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-Fixed an issue with the character sheet where the Adventurer class stat gains were not being doubled by the [Dragon's Heart] perk.

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"Axton, what are you doing?" Momo asks as she watches me. Today is Sunday, a day where we have nothing going on, and we've been in Konosuba for a few weeks now. Things are going pretty well. The five of us have fallen into a comfortable routine of taking on simple quests and finishing them, slowly building up our reputation with the Guild and the other adventurers. The troublesome girls aren't so troublesome when you know their quirks and how to manage them. It isn't easy, but nothing terrible has happened yet.

Just a few days ago I was able to find the notice for someone asking for a mansion to be cleared of ghosts. I put Aqua to work, with strict supervision of course, and we had the place ghost-free that night. I also had her dispel the barrier she put up over the graveyard next door since that was the cause of the house becoming haunted in the first place.

Apparently, this house wasn't very popular in the first place, as it wasn't the first time ghosts had moved in, and the owner had a difficult time selling it thanks to the rumors. He agreed to let us stay there for free, so long as we pay for maintenance. He admitted he was hoping that it being a house for a successful group of adventurers would let him sell it for a high price later on.

Now we have a permanent place to relax. The mansion is on the outskirts of town, but the town isn't big enough for that to be much of an issue. I also invited Megumin and Darkness to move in so they could save some money and further my seduction efforts. Efforts that I'm taking nice and slow. I have a long time and a plan for both of them.

"Testing out my new skill," I answer Momo. We're in the living room. Momo is relaxing on the couch, reading some books. Yua is sitting next to her, cuddled up against her side. Tara isn't around, busy with something else that she and Yua are working on, and the other girls are out.

"You're going to get the walls dirty," she chides me. I look down, which isn't really down because I'm walking along the walls in total disregard to gravity. I don't see any footprints on the wall, but I shrug and walk down to the floor, neatly transitioning between the two. I'd tested the skill as much as I needed anyway.

I haven't been idle these few weeks. Now that I have far less going on in my day-to-day life, I'm putting a lot of effort into my skills. I've been neglecting them for a long time because of how busy and focused I was on everything else. Some skills went ignored because they weren't the ones useful to my immediate plans, and some because leveling them seemed like a pain.

But before I could level any skills, I figured I could be efficient about things and condense some skills down. It'd been for too long since I had gone through skill combination possibilities.

Skills [Spider Climb], [Parkour], and [Glide] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Free Running] - Level 53(61%)
Passively allows you to move in any environment and on any surface, even ignoring the effects of gravity.

I'm not sure what the exact limits of this skill are yet. But I can walk on walls fine, casually even. With just [Spider Climb] I could do the same thing, but I'd be working to keep my body in a standing position and my feet would act like suction cups, clinging to the wall. Now I can walk on walls the same as I'd walk on the ground. I suspect I can run on them too.

Skills [Disguise] and [Minor Shapeshifting] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Shapeshifting] - Level 13(57%)
Alter your physical appearance and form. Uses SP. Cost dependent on change.

I haven't experimented much with this skill yet, but I hadn't experimented with [Minor Shapeshifting] at all. I confirmed that I could make myself a bit taller or shorter, change my hair color, facial structure, and a few other identifying features. Trying to change into a girl didn't work though. I have potions if I need to do that for some reason.

Skills [Trapping] and [Hunt] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Stalk] - Level 82(43%)
Passively increases damage and effectiveness of skills by 82% when chasing someone

Another two skills I rarely used combined into something useful. It's a little weaker than [Hunt], but it's passive, which is a huge improvement in usability. Honestly, I forgot about [Hunt] most of the time, which made it fairly useless.

Skills [Fade] and [Void Cloak] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Void Shift] - Level 100(0%)
Shift your mass out of reality and into the Void, reducing all signs of your presence by 100% and rendering you intangible.

This is the skill I've been focusing on the most. It's a pretty nice upgrade to [Fade], but I'm not sure if it was even an upgrade at all to [Void Cloak]. I hadn't made much use of [Void Cloak], so I wasn't sure how good its stealth capabilities were. I knew it hid me from physical sight, but would more esoteric detection register it?

Either way, this new skill does it all, though I had to level it back up to 100 after the combination since [Void Cloak] had been a relatively low level. Anything less than total stealth is unacceptable. Unfortunately, it seems the XP requirement goes up the more skills you combine, and since [Fade] was a combined skill in the first place, it needed quite a bit of XP to get to 100. It slowed down the leveling of my other skills, even with XP potions and enchantments. Not to mention the mana potions I needed to keep the skill up so much. It was worth it though.

Skills [Speak with Animals], [Speak with the Dead], and [Devil Speech] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[True Speech] - Level 69(79%)
Allows you to communicate with any being or object

[Speak with Animals] and [Speak with the Dead] weren't useful on their own, and I couldn't combine them into anything. But I asked Momo to demonstrate her ability to speak any language for me and it gave me the skill [Devil Speech]. [Devil Speech] would have been useless to me on its own, since the System translates for me already, but it proved to be the missing piece I needed.

[True Speech] is an interesting skill. I've experimented a bit with it by talking to some trees and even to the house. But honestly, things that aren't animals or sentient beings are kind of boring. I can communicate with them, but it's extremely simplistic. Vague emotions and concepts with little to no details behind them. A tree doesn't care about things like that, and the information I can get from it is limited.

So I'm not sure how useful this skill is. I'll keep playing with it, it might be useful for more complicated things. But I'm more likely to use it as part of a combination with other skills to get something more useful.

Skills [Backstab], [Shadow Step], and [Void Edge] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Void Strike] - Level 88(96%)
Teleport behind an enemy and strike them with a Void enhanced weapon for massive damage.

I was hesitant to get rid of [Void Edge], but in the end, I decided to risk it. I have [Channel Void-Light] that I can use in place of it, not to mention the other Light elements, and Ouroboros is good enough that it's not as necessary as it once was.

I'm pretty satisfied with the result too. It's a powerful skill. In terms of teleportation, it's a huge increase over [Shadow Step]. It happens instantly, no entering shadows necessary, and I don't even have to be moving. The only downsides are the requirement of an enemy to attack and the relatively small range, restricting it to being a pure combat skill. I don't mind though, because I still have [Void Travel].

I also picked up a couple more skills.

[Snipe] - Level 1(0%)
Passively increases aim or ranged weapons and deals extra damage on hits to weak points.

[Decoy] - Level 12(20%)
Causes enemies within range to target you. Effect ends after a certain amount of time passes, when the enemies cannot find you, or when they or you have been defeated.

Neither of them are super useful for me, but I also got them for basically free and I'm sure I can figure something out. I've been contemplating getting a ranged weapon that isn't my magic anyway, so I'll have [Snipe] if I do.

Since moving into the mansion I've also started focusing on [Brewing], and over the past few days, I managed to get it to above 50.

[Brewing] - Level 51(77%)
The process of creating alcoholic substances by fermenting ingredients. Use the skill on fermenting alcohol to speed up the process using your MP. Magical effects can be added to brewed alcohol.

I haven't experimented with the magical effects yet, it was the last batch of wine that pushed me to my current level. I'm definitely interested though. Making wine is how I plan on seducing Aqua, and if I can add an aphrodisiac or something to it, that would make things so much easier. I got an Affection gain just from giving her a literal barrel of wine, and she spent most of yesterday drinking it. It's honestly surprising that none of her domains have anything to do with alcohol.

Speaking of crafting skills, I also picked up [Wardcrafting]. I don't plan on investing much time into it though. Instead, I used [Mentor] to give the skill to Tara, and she's been practicing with it and leveling it up. I also had both of my familiars focus on leveling up all of their skills, especially [Void Shift]. They both had [Fade] when I changed it, so it changed for them as well.

I haven't taught Megumin, Darkness, or Aqua any skills yet. I'm still working on consolidating down some skills and getting useful new ones. Besides, I'm trying to act like a relatively normal adventurer, at least for now. I can start showing off things that are considered impossible here after I've made a name for myself.

Speak of the devil, Megumin just appeared within the range of [Void Detect]. She heads straight for the living room and opens the door. "Axton!" she declares. "I can hold myself back no longer! It is time for my daily Explosion!"

I shrug. "Sure, I'm free now," I reply. Internally though, I'm grinning. There's another particular skill combination I did, and Megumin is the perfect person to test it on. I turn to Momo. "We'll be back in a bit."

Momo smiles at me. "You two have fun, and don't blow up anything important." Yua let out a sleepy meow and settled further into Momo's side.

Megumin narrows her eyes. "What is that?" she asks, looking at Yua.

I tilt my head before I remember that Yua and Tara have been so busy with their training and other things that they haven't met my other party members.

"That's Yua, my familiar," I answer casually. "Sorry, she's been busy lately so I haven't been able to introduce you."

"Familiar?" Megumin asks, shocked. "Why does an Adventurer have a familiar?"

"I can do anything any other class can do, that's why," I say.

"But there's not a skill for a familiar pact!"

"Then it doesn't really matter what my class is, does it?"

She raises her hand to rebuke me but stops. She lowers her hand. "No...I guess not," she admits. She stands up straighter. "But don't think that makes you a better mage than me! Chomusuke is a far more formidable familiar. She's no ordinary cat; in reality, she is a dark goddess!"

"Oh? Is that so?" I ask. I know of her 'familiar' Chomusuke. Unlike me, she didn't form an actual bond with her and she treats her as more of a pet. Chomusuke isn't really dangerous, not in her current state at least, so I'm not worried about her. She's only the severely weakened half of a dark goddess anyway.

"It is," Megumin insists. "Through my genius I unraveled the wards holding her secure and tamed her myself!" She pauses before continuing in a far more normal voice. "Ah, wait, please don't tell anyone that. They'll be really mad back home if they find out I'm the one that broke the seal."

"I'll keep quiet about it," I promise. "Come on, let's head out."

"Yes, letting loose my Explosion is far more important right now," Megumin agrees. She turns around and starts walking towards the entrance. "Come! I don't know how much longer I can hold myself back."

With a final wave to Momo and Yua, I follow her, and the two of us begin our trek out beyond the city limits.

Megumin likes to claim she has to use Explosion at least once a day or she'll die. That's not at all true, but she does get restless without doing so, and I don't mind if she wants to use it daily. I try to pick quests where she can do so, but if a chance never comes up, or on days where we rest, I keep my promise and the two of us go out just so she can let it off.

She needs to go with someone since letting off an Explosion uses all of her mana. I thought it was weird that she collapsed. I've depleted my mana many times and never suffered more than a bit of mental fatigue. And her MP regen should be enough that it only takes her a few hours to get back to 100%.

But then one day I watched her mana as she used the spell and saw what was happening. Her MP actually goes into the negative when casting Explosion. It doesn't go very far below zero, I've never seen it lower than -6, but it's also the first time I've seen mana be negative. Her HP and SP aren't affected either, which is the really strange part.

After that, her MP recharges extremely slowly. Far more slowly than it should. I can't see the status effects of other people, but I can only assume that she's getting one for using more mana than she has. The slow MP regen lasts until she falls asleep, where it goes back to normal levels. Whether she lets loose her Explosion in the morning or the evening, it's sleeping that fixes it. I wonder if a nap could accomplish the same thing, or would it slow down again if she woke up before it fully replenished?

Either way, going out with her daily, just the two of us, was great for getting closer to her. I've gotten her to 46 Affection just by agreeing to do this and complimenting her explosions.

It takes us about an hour to get to what had become our favored location, and it's a place I picked on purpose. It's a small clearing on a hill that offers a clear view of an abandoned castle on an even taller hill in the distance. Close enough to feel the explosion, far enough for us to be safe.

But there's another reason I picked it. This is where she let loose her Explosions in canon, and where she accidentally pissed off the Demon King's General that moved in. The Demon King's General moved in because they noticed 'a great light falling from the sky', and he came to investigate. Said 'great light' was Aqua, so since I brought her with me he should have moved in just as he did in canon.

So yes, I'm deliberately provoking the Demon King's General. Taking him down would increase our fame and I have to take them all down anyway. I could sneak in and just assassinate him. He's a Dullahan, an undead, and I have holy weaponry. It would be easy. But there's no need. I only plan on taking care of the truly troublesome things by myself. Stuff like the Demon King's Generals makes for good growing opportunities for the others.

"Are you ready?" Megumin asks as she brandishes her staff dramatically. "Are you ready to witness the glory of Explosion once more?"

"Let's see if today's the day you knock down that castle," I reply casually as I lean against a tree. I can only assume that Beldia, the Demon King's General that moved in, has strengthened it or reinforced it somehow because the fact that the castle is still standing after receiving a handful of point-blank Explosions is ludicrous. Unless castles are just built tough here?

"I admit, it is a hardier foe than I anticipated, but all bow before the might of Explosion eventually!" she exclaims. And then she starts chanting. I only half-listen to the chant. Momo explained how magic chants work to me while she was reading up on the local magic system. They matter, but they also don't.

You can cast a spell just by invoking the name, but it will be less powerful. The exception to that is Basic Magic. Different tiers of spells have different requirements for their chants. Basic Magic uses zero lines, Intermediate Magic uses only two lines, and Advanced Magic uses five. You can use less, but it reduces the efficacy of the spell. The words sort of matter, but there aren't specific words you have to use. In fact, changing the words you use can change the strength of the spell, and two people using the same chant will get different results.

Two main factors determine how well a chant works. The first is objective quality. Does it have the right number of lines, does it describe the spell being cast, are the lines fanciful and descriptive? Those sorts of things matter. The second factor is the personality and mood of the caster. Some Wizards have found that their chants are stronger if they make them rhyme or follow specific cadence, while others needed to make sure their chants didn't rhyme.

Suffice to say, Wizards spend a lot of time practicing different chants to find the optimal one for them, and Megumin is no exception to that. Explosion makes things even more difficult by not having a set number of lines. It works with chants between five and nine lines long, making it even more difficult for her to narrow down what works and what doesn't. But it's also her only spell, allowing her to focus exclusively on it.

When she finishes her chant her mana drops into the negatives and a beam of light shoots from her staff. It instantly crosses the distance between us and the castle and hits the castle. A massive fireball of light and heat immediately blossoms from the point of impact. A moment later the shockwave passes by us, though by this point Megumin is already on the ground, collapsed.

"I'd say that one was slightly better than yesterday's," I rate it. "The shockwave felt a little more solid. The castle looks as unblemished as ever though."

"Dammit," she grumbles. "I was feeling good about today too. If only I could use Explosion more than once."

I let myself grin since she's currently face down in the grass and can't see me. This is what I was waiting for. The last skill I made through combining other skills was special.

Skills [Alchemy], [Asclepius], and [Void Blood] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Alchemical Blood] - Level 100(0%)
Turn your bodily fluids into Potions. Potions must first be learned by drinking it. You have a 100% chance of learning the potion upon consumption. You can learn up to 42 potions this way. Special Alchemy can be performed by using your blood as a base.

I was pretty hesitant to give up [Void Blood]. It was a massive boost to my stats, but the lack of ability to use Void skills while it was active was a pretty big downside, one that had caused me not to use it much lately. If I simply want to increase my stats, I have other options. Channeling any of the Light elements will achieve a similar effect, though channeling Void-Light isn't the same as what [Void Blood] did.

I had already planned on replacing it with Senjutsu and Touki anyway. Something like Void Touki would probably have the same effect without the downsides. I had gotten distracted with everything going on in DxD, but now that I can learn any skill just by having it demonstrated I can learn it in an afternoon. I'll have to wait until I go back to DxD, but my stats have already grown high enough that nothing here in Konosuba is a threat.

And it was definitely worth it for this skill. It basically meant I could make potions for only an HP and MP cost, both of those I generated stupidly quickly. And it's only an HP cost if I bleed myself to put the potion in a vial. I can just circulate potion through my veins to get some of the effects, and all it costs is MP.

I've filled 28 slots with different potions so far. At first, I wasn't sure how the number of slots I had was determined. It didn't change as I leveled up the skill as I focused on grinding it alongside [Void Shift]. But it did increase from 41 to 42 when I reached level 20. Or rather, when I reached an overall level of 420. One potion per 10 levels means I won't have to worry too much about screwing myself over by filling up my capacity with useless potions.

I also confirmed that it works with any bodily fluids, not just my blood. I can't replace my saliva with a potion and get the effect constantly, but I can spit into a vial and it'll be the potion I want. Same with semen. Turning my cum into an aphrodisiac and cumming inside Momo or Kyu is a lot of fun.

There's another way I can use it too, one perfect for seducing Megumin.

"Well," I say, voice innocent and hesitant. "I do have a skill that would let me refill your mana- but no, never mind."

"No no no wait, what do you mean?" Megumin replies. "Actually, sit me up against a tree first, then explain."

I bend over and pick her up, careful not to touch her anywhere inappropriate. I need to present a certain image if I'm going to pull this off. I carry her the short distance to a tree and sit her up with her back against it.

"No, you won't believe me anyway," I say.

"Yes I will, I promise," she says. "I'd do anything if it meant I could use Explosion more!"

"Are you sure about that?" I ask. "My method is...intimate."

Her eyes narrow at me. "Intimate how?"

I make a big show of sighing. "Ingesting my bodily fluids can restore your mana. The most effective of them is my semen."

"I don't believe you," Megumin shoots back. "That girl was right about you, you're a womanizer."

I shake my head. "I said you wouldn't believe me, didn't I? Tantric rituals are a common thing."

"They're not common at all!" she protests. "You're just trying to trick me into having sex with you!"

"It doesn't have to be sex to work," I reply. "Though that's definitely by far the most effective method. Swallowing my semen would work too, though you might have to do it a couple times to get enough."

[Alchemical Blood] is actually a bit more versatile than it seems at first glance. For example, I can drink any level of Mana potion to learn it, but I'm able to produce any tier of that potion, from Minor to Ultimate, without taking up any additional slots. And I can use that to get Megumin to do what I want.

"That's not any better!" Megumin says.

"So you wouldn't do anything to cast Explosion twice in one day?" I ask.

"I would, but there's no way you have a skill like that," she says. "You just think I'm a naive and lonely little girl who can be tricked into dirty things. But I'm not. I'm an adult, and you can't trick me that easily."

"An adult?" I ask. "How old are you then?" I remember her age being a little inconsistent between the different adaptations, so I'm not actually sure what she is here.

"I'm 15!" she yells. "I'm old enough to leave my village and do whatever I want, that means I'm an adult!" Her age is definitely a sore spot for her. She does look younger than 15, though I'm terrible at guessing ages. She looks the same as ever, but I know part of her petite stature is due to nutritional issues. Her family doesn't have a lot of money, and feeding herself and her little sister was a daily challenge for her.

"What if I can prove it?" I say. "I said bodily fluids, didn't I? My saliva works as well. It's not very effective, but it should give you enough mana to move again. Surely an adult such as yourself is willing to take the risk, right? Either I'm lying and I steal a kiss from you, in which case you tell everyone what I did. You're cute, but not cute enough to ruin my reputation over for just a kiss. Or I'm telling the truth, you get to enjoy my kissing skills, and you get some mana back and get one step closer to being able to cast Explosion multiple times a day."

She doesn't reply immediately. I can tell she's tempted by my idea, but she's still suspicious of me and is trying to decide if testing it is worth what I'm pretty sure is her first kiss. I'm a little worried I pulled this too early. Her Affection is still below 50. But I've been supportive of her daily Explosions, and I've used [Touch of Pleasure] on her each time I've carried her.

Not to mention that she's literally aroused by Explosions.

Arousal: Moderate
Perversion: Moderately Low
Affection: 46
Orientation: Straight
Fetishes: Explosions

I use [Erotic Pierrot] to increase that arousal even higher, slowly ramping it up as she thinks. Moderate is good, but getting it higher will only make things better.

"Aren't you married though?" Megumin replies after a few moments of thinking. "What would Momo think of this?"

"She'd back up my ability to do it and either watch or join in," I reply casually. "Momo isn't my only lover you know? She's the only one I've married so far, and our trip here to Axel is sort of like a honeymoon, but I guess you could say that Kazuma was right, in a way. It's not that I want a harem, it's more like I already have one. Momo is perfectly fine with it, we discussed that ages ago. Besides, this is just a way to give you some mana, isn't it?"

"Y-you two are like that, huh?" Megumin responds, stuttering slightly as she tries to hide her surprise. A look of realization comes over her face. "Wait, is that why I sometimes hear three people-" she cuts herself off, blushing furiously.

"Ah, sorry, I guess we do get a little loud," I apologize insincerely. I use [Sound Domain] to ensure Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness can hear us at night. "Yeah, you probably heard me, Momo, and Kyu. Kyu's shy, but you'll probably meet her sooner or later."

"I-I see," she replies, still blushing.

"So, what do you say? Want a sample to see if it works?" I ask her.

She sighs. "Fine, I'll accept. But. If this is a trick, my next Explosion is be centered on you."

"It's not," I say with a roll of my eyes. "Just to be clear, using my saliva isn't very effective, and a moderate amount of it needs to be transferred to you. And since I don't really want to just spit in your mouth, that means the best method is to kiss. With tongue of course. Probably for a minute or two."

"I get it already!" Megumin says, the embarrassment too much for her. "Let's just...get it over with."

"Sure thing," I say. I reach down to her and pick her up again. She makes a noise of surprise as I rearrange the two of us so that I'm sitting on the ground where she was, my back against the tree, and she's sideways on my lap, her back being supported by my right arm.

"What are you doing!" she squeaks.

"Well, I wasn't going to bend over you awkwardly to kiss you," I explain. "Since you can't stand up on your own, having you on my lap is much more convenient."

"You could have warned me," she grumbles.

"I'll do that next time then," I placate her. She opens her mouth, probably to comment on me saying 'next time', but I interrupt her by leaning down and kissing her.

My whole plan relies on my ability to use different tiers of potions with [Alchemical Blood] and making Megumin think that it's actually based on other factors. My goal from the start was to kiss her while using [Alchemical Blood] to turn my saliva into a Minor Mana potion. It would restore 25% of her MP, but wouldn't do anything about her regen. She'd be able to move and would feel the gain, but not cast Explosion. I just need to prove I can do what I say, then we can move on to the next step.

She stiffens, as much as she's able to, at first, shock emanating from her. But as [Touch of Pleasure] and [Erotic Pierrot] do their work she relaxes. When my tongue enters her mouth she doesn't fight it. Instead, she hesitantly reciprocates, her actions unsure and timid.

I put my left hand on her thigh, between the top of her sock and the bottom of her dress, and she doesn't seem to notice. It's another avenue for [Touch of Pleasure] though, and besides, I like thighs.

By the time a minute passes Megumin is getting really into the kiss. She can't move much, but her tongue works just fine, and it's being far more enthusiastic. Her breathing and heart rate have increased significantly as well.

Just as her arousal reaches its peak, her body moves, and we both stop. I somewhat reluctantly lift my head from hers, ending our kiss. "See? I told you it would work."

+12 Affection with Megumin
For being a good kisser and telling the truth

Perk rewarded for 50 Affection with Megumin
[Dark Flame's Desire] - Increases Affection gain with chuunibyou by 20%

"I'm honestly surprised," she admits as she lifts her hands and looks at them. "I thought for sure you were tricking me."

"I would never use trickery for something like that," I lie. "I find it's better to be truthful and to build a sturdy long-term relationship. Speaking of which, now that I've proven it works, how would you like to try something a little more effective?"

She pauses, a blush once again creeping up her face. "I uh, I'm not sure. Would umm...would swallowing it be enough?"

I stroke my chin with the hand that was on her thigh, and she starts slightly as I move it from there as if she only just then realized I was touching her. "Hmm," I say. "It's hard to be sure. It's not the most effective, but it's more effective than kissing. For any other spell, I'd say yes. But since Explosion uses all of your mana, it might or might not be enough. Sex definitely would be though."

Megumin bites her lip and looks away, thinking. Eventually, she nods once. "Okay. We'll try swallowing. I'm not sure how to do it though…"

"I'll guide you," I say. "Get off my lap and get on your knees. Unless you want me to return the favor at the same time?"

She blushes and scrambles to her feet. "No! We're doing this for the sake of more Explosions, and nothing else."

"Alright alright, that's fine too," I say as I get up. "If you change your mind though, just let me know." Once I'm standing I unbuckle my pants and drop them. It's weird to actually take off my clothes after getting used to just putting them in my inventory, but I haven't revealed that yet.

My cock stands at attention as I undress, it springs upwards as it's released. I'm already erect thanks to the makeout session from earlier, and Megumin gulps as she looks at it. "You really are a pervert aren't you?" Megumin says. "You were way too casual about taking that thing out in front of a girl out in the open."

"We're the only ones around for at least 145 meters," I say. "And you can't swallow it if I don't get it out."

She gives it another look, inching slightly closer. Kneeling on the ground like she is, it's at right about eye level for her. "Do I really have to put that in my mouth? Can't you it yourself and then I'll open my mouth?"

"If you want to be here all day, sure," I reply. "I'm no virgin, it's gonna take a lot more than a cute girl watching me masturbate to make me cum."

She blushes even harder, either due to my blunt description, calling her cute, or both, but nods in acceptance. "Do- do I need to get it all in my mouth? Isn't it way too big?"

"The tip is the most important part," I say. "The head in the skin a couple inches down is where it's sensitive. But the more you can fit in your mouth, the better it feels, which means I'll cum faster."

She keeps looking at it, but she's even closer now. There are only a couple inches between the tip of it and her face. "It's not dirty, is it?" she asks.

"I have a skill that can make me or anyone I touch completely clean," I assure her. I quickly use [Clean Body]. "There, I just used it again to make sure. All you need to do is put the tip of it in your mouth. After that, focus on using your tongue and slowly getting it further down your throat. Don't rush it, and breathe through your nose."

She nods. I think that, normally, she wouldn't be so willing to do this. Not with her Affection at only 58, her lack of experience, and the fact that I couldn't guarantee it would let her cast Explosion again. But between letting one off already and my lewd skills, she's pretty aroused right now, probably more than she's ever been.

I don't rush her, it would sour the experience. I'd rather it be slow and not very good than force her to do anything. So I wait patiently as she works up the nerve to finally get started. Thankfully it only takes her a few moments to work up the nerve to wrap her lips around the head of my dick.

She looks up at me like that, my dick in her mouth, eyes asking for guidance. I start talking her through it, teaching her how to give a blowjob. She's not very good at it at first, but that's to be expected. Unlike DxD, I didn't make this a hentai world, so inexperienced girls with an average interest in sex don't automatically suck dick like they have a college degree in it.

Megumin is smart though, and with my guidance, it doesn't take long for her skills to improve. She can't get my entire dick into her mouth, but she's enthusiastically making the effort. Her hands are on my hips as she forces my dick further down her throat, her red eyes still watching me.

She's making good use of her tongue, focusing it on my most sensitive places. I reach down and place a hand on her head, gently guiding her as I let my head lean back and groan. Is Megumin some sort of hidden pervert? She's gone from hesitant and inexperienced to enthusiastic and fairly skilled in just a few minutes.

"Keep this up and I'll be cumming soon," I tell her as I use [Alchemical Blood] to turn my semen into a Major Mana potion. Her eyes glint with satisfaction and pride as she speeds up her movements, fucking her own throat with my dick.

When my climax arrives, I grab Megumin's head with both hands and thrust deeper into her mouth. Her shock spikes, but I ignore that as I grunt and shoot my load deep down her throat, my balls churning. I don't pull back until I'm sure my orgasm is finished and she's swallowed every last drop.

"What- what was that for?" she coughs as I pull out.

"Just wanted to make sure none of it spilled," I answer. "Well, that and it felt so good that I had trouble holding myself back." She blushes and averts her eyes. "Anyway, how are you feeling? Filled with enough mana to cast Explosion again?" She should be. With a Minor and a Major potion, she should be at 100% exactly.

Megumin blinks and stands up. "I- I think I can!" she exclaims, surprise and joy welling up in her. She picks up her staff from where it lay on the ground and puts her hat back on.

"Well then, you know what to do," I reply with a grin as I pull my pants back up. She grins back before turning back to the castle and striking a pose. Once again I feel her magic build up as she begins to chant. She uses the same chant as before, presumably due to not having had time to come up with a new one yet.

Once again a beam of light shoots from Megumin's staff as she collapses on the ground, and the air roars with another Explosion going off directly on the castle in the distance.

+21 Affection with Megumin
For the orgasm-inducing second Explosion

Wait, what? "Did you just cum?" I ask Megumin. Now that I'm paying attention to her, I notice that she's shuddering slightly and [Empathy] is picking up the mix of arousal and ecstasy from her that I've come to associate with a climax.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Megumin says in a strained voice, her teeth clenched.

"That's really fucking hot," I say with a laugh. "You wanna go again?"

Her nervousness and anxiety suddenly spike up. "You mean- do more- I don't think- We shouldn't-"

"Slow down there," I interrupt her. "If the answer is 'no', then that's fine. Two Explosions so close to one another is already probably some kind of record. We'll have other days for more."

"Sorry," she mumbles. "Can we just go home now?"

"Nothing to apologize for," I reply. She must have gotten nervous at the thought of rushing things. Her orgasm most likely cleared her head somewhat and slowed down her arousal-induced momentum.

I pick her up and put her on my back. "I agree with getting home though. I'm horny as hell now and I'm gonna need Momo to help me with it."

"Pervert," Megumin accuses me, her head on my shoulder. I just laugh and start walking home. And if she's noticed that my hands are a little further up her thighs than they normally would be, she doesn't say anything.

A couple days later I find myself walking through the town. Our quest was pretty simple today, just exterminating a pack of Unicorn Bunnies. Small vicious creatures that liked to impale people with their horns. They couldn't pierce Darkness's defenses though, so it was easy to lure them into a spot where Megumin could blow them all up.

Megumin has been acting weird around me lately. One second she'll be overly friendly and get really close, and then she'll be cold and distant. She's still working through how she feels about what we did. That's why I've been making sure to pick missions where she can use Explosion. I want her to use it during missions while she sorts through her feelings. And while I use [Erotic Pierrot] and [Erotic Dreams] to increase her interest in me. I look forward to next weekend though, when we'll go off alone for her Explosion.

After collecting our reward I leave the others at the Guild Hall and decide to visit a character I've been meaning to introduce myself to for a while. A certain shopkeeper who sells useless items and has a poor business sense, Wiz.

I only have to ask one person for directions. She's fairly well known as both a retired adventurer and a beloved member of the community. Her store is a little out of the way, on the edge of a neighborhood rather than closer to the market district or even anywhere near the Adventurer's Guild. With a little bit of excitement, I enter the shop.

Wiz's shop isn't the largest, but it's nice. The walls of the shopfront are lined with open-faced cupboards and shelves filled with strange items. There's a small table with a few chairs around it that you could sit at. And running across the entire length of the store there's a counter, behind which are more items, a door, and Wiz herself.

Wiz appears to be a young woman with a large bust and long brown hair that falls partially over her face. She wears a dark purple robe of some kind over a light purple dress. I can't see them because of the counter, but I know she also wears purple boots. She also wears a kind and caring smile.

"A customer?" she asks excitedly as she stands up straighter. "I mean- welcome to my shop! My name is Wiz. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Hey, I'm Axton," I greet her in reply. "I heard around town that you sell some interesting things, so I thought I would take a look."

First Impressions perk activated!
+50 Affection with Wiz

Perk rewarded for 50 Affection with Wiz
[Romance is Dead] - Increases Affection gain with undead by 20%

What the hell? 50 Affection instantly again? Did the perk get stronger? Does it just work better in Konosuba? Or am I just getting lucky?

"I carry all sorts of things!" she replies cheerfully. She opens a small swinging door built into the counter near the wall so she can walk out to the shop floor. "What do you need? Potions? Adventuring gear? Weapons? Armor?"

"All of the above?" I reply, unsure. Really I just came to flirt with Wiz and browse. Wiz mostly sells items that are useless because they have some flaw that either counteracts whatever it does or is way worse than it is useful. But with my bullshit-level skills and my own alchemy, I figure that maybe I can find something I can make useful.

She beams at me and grabs my hand before pulling me towards some of the shelves. "Then let's start with the potions! I have all sorts!"

She certainly does. Two cupboards are filled from top to bottom with vials of different colored liquids. They're neatly arranged and obviously organized by type since each color is grouped with others of the same color. None of them had labels though.

"Okay, so what does each one do?" I ask.

She starts at the top, pointing at a set of light blue potions. "These ones will clear up any acne you have, though they only last for a few minutes."

"That...doesn't sound very useful," I say bluntly. Especially for me. [Gamer's Body] means I don't have to deal with acne. Actually, I haven't seen anyone with any acne. Does acne even exist in a world like DxD where all the characters are beauties? Questions for later.

"No, right, of course not," Wiz replies, a little disheartened. "Okay, how about these ones? It will let you hover two inches in the air for an hour."

"But?" I ask.

She deflates a little. "But you can't move in any direction, you just hover there."

"It...could be useful," I admit. "Maybe. In very specific situations. Next?"

"This one lets you breathe honey," she says while pointing at an appropriately golden potion.

"When you say breathe honey…" I start.

"I mean you could stick your head in a bucket of honey and still breathe just fine," she explains.

"Right, that's what I thought," I reply with a sigh. "That also seems extremely specific."

"This next one can be used for lots of things!" she insists. "It lets you see through solid objects."

"That sounds pretty good," I say. "But what's the catch?"

"Well, it lets you see through anything solid. Which is most things. So you can't see things like walls or the ground or other people."

"That sounds horribly disorienting," I say.

"It is, and it lasts a long time too," she says, depressed. "I knocked over a lot of expensive things when I tried it out."

"How about this one?" I ask, pointing at the next potion.

"That one puts you to sleep for a random amount of time," she says. I open my mouth but she cuts me off. "The range is between 3 hours and 3 years."

"Honestly it'd be more useful if it was consistently 3 years," I comment.

"The next one I think you'll like though!" she says. "Just a drop of it will feed you for a whole day!"

"And the downside?"

"Well...if you drink more than a drop it'll be really bad, and it doesn't actually fill you up, just gives you the nutrition you need, so you'll still be really hungry."

I sigh. "Not the worst downside but it certainly makes it unappealing."

She points out a few more potions for me, but they grow increasingly useless, or just downright dangerous, and she's feeling very discouraged by the end of it.

"Alright, I'll take 5 of the nutritional ones, 2 of the honey-breathing ones, and 5 of the hover potions," I say.

Wiz perks up in surprise. "W-wait, really?! You'll buy them?"

"Sure," I confirm. "The hovering and honey-breathing ones are pretty situational, but that just means it's good to keep on hand. And the nutritional ones will make good emergency rations."

+14 Affection with Wiz
For actually buying something

"Th-that'll be 60,000 Eris!" she says.

"Deal," I reply as I pull a pouch filled with coins out of my inventory. It's one of the more convenient aspects of my Inventory, I can pull out however much money I want in an appropriate container. I don't even have to supply the pouches.

"Thank you! I might be able to have more than just sugar water this month!" she cheers, almost crying from happiness, as I give her the money.

"Money is that tight, huh?" I ask. "Well, in that case, let's keep looking, see if anything else catches my eye."

We continue looking at items, and I end up purchasing a few.

Boots of Blinding Speed
Increases the speed of the wearer by 10 times, but blinds them.

These are actually very useful for me. [Void Detect] can replace my sight, meaning I can use them without issue. I'll disenchant them later and apply them to something I can swap on and off.

Golden Bastion Armor
Incredibly tough armor that can withstand almost any physical or magical attack. However, it lacks joints and is incredibly heavy, making it impossible to move while wearing it.

Again, totally worth it. My Inventory allows me to swap armor and clothes out with just a thought. Even if the quality was scaled to Konosuba levels of danger it was worth the price Wiz is asking for it. Though it's a little ostentatious for my taste; calling it 'Golden' is accurate. I don't know if it's made of actual gold, but it sure looks like it.

Berserker's Blade
A powerful magic sword that deals heavy damage but reflects that damage onto its wielder.

This one is more situational, but it's good for any situation where the wielder heals faster than the other party or has way more health. I'll learn this enchantment as well, it might be useful for something else.

Among the items I don't buy are a ring that allows you to fly, but only in one direction at a certain speed, and glasses that let you read any language but left you nearsighted for a week afterward. I already have flight and language decoding enchantments without the drawbacks, so there wasn't a need to get them.

My purchases are still enough to make Wiz happy, earning me another 7 Affection, putting her at 71. Hmm. That's probably enough for me to make a move. I cast [Erotic Dreams] on her so she'll dream about me and start using [Erotic Pierrot] on her to increase her arousal a little as she puts away the money. Meanwhile, I stash my purchases into my Inventory.

"Oh? What kind of magic is that?" Wiz asks in interest, looking up from her register. I guess a big set of golden armor disappearing suddenly draws attention. I'm trying to keep my abilities secret for now, but I stored the stuff I bought on reflex. Oops. Oh well, it's not a big deal if Wiz finds out.

"It's a unique ability to me," I reply. "Sorry, it's not really a magic I can teach."

"Ah, I see," she says, looking slightly disappointed, but curiosity is her bigger emotion. "Is it related to your race then?" Her eyes widen. "Wait, that wasn't a secret right? Oh no, I'm so sorry, I just noticed it because I couldn't sense your mana but I could tell you weren't manaless because even then the ambient mana would affect you but there's nothing and I don't think that's possible for a human so I thought you had to be something else but I'm not sure what." She stops there and takes a breath before hanging her head. "Sorry."

Well then. "Well, I'd rather not advertise it, but I'm not really hiding it either," I reply with a shrug. "I didn't think my mana would give it away though. Most people just assume I'm hiding it through some method." Then again, that was in DxD, where Sacred Gears and various forms of magic means there's enough doubt about what is and isn't possible. Here in Konosuba, things are less complicated, and Wiz knows enough that she was able to rule out certain options. Though her guess wasn't guaranteed to be right, considering I used to be human with undetectable mana. She can't account for things that follow a different set of rules.

Which means I could have talked my way out of it, giving her some bluff. But it wasn't really worth the effort. Especially since I know that Wiz isn't human either. "I suppose it makes sense for a Lich to be sensitive to the mana of others," I reply casually. "I should have guessed you'd be able to find me out."

"Eh? You realized?" she exclaims. "You don't mind?"

"Nah, it's fine," I reply. Liches are cool. Especially since I'm pretty sure her body is some sort of mana construct based on the way she starts to fade from existence when she's damaged. An undead body wouldn't do that. I wonder if she has a phylactery somewhere.

I let my cat ears and tail show, the appendages springing to life. It's been a while since I've shown off my Nekoshou side. "I was a human, but now I'm a Chimera. One of my aspects is responsible for the mana thing."

A look of understanding lights up her face. "Ah, I see! That makes sense. I know another Chimera! She's…" Wiz pauses. "Well, never mind, the less said about her the better. But that's really interesting!"

The other Chimera Wiz knows should be Sylvia, one of the other Generals of the Demon King. She has a reputation for being very sexually aggressive. Which would be great, if she weren't a futa. I have no interest in fucking anything with a dick, much less getting fucked.

"I think being a Lich is pretty interesting too," I reply. "Hey, why don't we do a little more business? I hear there are some pretty useful Lich skills. I'm an Adventurer, and I like getting interesting skills. I'll pay you to show me a few skills so I can learn them."

She pauses. "I don't know...teaching Lich skills could be a problem for both of us if anyone finds out…" she answers.

"I'll pay you 50,000 Eris for each one," I offer.

"Deal," she agrees immediately. "I won't teach you how to raise the dead though. I may be a Lich, but I don't condone that sort of thing."

I shrug. "Fine by me, I'm not interested in that."

I get her to teach me three different undead skills, paying her the agreed amount.

[Drain Touch] - Level 1(0%)
Drain HP/SP/MP on touch. Drained HP/SP/MP can be transferred to a secondary target instead.

On the surface, this is just a worse version of [Void Drain]. But it has the nifty little feature of being able to give it to someone else, and I can freely mix it with another skill without losing one of my most powerful skills.

[Undead King's Hand] - Level 1(0%)
Has a 1% chance of inflicting one of the following status effects on touch: fear, sleep, paralysis, petrification, curse, level drain, or instant death, from most likely to least likely.

This one is potentially really good. I don't know what the chances are for each status effect, but I'm guessing the instant death one is going to be very low. The randomness does make it a little difficult to use in a targeted manner, but if I'm just trying to disrupt an enemy it should work wonders.

[Cursed Petrification] - Level 1(0%)
Applies a weak Petrification to targets within a designated area of effect.

The range on this one is actually nice. I could target it without fully using the skill, and I can choose a point within a certain range, and everyone within a few meters of that point will be affected.

"Thanks a lot, Wiz, these should be useful," I tell her.

"No no, thank you," she insists. "With this, I might actually make a profit this month. I also know all sorts of magic spells, if you want to learn those I can teach you them too. They're gonna cost you a lot of skill points though."

"I have plenty of those, thankfully," I say. "I'll think about it and get back to you. I'll also be sure to come back every now and then and see what you have in stock."

+7 Affection with Wiz
For making her dream feel possible

Huh. That's interesting. I suppose she's aware of her lack of aptitude for being a shopkeeper, but with me coming in like this even once a month, it might be possible for her to live that dream.

She beams at me. "Thank you, Axton, you-" whatever she's saying is interrupted by the door opening. We both turn to look and dread wells up in me when I see who it is.

"Oh, here you are, Axton!" Aqua says as she walks up to me. "I already spent all my money from the quest today on wine but now I'm really hungry. Could I have some money? I only need a little bit, just 20,000 Eris."

"First off, a meal does not cost that much," I reply. She clicks her tongue in annoyance. "Second, what did I tell you about saving your money?"

"But I reeeeeally wanted that wine," she whines. "You don't understand! It's a really nice wine!"

"I literally gave you a barrel of wine," I chide her. "Look, I'll make you something at home, but I'm not giving you any money."

"Ugh, fine," she says, annoyed. Yeah, me too. She looks at Wiz as if noticing her for the first time. "Oh? Who's this? And why do I want to punch her?"

"Don't you dare," I reply. This is what I was worried about. Aqua hates undead, including liches. "This is Wiz, the very nice and completely normal shopkeeper who I just bought some stuff from, and she's also a friend. Wiz, meet Aqua, my party member. She's an Arch Priest. Which is why we'll be leaving immediately." I start heading for the door, dragging Aqua away.

"Hey hey, what's the big hurry?" she says.

"I don't want you asking me to buy you something," I lie. "Anyway, didn't you say you were hungry?"

"Oh yeah!" Aqua says, forgetting about Wiz. Good, target successfully distracted. "Come on, hurry up." Now she's pulling me along.

As we leave I turn back and wave at Wiz, who waves back, an amused expression on her face.

"Axton, could I speak with you please?" I hear a voice say as I peruse the quest board a couple mornings later. I look over to see Luna standing next to me.

"Sure Luna, I always have time for the best Guild employee," I reply with a smile. She doesn't react to my heavy-handed flattery, she never does, but [Empathy] tells me she likes the compliment.

"You and your party have been performing extremely well these past few weeks," Luna starts. "You've performed several quests in a timely manner with relatively few complaints. And most of them…" she glances over my shoulder, where Aqua was bugging some Adventurer. "Well, for her being such a devout member of the Axis cult, you have done a remarkable job keeping her in line."

"Thank you, it's a full-time job," I reply in a serious tone.

She nods before continuing. "All in all, you've proven to be a reliable party, and therefore I'd like to ask you to take on a specific request." She hands me a piece of parchment and I read it over.

"Goblin slaying?" I ask, confusion clear in my voice. "We've done one of these already, no problem. Is there something special about this one? Are there a bunch of them?"

"No," she denies, before pausing. "Well, there are a significant number, but that's not the problem. The problem is that we've also received reports of a Rookie Killer in the area."

"Ah," I say, understanding.

"Of all the parties in Axel right now, I believe that your party is the best qualified to handle this sort of thing," she continues. "Normally we would ask Mitsurugi for tasks like this, but his travels bring him all over the country, and we can't always rely on his presence."

"Do you want me to kill the Rookie Killer or just the goblins?" I ask. I know Mitsurugi. He's a reincarnated Japanese guy who got an overpowered magical sword from Aqua. He's used it to become a top hero. To be compared to him so quickly means I'm not doing a very good job restraining myself. Oh well.

"I would like you to take on the goblin slaying quest, but there will be extra pay if you either confirm the presence of or slay the Rookie Killer," she clarifies.

"Alright, we can do that," I reply. I have no reason to turn down the quest. It'll earn me a reputation, but more importantly, it will make Luna like me more. There's not much risk involved either. [Void Detect] has a range of nearly 150 meters and can detect almost anything in that range. The only thing that has ever gone unnoticed by it is The Man in the Wall. I'm not sure how either, but that's a problem for later.

The point is that I'll see a Rookie Killer coming before it's even aware of us, and taking care of it after that point is easy. So there's minimal risk for a decent reward.

Luna smiles at me. "Thank you, Axton. I'm sorry to ask you for something like this, but I have faith in your ability to pull it off safely."

+6 Affection with Luna
For being reliable

Nice, she's now at 43, which is pretty close to 50. Completing this quest successfully might be enough to push her over. Or, if it only gets her one more Affection gain, it puts her in the perfect spot to use a Heart Crystal on her.

Luna goes back to the reception desk and I head towards my party, all of whom are sitting at one of the tables, finishing their breakfast. I sit down and place the parchment on the table. "We've got our quest. It's a little ways away, so we'll have to camp out tonight." That isn't anything we haven't done before, though it's only been a few times.

"In that case, we will have to stop by the house before leaving to pick up our camping gear and rations," Darkness comments.

"You don't need me for some goblin slaying, right?" Aqua says. "So I can just stay at home-"

"No, we need you," I reply. "Besides, aren't you out of money again? There's the potential of bonus pay for this job."

That catches both Megumin and Aqua's attention. "Bonus pay? For what?" Megumin asks.

"Well, apparently there's been reports of a Rookie Killer in the area," I explain. Megumin flinches, Darkness gets excited, and Aqua suddenly looks nervous. But Momo just looks confused.

"What is a Rookie Killer?" Momo asks. "Is the name literal?"

"Pretty much," I explain. "A Rookie Killer, also known as a Beginner's Bane, is a feline monster that looks like a cross between a sabertooth and a panther. They're moderately dangerous just as an opponent. Sneaky, fast, and powerful. But the scariest part of them is their intelligence. They specifically target beginner adventurers by watching groups of low-level monsters, like goblins. When the adventurers come to deal with the weaker monsters, it ambushes them. They've earned their name for sure."

"Oh, if they're ambush predators, then that's fine," Momo says, relaxing. The others look at her, puzzled, so she continues. "Axton can't be snuck up on. I've seen him take out a monster that silently teleported behind him without any warning. He didn't even look."

Ah, right. There's a floor of the Colosseum dungeon with these annoying little imp creatures. They like to teleport around. They don't have a lot of health, but they're pretty difficult to hit. When training Sona and her peerage I generally leave them to it, but a few of the imps saw me standing back and must have assumed I was an easy target because a few tried to get me. Of course, [Void Detect] meant that their sneaky attempts were doomed to failure, no matter how quiet they were.

The girls looked at me, and I shrug. "That's right. I have a skill that lets me detect enemies."

"Oh, that Thief skill, right?" Darkness asks. "I have a friend named Chris who is a Thief. The Enemy Detection skill is very useful."

Not as useful as mine, but I don't bother correcting her misunderstanding. "Right, so I'll be on the lookout for that. We'll get a bonus if we confirm it's there or if we kill it. You four can focus on the goblins. It should be easy for you, especially now that Momo can cast Advanced Magic."

"So long as I can cast Explosion, that plan is fine with me," Megumin states.

"I also agree with that plan," Darkness says. "I shall draw out the Rookie Killer and allow you to dispatch it while it mauls me." She shivers.

"Ugh, I hate camping outside," Aqua grumbles. "But if you really need me, I guess I'll go. I could use some more money too, since you're so stingy."

"We'll trust our backs to you," Momo says with a nod.

"Great!" I say. "Let's finish eating, run back home to grab our gear, and then head out."

"I've learned Teleport too, so the return trip should be easy," Momo says. I've told her I'm trying to downplay my abilities since they would attract a lot of attention here. But an Arch-Wizard teleporting around is completely normal, so she grabbed it. The only downside to the spell is that you're limited to teleporting to up to three locations you have to prepare ahead of time. She's used one slot at our home, and her plan is to use another in the capital, whenever we go to visit there. She hasn't decided on a third yet.

"There, see? Two-day trip," I say. "We make it most of the way there, sleep, wake up, kill some goblins, maybe kill a Rookie Killer, and then teleport home in time for dinner."

The others get up and we leave the Guild Hall, ready for today's adventure.

The trip goes smoothly. We make a small detour so Megumin can use Explosion on a group of relatively harmless monsters we pass by, getting us some XP. Normally it would just be her, but my party system is better than Konosuba's.

Aqua pulls the classic "are we there yet?" every step of the way on the first day of traveling. Because of that, we stop a little earlier than I had planned, but we're only an hour away from the reported goblins, so it's close enough. We set up camp, a process that takes longer than it should thanks to Megumin and Aqua playing around.

Speaking of Megumin, she also grabbed Chomusuke, not wanting to leave her alone for that long. I've left Yua back home, busy with finding new kittens apparently. I had no idea Axel had such a problem with stray kittens, I thought she would have finished up by now. She's doing a good job though, I haven't seen any in town.

Tara is with me though, riding on my back like a big fuzzy backpack. I'm trying to spend more time with her, we haven't really gotten to know each other. I know that she lost her home due to some more powerful monsters fighting and setting the forest on fire, and I know she's seeking the strength to prevent that from happening again, but that's about it. Her [Wardcrafting] is coming along nicely though, enough so that we don't have to set a watch and we can rely on those. She'd probably max out the skill in just a couple more weeks.

Kyu also elected to stay home. She refuses to camp anywhere, so it'll just be me and Momo tonight. Which is fine with me, I don't mind focusing on one girl every now and then. Us being in tents is also a good excuse to make sure the others hear us. It would tempt Megumin more, tease Darkness some, and Aqua…

I'm not sure what's up with Aqua. I haven't put much focus on seducing her, but I've taken chances to use [Touch of Pleasure] and [Erotic Pierrot] on her, but they haven't seemed to have an effect on her. I've been using [Erotic Dreams] on her too, but if she's been dreaming about me, she hasn't commented on it. I don't know why she's resistant to my normal skills, but I'll figure it out sooner or later.

The next day we carefully approach the area where the goblins are. It's a thick and dark forest, the sunlight struggling to make it through the canopy to the forest floor. I head up into the tree limbs, telling the others that I'll keep an eye on them from there, and do a bit of scouting, keeping them in range of my skill. I leave Tara with them though, just in case.

They begin searching and so do I, traveling quickly in a large circle around them. I don't use [Void Shift], and in fact, I make a little more noise than I need to. I'm deliberately acting as bait after all, that way the others don't even have to deal with it.

An hour and a half into our search I finally find a clearing containing a couple dozen goblins. But far more interesting than that is the person I sense nearby, higher up in the trees. Rather than approach, I use [Void Sight] to scope it out. The person is inside a small hut built high into the trees. It doesn't look permanent, and it's completely camouflaged from below.

Inside the hut is a familiar-looking woman. She's dressed in revealing armor that leaves a lot of her skin exposed and has neck-length orange hair. It takes me a moment to place her, and it's the weapons at her side that help me do so. The four stiletto-styled daggers pointed at this being Clementine, from Overlord.

In Overlord, Clementine was a sadistic killer who enjoyed assassinating beginner Adventurers. She collected their medals, the signs of their Adventurer rank, and forged them into crude armor. She was a smart and skilled fighter.

Here, her armor looks more normal. Well, it's roughly the same shape. Little more than a breastplate that doesn't cover more than her breasts, armor for her shoulders, gauntlets, and metal boots up to her knees. Beneath it all, she wears some sort of thick black clothing. Presumably so the armor isn't directly on her skin, which would be uncomfortable.

She's napping right now, her chest slowly rising and falling as she breathes. Her weapons are at her side, two of them on her hips and the other two at different positions in the small shelter. There's a bag leaning against the wall, open enough for me to see that it's filled with food.

A glint in the shelter catches my eye, and I spot a bell hanging on the ceiling. In fact, there are a lot of bells hanging, all of them attached to wires. It's tricky spotting them, but I follow the wires, which are more like fishing lines, up through the roof where they spread out in every direction. I pick one line and follow it. It stretches hundreds of feet, all the way to the other side of the clearing, where it's laid across a small path that could lead to the goblins.

It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. A killer who enjoys ganking newbies in the same area where a Rookie Killer has been reported? And where she's set up a rudimentary detection system for anyone coming near the goblins? I doubt that there's a Rookie Killer at all, it's probably just her, disguising her kills.

Now the question is, how do I handle this? Ignoring her isn't an option, not unless I ignore the goblins as well, and I refuse to fail a quest. Besides, I don't want to avoid her. She may be a sadistic psychopath, but holy shit is she hot. I want her.

But getting her will be tricky, to put it mildly. I can easily capture her. Between my skills and significantly higher stats, she wouldn't stand a chance. But then what? Take her to my basement, tie her up, rape her? My face twists in disgust. No. Corruption and manipulation are fine, and so is a little bit of mental and emotional manipulation, such as the Affection system and [Erotic Pierrot]. But full-on rape? Not my style. Even something like blackmail feels pretty questionable to me.

So, I have to make her want it. In fact, that sounds really nice. Turning her from some bloodlusted murderer to my personal pet, lusting only for me. As for how to do that...well, I have cheats.

I pick one of her wires and head for it. I don't tell the others I've found the goblins, I want to make sure I take care of Clementine first. They're still relatively nearby, but with their current heading they'll miss this clearing. Good, that gives me plenty of time to take care of this and then go get them.

I can't say my plan is a good one, but it's not a very risky one either. Though calling it a plan is pretty generous. It's more like a vague set of goals and ideas and a plan to make up the gaps as I go along. With that in mind, I 'accidentally' step on one of the tripwires.

I have to give her credit, it's a good setup. I watch with [Void Sight] as she wakes up immediately, looking at the bells on the ceiling. Specifically, at the one that led to the string I just tripped. A sadistic grin grows on her face and she dives out of the window, navigating the tree limbs with fluid grace.

By having each bell lead to a different tripwire, she has a location-based warning system, allowing her to instantly head in the right direction. She's approaching quickly, so I make sure to look clueless and continue forward, creeping through the forest as if I'm actually scouting.

She pauses as she gets close enough to see me, and I feel her presence fade a bit. Oh? Is that what Lurk looks like? It's near impossible for me to pick her out with [Void Sight] now. But [Void Detect] works just fine, so it's nothing to worry about. I activate [Alchemical Blood], replacing my blood with a certain potion to benefit from the effects.

I approach the clearing of goblins, ignoring the presence of Clementine sneaking up behind me. With my defenseless back facing her, there's no way she can pass up the bait. Sure enough, I sense her draw her weapons and lunge at me, aiming for my vitals.

I wait until the last possible second before spinning, my hands reaching out to grab her wrists as she passes through the space I was just occupying. The beginning stages of shock appear on her face as I push her to the ground.

I end up on top of her as she's face up, her hands above her head and pinned to the ground by my grip. My legs are on hers, preventing them from moving as well, and I look down at her surprised face with a grin on my own.

"You- what?" she asks, confused as she struggles. It's no use though. She's powerful for Konosuba, but the difference in our stats is too large.

Race: Human
Level: 102
HP: 2,800
MP: 880
SP: 6,600
CON: 112
STR: 165
DEX: 223
INT: 88
WIS: 71
CHA: 74
LUK: 55

Level: 428
Class: Adventurer(28/100)[39%]
HP: 64,200 (4,879 per second)
MP: 88,410 (7,603 per second)
SP: 72,000 (5,472 per second)
CON: 1070
STR: 1200
DEX: 1251
INT: 1263
WIS: 1229
CHA: 1024
LUK: 1057

Most of my stats are ten times hers, and that doesn't mean I'm 'only' ten times stronger than her. I haven't figured out the exact scaling, but the stat growth isn't that linear. A ten times increase in value is more than a ten times increase in strength.

"You were giving off such an intense bloodlust, there was no way I wouldn't notice you," I tease her.

First Impressions perk activated!
+10 Affection with Clementine

She narrows her eyes at me. She's still struggling, but she's calmed down more. I can practically see her mind racing as she analyzes the situation.

"Ooh? I gave off bloodlust, did I?" she asks. "How could that be, when I wasn't going to do anything?"

I snort. "So you weren't watching this area for newbies to kill, disguising the kills as the work for a Rookie Killer?" I ask.

She freezes for a moment but quickly regains her composure. "That sounds pretty devious," she says. "Really smart too. Whoever thought of that must have a cunning mind." I roll my eyes. "Couldn't be me though, I'm just a normal adventurer. I was here watching some goblins, I was trying to stop you before they stumbled into their camp."

"Is that so?" I ask, not easing up on her at all. "If that's true, it appears that I've been quite rude." Her breathing is getting slightly heavier now, and her face is slightly flushed. Still subtle enough that I have to look for it to notice it. Good, it's starting to take effect. "Unfortunately, I'm not sure I believe you. I doubt I'm the first one you've tried this on."

"Hey, you're starting to piss me off," she says. "Get off me now, and I'll let you off with a warning."

I ignore her. "You know, you strike me as the kind of girl that likes to keep trophies."

"Are you listening to me? Get off," she repeats. She's struggling more, but in response I just use a firm grip to readjust her hands so I can pin both of her hands with just one of mine, leaving me with a free hand.

"But you wouldn't be the kind to just leave those laying around, would you?" I continue. "No, you're the twisted kind of person who gets off on killing beginners, on killing the weak and inexperienced. So you probably keep them pretty close, right?"

"You bastard, stop ignoring me!" she replies. She flails underneath me, so I place a hand on her chest piece. She freezes, looking at me incredulously. But my aim isn't to molest her.

I dig my fingers under the lip of her breastplate, my fingers brushing against her breast, and I pull. Metal screeches and fabric tears, but I pull the armor off of her. A strip of black cloth is the only thing preserving her modesty, but it's not her tits I'm looking at.

"Keeping them close to your heart, huh?" I ask as I look at the inside of the piece of armor I just pulled off. The Clementine of Overlord wore her trophies as literal armor, the metal of the ranking plates of the adventurers she killed being turned into protection for herself. This Clementine can't do that though, since the only thing that adventurers get are Status Cards.

So I looked for those and found them quickly. They line the inside of every piece of her armor, a thick layer of paper and clear glue. I see a variety of names and classes, most of them pretty low level. I don't see a single one over level 25.

"I might have some respect for you if any of these trophies had come from someone actually powerful," I remark. "Are you too weak to go after big names? Or are you too scared of being found out, so you're forced to disguise your kills by going after newbies?"

"Shut up!" she yells out. "Let me up and I'll show you what it means to be scared."

"Oh?" I ask, my grin widening. I shrug. "Okay."

"Huh?" she asks, freezing in confusion. She remains frozen as I stand up, getting off of her. I stash the armor I stole from her into my inventory, something she doesn't seem to notice.

"Go ahead, scare me," I taunt her with my arms spread out.

Her shock quickly grows into fury. She throws her legs up, rolling backward and landing in a runner's crouch, stiletto knives still in hand. Then she explodes into movement, launching herself at me and closing the distance between us in the span of a blink, weapons aimed for my throat and heart.

Once again, I catch her wrists, stopping her blades inches from my skin. Her expression grows even more twisted as her anger flares. She uses my hold on her wrists as leverage to try to kick me, pivoting her entire body.

I disrupt the kick by twisting her arms around, forcing her to spin and her kick to whiff at empty air. I then plant my foot on her back, let go of her wrists, and then push, sending her flying away from me.

She hits the ground and rolls a bit before she gets it under control and gets her feet under her. She glares at me with hate. Good, I want her to focus on that instead of the fear.

"I'm not feeling very scared," I taunt her.

"Bastard!" she curses at me. "How are you doing that?"

"Easy," I say. "I'm just better than you." I can nearly hear her teeth gritting. Her eyes move from me and look around, and in a split second, she moves again. But this time not at me. Instead, she's running away.

I sigh. Well, at least she's moving predictably. With a thought I [Void Travel] into her little hut, where she's headed. She dives through the same window she exited from earlier and rolls on the ground. She lunges for her equipment only to freeze as she spots me lounging on her small bed, her other two weapons by my side.

"This is a pretty nice place for something I assume you only planned on staying in for a few weeks at most," I comment.

She tries to jump out the window, fleeing once more, but I raise my hand and activate [Far Reach]. A shadowy tendril shoots from my palm and latches onto her leg. I yank her back, preventing her from escaping and pulling her to me. Once she's within my reach I pull her against me, wrapping my legs around hers so she can't run, and once again taking hold of her wrists.

"I don't really feel like chasing you again," I say lazily. "Why don't we chat a bit? If you're worried about me being angry, don't be. Because I'm not. I don't mind that you tried to kill me."

"...what?" She's confused now. She had started struggling but stops when I say that.

"It's kind of nice, actually, to have a beauty like you lusting for my blood," I continue. Actually, I'm pretty neutral about it, but I need to place certain ideas in her head.

She goes back to struggling. "So you're just some kinda pervert, is that it? You're getting your rocks off on this?"

"If you keep struggling like that and mashing your ass into my crotch I will," I say idly. She freezes again. Sure enough, her ass, which is mostly uncovered by armor and only protected by that black cloth, is pressed against my crotch, where there's a noticeable bump.

She pulls away from me the short distance she can. "Who's the sicko now? You're gonna rape me, is that it?"

"Don't be so dramatic," I reply with a roll of my eyes. "I'm not gonna do anything. Except not let you run away, I guess."

"Then what do you want!" she yells, frustration clear in her voice.

"Mostly I just wanted to play a bit more with my would-be assassin," I say. "I figured we should get to know each other a bit better. I'm Axton, by the way. Newbie adventurer hailing from Axel."

"If you're a newbie, then I'm an Arch-Priest," she scoffed.

"Are you? I would have guessed Assassin."

She growls in frustration and resumes trying to escape my clutches. I feel her heartbeat getting faster and her body temperature is increasing.

"If you promise not to try to run away, I'll let you go," I offer her. "But if you run away anyway...Well. I'll leave that up to your imagination." I'm by no means an expert on intimidation or torture. But one trick I do know is that people's imaginations will do the heavy lifting for you if you imply the right things.

"Fine," she spits out. "Just let go of me, you bastard."

"So rude," I say as I release her. She instantly leaps off of me and puts her back against the furthest wall from me. Which isn't very far away, just a foot or two. I keep laying on the makeshift bed. "I can tolerate the attempt to kill me, but the name-calling is really uncalled for."

Her eyebrow twitches. "This tough guy act of yours is getting really old."

I shrug. "Not really much of an act, is it? I've given you multiple chances, but you can't kill me. How does that feel?"

She doesn't reply, she just grits her teeth and tightens her grip on her weapons. Her anger is clear, and I can feel just a bit of shame in there as well. Alright, I've probably pushed her enough. The effects of [Alchemical Blood] have also come along well enough. Before she jumped me I used the skill to turn my blood into an Aphrodisiac.

With [Alchemical Blood] I can do a couple things. First, I can turn my bodily fluids into potions. Blood, semen, saliva, and sweat all work. I haven't tried piss or tears. [Gamer's Body] means I haven't peed since I reincarnated, and honestly, I have no desire to do so ever again. And I couldn't get myself to cry on command. But I can bottle those up and they're identical in effect to my potions, though their appearance and textures are unchanged, except for my blood. That always changes to look and feel completely identical to the potion.

In addition, if I use it on my blood but don't drain myself, I get the effects of the potion or something like it. Turning my blood into a healing potion increases my HP regen, and turning it into an XP potion increases how much XP I get.

With an aphrodisiac, and most other things intended to be used on others, I'm instead able to apply the effect just by touching someone. It's usually slower and more subtle, but the effect ramps up over time, and it lingers longer. I tested the aphrodisiac with Kyu, and unlike [Touch of Pleasure] or [Erotic Pierrot], she was feeling the effects for a significant amount of time after I stopped touching her.

So Clementine should be nice and horny right about now because I've had a strong aphrodisiac flowing through my veins since the very start of our confrontation.

"Now you're psycho-analyzing me?" she asks, a little incredulous. "Even I don't play with my prey this much, who's the real sicko here?" I shrug, and she growls. "What do you want? Do you want me to apologize? Do you want me to beg for you to spare me? Do you want me to suck your dick?"

"Do you want to suck my dick?" I ask, genuinely curious.

"Fuck you! No, I don't want to suck your smelly dick!" she screams at me. "I won't do any of that, so if you're hoping for it you may as well just kill me now."

I didn't expect to seduce her today anyway, so I shrug. "In that case, I guess I'll let you go for now."

She narrows her eyes at me. "What do you mean by that?"

"Like I said earlier, I didn't have much of a point in doing this," I say. "You attacked me, I got curious, and all this happened. I don't have a goal, so I guess there's no point in drawing things out." I stand up, causing her to flinch back. "My party and I are going to take out those goblins. They'll probably arrive in five to ten minutes. I expect you to be gone by the time they get here."

I don't give her a chance to reply before I [Void Travel] away. I don't go too far though, I want to see how she reacts.

She doesn't at first, remaining still for a few moments as if she doesn't believe I'm actually gone. And then she explodes into action. Her knives are hurled into the wall and she kicks the bed, destroying it. She then grabs all the bells on the ceiling and angrily yanks them down. I'm further than the range of [Sound Domain], but I can tell from her open mouth that she's yelling in frustration.

Good, that's the reaction I want. Satisfied, I turn away and [Void Travel] to my teammates. Leading them to the goblins will give Clementine enough time to vent a bit and then leave. And then we can go home, quest completed. I guess I'll have to give up on the bonus for finding the Beginner's Bane though, since there isn't one and I have no plans on telling anyone about Clementine. Doing so would ruin my plans to seduce her.

Clementine fumed as she fled through the forest, leaping through the tree branches. She had her four weapons and her small pack of food and a few other belongings, everything else she left at the hut. None of it was important.

What was important was the storm of emotions roiling inside of her. She was angrier than she ever remembered being. She had never been so humiliated as that man, Axton, had humiliated her, not even as a child.

She'd killed dozens of adventurers. She targeted the beginners because it felt good to crush that sort of potential, to rip out their roots before they had a chance to grow strong and do 'good'. There was a satisfaction to it that couldn't be compared to anything else she had ever experienced. Even sexual pleasure paled in comparison.

She grimaced in annoyance. Or so she thought. She wasn't all that interested in sex outside of occasionally masturbating, but for some reason, she was hornier right now than she's ever been before Her skin burned and her heart was beating in her chest. Her crotch itched with desire, and she didn't dare touch herself out of fear of not being able to stop. Later. She'd take care of it later. After she put some distance between her and that man.

His words, Axton's words, kept ringing in her ears. His casual accusations of her being a coward, of disguising her kills because she was afraid of retribution. She grit her teeth in frustration. He had no idea what he was talking about. Her kills all being newbies had everything to do with her desire to nip their potential in the bud, and nothing to do with her own abilities.

She stumbled as a jolt of pleasure shot through her, nearly falling off of the tree branch she just landed on. She put a hand on the trunk of the tree to steady herself and she felt another shock pulse from her crotch. She bit her lip and pushed through the sensation to discover her other hand down between her legs.

Her fingers, totally of their own accord, were digging into the area beneath her armored skirt, pushing against the thin fabric she wore to cover herself and digging between her lower lips. Every touch and movement sent a new burst of ecstasy through her. She couldn't control her fingers at all, and she slumped over against the trunk as she pressed harder into herself.

With a growl of frustration, she somehow managed to forcibly pull her hand away from her crotch. The need and desire from before only grew sharper at the absence of stimulation, but she forced herself to ignore it. She stood up on shaky legs and jumped down to the forest floor. Distracted as she was, it was too dangerous to hop from tree branch to tree branch.

Her anger only increased as the feeling between her legs gnawed at her and demanded her attention. That bastard must have done something to her, right? This sort of feeling couldn't be natural, could it? A little traitorous voice in the back of her mind whispered to her that she had no way of knowing, that she had ignored sex for so long. She knew that there existed women that enjoyed being dominated, and hadn't she been so thoroughly dominated by that man?

She shoved that thought away, not wanting to think about the possible implications of that. Axton, from Axel, that's what he said, right? She grinned, lips wide and showing her teeth. She'd show him what she was really capable of, and she'd repay him for the humiliation she suffered today ten-fold. Whatever it took, she would make sure he regretted it.

"And here's the payment for the Giant Toad Slaying quest," Luna said as she handed Kazuma a small sack of coins. "As always, you'll get a small discount if you order a frog meat dish today or tomorrow."

Kazuma sighed and took the money. "Thanks, Luna," she told the receptionist before making her way to a table to order some dinner. She was tired. Life as an adventure was pretty tough when you were all by yourself. She was restricted to just doing simple jobs that didn't pay all that much because all of the other jobs were too dangerous for a newbie like her all by herself.

She got lucky with the cabbage thing. It was bizarre to discover that vegetables in this world were apparently monstrous? The sight of the leafy green balls flying through the air and hurling themselves at people had caused her to pinch herself several times to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

Once she had gotten over her surprise and confusion, she had actually done a pretty good job. A kind silver-haired thief named Chris has helped her out by teaching her some Thief skills, and Kazuma was able to use those skills to nab a lot of cabbages, which she sold for a tidy sum to the Guild.

Most of that money went towards getting a proper set of gear though. Nothing fancy, just a short sword, a bow, and a set of light leather armor. The armor was tight and uncomfortable, and the pressure on her chest constantly reminded her of her new status as a girl, but it was better than going out by herself with nothing to protect her.

A waitress came by and Kazuma ordered frog meat, again. It was pretty tasty stuff actually, but she'd had almost nothing but frog meat and cabbage for the past two weeks. She desperately craved some variation. But the armor and weapon had drained most of her savings, so she had to go with the cheaper options.

She loosened her armor a bit, making it easier to breathe. She looked down at her chest and had to resist the urge to grope herself. Truth be told, being a girl hadn't been all bad so far. She hadn't gotten much sleep her first night here.

She'd been frustrated and freaked out by her fellow countryman trying to add her to his harem that it wasn't until she was taking her pants off to prepare for bed that she realized what she was doing. She was no longer a he, and stripping drew attention to all the details of her new body that she had been ignoring.

There wasn't any guilt there, because it was her own body, but her heart raced anyway as she explored it. There wasn't a mirror in her room so she couldn't get a close look at everything, but she made up for that with her hands.

She found that she was far more sensitive as a girl. Trailing her hands along her body, cupping her medium-sized tits sent shivers through her, unlike anything she had felt before. And she really lost herself when she finally worked up the courage to explore her new genitals.

She had watched porn and had taken sex ed back in Japan, she knew what a vagina was like, at least vaguely. But she had also been a NEET and a virgin whose only sexual encounters had been jacking off every night. Before dying, Kazuma had never seen a pussy in real life, much less touched one.

She had spent nearly every night since arriving in this world masturbating herself to sleep. She had definitely gotten addicted to it. She couldn't help it though, there was just such a large gap between masturbating as a guy and masturbating as a girl.

The sensations she felt as a girl were so much sharper, so much more focused. She wasn't completely confident in saying that it was better, it lacked something that she couldn't quite put a finger on, but it felt amazing. It was also easier and cleaner, which Kazuma appreciated now that she was in a world without tissues or washing machines.

A waitress came by and dropped off Kazuma's food. She sighed and started to eat. She wanted proper meat. And rice. And miso soup. And all the other staples of Japanese food. She had asked around and this world definitely had those sorts of things. From what she could tell, they were popularized by other people from Japan seeking the comforts of home. But they were a little too expensive for her to get, not if she wanted to be sure to keep a roof over her head and food in her belly.

The doors to the Guild Hall opened and her mood soured even further when she saw who walked in. Axton, the normie who tried to trick her into his harem. As always, he was surrounded by a group of hotties. His white-haired wife and the blonde were especially nice, with beautiful faces and figures.

She wasn't very interested in the loli, but the blue-haired girl caught her interest. It took her a couple days after meeting Axton to realize it, but if that was the goddess that Axton claimed as his divine item, then it was probably his fault that Kazuma had to deal with that bitchy angel. When she first realized this, she got really mad, blaming Axton for her troubles. But after a couple weeks of seeing the trouble Aqua caused in the Guild Hall, Kazuma wasn't sure her life would be much better if she had been reincarnated by that brat of a goddess.

She absently ate her food while watching him walk up to the reception counter, where they talked briefly to Luna. Luna checked their cards and said something to Axton, and frowned slightly and sighed when Axton shook his head. She felt a small thrill of vindication, thinking maybe Axton had disappointed the beautiful receptionist. But it disappeared when Luna handed them sacks of coins. Sacks bigger than hers.

Kazuma looked down at her food as they turned away from the counter, not wanting to be caught watching them. Just seeing Axton was enough to piss her off. It wasn't fair. He was good-looking, charismatic, had a beautiful wife, and had a harem of girls. She wasn't sure if his party members were in his harem yet. She suspected at least one of them was. Her first night staying in one of the Guild's rooms upstairs, she was pretty sure her room was next to his because she could hear the sounds of two girls moaning and calling Axton's name through the wall. One of the voices was probably his wife, but she wasn't sure who the second one was.

Kazuma was pulled from her thoughts as someone suddenly sat next to her, putting her immediately on edge. But she relaxed a little when she looked over and saw that it was a girl. She had brown hair tied up into a ponytail and was wearing a green jacket, a very short pair of shorts, and black stockings that ended at about thigh level. She also had a fluffy tail poking out from underneath her jacket.

This wasn't the first time Kazuma had seen this girl. She recognized her as a fellow adventurer, though she hadn't ever learned the other girl's name. Kazuma had no idea why she would be sitting next to her though.

"Can I help you?" Kazuma asked her, confused.

The other girl smiled at her. "Hi, I'm Lynn, it's nice to meet you," she said. "You're Kazuma, the Adventurer with Thief Skills, right?"

"I am…" she answered warily. People usually only brought up her class to pity her or make fun of her. She didn't really understand why though. Even with just a handful of skills, and even if she hated him, she had to agree with Axton. The Adventurer class had a lot of potential as a jack of all trades class. It was the only reason she could take the risk of hunting Giant Toads by herself. Combining Lurk, a Thief skill, and Snipe, an Archer skill, allowed her to hunt them without them ever realizing she was there.

"Great, then we want to hire you!" Lynn said cheerfully.

Kazuma blinked, confused. "Hire me? For what?"

"My party is looking at trying out a Dungeon," Lynn explained. "But going into a Dungeon can be pretty dangerous. We can handle the monsters, but the traps are another matter."

"So you need someone with Detect Trap," Kazuma guessed.

"Yep!" Lynn replied. "You have it, right?"

"I do," she confirmed. "But why me? Surely there are better Thieves that could help you."

"Most of them are in parties already, or are out of town," Lynn explained. "Plus, Luna recommended you. She said you've been operating solo, which is pretty impressive, but that's a pretty big risk. You would be a lot safer, and a lot more successful, in a party."

"Are you trying to invite me into your party?" Kazuma asked warily.

"Kind of?" Lynn said, a little nervous. "I mean, mostly just the dungeon, but we talked it over, and having a Thief in the party full time would be pretty nice. And, personally, I'd love to have another girl on the team. Keith and Taylor are good guys, but it's a little lonely to be the only girl on the team."

"Isn't Dust on your team too?" Kazuma asked. "I don't know about partying with him…" She did know Dust from that one time last week where had gotten drunk and hit on her. That had been an eye-opening and thoroughly uncomfortable experience until Lynn, as she now knew her, dragged him away.

Lynn grimaced. "Look, I know what he can be like, and that he didn't exactly leave a great impression. But when we're on the job he's really dependable."

Kazuma looked away, shooting a glare at Axton's table. "I don't know. I'm not good with that kind of person, they piss me off." Axton turned his head to look at her as if he knew she was talking about him. He gave her a wink and Kazuma replied by flipping him off, but unfortunately, that only seemed to amuse him further.

"I heard about your argument with him, some guys can be so pushy," Lynn commented, glancing between Kazuma and Axton. "Don't worry. Dust will throw out the occasional sexually harassing comment, but he's all bark and very little bite. Just join us for the dungeon at least? See how it is for yourself?"

Kazuma looked down at her meal; a half-eaten fried frog tender and a small pile of stir-fried cabbage. She had heard about dungeons, she knew how potentially lucrative they were. Going by herself was too much of a risk, but with a team it was doable. Could she put up with a guy like Dust for that?

Yes, she could. It was easy to look at Axton and Dust and see how different they were. Dust was offensive and gross, but you knew what you were going to get with him, and if Lynn was right, he wasn't much of an actual threat. Compared to Axton, he was barely a threat at all.

"Alright, I'll join," Kazuma said.

"Yay!" Lynn replied as she threw her arms around Kazuma. Kazuma blushed as Lynn's modest chest pushed against her arm. She was completely caught off guard by the physical contact, not having had much experience with girls.

"You have no idea how excited I am to have another girl on the team," Lynn continued, still hugging Kazuma. "Now I don't have to sleep and bathe alone."

Kazuma's brain froze as that piece of information clicked into place and she realized what freedoms being a girl offered. She could go to the women's section of public bathhouses. She could get close and handsy with girls without being slapped or called a pervert. She could do so much more, things she had only ever fantasized about.

Huh. Maybe being a girl wasn't so bad after all.

It's Saturday again, which means Megumin and I are heading out to our normal spot for her daily explosion. There's tension in the air. She's nervous but pushing forward anyway. I'd be worried, but I have the perfect plan for getting her to loosen up.

When we reach the spot, Megumin raises her staff like normal, albeit a bit more nervous than usual. Before she can begin chanting, I interrupt her.

"Wait a second, Megumin," I say, catching her attention. She looks at me questioningly. "I'm an Adventurer who can learn any skill, so why don't you teach me how to cast Explosion?"

Her eyes light up. "Really? You really want to learn!"

"Absolutely," I reply. "How could I not, after seeing you cast it so many times?"

A grin splits her face, and I can feel her nervousness disappear as she poses once more. "Very well! In that case, I shall guide you down the path of Explosions! Watch carefully my pupil, and see what you can learn!"

With that she begins chanting, her voice more confident and serious than it was before. I watch, observing how the mana flows through her and her staff, pooling into the magic circles that appear at her feet and in front of her staff. The buildup seems more powerful than before. Did she level up during the week and get enough skill points to upgrade her Explosion again?

I forget the question as her chant finishes and a brilliant beam of light fires from her staff and hits the castle before I can even blink. The castle is then lost from sight as it's enveloped in a massive fireball of fire and heat large enough to eclipse it entirely.

The shock wave washes over us and the air cracks as the force of it reaches us. Megumin slumps forward onto the ground, but her face is still up, her chin resting on the ground so she can watch the full thing.

Skill learned
[Explosion] - Level 1(0%)
Requires a charging time. Shoots a beam that releases a massive explosion on contact with a solid surface.

The signature mushroom cloud gently rises into the air, contrasting the sheer force of what just happened. Also contrasting it was the still very intact castle. That still rankles me, though Megumin doesn't seem to mind.

I make a show of pulling out my Status Card and poking at it. "That did it, I can learn the skill," I say. "I even have enough points saved up."

"You must have started with a lot of points," Megumin says. "Explosion costs even more than Advanced Magic, and that's for an Arch-Wizard."

Heh. Yeah right, like I'd be spending my points on this if I had to worry about something like that. "It's worth it," I say to her. "Now, let me show you what I've learned."

"Wait!" she says, still motionless. "Use my staff. I'll give you permission since it's your first time."

I glance down at her staff, which had fallen to the ground next to her, and use [Observe] on it.

Megumin's Staff
A magic staff made by the number one magic item artisan of the Crimson Demon Clan. It was given to Megumin as a farewell gift from her classmates. Increases the effectiveness of spells by 30%.

Huh. I hadn't realized it was that good and had that much sentimental value to it. "Alright, I'll gladly take you up on your offer." I make a mental note to enchant her staff to be even better later and raise it.

It's not until that moment that I realize I have a decision to make right now. To chant before the spell, or don't chant. Chanting would gain Megumin's approval, but it would also be incredibly embarrassing. I suddenly feel a lot more sympathy for Yunyun, the one normal person in the chuunibyou group of Crimson Demons.

"Nervous?" I hear Megumin ask. "Don't worry, everyone is their first time. Well, not me, but I had been daydreaming about my first experience every day while in class, so I couldn't hold myself back. But I don't judge you if you are having trouble figuring it out. Don't worry, I'll be your teacher, and I'm here to guide you."

I take a moment to wonder if she realizes the innuendo in her words, but shake my head rather than point it out. "Just trying to think of a chant. Maybe I should just skip it."

"You better not!" Megumin instantly says, shooting down my hope of getting out of it. "Your first time should be special, you can't just shoot it out immediately! You need to build up to it and unleash it in a magnificent burst!"

Okay, she has to know what she's doing, right? I sigh. "Alright alright, I'll do a chant," I agree. The things I do to get laid, I swear. I raise Megumin's staff once more, and I begin to chant, the words coming to me far easier than I expected.

"In the pursuit of deadly power,
And the quest for beautiful violence,
I call upon man's greatest force;
The child of the Beginning
and the ancestor of the End,
the power born of broken bonds.
Take my power and heed my will
Split the earth and sky!

Throughout the chant, I was able to feel the way the mana moves firsthand. A tenth of my mana pool disappears as I fire the complete spell, but the beam of light that fires from the staff isn't as impressive as Megumin's, nor is the explosion that rocks the distant castle. is kinda beautiful. I've always enjoyed watching Megumin's handiwork, to see her unleash so much destructive force so instantaneously. But I underestimated how satisfying it is to do it yourself, to feel your own mana be transformed into fire and heat and death on such a huge scale.

+14 Affection with Megumin
For the beautiful explosion

I grin and turn to her. "So? How was that?"

"It wasn't bad for a beginner, but you need practice," she criticizes. She pauses, and a little bit of her nervousness comes back, but it's not nearly as strong as before. "Why don't I show you again how it's done? Go ahead and do your mana replenishment thing."

I grin. This is what I was waiting for. "Sure thing, which method do you wanna use?"

She blushes, but she maintains a mask of confidence and keeps her tone casual. "Do the fast method, so I can show you sooner."

"The fast method?" I repeat as I lean her staff against a tree and slowly walk behind her, to where she can't see. "You do remember what the fast method is, right?"

"Of course I do, I'm the number one genius of the Crimson Demon Clan," she says proudly.

I step between her legs and squat down. Her dress didn't ride up when she fell, so even squatting down like this I can't see anything fun. But it would be easy for me to lift it up enough to see her panties. "How about you say what it is? Just so we're clear."

"I didn't expect you to be the kind of guy to tease me like this," she grumbles.

"Really?" I ask. "I feel like I've made it pretty clear what kind of guy I am."

She sighs. "No, you're right." She takes a deep breath. "I want you to fill me with your seed, so you can restore my mana. I can be with you."

I blink in surprise. That's right, Megumin could be pretty forward when she puts her mind to it. I had forgotten that, but it comes up at several points in the novels. If Kazuma had a spine, and if the law of comedy hadn't been working against him, he would have bagged Megumin pretty early on.

"You sure do know how to say exactly what a guy likes to hear," I reply as I place my hands on her thighs above her socks, [Touch of Pleasure] active. She shivers at my touch. "Not that I don't want to, because I do, but are you sure you want to do it with me?"

"I think you're the only person I'd want to do this with," she admits. "I know I wouldn't be the only one in your heart. You've already told me that. But… I think I'm okay with that. You're smart and kind and you're a good leader. You always let me cast Explosion, even going through more effort than is needed to let me have the finishing blow. I really appreciate that, and I've definitely fallen for you. So yes. I want to have s-sex." She stutters slightly, but she keeps going strong. "Especially if it means I can cast more Explosions."

Damn. I really wasn't prepared for such a heartfelt confession. I couldn't just ignore it and move on though. "I'm really glad to hear you say that Megumin," I reply. "I haven't known you for long, but I've come to really respect you in that time. Your dedication to Explosion is praiseworthy, and you're a fun and wonderful companion that I enjoy spending time with."

I push my hands up her legs, slipping them under the hem of her dress where I cup the softness of her butt cheeks. "And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to doing this kind of thing with you," I continue. "I've been very interested in it."

She shivers again as I gently squeeze her supple ass. "Even though I'm not as big or as beautiful as Momo or Darkness?"

"I'm the kind of man who likes all kinds of girls," I say as I remove my hands from her ass so I can lift the hem of her dress. I pull it up enough to expose her lower half entirely. She's wearing a rather mature set of black lacy panties. "Big, small, and everything in between, I like them all. You're aren't like those two, no. But you're just as appealing to me."

She blushes. "So you're just a pervert who takes whatever he can get then?"

I laugh. "I thought you knew what kind of guy I was already?" I see a darkened spot on her panties and run my finger along it. She squeaks in surprise, but can't move or react in any other way. "I don't think I'm the only pervert here though. Your panties are already pretty wet. Was that me? Or was it the Explosions that turned you on so much?"

She mumbles something, but I don't quite pick it up. So I press my fingers against her damped panties again, digging slightly into her slit. "Sorry, I couldn't hear that," I say. "Speak up."

"It was both," she repeats, sounding embarrassed now. "I usually get a little tingly when I use it but...seeing you use it was amazing."

I grin. "Is that so? Not gonna lie, that's pretty perverted. But it's also super hot." I grab the hem of her panties on either side of her hips and start pulling down. She doesn't say anything in response to either my words or my actions, but I feel her arousal and nervousness both kick up a little bit as I slide the fabric down her legs.

Once they're off of her I surreptitiously stash them in my inventory. Old habits die hard after all, and I think Kyu has corrupted me. But it's a fun kind of corruption, so I don't mind.

I focus back on the spot between her legs. Her pussy lips glisten with arousal, fluid slowly running down their folds to drip onto her dress, where a dark spot is starting to form already. "Well, we won't need much foreplay," I comment before running my finger once again along her opening.

"Foreplay?" Megumin asks, her voice a little breathy.

"A necessary step to ensure things go smoothly," I explain. "And it's a lot of fun too." She's a little on the smaller side, but she's also pretty wet already, so I start by pushing two fingers at once inside of her. A delightful little moan of surprise slips from her lips as my digits push their way into her, spreading her tight and hot inner walls.

"Did- did you already…?" she starts to ask before trailing off.

"Nope, these are just my fingers," I say, pushing them in more, stopping only when my knuckles are pressing against her outer lips.

"Your fingers?!" she repeats in surprise. "But it feels so big!"

"This is why we do foreplay," I say. "Because this is nothing compared to what's to come." I start pumping my fingers into her snatch, slowly spreading them more and more to stretch her out and loosen her up as much as I can.

She begins to moan and pant under my careful work. She's actually already pretty relaxed, though I assume that's due more to her lack of mana and ability to move than anything else. She's probably good to go after just a minute or so of me fingering her, but I keep it up for several more minutes.

I stop only when her voice cries out, higher-pitched and louder than before, and she cums. Her insides clamp tightly around my fingers for several moments as her orgasm washes over her. My dick, already hard, throbs in response.

"There, that should be good enough," I say as I undo my pants buckle and kick them off. Megumin doesn't reply as she's too busy trying to catch her breath. For a moment I consider flipping her over and kissing her long enough for her to be able to move again. But the desire to take her just like this, while she's too exhausted from her Explosion to move, is too appealing to pass on.

I suspect Megumin agrees because she doesn't say anything as I straddle her legs, my knees on either side of her thighs, and press the tip of my erection against her pussy. My dick is sandwiched by her soft thighs as the head of it pushes apart her labia.

"Last chance to change your mind," I tell her. "Either I stop here, or I'll keep going until I explode all over your insides."

She shivers, and I feel her arousal spike even more. "Just do it already!" she says, irritation failing to completely cover the desire in her voice.

I grin and push forward. Her lower lips part completely as my shaft disappears into them. I grunt in satisfaction at the feeling. She's tight. Not the tightest I've ever had, but tight enough that I'm glad I spent all that time loosening her up. I use [Imbue Elasticity] to make sure the stretching doesn't hurt her and push further in.

Due to our positioning, I can't hilt myself entirely in her, but I feel the tip of my dick hit her back wall before I would have hit that limit anyway. Megumin lets out a strange noise that is half yelp and half moan as I press against her deepest part.

"Th-that's it right? That's not your fingers, right?" she asks, a little panicked.

"Nope, that's my dick," I reply bluntly.

"It feels so big, like it's trying to split me apart," she says. " doesn't hurt. It feels amazing even."

"This is just the start," I say. "Hold on, I'm going to start moving." I lean down and plant my hands on the ground near her shoulders, changing my angle so it's more like I'm laying on top of her. And then I start to pump my hips.

Megumin can do nothing but lay there and moan as my dick pounds her pussy, the tip impacting against her back wall with every thrust. Her body shifts on the ground with every thrust, but she doesn't complain, losing herself in the pleasure.

I lean further down as I grunt. My thrusts slowly increase in speed, building up alongside my own pleasure and arousal as I slowly stop holding back. I've been anticipating this moment for weeks, for the time I could finally make Megumin mine. Megumin isn't the only one to lose themself in the sensation as the sound of skin slapping against skin rings through the clearing every time I thrust.

I don't know how long it takes, but eventually I feel my orgasm building. The speed of my thrusts increases even more as they get rougher. Megumin's moans increase in pitch accordingly, and when I can't hold it back any longer I push as deep into her as I can go and explode. My body jolts as I pump my semen into her, remembering at the last minute to use [Alchemical Blood] to turn it into an Ultimate Mana Potion.

Megumin cums as well as I fill her and her mana fills back up to max, her sweet voice echoing out between the trees.

After we both finish I stop as the two of us catch our breath. Knowing what she'll want to do without her needing to say it, I push myself up and get off of her, pulling out of her. I just sit down on the ground there, not bothering to stand up.

Megumin gets up as well, limbs shaking. Her dress falls back down as she stands up, but not before I spot the cum starting to leak out of her and slowly run down her leg. She walks, limps really, over to the tree that her staff is leaning against.

"I shall once again demonstrate Explosion for you," she says as she picks up her staff and raises it. She's still a little shaky, but I can feel the excitement and arousal still rolling off of her in waves.

"I'm watching," I tell her as I stand up and move behind her. She begins her chant, and for the third time today, an Explosion rocks the distant castle. Also for the third time, Megumin cums.

I catch her and her staff before she falls, holding her upright with her back against my chest. Without saying a word I take the staff from her loose fingers, and while I hold her like that, I begin to chant as well, repeating the same one from earlier.

Megumin shivers in my arms as yet another Explosion rings out. Mine still doesn't compare to hers, even with my far higher stats, but my second one is noticeably better than my first one. The early levels are always easy though. I'll have to get a lot of practice to level it up all the way. Speaking of which…

"You interested in going for more?" I ask her in a sensual whisper, my erection poking into her back.

"Yes," is her emphatic whisper.

I carry her over to a nearby tree, leaning her staff against it again before spinning her around and lifting her up. I put my hands on her ass and her back against the tree. My lips find hers, my saliva turning into a Minor Mana Potion as I shove my tongue into her mouth. She's able to kiss back, still having control of her mouth, and we make out until she can move once more.

She relies on me to support her as her hands reach downwards. She breaks our kiss long enough to lift the hem of her dress above her head and toss the garment to the side, revealing her lack of bra.

The energy changes once she's naked, the both of us growing hungrier. Rather than kissing her again my lips attach to one of her nipples. Her boobs are on the small side and they're all the more sensitive for it. She moans and clutches at me, wrapping her arms around me as I run my tongue around her rapidly hardening nipple.

My dick throbs beneath her, where it rises to press against her backside. She squirms, pressing against it, and I oblige her unspoken desire by repositioning her and pushing into her once again.

Her moans of pleasure are so much more erotic as she delivers them directly into my ear, her head next to mine as she holds me tightly. I start thrusting, not bothering to slowly ramp up, and instead pound her into the tree, grunting as I repeatedly bottom out inside of her.

This time she cums first, her arms and legs tightening around me as she calls out my name. I keep thrusting as she tightens and writhes around me, the increase in pleasure only hastening my own orgasm, which comes mere moments after her ends. I thrust up as I pull her down and once more fill her with my seed, forcefully pushing out the semen still inside of her from my last ejaculation.

Mana fills her once again, and she reaches for her staff, not bothering to separate herself from me. She lifts it, chants, and another explosion rocks the castle. She then hands me her staff even as she slumps back against the tree again, and I fire off another Explosion, my dick throbbing as she tightens around it.

We lose ourselves entirely to this pattern, and the two of us keep fucking in different positions, stopping briefly after each time I cum in her only to let loose another pair of explosions.

After four more double explosions Megumin looks at me, her eyes sharp despite how lost the two of us are in animalistic pleasure. "Together," is all she says as she offers her staff to me.

I grab hold and the two of us point the staff at the castle. We're still connected as we begin to chant, alternating lines as mana courses through us.

"Crimson-black blaze, king of myriad worlds,"

"Force above man and god, slayer of worlds,"

"though I promulgate the laws of nature,"

"the most pure form of destruction,"

"I am the alias of destruction incarnate"

"I am he who commands the forces of Nothing."

"in accordance with the principles of all creation."

"Heed my call and follow my will,"

"Let the hammer of eternity descend unto me!"

"Let this world taste your might!"


The largest and brightest beam of light yet is fired from Megumin's staff, and a small sun is born where the castle stands. The two of us squint, Megumin slumping against me once more, as we watch it. The clouds ripple and are shoved as the shockwave passes through them, heading quickly towards us. When it does, a roar of crashing thunder accompanies a force that almost knocks the two of us down. I hold Megumin tightly as I stabilize us.

After a moment the shockwave passes and the light dies down. A grin grows on my face as the castle comes back into view. It didn't take that one so well. All of the towers now end in short broken peaks, the stones that made them up scattered. More than one wall has collapsed, and the land around the castle is torn and burned. Whatever enchantments or magic that kept it together hadn't been able to bear the full might of our combined Explosion.

+7 Affection with Megumin
For the most euphoric experience of her life

Perk rewarded for 100 Affection with Megumin
[Reactive Mana] - All spells that are explosive in nature are twice as powerful

"That was ama-" Meguin starts to say, but she's interrupted by a wordless yell that rings through the forest, one of pure frustration and rage.

"Uh oh," I say.

"Did that just come from the castle?" Megumin asks, voice shaking with nervousness.

"The one several miles away? Yes. Yes, it did," I confirm. I look closely at the castle. "And now it has a horde of undead coming out of it. I think something has moved in since the last time we checked."

"We- we should go!" Megumin says.

"You don't wanna blow them away?" I ask.

"We don't have time for another round!" she insists. "And our combined Explosion just pissed him off! If they're undead, we should get Aqua!"

I think that we can definitely take them on now that they're outside the castle that was protecting them. But Megumin raises a good point. My plan was to piss off Beldia so we could take him down as a group and get the reputation from that. Megumin and I could take care of him, but I'd rather do it as a team.

"Right, we'll do that," I say as I put her down, finally pulling myself out of her. A massive amount of semen instantly drops from her and onto the ground. I ignore it and set her sitting against a tree, gathering her discarded dress and putting it back on her. Then I quickly dress before I pick her up, grab her staff, and I start running back towards town.

I'm not too worried about them catching up to us. Beldia might be able to- if I was normal. But I can run faster than even his headless horse. It would just be annoying if they did because then I'd have to stop holding back and show Megumin what I'm capable of.

"By the you think I'm going to get pregnant?" Megumin asks in a nervous tone as I carry her away. "I mean, I was prepared to be a mother in order to cast more explosions but now I'm thinking about it and it's really sinking in and I think casting Explosion and collapsing might be dangerous to a baby but I don't know if I can stop using it and also it's just a really big-"

"You don't have to worry about that," I tell her, cutting off her rambling. "I've made myself infertile. It's easily reversible, but most of the time I have sex I don't want kids, and the appeal of cumming inside of a girl is too good."

"Oh," she says, equal parts relieved and disappointed. Yeah, I'm not gonna touch that one. Momo having one kid on the way is enough for me, thanks.

"When we get back we'll tell the others about the undead in the castle," I say. "Then, tomorrow morning, we'll go in and clear them out with the others."

"Shouldn't we tell the Guild?" Megumin says as I exit the forest and reach the road that leads back to town.

"And also tell them that we're the ones that pissed it off by bombing it?" I counter. "Not to mention the possibility that the land is privately owned?"

She pauses. "Ah."

"We'll take care of it ourselves," I say. "That way we can still get the credit, we look good for not needing a Guild request, and we can blame any damage on the undead within. It'll at least give us some plausible deniability."

"Right, okay," Megumin replies. We continue in silence for a few moments, then she speaks up again. "Ending aside...that was amazing," she says. "Even the first time I saw Explosion pales in comparison to that."

"I had a good time too," I say. "Why don't you start spending your nights in my room, with Me and Momo? I'll introduce you to Kyu, and all of us will have some 'explosive' experiences together."

She blushes. "T-together? I guess that sounds nice…"

I grin. "Perfect. Don't worry, I made sure to get an extra-large bed, there's plenty of room for all of us."

Today was a pretty good day. I learned a powerful new spell and I had some of the most exciting sex of all time with my first new harem member here.

And tomorrow we'll defeat a Demon King's General and become the heroes of this town.

My grin widens. This world is great.

I yawn as I walk through the halls of the mansion, headed for the kitchen. I could just [Void Travel] there, but I like walking through the empty halls before anyone else wakes up. It's a nice quiet moment to help me transition from sleepiness to wakefulness. Even if I don't need to sleep when I do, it's still just as difficult to wake up as it is for any other person.

Every morning I wake up early, with the help of Tara acting as an alarm clock and giving me a mental poke at a certain time, and make breakfast for the girls. It levels up my [Cooking] and gives everyone small buffs for the day, buffs that come in handy while we do quests.

Before, the buffs from [Cooking] weren't enough to last the whole day. But when the skill hit level 75 all the buffs my food gave increased in both duration, potency, or both. The skill is at level 86 now, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when I max it out.

I reach the kitchen and start pulling ingredients out of my inventory. Another reason I do this before anyone wakes up, though truth be told I'm pretty close to just revealing my full capabilities. Nerfing myself to experience the normal adventurer life is fun and all, but it's also pretty inconvenient. Not to mention that the temporary nerf that I got when I came here was even more insignificant than I thought it would be. The low average level of the world combined with the early class levels being really easy to get meant I was the strongest person in this world within a week of arriving. Without threats, I had no reason to hide what I could do.

After Beldia, then I'll start showing off. After all, it wouldn't be strange for someone who defeated one of the Demon King's Generals to be special and overpowered. There's already precedent for powerful individuals with unique abilities in the lore of this world, thanks to the gods summoning people from other worlds and giving them Divine Blessings.

Thinking of Beldia reminds me of last night, where Megumin and I explained what we found to the others. We told them about the castle, how we were using it as a target for Explosion, and how a horde of undead had come out of it, causing us to flee to tell them. I also added that I had kept an eye on them as we ran and that they hadn't chased us all the way back to town. But I followed it up by saying that if they had someone with intelligence behind them, it wouldn't be hard for them to guess that we live here in Axel, so we should prepare to take care of them the next day before they can retaliate.

Mentioning that there were undead to kill was all I had needed to say to get Aqua on board. Her hatred of the undead is a useful tool at times like this, though it's balanced out by needing to protect Wiz from her. The others were equally easy to convince. I just had to tell Darkness that they looked tough and perverted, a description she accepted without questioning how undead could even look perverted. And Momo is usually willing to follow my lead on just about anything, deferring to my knowledge and experience.

That wasn't the only news Megumin and I had shared with them last night. I didn't make a big announcement, but it made it clear that Megumin was mine, and that had led to me revealing that I indeed had a harem, just like Kazuma had accused me of.

The reactions to that had been interesting. Darkness looked equal parts scandalized, aroused, and jealous, where Aqua was vaguely amused but mostly disinterested. Momo was accepting and as excited as I thought she would be, though I was surprised to see money pass hands from Tara to Momo. Apparently, they had a bet on who I could get first, and Momo had guessed correctly. Tara had bet on Darkness.

Tara's bet wasn't bad, but it failed to fully factor in Darkness's fetish, and how it matches with my preferences.

Speaking of which, I frown as [Void Detect] picks up Darkness awake and walking around her room. Darkness doesn't sleep in as much as the others, and in fact, she's usually the first to wake up. But it's still early, even for her.

Not to mention that she's exiting her room, having changed from her pajamas to...negligee? Ah. I allow myself a grin before I force my expression to be neutral. I half expected this after last night, but I didn't think she'd be so quick to act on it. She really is a shameless pervert.

I pretend not to notice her as she arrives at the kitchen door, where she stands awkwardly. She's equal parts nervous and aroused and I'm sure her imagination is already working overdrive. But after nearly a minute of standing there, she finally musters up the courage to say something. "G-good morning Axton," she says, anticipation clear in her voice.

"Oh, good morning Darkness," I say without turning to face her, focusing instead on the ham sizzling in the pan in front of me. "You're up early, breakfast will be a few more minutes."

"Ah, no, that's not- I mean I wanted to-," she stutters, panicking slightly because I'm not following what she envisioned. "I had something I wanted to ask you," she says, finally stringing together a coherent sentence.

"Ask away," I reply casually, still not turning around.

She squirms in frustration, biting her lip. She doesn't reply for a moment. If I had to guess, I would say she doesn't actually have a question and is desperately trying to think of one. "What do you think of my outfit?" she suddenly blurts out.

Huh. More direct than I expected, but it doesn't leave me a lot of wiggle room to not look. I suppose I could only draw out this portion of things for so long. I glance over my shoulder, carefully keeping my face neutral as my eyes quickly scan her. She's dressed up in black babydoll lingerie; a transparent top that her nipples are visible in with a dress part that is too sheer to hide anything and a pair of lacy blank panties that actually is opaque enough to prevent her from being totally visible.

I turn my head back forward, my eyes back on the food I'm making. "It's nice," I say with all the enthusiasm of a disinterested parent commenting on their child's crayon drawing while watching television.

"Th-that's it?" Darkness replies in shock. "That's all you think about it?"

I shrug. "Yeah, it looks good. Not really appropriate for wearing in public, but that's it."

Her arousal spikes at being so casually dismissed, and I struggle to contain my grin. Truth be told, I could have had Darkness bouncing on my dick on my second day here. She's so easy. But I had a better idea. She's one of the few girls I'm aware of that's into denial play, and one of my favorite things to do is tease my girls.

So rather than immediately getting her into my bed, wouldn't it be far more fun to push her to the edge, to make her hornier and hornier as she tries to elicit a reaction from me, only for me to pretend not to notice her attempts? It's the kind of denial play that I won't be able to indulge in once I do fuck her, so why not see how far this game can go?

I catch her mumbling with [Sound Domain]. "Of course, this low level of seduction isn't enough, not for a beast like him. I bet he's constantly surrounded by way sexier lingerie. But I don't have anything more revealing. Unless…"

She speaks up louder. "W-well. I suppose you're right. Though truth be told, it's not very comfortable. Do you think I should...take it off?"

"Sure, if that'll make you more comfortable," I answer in the same tone as before.

"O-okay! I'll do it! For real!" she insists, her breathing growing heavy as she grows excited. I hum noncommittally, only doing the bare minimum to acknowledge her declaration that she was about to strip.

This would be a lot harder for me to resist if I couldn't cheat with [Void Sight] and watch her without her knowing. To her credit, she makes good on what she said she would do and starts to strip, slowly removing the lingerie.

Darkness has a killer body, comparable to Akeno and Rias back in DxD in terms of sheer bombshell factor. What she was wearing didn't do much to hide that, but there's still a world of difference between even sexy lingerie and completely nude, which she is after she steps out of her panties.

"There!" she says, discarding her underclothes to the ground next to her. "Yes, being n-naked is much more comfortable!"

"Glad you figured that out," I say, still refusing to look with my own eyes. On the other hand, I use [Void Sight] liberally to get a closer look. Every aspect of her body is full and thick; her tits, her ass, her thighs, everything. I want to grab her all over and indulge in her fetish by tying her up. But I can do that in the future.

"Are- aren't you going to look?" she asks, a bit of desperation leaking into her voice.

"Maybe later," I say. "I'm busy cooking right now."

She bites her lip and squirms some more. "So cruel," she says, too quiet for me to hear without [Sound Domain]. Her chest is heaving, making her boobs bounce in an almost hypnotizing manner, and she's aroused enough that I can see a faint glisten on her upper thighs, just below her crotch."In- in that case, I'll be in the dining room, waiting for breakfast."

"Sure thing," I say. "It shouldn't be too much longer. Don't forget to bring your underwear with you, I don't want those strewn around the kitchen."

She tenses as her arousal spikes again. "R-right, of course," she replies meekly, contrasting her excitement. She bends over to pick up the discarded clothing and offers [Void Sight] an amazing view of her ass, with her moist slit perfectly framed by her juicy thighs.

She stands up all too soon, not knowing that I'm watching her, and leaves the kitchen. As she makes her way to the dining room, I adjust my boner, attempting to make it less obvious how hard I am. This little game of ignoring Darkness's advances might be more difficult than I anticipated.

As I finish making breakfast, keeping it all warm in my inventory, the other girls start to wake up. I left Kyu, Momo, and Megumin all cuddling each other on my bed. We had a lot of fun introducing Megumin to the non-Explosion focused realms of sex and pleasure. But they're awake now, and in just a few minutes they arrive downstairs.

After a brief visit to the dining room, Momo comes to the kitchen and wraps her arms around me, hugging me and giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning dear," she says. "Care to explain why Darkness is sitting at the table, hyperventilating and naked?"

"I turned her seduction attempt into a bit of denial play," I explain succinctly.

"Ah," Momo replies, understanding clear in her voice. "Should I make her dress?"

"It might make Megumin more comfortable," I say, noting the glares the more petite girl is sending Darkness.

Momo nods. "Right, I'll do that then. Are you almost done here? Need any help?"

"I'm good, just a couple finishing touches," I say. "I'll have it hot and ready for when Darkness is dressed."

"Good, I'm starving," she says. "I'll be right back." She gives me another squeeze before letting go of me and heading back towards the dining room. I can honestly say I don't deserve her, but also that I'm never ever letting her go.

I finish making breakfast quickly as Momo talks to Darkness, snapping her out of her lust fuelled haze. I can't use [Empathy] on her at this range, but it's easy to see that Darkness quickly grows embarrassed and rushes up to her room to change into something more normal. Of course, she gets off on that too, but she doesn't let it distract her.

I shake my head in amusement as I carefully balance several platters of food to bring out to the dining hall. Yeah, I definitely need to reveal my inventory soon so I don't have to bother with this.

Tomorrow; I'll do it tomorrow. Today we'll have breakfast, head out, take out Beldia, and celebrate.

Plan set, I bring the food to the dining room, arriving just as Darkness sits down, still blushing.

"Eat up girls," I announce as I set the food on the table. "We've got a big day ahead of us."

I quietly lead the girls up a path I scouted earlier. It's free of undead watchers and hidden from view of the castle. It leads to a servant's entrance, dilapidated and forgotten by time, but still intact and usable. As far as I can tell, there aren't any undead in that section of the castle at all. It's a big place after all, Beldia would need a significantly larger force than he currently has to man the whole thing.

Then again, it could be that the ones that would normally be here are all busy making repairs to the broken walls on the other side of the castle, the ones caused by Megumin and me yesterday. Either way, I plan on taking advantage of it.

The five of us make it into the castle without incident. Well, Aqua made enough noise to wake up a Snorlax, but I use [Sound Domain] to make sure no one hears it. Once we're in, we huddle up and I go over our gameplan one more time.

"Most of the undead are busy at work repairing the castle," I tell them. "However, there are still patrols. Running into one of them will draw all of them down on us, so what we want to do is sneak through the castle until we reach the boss room, which is the throne room. Then we blitz the undead leader in there and the remaining undead should be uncoordinated and easy to mop up. Understood?"

Everyone nods. Good. "Follow me, and stay quiet." The patrol routes are pretty tight, meaning we'll have to get closer to them than I would like. [Sound Domain] and [Void Detect] will go pretty far in letting us avoid them, but I'm picking up a few tricky points. There are stationary guards too, mostly positioned at points we have little choice but to pass through.

I decide to worry about that when we get there. Worst case scenario, I'll reveal [Void Travel] and use it to get us past them. With that in mind, we begin creeping through the halls.

I can't help but wonder what the patrols look like at full capacity. Beldia isn't to be underestimated. Granted, the Lich I fought in the hardcore Undead dungeon was a lot more dangerous than Beldia is, but that wasn't an easy fight, and I have my squishy teammates to consider as well.

As we carefully sneak behind a patrol of two undead that just passed by, I freeze as I sense Aqua raising her staff. Before I can stop her, she calls out "Turn Undead!". The two zombies are caught in a pillar of holy light and disintegrate into ash.

"What the fuck are you doing!" I hiss at Aqua. I curse as every undead in the castle turns and starts heading towards us.

"What? Aren't we here to kill the undead?" Aqua asks, confused and upset.

"We had a plan, one you agreed to," I shoot back at her. "Take out the boss, then mop up the rest. But now all of them are coming for us and we need to prepare."

I'd gotten lax with keeping an eye on Aqua since she hasn't caused much trouble lately. Oh well, this situation is still salvageable. We'll just have to reverse the order. I push them into a side room with only one entrance.

"Darkness, stand guard at the door," I order her. "You're our wall. Prevent them from reaching us."

"Yes sir!" she replies enthusiastically, drawing her sword and taking her position.

"Megumin, you're on standby," I continue. Megumin nods, she's used to being held as our trump card. "Aqua and Momo, you'll be joining me in fighting them off with ranged spells while Darkness holds them at bay. Aqua, I want you to demonstrate Sacred Turn Undead for me."

"No!" she protests. "You're just trying to take my job so you can get rid of me!"

I pinch the bridge of my nose. "No, I'm trying to double up on firepower. I've learned skills from literally everyone else in the party and I haven't gotten rid of them, and I have no plans to."

"Fine," she says, still pouting.

"Good, because the first wave is here! Ready up Darkness!"

"My body is ready!"

Not what I meant, but good enough. The first group of undead comes around the corner, zombies wearing plate armor. Despite their rot, they run just as well as any living man, not at all hampered by either their form or their armor. As they come to a stop in front of Darkness, their weapons raised, Aqua uses her spell to annihilate them.

New Skill Learned
[Sacred Turn Undead] - Level 1(0%)
Deals massive holy damage in an area of effect. Damage scales with WIS, level of faith, and divinity.

Perfect. I lack any faith or divinity, I think, but my WIS should make up the difference. "Momo, you're on crowd control duty. Box them in so Aqua and I can grind them up."

"Understood," she says with a nod. There's no more time to strategize, as the sound of clanking footsteps echoes through the room as more undead come for us.

The next twenty minutes are the same thing over and over again. A wave of zombies approach, bigger than the last one, and Darkness uses her body to protect us while Momo uses spells and her barriers to clump them together so Aqua and I can smite them. Technically Momo could just make a barrier and we wouldn't need Darkness to do the job. But Darkness is enjoying herself, so it's fine.

Eventually, the flow of undead stops. "Is, is that it?" Megumin asks hestinantly.

"No, there are still more, but they're not approaching," I comment, frowning. "No wait, one is approaching. But it's different from the others."

We watch as an undead approaches. It's far larger than the others and has more ornate armor. My first thought is that maybe it's Beldia himself, but there's a far stronger undead still in the throne room, and this undead's armor is silver rather than black.

It doesn't draw its weapon as it approaches and instead comes to a stop in front of Darkness. I put a hand in front of Aqua, interrupting her spell.

"My master recognizes your strength, adventurers," the undead says in a low and rumbling voice. "Rather than continue this slaughter, he invites you to the throne room, where he will allow you to challenge him directly."

So Beldia got tired of us chewing through his forces and is probably trying to salvage what he can. "Very well, lead the way," I say with a confident smirk.

"I don't think so!" Aqua protests. "This is an undead we're talking about! I don't trust him one bit!"

"My master is honorable, there is no trickery here," the undead insists.

"It's fine, this will just save us time," I say. "Even if it is a trap, I'm sure we can handle it. Are you scared of a few undead Aqua?"

"Never!" she says. "Fine, we'll go to your lame master or whatever."

The hulking undead leads us through the halls. I confirm with [Void Detect] that we're heading directly to the throne room, where the powerful undead is waiting. I'm not worried about trickery. I wouldn't go so far as to call Beldia honorable, but he has rules he follows and ideas about how things should be done.

It doesn't take long to get to the throne room. We had made decent progress before Aqua announced our presence like that. The undead guiding us pushes open the large doors leading to the throne room and beckons us in.

The throne room isn't very big, all things considered. Granted, this isn't exactly a royal palace. It probably belonged to some Lord or Duke before it was abandoned. It's still large enough to hold a couple dozen people though, and on the other side is a figure in pitch-black armor sitting in an ornate throne that has been ravaged by time. By his side, leaning against the wall next to him is a massive greatsword.

"So you are the adventurers who have come to challenge me," he says, not standing up. "I am surprised. I was under the impression that the town nearby was filled with beginners. But the five of you are powerful indeed." He stands up, grabbing the hilt of his sword and casually hefting it onto his shoulder.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he continues. "My name is Beldia, Dullahan and General of the Dem-"

"Sacred Turn Undead!" Aqua shouts, cutting off Beldia's introduction. The undead screams in pain as holy energies tear into him, his sword dropping from his hand and clattering on the ground, and his head rolling from where it rests on his shoulders.

We watch, unsure how to feel as the Demon King's general rolls around on the ground in pain. "You couldn't have at least let him introduce himself?" I ask Aqua.

She crosses her arms and turns her head up. "No. Undead don't deserve such things."

"I think he was saying that he's one of the Generals for the Demon King," Darkness comments. "We should fight him. No, let me fight him while you all run. I'll hold him off as long as I can. Don't worry about me, I'll endure whatever horrible tortures he thrusts upon me while he has me captured and chained up in his dungeon."

"Down girl," I say before sighing. "Well, if this guy is a General, we should take care of him. Let's do a good job of it. Megumin, you want to do that thing we did yesterday?"

She blushes and squirms. "I- I don't see how doing that sort of thing right now would help and I really don't think I'm comfortable doing it with the others watching."

"I meant casting Explosion together," I deadpan.

"Oh," she says, cheeks blushing even more before she perks up. "Wait, you wanna do that again?! Absolutely!"

Beldia starts to get up, so I lift my hand. "[Capture]," I say. Wire made of mana shoots from my hand and wraps around Beldia, sending him tumbling back down towards the ground. As an afterthought, I use [Take] and remove his helmet from his head. It's distinctive and will be good proof that we took care of Beldia.

Both [Capture] and [Take] are new skills I've acquired in the past couple of weeks by learning new ones and combining them.

Skills [Pickpocket] and [Steal] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Take] - Level 34(95%)
Attempt to steal a targeted item. Range of 34 meters. Has a 34% chance of taking the targeted item. On failure, it has a 50% chance of taking another object and a 50% chance of not taking anything

Skills [Bind] and [Skill Bind] successfully combined!
New Skill added

[Capture] - Level 10(0%)
Binds a target in a magical rope that physically restrains them and prevents them from using any skills, magic, or other abilities.

I tracked down a Thief and paid them to show me a few skills. I was hoping to find Chris, but even Darkness doesn't know where she is right now. Still, there are plenty of Thieves in Axel, and they were able to show me [Steal]. I then immediately combined it with the mostly useless [Pickpocket] to get something actually useful. I need to train it up some more, but thankfully I don't need to use it on people, I can just target items sitting on tables or out in the open.

[Bind] and [Skill Bind] are two more skills I picked up from that Thief. Truth be told, most Thief skills aren't that useful to me because I already have skills that do the same thing. But these ones stood out. [Bind] wraps a target in rope or wire, restraining them. [Skill Bind] prevents them from using skills but doesn't physically bind them. On a whim, I tried combining them, and sure enough, it gave me a skill that does both.

Grey and colorless flesh is revealed when I remove just the helmet. The skin where his neck once was is rotted, and he's completely bald. Panic, anger, and confusion are painted on his face. "What, what is this?" he asks. "Even an Arch-Priest should be incapable of dealing such holy damage to me. And what is this skill you've used on me?"

I ignore him. "Momo, protect us with a barrier as soon as Megumin and I fire the spell," I say. She nods. This isn't the first time she's used the barrier she can make thanks to the Devil Fruit I gave her to protect us from an Explosion. The combination makes Explosion a lot more viable since we don't have to worry too much about not being in range.

"But I wanna kill him!" Aqua whines.

"Too bad," I tell her. "This is punishment for getting us caught earlier. Darkness, stop her from casting and I'll punish you later."

"Gladly!" Darkness replies as she wraps her arms around the goddess.

"Don't ignore me!" Beldia yells, his voice hoarse now that he lacks his helmet. His body is tied up and unable to move though, so all he can do is watch in horror as I stand next to Megumin and put a hand on her staff.

Megumin and I begin to chant, using the same words as yesterday and alternating lines. I talked to Megumin and Momo about it last night. What we're doing is known as concurrent casting. There's not a lot of ways to do group spell casting. Normally wizards just cast the same spell at the same time, but they're still two distinctive spells.

But when two people cast the same spell through the same staff or other catalyst, it turns into just one spell. It's not usually done because the spell it results in is usually less effective than casting the spell twice would be. But for a spell like Explosion, it's not a bad idea. One bigger bomb can be more useful than two normal bombs, especially if you're trying to blow up something especially durable.

But more importantly, it's just really cool and fun to do.

A beam of light flashes and heads directly for the throne. Momo puts up the barrier just in time as the entire room explodes, the world turning into nothing but heat, light, force, and an unbearably loud boom. I use [Sound Domain] to reduce the volume as much as I can, to protect our eardrums, turning it into 'just' a thunderous roar.

It only takes a moment for the light and heat to disappear, but the dust takes far longer to settle. Momo drops the barrier and uses a wind spell to blow the dust away, revealing the aftermath.

The only remaining trace of the castle is the stone floor that was protected by Momo's barrier. Whatever spells or construction methods that made it so sturdy apparently did nothing to protect it from an internal Explosion. All around us is only rubble and scorched dirt.

"There's no kill like overkill, huh?" I say as I hold Megumin, who used all of her mana again.

"That killed him, right?" Momo asks.

In response, I pull out my Adventurer's card and check the recent kills listed on it. Sure enough, it's listed there. "Beldia, Elite Dullahan, Demon King General," I read the listing out loud. "We got him."

"Such destructive force," Darkness says with a shiver of ecstasy. "I can't imagine what taking that must feel like."

"Don't hold on to me like that when you're fantasizing!" Aqua yells, panicked. She struggles in Darkness's grip until the other girl lets go of her.

"Come on, let's go back home and report this to the Guild," I say. "Momo, you have enough mana to Teleport us?"

"I do," she says.

"Then let's go," I say. "I'm sure the others and the Guild will want to celebrate once they hear the good news." The others cheer in excitement as we gather around Momo, and with a quick chant from her, we vanish from the battlefield and head back home.

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