He was akin to a Rhoynar god striding into battle clad in armour of thicker make then other knight's and looked incredibly old. The outline of a sunburst had been graven into the knight's breastplate, decorated with fine golden tracery. For all its age, the armour had obviously been reverently treated – delicate flutes of beaten metal winked in the morning sun, lending the curved steel an almost palpable glow all his fastenings were gilded, and the gilded steel was burnished to such a high sheen that it shone like a spear of flame in the light of the rising sun. while large couter's protected his elbow and arm these were also gilded. While a solid gorget encircles his throat stamped upon the metal is a viper's head His rondels were great golden medallions embossed with the sun and spear of martell these wrought of steel and gold. His tower shield is massive oak-and-steel bearing his personal sigil. The sun and spear of martell quartered with the wolf of stark colors reversed. While traveling he wears a fine satin cloak, in the red and gold of house martell, it is fastened by a clasp of obsidian and gold in the shape of a viper a token of affection from his dear dornish beauty. Jon's horse was a great white destrier of impressive size clad in splendid golden barding the destrier has a blanket with enameled crimson scales and gilded crinet and chamfron, as well as crimson silk barding's decorated with the viper of martell, many who witness the charge of this great horse to be no mortal creature, but a great elemental of wave and water. Of course, this is untrue, but Jon likes to foster the impression all the same. He trained the great steed in the surf along the shores of Plankytown, giving rider and beast great strength and endurance unmatched by the knights of other houses. Finally came his sword sheathe and belt both fashioned from the finest lambskin of the free cities the belt itself was studded with garnets and rubies while the sheathe was wrapped in bands of glittering gold with each cross-section studded by large yellow diamonds. Astride his great beast in the full panoply of war Jon was akin to an ancient Rhoynar god. Jon also owns a mighty lance, an ancient artefact brought to Dorne from distant Valyria. It was crafted from summer isle wood inlaid in gold, and its curving vamplate guard had been carved in the likeness of a viper. Jon wielded this lance as if it were but a sword, skewering his enemies and throwing them to the ground with contemptuous ease. his weapon was equally resplendent Mother's Ruin is the greatsword of House Martell gifted to Jon by Lord Doran for saving his life from Essosi pirates it is as wide across as a man's hand. The blade is taller than an adolescent Robb Stark and near as tall as Ser Ilyn Payne. Its Valyrian steel is dark and smoky with deep rippling waves.

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