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Bella and Edward Kids:



Rosalie and Emmett Kids:


Alice and Jasper Kids:


Bella: 25 Years Old

Topaz: 10 Years Old.

Hunter: 6 Years Old.

Archie: 3 Years Old.

Julian: 1 Year Old.

June 15th 9:32 AM Topaz POV

My life! It sucks! I am the only girl child in my family and I hate it, I feel like Hunter, Archie and Julian pair up together and start to prank me and really annoy me. I just get them back every time though, Mom and Dad have been fighting a lot lately and Mommy usually ends up crying. I don't understand and it makes me sad to see her crying because of Daddy. I also feel like it's my fault that I am making them fight.

"Topaz! Can you come here please!" Daddy called, I jumped off of my bed and ran into the living room just to catch Mommy run out the door as fast as she could.

"What?!" I asked rudely, my voice full of attitude.

"Firstly, don't you have attitude with me young lady and secondly I need you to look after Hunter and cook him some dinner as well as the other kids dinner. Us adults need to have a break and we are gonna go out to a bar, will you look after Hunter, Archie, Julian, cook them dinner and put them to bed?" Daddy asked and I nodded. There was one thing that I loved doing, that was spending time with the boys when they don't play pranks. I love being in charge because it makes me feel like I am like 18 years old. Daddy, Mommy and the entire rest of the family left so I was left to deal with the kids. Me, Hunter and Archie would eat anything but Julian still ate baby food.

I decided that it was getting close to dinnertime so I was gonna go and ask Hunter to help me cook Pad Thai, their favourite.

"Hunter! Come and help me with dinner please!" I called loudly, he came running down the stairs with Archie and was carrying Julian. I took Julian from him and put him in the high chair, thankfully Hunter had brought down our wands so we didn't have to use our hands to cook.

"Can I hewp?" Archie asked jumping up and down.

"Alright, would you like to get out the rice stick noodles, fresh lime juice, hoisin sauce, sugar, ginger, 2 clove garlic, chilli paste, vegetable oil, 1 egg, mushrooms, snap peas, red bell pepper diced, 3 green onions, bean sprouts, tofu, peanuts, fresh coriander leaves and fresh basil leaves." I instructed and Archie nodded and ran to grab those things, when he came back me and Hunter start cooking and in no time there on the counter was laying a yummy Pad Thai dish. I plated up and gave Archie and Hunter their food while I got Julian's baby food ready, then I sat down near the high chair and started to feed him while I ate some of my food.

"Is that yummy?" I asked smiling at Julian. He laughed and banged on the high chair with his hands.

"I thought so." I replied and fed him some more food. Then it was time for bed once we had all finished dinner. I helped the boys get changed into their PJ's and then put them to bed, Archie and Hunter share a bedroom together and Julian sleeps next door to me. Basically my bedroom is the bedroom in the middle of Julian's bedroom and Archie and Hunter's bedroom together.

Once the boys were in bed I turned on my lamp next to my bed then went around the house and turned off all the lights that were left on, then I moved back upstairs, I heard a noise and screamed but then realised that it was only Hunter, Archie and Julian standing in front of me.

"Are you guys ok?" I asked worried.

"Yeah, but can we sleep in your bed with you?" Hunter asked holding both Archie's and Julian's hands tightly. I think that Julian and Archie are a little bit scared.

"Ok. Come on then." I replied taking them into my room. I let Archie and Hunter crawl into my bed while I put Julian onto my hip, I got out the sleeping bag from my closet and set it on the ground, Julian crawled in. I turned off the lamp and crawled in with him, he cuddled against me as we fell asleep together.

June 16th 7:25 AM Edward POV

I checked on the kids last night and found them all in Topaz's room, Julian was cuddling Topaz in her sleeping bag that was on the ground and Archie and Hunter had Topaz's bed that they were sleeping soundlessly in. I thought that it was pretty cute seeing them all sleeping like that together.

It's quite early now and I hear small footsteps and Topaz's thoughts. Topaz is the early one, she can go to sleep at like 10 PM and wake up at like 5 AM, she can function on like 4 hours sleep. I guess that she takes after me from when I was a human because I did the exact same thing.

Topaz has changed from when she was like swearing and screaming at us. Now she still has a lot of attitude and sass but not as much of the...slamming doors anymore. She still swears a little but it is quite rare when she does though. She now has a phone and is obsessed with it. She calls and texts Rissa, Zahara, Daisy, Ally, Jadeyn, Jaycee, Riley and all of us on it too. She gets extra angry at us when we disturb her when she is on the phone and talking to one of her friends and then once she's done on her call we yell at her for being rude.

Topaz has told me so many times before that when she grows up she wants to be a Midwife apparently and wants to work in the same Hospital as me and Carlisle which I think is cute. I have heard from her that all her friends also want to be Midwives too.