After another attempt on her life, a newly empowered Bonnie Bennett, spends her summer trying to track down Kai Parker, who managed to escape after the wedding massacre. Now Bonnie Damon and Alaric are left traveling across the world searching for Kai to bring back Elena. Meanwhile both Lily Salvatore and Caroline both give Enzo an ultimatum to decide where his loyalties lie. Elsewhere, Kai sets out to find a psychic to contact the dead about a powerful stone.

Bonnie doesn't know how she ended up spending her afternoon in Amsterdam at some outdoor bar with Alaric and Damon. The two friends were on the bar's patio chugging down beers for a crowd of people cheering them on. After downing six mugs of beer, Alaric's face was left flushed and Damon started checking the menu to order them another round of beers.

Suddenly Damon's eyes narrowed and his mouth fell open slightly "Can you read this, I think it's in German."

Alaric licked his lips and said "I thought it was Dutch."

Damon looked around, the crowd that was once surrounding them had scampered off. "Where the fuck are we?"

Sitting behind the two dipsticks, Bonnie blew a puff of air through her lips, wondering what tone would work better in this situation. "Amsterdam, remember. Tyler gave us entail on Kai passing through here."

For the past few months, Bonnie along with Damon and Alaric have been traveling around the world looking for Kai Parker. Their first stop was Portland, Kai's birth place, Ric believed he would make a trip up there. But Kai was too smart to hide there, it was too obvious a choice. A month later, Jeremy called Bonnie telling her about a coven murder in Toronto. When they arrived on the scene, it was another female witch who killed her coven leader for revenge, the trip was another bust. Every over week they'd get a lead that always turns out to be another dead end. But they couldn't give up, Kai was the key to unlinking Bonnie and Elena. And Bonnie knew she couldn't move on with her life until she brought back her best friend. Ric couldn't go on living, until his wife's murderer faces consequences. Damon refuses to live without his girlfriend.

Disregarding what they promised Elena, the gang decided on to figure out a way to unlink the spell. Caroline reached out to Klaus to get any information that could lead them to Kai. Matt and Stefan focus on searching for Lily Salvatore, Kai's sire who might have information on his whereabouts. This was another reminder of how she failed to keep Lily and her heretics in the prison world. Had she dealt with Kai in a different way rather than betraying him, the heretics would still be in the prison world. Stefan promised her that he'd take care of Lily and they would figure out how to get rid of the heretics. At the moment no one could locate their hideout, they were being very lowkey. Enzo had also fucked off and left town, no one has heard from him since the wedding.

Bonnie leaned forward, resting her arms lightly on the tabletop as she began writing in her diary. "Dear Elena, we finally made it to the Netherlands, no sign of Kai and yes these two imbeciles are drunk." Her tone was mixed with sarcasm and annoyance.

"Please Bon Bon, that was very unnecessary." Damon slurred watching Bonnie munch down on some nuts in a large glass bowl in front of her.

"Elena wanted me to update her on every part of my life that includes you and Ric. Now if something were to happen to one of you, like Ric dying from liver failure, she's gonna wanna know the details of how that happened." She scowled.

Damon had a handsome smirk on his face. "Don't worry, because if you happen to choke to death on those peanuts, I'll let her know, with details."

Bonnie glared at him, tired of his shitty attitude since they've lost Elena. She stood up deciding to be the bigger person. "I need a break, if you two manage to sober up by the time I return we can get back to looking for Kai." Sometimes she felt alone on this search. After a month or two, Alaric and Damon started getting more pessimistic about finding Kai, always getting drunk and shit talking. Though Bonnie tried to stay optimistic about the search, she felt like she was the only one. Sometimes it felt like Caroline wanted to give up and move on with Stefan. Matt was making progression to become a deputy. While Tyler and Jeremy were traveling North American together hunting supernatural creatures. All her friends had moved forward except her. She just couldn't, not until she found Kai.

Just as Bonnie went for a ride through Amsterdam, pretending to be a normal tourist. Alaric and Damon watched her walk off. Alaric turned to his friend who had this dopey lovesick look on his face watching Bonnie from behind.

He awkwardly coughed. "You plan on doing this the entire trip?" Alaric asked firmly.

Damon managed to take his glance away from Bonnie's buttocks "Do what?"

"Oh, we're pretending."

Damon looked blankly at him for a second, and then followed it up with a slightly dreadful grimace. "I don't know what your drunk ass is on about…"

Alaric decided to interrupt his friend. "The awkward flirting with Bonnie, in the most menacing way you can. While pretending you don't give a fuck about her." He wasn't sure how long he was supposed to act as if he couldn't see what was clearly going on in front of him.

"Wait a second, I am not flirting with her." Damon said, already irritated with his best friend. "I'm just messing around with her."

Alaric just narrows his eyes on Damon. "Sure, anyways Bonnie's right we need to focus on finding Kai." He knew it was too soon for Damon to understand him, he just wished he was nicer to Bonnie, who was just as clueless as he was. How the fuck did he get stuck with these two.

Back in New York, Lily Salvatore strolls into a local pub searching for an old friend. She was quite nervous, due to not being out of her home in months trying to cope with living among people again. Not long after she took her seat at the bar did her mystery man appear behind her.

"My god woman, you look amazing." Enzo joined her at the bar, ordering two Jack and Coke for them." Lily rubbed his arm, mildly seductive, giving him a loving smile.

"I've missed you Lorenzo." her mouth curling up.

Enzo cocked his head to one side, shooting his sire a sultry look."You were the one telling me to take a holiday, until your orphans got settled in." Enzo was still highly irritated by that request.

Lily leaned over to the Englishman and wrapped him in a quick hug. "Lorenzo, you know how to survive this world, we do not. I must train them properly so that they are well-behaved." she explained once again, Enzo didn't wanna hear this. "So the reason I asked you to come out here, is because I am looking for this." Lily took her cellphone out of her purse, going into her photo gallery. Settling on a photo, she held the phone to him so he could see.

Enzo stared at a reddish stone. "Pretty little thing." he said, gesturing in a sweeping motion towards Lily, "What of it?"

"When the Gemini Coven captured us, I thought I lost it in the fire they set to our ship." she said vaguely. "Anyways, I found out that it wasn't torched, some old museum had it displayed, but about a month ago the stone was stolen."

After taking this information in, Enzo had to ask, "Why do you want it?"

Lily became shifty, "Look, Lorenzo I'm asking you to embark on a dangerous mission, the less you know the better." she explained rather smugly.

"If this is a life or death situation for me, I'd like all the information I can get." he demanded, not even bothering to touch the drink the barmaid came back with.

"It's a family matter, it doesn't consider you." Lily showed her teeth before taking a sip of her jack and coke. "Right now you're in league with Damon."

Enzo held his hand up to his heart. "After everything I've done for you, stood by you when Stefan and Damon left your ass in the streets." he bitterly spat. "I got you that house, blood supply for your family. And now you're telling me I can't be trusted."

It was just his luck that everyone in Mystic Fall loved screwing him over. Lily was no different than her own children. "I want you on my side Lorenzo, but for that to happen, you must cut off ties with my son."

Enzo scraped his chair backwards in anger. "I'm not your bitch boy." he said, shaking his head. "Find some other bloke to get you that rock." With that Enzo stormed out, Lily was shook by his outburst. But she knew one thing, he'll come back crawling to her after her son screws him over again.

Bonnie went ahead and enjoyed biking through the city with the other tourists around Amsterdam, she didn't stray too far from Alaric and Damon. She just went to a few local shops to get gifts for Caroline and Matt. She even got a postcard for her mother, who she was on speaking terms with yet again.

After a couple hours passed and her feet were getting tired, Bonnie decided it was time to head back to Ric and Damon. She went to unlock the chain on her bike to ride back to the bar, looking ahead in the road. It was in that moment where she saw a six foot, dark hair man with stubbles and a chiseled body crossing the street on his cellphone. When he turned to glance back in her direction, Bonnie stood frozen by her bike.

It couldn't be him, but she knew those blue-gray eyes anywhere. It was him, it had to be. Bonnie practically ran out in the streets to catch him. By the time she got where he was standing, poof he vanished. She whipped around furtively, soon a crowd of people overtook her. She looked out in the sea of people crossing the street. He was gone. She had him, after searching for months, she had Kai Parker and she let him slip away. But how?

Bonnie rushed back to the bar, noticing Damon and Alaric hadn't even moved from their seats, Damon was talking on the phone. The closer she reached them, she could hear Stefan's voice on speakerphone.

"How the fuck did this happen?" Damon shouted.

"Had to be her heretics family. I know mom, this isn't like her." Stefan explained.

"Great, so the heretics are on the prowl for human flesh." Damon spat out across from Bonnie who was taking a seat, trying to understand what was going on. She gave Alaric a petrified look.

While Stefan gave Damon the details of how the heretics murdered two high school students and Matt chiming in about where Lily might be hiding out. "Ric please help me make a bomb." Damon took his phone off speakerphone and handed it over to Alaric.

Alaric grabbed the phone, but he was so drunk, he had the phone upside down, then when he couldn't hear he turned it right side up. Damon chuckled before getting back to his drink. And Bonnie was left looking worried for both her friends. "Hold on," Alaric's words were still garbling, it seemed for the past two hours she left them they just sat here drinking. "Great party's over, let me make my way back to the room and call you." Alaric hung up and handed the phone to Damon. "I can find my way back." Bonnie watched as Alaric struggled to get up, he started tripping over his own feet, yet managed to not kill himself.

Once he left them alone at the table. Bonnie gave Damon an unhappy look. "Lily won," she said with a wry face. "No, Kai won." His plan was to end them and Mystic Falls, with Lily and her family on a killing spree, by the time they return Mystic Fall would probably be a ghost town. "I saw him." she whispered. "I saw Kai."

"What do you mean you saw Kai?" Damon asked, reaching across the table to squeeze her arm.

Bonnie clamped her mouth shut, pressing her lips together tightly. Her eyes flashed with anger. "He was in the streets, I tried to get him but he slipped away from me."

"Bonnie.." There was a sad look on his face. "Are you sure?" He didn't believe her.

Bonnie stared at him for a moment. "Yes, I'm sure." Damon just twisted his mouth. "Just because I don't have any proof doesn't mean I'm lying. Kai is here."

Damon's mouth was set in a grim line. Reaching over to grab Alaric's ditched drink, when he took a sip of it he was left in disgust. "What the fuck?" He slid the glass over to Bonnie, "That is some janky-ass bourbon." Bonnie took a sip, even though she swore she wouldn't drink on their trips. When she tasted it, she realized something.

"That liar, this is tea Damon." She gruffs. "Ric's been faking it."

Damon shook his head in disbelief. "Of course." he muttered. "Look, let's find Ric first then get back to the search."

"Sure" Bonnie replied immediately, scrambling to her feet. She wasn't crazy, she knew what she saw. Kai Parker was here. And now he knew she was looking for him.

He wasn't expecting to see her. In fact he thought he got the scooby gang off his scent. But there she was on the sidewalks, staring at him. She looked different, she had this bohemian style that was a complete contrast to her vintage 90s style she had in the prison world. She looked more carefree though, that was the biggest difference about her. When those algae colored eyes found him, he could see how taken aback she was by his own changes.

When he managed to escape from Damon trying to kill him to save Bonnie. He hid out in Miami for a while, before making his way to Cuba. He lived off the land, spending most of his time working out, growing his hair out and getting a beard. He looked older, much more mature. After taking some time, resting and trying to understand his new power as a hybrid. He knew he had to keep the Mystic Fall gang off his scent, that's when he started throwing clues in the wrong direction for them to find. They were supposed to be in South Italy, not Amsterdam.

Right now he couldn't let them throw him off his game, he was here for a reason. Kai made his way inside this Psychic's Office, it was in a dark building outside the city. He was sitting around a small table holding a red opal gemstone up to the psychic's face.

"You know what this is?"

The psychic tried to move closer to see the stone. "I've never seen anything like it." Kai sighed, setting the stone down on the table.

He was wondering if this was a mistake coming here. This man was clearly clueless to real magic. "So you can communicate with the dead. I need to speak to someone important."

The psychic crossed his arm. "I'll need a personal item to access the spirit."

Kai pulled out his old hunting knife, he had so many memories of this thing. He holds it out to the psychic. "Will this do?"

The man leans forward before taking the knife from Kai, he examines it before speaking up. "There's so much energy in this, I see pain and darkest." he murmured, ``Dammit this isn't what he wanted to hear.

Kai's face tensed, "What else, do you see anyone?" He sat back in his chair, slumping a little, wondering if any of this was real.

The psychic held his finger up. "A woman, dark hair woman." he said, his cheerful tone just slightly undercut with an edge to it. "I can sense you and her shared a strong bond. She still loves you. She wants you to know that she's waiting for you-"

This left Kai seething, he slams his hands down on the table between them. The psychic hesitated for a moment, Kai's icy persona emerged. "Bullshit." Kai realized this man was a complete phoney. "Also this is just some crappy old hunting knife, nothing mystical about it." It was the same knife he shoved into Bonnie's gut back in Portland.

The fake psychic was now scared once he realized Kai wasn't buying what he was poorly selling. "Hey man, it's the gig." Kai hated frauds like him. He lunged for the psychic and pushed him into a wall.

"You know what, I'll make use of you." Kai's fangs extended, and he bit down on the other man's neck and fed deeply until he died. Once the human was unconscious, Kai pulled away, blood dripping down his face. Kai chuckled as he dropped the body on the ground. "Time for plan B."

After walking the streets of Amsterdam looking around mainly for Alaric, but also hoping Kai would appear again, if anything to prove she wasn't crazy. An hour past and still no sighting of him or Alaric.

"Doesn't make sense, he's not in his hotel room, where the hell could he be?" she asked dryly.

Damon was left shrugging. "I mean if you weren't slowing me down I could probably find him quicker." he replied rudely.

Bonnie let out an exasperated sigh, stopping in the middle of the street ready for another fight with him. "You know what, I am sick of your bullshit Damon. You didn't even know Ric was playing us for months."

Damon swallowed thickly. "Where should we look next?"

Bonnie looked around, she wanted to make this quick so they could get back on task. After she kicks Ric's ass for being a liar. She looked straight ahead then looked left. Without warning she found herself thrown out of the street by Damon using his vampire-speed. He had her pinned against a caravan. Bonnie was stunned trying to process what had just happened. She could feel Damon's warm breath tickling her face. His daring blue eyes staring down on her. His face was so close.

He gave her a lopsided smile grin as he removed himself from her body. She could barely whisper a thank you, since she was so flushed. Bonnie turned to look after the truck that passed, thinking for a moment. "Wait did you see that truck?"

Damon decided it was best to play it off. "No, I heard the honk."

"You were facing that direction." She pointed out. "You just hesitated to save me."

Although his expression remained carefully noncommittal as he responded. "I hesitated for three seconds."

Bonnie sucked in a bit of air through her teeth, "I could have died, and for what?"

It was Damon's turn to get snappy. "For what, oh I don't know maybe if you did die I'd have Elena back. Or better yet had I let Kai kill you, I won't be in the Netherlands looking for the sociopath you were hell bent on getting revenge on. Maybe Ric's wife and children would be here too." Damon poured out all his grief on her.

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry Elena's gone too, but I'm here not her, you can be angry all you want, but you made your choice that night and saved me instead. Kai is on the loose, you still have a way to get her back. So you can work with me or fuck off." her words struck him. And with that she walked off, leaving Damon to wallow alone.

Back in Mystic Falls, Caroline walked down to the town square to remove the plaque dedicated to her mother. If Elena was here she'd be so disappointed. They failed her, they failed the town and Caroline felt like she failed her own mother, by not protecting their home. The heretics won, not only them but Kai Parker. Caroline was trying so hard to support Bonnie on this search, at this point it was too exhausting. Kai outsmarted them, he got his power and revenge. Elena was gone until Bonnie died. Lily got her family back. And now Mystic Falls was taken by the supernaturals.

When Caroline arrived at the park, she found Enzo unscrewing a plaque. "Well, well well if it isn't Lily's errand boy." She was glad she had saved her strength to manage this prick instead.

Enzo seemed startled to see her. "And here I was doing you a favor." He said, turning towards her.

"What are you doing with my mother's plaque?" she asked, getting impatient.

"I figured you'd want this safe from graffiti damage." Caroline still gave him a look of suspicion; she never truly trusted Enzo, and his jealousy of Stefan was extremely annoying.

Caroline made a noise of nausea and pity."Your mistress is the reason for all of this, so I hope you're happy." Caroline said, her tone was wavering.

Enzo titled his head in consideration of Caroline's remark. "Look, what Lily did. I had no idea this was her endgame."

"No you look Enzo, you have to pick a side. Us or them." she replied unequivocally.

He laughed, his dimples creasing the sides of his face. "You are so much like her."

Caroline laid her eyes at him, "It's because she doesn't trust you. Neither do I." Caroline snatches her mother's plaque, but before she could walk off, using his vampire-speed. Enzo stabs her in the neck with a syringe, filled with vervain, knocking her out instantly. Catching her unconscious body before it hits the ground.

Enzo held her upright, "I've made my choice." Enzo peck her on the cheek before carrying her way from the scene.

The second they found Alaric, who turned up in his hotel room unconscious. The pair left Amsterdam, carrying a comatose Alaric through the U.S. Customs. Bonnie refused to speak to Damon the entire trip back as they returned to Mystic Falls. In fact she left them at the airport making her way back home alone. But Bonnie wasn't prepared for what she was going home to.

When she arrived at Mystic Falls, she noticed the streets were vacant, she took a town car to the Square. When she reached, she found Matt in his squad car. Bonnie made her way behind him. "Matty," she smiled at him.

He turned to greet her. "Oh, Bonnie, aren't you a sight for sore eyes." she felt completely gross, unable to shower since she returned. Matt embraced her regardless. "Why didn't you text me, I would have picked you up."

"It's fine, but what's going on?"

Matt blinked at her, his brows furrowed slightly. "Lily won, Stefan did a peace treaty with her to protect the town."

Suppressing a scoffing noise, she spoke again. "This isn't the answer, giving up the town isn't our solution. We have to fight this."

"Bonnie, they were in a prison world back in 1903, the only reason they are out is because you couldn't forgive Kai. He got what he wanted. And so did Lily. All my friends just died and…" Matt stopped himself from continuing.

She moved away from Matt awkwardly, "So this is my fault." she said looking down at herself.

Matt inhaled deeply, watching out of the corner of his eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to go off." Matt isn't the only person who believes she clearly should have just forgiven Kai for hurting her. Fuck her trauma and pain. "Look Bon, I gotta go make sure no innocents are strolling around." Matt got back in his cruiser and went off to patrol the deserted street of Mystic Fall.

Stressed out and tired, Bonnie took that town car back to Whitmore College, which was safe from Lily and her family. When she got to her dorm room, seething over Matt's comments, Damon's own slick remarks, and also seeing Kai in Amsterdam, who they never found. again Bonnie was greeted by Damon's back, as he was sitting on Elena's bed in her dorm room.

Arms folded with an angry glare. "Why are you here?"

"The Heretics now own Mystic Falls, Bonnie. They own my house." He told her, his eyes were on the fireplace.

She closed her room door. "Well it's a good thing I'm still alive."

Damon let out a sigh. "Will you move on from that?" Damon stood up quickly, he was exhausted, jet lagged, and pissed off with Stefan's treaty with Lily. "I wanted Elena back, I miss her. But losing you would kill me." he declared. "I don't regret saving you, I don't regret letting Kai loose to save your life, and I don't regret letting Elena sleep for sixty plus years." Bonnie's posture started to relax a bit, she was touched by this confession.

"Okay, I… I wasn't sure. I know I'm busting your ass about finding Kai."

"You're right, if I really wanna see Elena again, finding Kai should be my top priority. And if you think you saw him."

Bonnie let out a loud breath of irritation "I did see him."

Damon just waved her off. "First thing first, the heretics. Let's get our town back."

Bonnie gave Damon a look, somehow they were both coming up with the same exact plan silently.

The pair made their way back into Mystic Falls, Bonnie creeps around the corners by one of the abandoned buildings, and she spotted a homeless fellow dumpster diving. Soon a pale face man unbuttoning his suit jacket showed up. "You shouldn't be here." Not wasting anytime, the man put on his vampire face and hissed at the innocent man. He aggressively rushed to approach the homeless man, but the vampire wasn't prepared for what was going to happen next.

"Let him go." frightened by the looming voice, the vampire released his hold on his victim.

As he whipped around, Bonnie stood behind him. "Who the hell are you?"

"Mystic Falls resident witch." Before he could move a step forward, Bonnie extended her arms and cast her pain infliction spell on him. The vampire dropped his head down in pain, Bonnie knew that wasn't gonna be enough to hold down a heretic. He lunged at her, siphoning her magic. And it was at that moment Bonnie saw the flashes of Kai Parker, and her time with him in Portland.

"Not for much longer." Bonnie cried out in pain as he consumed her magic, it wasn't long before he yelped out in pain and crumpled like a corpse. Damon stood proud holding the heretic's ripped out heart. Bonnie looked up at him, there was a smile plastered on his face.

Bonnie tilted her head, feigning surprised. "About time, hero."

Bonnie knew they just started a war with Lily. But she didn't care, she wasn't the old sacrificing for others Bonnie Bennett everyone knew. She'd changed, her time in the prison world had changed her. Not only was she gonna take out Lily and her heretics, she was gonna find Kai, he was gonna pay for what he'd done. No one was gonna stop her.

This is a canon compliant fic, inserting Kai Parker into season seven. Kai's storyline will be tied in with the phoenix stone and huntress plot, Bonnie's arc will be similar to canon, but I will be writing up a more badass, no shit taking Bonnie Bennett. This is a Bonkai fic, although there will be canon Bamon and Bonenzo stuff, because Bonnie deserves more love. Either way Kai Parker only has eyes for Bonnie Bennett.