Tall and Grim was he akin to the winged knight of old tales striding into battle encased in silver plate and mail embossed upon the surface of the breastplate were twin falcons their eyes set with fine sapphires, Large circular rondels, enameled cream-and-blue in the moon-and-falcon sigil of House Arryn, protected the vulnerable juncture of arm and breast. all his fastenings were gilded, and the silver steel was burnished to such a high sheen that it shone like the rays of the winter moon. while large couter's protected his elbow and arm these were also gilded, A skirt of lobstered metal covered him from waist to midthigh, while a solid gorget encircles his throat stamped upon this gorget was the emblem of the Eyrie forges. His kite shield is massive weirwood dyed blue and rimmed with steel it bore the falcon of Arryn upon its face. While traveling through the Vale Jon wears a heavy satin great cloak lined with the pelt of a bear it was gifted to him by Ned, fastened by a fine brooch shaped from a large square cut sapphire set in heavy silver chain a token of affection from Lord Arryn. His Great helm is equally splendid wrought of fine silver falcon's wings sprouted from the temples of his helm. He also owns a magnificent warhorn it was fashioned from the bark of a weirwood wrapped in silver bands. It is said to be a thousand years old taken as wergild from the ancient winter kings for whom the house of Ser Artys bore great contempt. In lieu of a horse Jon rides a great black hippogryph named Beaquis it is a magnificent beast in heavy silver barding styled in the ancient traditions of the Vale so his mount bore the colours of Stark and Arryn a magnificent crest even among the costly liveries of his Westerosi brothers. Jon also owns the great lance, of Ser Artys Arryn. It was crafted from pale wood inlaid in silver, and its curving vamplate guard had been carved in the likeness of a Falcon's head. Jon wielded this lance as if it were but a sword, skewering his enemies and throwing them to the ground with contemptuous ease. Finally came his sword sheathe and belt both fashioned from the finest leather of the Reach the belt itself was studded with several large square cut sapphires while the sheathe was wrapped in crisscrossing bands of silvered steel with each cross-section stamped with the falcon of Arryn. Jon wields the bastard sword long claw a mighty weapon that was once held by the Mormont's of bear island he received the blade and his knighthood when he faced Ironborn raiders on the shores of the isle As Jon wielded this blade, it would catch the sun's rays, dazzling his enemies as he charged into battle. Astride his trusted companion Jon was as noble and fair as a lord of lord of the Westerlands, as strong as the warrior, as wise as the father, as venerable as an Archon of Valyria, and as kind as the winds of spring.

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