Dr. Eggman had been defeated once more and watching that Egg Mobile fly away was just as satisfying as eating Chilli Dogs. Ignoring the man's cursing, the hero of the planet decided that he just didn't want to do anything else for the rest of the day. Pulling out the wrap ring, he stepped through into those hills he loved so much.

Green Hill was the favorite part of his old home, and the only part he allowed himself to visit in good conscious. The calming waterfalls and huge sunflowers brought him much joy as he found his favorite hill. It overlooked most of the area and featured a giant tree for him to sit under and enjoy the day with.

Patting out the grass under his favorite spot, he sat down and leaned against the bark, making the perfect angle for his head and quills.

It was a cool day since the season was changing to fall. The tree kept most of its green leaf's, and it kept some of the heat away from the harsh sun. He could focus in on the small birds chirping, tiny bees buzzing as they took their nectar from the flowers and even the wind as it rushed over the hill.

It was very peaceful.

He had lost track of time; it was a little bit after noon. He tried to stretch, but he was stuck by something. Sonic looked to his left side and saw the source of the issue, his best buddy Tails, was on his left arm. At first, he thought about maybe moving him, but it dawned on the hedgehog that it really wasn't worth the disturbance. He drifted back to sleep once more.

Once again, he was woken up by the time. It was close to sundown since the color of the sky was changing, and to his right, Rosy was on his right arm. He chuckled and noticed that there was a weight on his legs. Ray was on his right leg and Mighty was on his left leg, both sleeping peacefully. The hedgehog sighed and went back to sleep again.

For possibly for the final time today, Sonic woke up to see his crew in blankets. He could hear in the distance someone walking, so looked in the direction of the noise. He saw Knuckles walking off into a wrap back to Angel Island, carrying a blanket for himself. The blue blur snuggled into the blanket and found that his friends were still on his limbs. Sure, his body parts may have gone numb by now, but it was just too relaxing to disturb. His friends all snuggled up to him; Rosy was now cuddling his arm, Tails was up against his side clutching his other arm, and Ray and Mighty have shifted on their sides for more comfort.

He was a bit hungry, but meh.

Sonic went back to sleep once more, ignoring the hunger pains and numbness in his body.