Chapter 10

Patricias POV

I sat on the dingy brown chair holding a sleeping Luna. My leg was covered in puss and blood, definitely infected. The bleeding had yet to stop and I wasn't sure how much blood loss I had over the past few days. I tried steadying my breathing, deep breath for 4, hold it for 2, let it out for 4. The pain was immense but I couldn't let Luna see my anguish. As she layed on my chest, I could feel the salty tears stream down my face. I didn't know when Vera would be back.

The warehouse door creaked open, the sunshine through as Vera entered with a take out box.

"Here's you food for the day," she threw the box at me.

"They're gonna find us, give it up Vera."

"I will never give up. Your little posey cost me everything. Once I get that money I won't need you anymore." She pushed the door closed behind her. "Once your mother transfers me the money I've asked for, I'll be out of here."

"What about us?"

"I'll send them your coordinates, once I'm out of the country." I swallowed hard and she gave me a devilish grin.

"And if she doesn't give you the money…?"

"Let's not talk about that."

I glued my eyes to Vera, wary of her next move. My heart felt like it would beat out of my chest. Just then, I heard footsteps on the gravel pavement outside. Vera turned towards where the noise was coming from.


The door had been kicked in by someone in all black pointing a gun towards me. With almost cat-like reflexes, Vera took the handgun from her pocket and grabbed my arm, pulling me up from the dingy chair. As she cocked the gun she rested it next to the temporal bone of my skull. I could feel the cold metal as it made contact with my scalp. I shut my eyes in hopes of suppressing my urge to puke out of fear.

Luna fell out of my lap and ran to hide away from the large men at the door.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Vera said to the policemen.

"Ms Devinish drop your weapon," the woman who said this was significantly smaller than the other male agents to the side of her.

"Not until I get my money."

Vera took a step to the back of the warehouse with me in her arms. I wasn't about to fight with her while she had a gun pointed to my head. The agents followed her, guns drawn, but Vera kept me tight in her grasp.

"Drop your weapon Vera,"

Before I could process what happened next, the woman had fired her weapon striking Vera in the right arm. As Vera fell to the ground, I ran towards the agents. I had no idea who these people were but I knew I could trust them.

As one of the agents cuffed Vera, I fell to the ground crying out in pain as I reached one of the agents. The young woman came up to me and gave me a hug, trying to comfort me.

"It's over Patricia, you're safe now."

I could finally breathe.

"Where's Luna?" I cried out to the agents. "Luna!" I yelled, I had no idea where she went. Instantaneously, we all heard a box fall as Luna came running up to me. I held her in my arms as tightly as I possibly could. Before I could stand up again, one of the other agents took her in his arms.

"We need to check her out with the medics."

I nodded as I handed her off to the agent. Two of the other agents then tried to help me up and walk me out of the warehouse. Once we stepped outside, the sun hit me like a laser, blinding me from everything that was around me.

As I was scanning the outside world I heard a yell from a group of people.


I could recognize that voice anywhere. Eddie was sprinting toward me as I broke free from the agents with all my strength to run towards him. Once we met, Eddie wrapped his arms around me and I fell to the ground in pain again. We then collapsed to the ground together. He reached up to my face, holding my checks in his palms as tears streamed down both of our faces. He whipped away one of my tears with his thumb.

"Yacker, I'm so sorry," he sobbed.

"No I'm sorry, for everything. I love you." I couldn't keep my tears at bay either. We both leaned in to close the distance between our lips. As his soft lips hit mine, I felt every ounce of love. I've ever felt for this man rush through me like a river. It felt as if every kiss we've had was channeled at that moment. My heart felt like it would burst as I reached for the back of his neck, our tears mixing as we held each other in the longest kiss we've ever had.

As the need for oxygen became more apparent, we broke apart, he gently lifted me up and carried me bridal style a few meters to the ambulance where a medic was looking at Luna. I put my head into his chest and breathed in his familiar scent, tears staining his shirt. Another agent ran up to Eddie and asked if he could take me to the ambulance. Eddie nodded and handed me over to the largest of all the officers.

"Daddy," I heard from Luna as Eddie rushed towards her and took her in his arms. A smile came to my face as I was set down on the gurney. Before I could process what the medical team was doing my eyes shut and the world went black