms around the Hardy's waist, resting his chin on Jeff's shoulder.

"Jason!" Torrie stomped her foot.

Christian felt like he was going to throw up. "It's not that big a deal, Honey." He reached up, wrapping an arm around Jericho's neck.

"Trishy, come on." Jericho said, knowing he had the worst part yet. "Why do you think we're tag team partners?" He grabbed the waist of Christian's towel and pulled them closer.

"HOLY FUCK! I CAN'T DO THIS!" Jeff burst out, shoving Edge away. Christian and Jericho pushed apart too. Jeff ripped the towel off, revealing his boxers. "Chris, I know we're supposed to get back at the girls. But I just can't do this." He looked at Lita. "How can you females stand in front of us or sleep spooned with a bulge up against your ass." He shivered.

"Oh shove it, Hardy." Christian spat. "At least Chris didn't kiss you."

"Bullshit, Jay." Chris shot back. "You kissed me back, so don't even start."

"That's fucking shit, man." Christian yelled. "You practically felt me up."

"Well, while you guys are arguing..." Edge turned to the shower. "I'm gonna go skin my dick."

Christian ran for his bag, getting his toothbrush and Jericho pulled a bottle of mouth wash from his. "I hate you all," Christian growled. "I just want you to know that I hate you all. I don't know why or how you women could like MEN!"

Jeff spun around, looking at and swatting his ass. "Oh God. I can still feel it. Get it off. GET IT OFF!"

"Jeff, I'm gonna freakin kill you." Christian said, a toothbrush in his mouth. "At least you don't have man spit anywhere."

Jeff pointed to the blonde. "I had the worst end."

"No, I did." Edge said, walking from the shower stall. "Your end is the worst end, Jeff. My dick was pushed against your sorry flat ass."

"Don't you even start with me, man." Jeff said, pointing a finger. "This is all Chris's fault. Where are you, jackass?"

Chris finished gargling then spit. "Well it worked, didn't it? Look at them."

The men looked to the girls, shocked agape expressions on all their faces. Jeff and Edge chuckled while Jericho smiled. Christian only shook his head. "Fine. Fine, we win. We so win."

There was silence a moment then Jeff burst out laughing. "I can't believe you actually kissed him."

Chris shrugged. "I made him put on Trish's lip balm before hand."

Everyone laughed. Lita stepped to Jeff. "That was the funniest thing you've ever done. I'm sorry for what I said, and did the other night." She cupped his face, her thumb stroking a thumb over his lips. "I didn't mean anything. You're the best lover, Jeff. Nobody feels like you, Sugar and I don't want anyone or anything else."

"No problem." Jeff smiled and she stepped in front of him, leaning back into him as Jeff did Edge not long ago. "See, this. How can you stand this?

Lita laughed, pushing her butt a little hard against his hips. "I guess when you're a woman, you don't really mind so much."

Stephanie eyed Edge. "I really hope you didn't skin that. It is mine after all."

Edge smiled. "I like to think it's mine and you just rent it, like a movie."

Steph shook her head. "Nope. Mine."

"I never thought my ass was flat." Jeff said with a pout.

Lita chuckled, reaching around back to slap his rear. "It's not, Sugar." She titled her head back to whisper in his ear. "You have a sexy ass."

"Dude, I have to know ..." Christian broke in. "How'd you do that thing with your tongue?"

"YOU USED TONGUE?" Edge screamed.

Chris shrugged. "I had to make it believable."

Edge shocked, blinked a few times. "But ... but you ... you used tongue."

Stephanie cupped Edge's face. "Speaking of Tongue." She kissed him, hard. Edge growled at her aggression, and bound his arms around her.

Lita rolled her eyes. "Would you at least take a stall?"

Grunting his response, Edge lifted Stephanie up, swinging her around and stepping into the first stall; the curtain screeched closed.

Jeff stepped away towards Chris. "Lemme see. Come on, lemme see."

Chris laughed. "Ok. First ..." he opened his mouth. "ooo ooo issss." He contorted his tongue. "en iss an ah eh ih." Each syllable a different tongue movement. "And that's how you do it.

Lita eyed the other two women and Torrie just shrugged. Christian opened his mouth. "iss en iss ah ih..."

Jeff shook his head. "No, no. It's iss en iss an ah eh ah."

Chris shook his head. "No. Iss en iss an ah eh ih."


"Yeah," Chris smiled. "And then you kinda keep rolling it."

Christian smiled. "Alright. I try." He grabbed Torrie's wrist, pulling the blonde flush against him, bringing his mouth to hers and immediately trying his new 'trick'. Torrie moaned, her knees giving out and she clung to Christian. His arms wrapped around her for support and in a harsh instant, he broke away. "How was that?"

Torrie's breath heavy, her heart raced and she licked her lips. "Wow."

Lita stepped forward. "Wait. I wanna feel. Jeff ... you better get your ass over here."

Jeff smiled brightly, rushing to her, his lips immediately finding hers. She barely had time to wrap her arms around his neck when she felt her legs go weak, her stomach drop. He didn't stop though, instead turning his head and intensifying the kiss.

Her breath ran out and she pushed him back, his saliva coating her lips. She panted. "Holy God."

"Excuse me," Trish peeped out, raising a single finger. "Am I the only one extremely disturbed and creeped out by the fact that my boyfriend kissed a man with tongue using a technique I taught him and then he showed not only the man he kissed, but another man ... and that is how you are being kissed?"

Edge's head popped around the corner. "I'm disturbed too." Steph's hand reached out, pulling him back in. He smiled. "Excuse me."

Everyone laughed, Christian the hardest. "You know this is one of those days I will deny ever existed to my children."

"Not me." Lita said. "I'm lovin this thing you're doing with your tongue."

Jeff cocked a brow. "You know, if you kissed Trish ... you'd get the first hand feel."

"JEFF!" Both Trish and Lita screamed, the redhead swatting at his arm.

"What?" Jeff asked, innocently, shrugging away from her slap. "I'm only joking."

That sly grin slipped onto Chris's face. "You know, honey. I know that I ... for one ... wouldn't mind if you wanted to kiss her."

Trish's wide angered eyes turned to Chris as she glared him down. Her tongue clicking off her teeth, she swallowed then smiled her sexy smile. "Well that says a lot doesn't it. He knows he just does nothing for me physically and practically offers me the satisfaction that I'd want. Hell, everyone knows that if you want to be kissed right ... kiss a woman."

Chris's jaw dropped, his face shocked as his shoulders slumped. "Kissed right? Trish ... hey, wait. Trish, where're you going?" He followed her out of the locker room and down the hall. Catching her quickly, he grabbed her arm, turning her. Her eyes were still cold and unreadable. He hated when she was like that. "Kissed right? You ... you mean I don't kiss well?"

Trish kept the stoic look a long few moments, adoring the way he sweated and shifted with his insecurities. She grabbed his hand, pulling him further down the hall and into one of the empty locker rooms. Releasing his hand, she closed the door, flicking on the light and locking the door.

Chris sighed, ducking his head. "We're gonna fight, aren't we?"

"I never said you couldn't kiss." Trish finally said.

He laughed. "Oh, I get it. So then you're calling me a woman."

Her smile, tender and playful, she stepped closer to him. "Not at all. But there's always room for improvement. I just pulled that little stunt in there cuz I wanted to get you all to myself."

"Aw," Chris cooed, placing a dramatic hand on his chest. "I'm touched."

"Mmmm," she hummed, draping her arms over his neck as she leaned into him. "Actually, you're a fabulous kisser."

"That I am." He responded, lifting her with ease and carrying her to one of the tables, sitting her on the ledge. "And you know what?"

"What?" she teased, tickling her fingers through his hair.

"I'll tell you what. You ready for this? I mean, are you really ready for this?"

"Oh, I am so ready, Baby."

He smiled, inching closer until his nose touched hers. Then he slowly dropped to his knees, his hands on her thighs, rubbing and massaging. "I'm going to show you how good a kisser I am. By kissing you where it counts."

His head between her legs, Trish shuddered, but quickly cupped his face, forcing him to his feet. "It counts up here, first, Buddy." She said.

Chris laughed, leaning in and pressing his lips to hers.

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