After months of searching, Bonnie Bennett gets a call from her cousin Lucy, about Kai Parker. Now Bonnie and Damon must road trip to Myrtle Beach looking for the former Gemini Leader. Elsewhere, Kai is meeting up with his old Prison World buddy, for answers on the Phoenix Stone, never did he think he'd come face to face with Bonnie Bennett, quite so soon again.

Oscar flopped down onto his favorite armchair in his hotel suite. The quarters he had requested were quite comfortable. He had a large window view by his bedside. The maid, Julie, made sure there were throw pillows everywhere, and gave him fresh towels every morning. Many of his current lady friends enjoyed his sweet setup. Especially his entertainment system, which held a 50-inch LED TV, blu-ray player, PS4, and surround sound system.

Oscar liked this place so far, and the weather was always warm. He loved the women in this century, they were all so liberated. And the substances like mushrooms and grass his friend supplied him with, were earth shattering.

There was a light knock on his door, which didn't surprised. He was expecting a visitor. "Come on in man."

The door swung open, and there stood Kai Parker, dressed in a dark Hensley sweatshirt, sporting thicker facial hair. The baby heretic looked more mature, yet worse for wear. "Man, you look like shit." Oscar said, giggling like a schoolgirl.

Kai stared at the entertainment system in the middle of Oscar's sitting room, "I can see why you haven't been back to Mystic Falls." he looked around concerning as he saw the stack of porno magazines on the coffee table and the bong pipes.

"Lily needed me to do her bidding." Oscar scowled, he waved Kai to come and take a seat by him. "How did you find me anyway?"

Kai exhaled deeply, moving to take a seat in the lovesac. "I tracked you. You told me back in the Prison World how much you wanted to see the beaches in South Carolina." He explained, getting a closer look at Oscar, Kai noticed how flushed he was and his eyes were bloodshot. "You okay, Oscar? You looked pretty fucked up."

"Are you kidding, I'm living my best life." Oscar reached for his half empty beer bottle he had on the floor. Then leaned back in his chair. "It's been freeing being without Lily and the others." Oscar had always been the odd man out with the other heretics. He confided in Kai a lot in 1903 Prison World. That's why Kai was sure he was the right man to link up with.

Kai blinked. "From what little I gathered sounds like Mama Salvatore, had to force everyone out of Mystic Falls, after Malcolm was killed by Damon." Valerie was keeping him in the loop on everything that had been going on. Kai knew she must have a crush on him. I mean how could she not, he was awesome. And though he couldn't care less about what's been going on with her and the others, he knew it was probably best to keep tabs on what was happening in Mystic Falls.

"Yeah, after that news it's made me realize something." Oscar's hand was gripping his beer bottle tightly. "I'm not going back, I'm done with Lily. I wanna live, meet some more women, party until the sun comes up." Oscar's mood changed, he started grinning like an idiot and sucking down his beer.

Kai looked away, he always knew Oscar was weak and pathetic. This time he didn't blame him, Lily and her brats wouldn't be able to keep this up. He knew how powerful the Bennett witch was, and how her boytoy Damon was vengeful. The scooby gang of Mystic Falls have yet to be defeated. Not even by him. "Understandable. I fear if you do return to Mystic Falls, you'll be killed too."

Oscar let out a burp and slumped into his chair. "Enough talk about that. What can I do for you? I know you said it was important to meet face to face."

Kai took a deep breath. "I need some information." Kai leaned forward, he had a soft look on his face. "What do you know about a Phoenix Stone?"

"What did you say?" Oscar's voice got dark.

Kai wasn't sure what was happening, but he could've sworn the lights in the room were flickering. He glanced deeply at Oscar, who's mood itself changed grisly. "The… Ppp..phoenix… Stone." he stuttered a bit, very confused.

The beer bottle that Oscar was tightly holding onto shattered. Kai noticed from the side of the room, candles catching large flames. He gulped as he breathed in the smoke from the candles. The heretic bounced out of his seat, opening his mouth to expose his fangs to Kai. He knew right there, he was about to be in for a rude awakening.

After fuming alone for the past couple days, avoiding everyone from Alaric to Damon. Bonnie decided she could no longer avoid her problems, and she was getting tired of these skull crushing visions of that Gemini witch and Elena's doppelganger, kissing each other's faces off. So she called Damon and agreed to meet him over at Alaric's apartment. She walked off campus to where the local town was. Ric managed to get one of the college owned apartments that was a ten minute walk from the campus.

Once she made her way into the building, she didn't bother to knock on the door. She just entered the room, looking irritated already. There she saw Damon in a towel standing in front of Alaric. Because that's not totally weird.

"Bon-Bon, just in time." He greeted her.

Bonnie walked into the living space, where Ric was nose deep into his textbook, his ungraded papers stacked on his coffee table. She remained standing against the wall, "My cousin Lucy called a couple nights ago, she said a man came to her about a reviving stone, he wanted to contract his dead father." she started to explain to Damon and Alaric, who finally put his book down. Damon motioned for her to continue. "He mentioned the Gemini Coven to her and told her his name was Malachai."

A newly distressed Alaric turned to face Damon, who just shook his bewildered head. "Why? Why seek out a Bennett witch and reveal so much about yourself?" he asked in a harsh whisper.

Alaric was tired and saddened, "He wants us to find him." he said in a much calmer tone than he felt.

Bonnie just stood there, arms now crossed. "If that's what his plan is then fine. Let's get him." she declared.

Alaric squirms uncomfortably in his chair, but tries his best to look casual. "You have his location?"

"Lucy managed to get his finger prints and used that to do a locator spell." Bonnie's eyes settled sadly on her best friend for a moment. "He's in Myrtle Beach."

Damon's throat constricted harshly. "No fucking way."

"What?" Bonnie asked seriously, and Damon finally looked at her, his eyes were uneasy and shifting.

"Lily's sixth heretic, Oscar. He's in Myrtle Beach." Damon said hollowly, his eyes troubled. "I was planning a hostage-swap for Caroline."

Bonnie felt slightly guilty that she stopped being involved in Caroline's rescue mission. But she had her own shit to deal with. "You think Kai's down there looking for Oscar?" Alaric asked cautiously, and Damon turned his back to his friends.

"Has to be, Kai was in the 1903 Prison World with the heretics. He and Oscar probably bonded." Damon tried to laugh but couldn't and Alaric just shook his head.

Letting out a gusty sigh, Bonnie spoke up. "Let's kill two birds with one stone. We can capture them both and bring them back here." Bonnie walked up to Damon and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Her green eyes sparkled warmly, and her pink lips tilted up in a smile. "We'll get Elena back for good this time. And Caroline."

Damon turned to face her, giving Bonnie a fraudulent grin. "Okay then, let's go bag two heretics."

In his more lucid moments, Kai knew very well that his obsession was going to… well… Get him killed. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the only exit. He felt a shiver of dread when he saw Oscar moving in front of it. Sometimes he wondered if he should get rid of this stone permanently. There was no point of risking his life to speak to his father again. No point of seeking the knowledge he needed. His only plan of action was to get out of Oscar's sight.

"Let me go," he snarled.

"Sorry, kid," Oscar said. "I can't let you go, not with that Phoenix Stone." Running a fatigued hand through his hair, "Give me the stone, Malachai."

Kai glanced down at his legs, rolling his eyes a bit. "You think I was stupid enough to bring it to you." Even if Kai didn't hate Oscar, he didn't trust anyone too close to Lily Salvatore. "It's tucked away safely."

Narrowing his eyes at his heretic brother, Oscar chuckled with disbelief. "How did you even find that stone? I've been searching for months."

Kai inclined his head. "I had a source, I came to you in hope that we could work together. I see I was mistaken." He looked at Oscar very steadily. His dark eyes contained infinite depths, he understood now. "Who is Lily trying to revive?"

"Her old lover." he said glumly, and he looked over the room with an unsure glance. "What about you?"

Kai's gaze was on the single door again, leaning against the window, pulling on the white curtains. "Someone close to me." that was all the information he was willing to give. "Maybe I can help you Oscar. Keep Lily away," Kai took this as a chance to move in on Oscar, but before he could process his thought completely. Oscar threw his hands in front of him.

"Espirimus paratis!" The older heretics chanted with his fist clenched. Kai was being gagged violently, "I don't trust you for a second Malachai, I heard what you did to your pregnant sister and your coven." And with that, Oscar's wrist flicked, using his telekinesis, he snapped Kai's neck.

As the lights were going out. Kai felt like he was falling.

He could see a beautiful brunette with caramel skin holding her head up high, he caught sight of tears glistening down her natural glowing face. Reaching out, he slid a hand beneath her chin, and she flinched. Her skin was soft and warm, and as he pressed against her, the smell of crushed roses and morning relish touched his nose.

"Ah, little witch," he examined, as she stared at him with angry, wet green eyes. "Don't give me that look. You know I will always be the villain in your story. I can't offer you anything else."

Kai was having fun playing this cat and mouse game with her since they were trapped in the prison world together. He had his fun, and it was with a sense of twisted pleasure that drew him to her.

There was a whimper, coming from behind him and he would have ignored it had her little hands not reached out to clutch his shoulders. He jerked away from her, turning to glare, when she surged upwards and touched his mouth with her own.

For a moment Kai was too stunned to do anything, and it occurred to him that she tasted sweet, like the chocolate mousse his mother used to make. He knew he should pull away and stop her, but he found her mouth on his soothing and exciting; after one sweep of his own wet tongue, her lips parted and she flicked her tongue to his. He breathed harshly, and felt his hardness press against her stomach.

It has been too long, obviously.

She seemed to feel it too, and she gasped, opening her mouth wider and granting him access. He nipped at her lips, bruising them, and slipped his own hands around her waist, sliding them up her smooth back. He smirked, and drew away, his eyes remaining emotionless and icy.

"Bonnie…" He whispered, softly.

Kai continued to fall into a slumber.

Bonnie and Damon made it to the hotel Oscar was settled at. Damon insisted they get a room for the day, even though Bonnie didn't think it was necessary. Disregarding her, Damon used his compulsion on the lady at the front desk to get them a single bed room and asked which room Oscar Liu was staying in. He had the suite on the third floor and has been staying here for over a month.

Once the two settled into their rented out room. Damon wanted to come up with a plan to take the two hostages. Bonnie handed him one of the vervain dart guns Alaric gave her before leaving out. "Better to be safe than sorry." She told him, as she shoved the gun in the waist of her shorts. "You got a plan?"

Damon frowned and then smirked to himself, "We tell him, you and Kai were old lovers and you're trying to get in contact with him."

Bonnie glared icily at her friend. "Why the hell would we tell him that?"

"Because we can't raise suspicion with him. If he thinks you're some witchy ex girlfriend looking for Kai, chances are he'll contact the psycho for us and bring him here."

Bonnie rolled her eyes, she knew it was a safe plan, but she hated it. "Okay, what else? We are trying to take down two powerful heretics."

Damon's smile grew. "You shoot Oscar with the vervain and I snap his neck. Once Kai shows up you stun him with your magic and I'll…" Damon trailed off, reaching for his dart gun and pointed it directly at their hotel door. "Shoot him down." he drawled while Bonnie sniggered at his action.

"Let's take these monsters out." she smirked evilly towards Damon.

The pair left their room and made their way up to the third floor to room 307. Bonnie had a good feeling in the pit of her stomach. She felt like today was her lucky day, everything was going to change soon as they got this heretic to bring Kai to them. Once they were done she could finally get her best friends back. She could finally move forward with her life and be somewhat normal again. She forgot what that was like. She would let Damon and Stefan worry about protecting and saving Mystic Falls. After this she was going to be more selfish and focus on herself. All she needed was to capture Kai and she was home free.

The carved brown door was slightly opened as Damon pushed at it. "Room service! Free shrimp and champagne." he called out, excitedly. A shaft of light from the hallways spilled across the floor and into the dark large room. Bonnie could just barely see the crop of hair, the shape of a chin and cheekbone, and then, as her eyes adjusted, the thick, motionless form lying on the floor in the corner. Bonnie moved towards the body as Damon walked around to inspect the suite. She stood over the body, looking down. It was him. Kai Parker, passed out. Oscar must've knocked him out and fled.

Bonnie looked at him very steadily. "Oscar's not here, is he?"

"Bastard ran off." Damon said in a low, irritated voice. "But look what we have here."

Damon stretched out his right hand towards Kai. But before he could reach him, Kai woke up gasping, sitting bolt upright. Bonnie and Damon both jolted backwards, Bonnie reached around for her dart gun and aimed it directly at Kai, who was now sitting up half way on the carpet floor. Damon also raised his gun to Kai's chest.

"What did you do to me?" Kai cried out, staring at the newcomers in the room, trying to catch his breath. He rubbed his hand over his chin, feeling the scratch of stubble. "A dream," he whispered to himself. "Only a dream." But he didn't believe his own words. Because there she was, with her slim figure only several feet away from him.

"I think he's finally cracked B-Town." Damon hissed reluctantly to his friend. Bonnie was fully satisfied with how things were turning up. "Where's Oscar?"

Kai sat motionless, staring at the front door. "He got scared and ran off." he mumbled, rubbing his nose.

Bonnie moved closer to Kai, her dart gun still raised towards him. When she finally was standing over him, Kai looked up into her steely eyes, she aimed the gun in his face, which caused him to widen his eyes in fear. "Wanna tell me why you met up with my cousin Lucy?" she asked somberly.

He was silent for a long time. "Family business," he finally said.

At that moment, Damon walked over and sat down in Oscar's favorite chair, "Oh, how is that considering you killed your entire family and coven… I'm curious to hear about this Phoenix Stone, you've been asking around about…" the dark-haired man's face was filled with eagerness. "Might as well tell us everything, before we hand your ass to Alaric."

Suddenly, Kai's expression turned into one of complete horror. Flashes off Jo and Ric's wedding came rushing back to him. Ric tried to shoot himself in the head, after Kai murdered his pregnant wife. Most nights when he managed to get any sleep he could still hear the screams of his coven, haunting him. "I'm just trying to contact my father," he answered, softly.

"I see… well maybe you shouldn't have killed him and all those innocent people." Bonnie responded. A small smile could be seen on her lips, "Then again, there's nothing like a guilty conscience."

"Perhaps." He turned away and squinted at something behind him. "Oscar knows something about this stone. That's why he knocked me out and bailed. And Lucy got scared when she tried to sense the magic in the stone, that's why she must have contacted you about me."

Damon sighed lazily, "As much as I want to get to the bottom of this, I need to find Oscar." Damon finally stood up and got between Bonnie and Kai, pushing her backwards. "You keep him here, get the info we need. I'll search the hotel for Oscar and meet you back here." He whispered.

Bonnie's eyes expanded at Damon's plan and she turned to look at Kai, who was still on the floor, shrugging and shaking his head."You want to leave me alone with him."

"Bonnie, I need to find Oscar, Caroline is still trapped in that house. We still don't know where they took Elena." In spite of the emotions tearing through him, he had to smile wryly.

Out of the corner of her green eyes, Bonnie could see him staring at her. The bearded man furrowed his eyebrows at the scene in front of him, but once their eyes locked, she noticed the frown on his face. "Go, make it quick though. We shouldn't stick around too long."

Damon immediately walks toward the door. "I'll be back with our bargaining chip."

After Damon disappeared, Bonnie sat in a chair staring down the former Gemini Leader for a long time. She felt a queasiness building up in her stomach suddenly, this was it, they finally got him. He was weak, he needed blood, he wasn't going to be able to run away this time. Bonnie just kept her gun pointed towards him. She knew he wasn't gonna be stupid this time. This time he needed help.

"Bonster," said Kai, in tones of carefully controlled worry. "How was Europe, meet any hunks? You are single right? I heard you broke up with baby Gilbert, who if you ask me is deep in the closet." He rattled on, though her grip on the gun, tightened.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. She knew what he was trying to do. "Why are you trying to contact your father? I mean you hated him, he treated you like shit your whole life."

Kai picked at his nails in the awkward silence that followed. "My grandfather searched his whole life trying to get that stone. Lily Salvatore was the previous owner of it. When the Gemini Coven found her and her heretics at the harbor in New York traveling to Europe, the coven burned down their ship. The stone fell in the wreckage and ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. I heard it was retrieved a few years ago and I stole it back." He explained, Kai felt all of his muscles tighten. He was still too weak to fight, she was at full strength and was ready to shoot him on the spot.

Bonnie leaned over, looking down at Kai. Her voice was low. "You just want to have a little chat with your dad. Not bring him back?" she asked briskly, with resolute air.

He took a deep breath. "I wanna make things right, I fucked up big time with Jo. If I could just bring her back and…"

"You wanna bring Jo back?" asked Bonnie in a quavering voice. "How? Alaric had her cremated."

Kai shook his head, his eyes were weary. "He didn't. I compelled the morgue owner to give Alaric animal ashes. Her body is at Whitmore Hospital still."

Bonnie's brows were knitted. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jo's body had been at Whitmore all this time. If Ric ever found out about this. None of this made any sense. "Bring her back then what, rebuilt the Gemini Coven?"

Kai gave a long, soft sigh that sounded completely unconscious. "Maybe. You just have no idea what it's been like since that night."

Bonnie's eyes flashed with anger and frustration. She stood up and walked over to the heretic. She raised her hand and slapped him hard across his face. A look of pure shock spread over his face and he then instinctively stood up. Kai took this moment, and pushed her so hard that she fell back. Immediately, he doubled over, his body was still too weak.

Bonnie laid there for a moment, the wind knocked out of her. She looked across the room to see the dart thrown by the wall. "Radiamis." she lifted her hand and used a pain infliction spell on him. Kai began to shiver and drop to his knees, she took that opportunity to rush over for her dart gun and point it back at him. "Look here you prick. You ruined our lives. Murdered Jo, took Elena from us. Stabbed and left me to rot in that prison. I don't know what you're up too, but I'm done playing games with you." her eyes were becoming wet. "Once you wake Elena up, I'm sending your ass to Ric."

"I can't bring Elena back, that spell was one way only." His face softened, "The only person with that kind of power to bring her back is dead."

"Who?" Bonnie moved closer, sticking the gun in his face.

Kai lifted his head. His brilliant blue eyes were miserable. "Sheila Bennett."

Damon searched every floor for Oscar, until he got to the basement of the hotel. Damon walked down the dark corridors looking around. He felt the presence of someone else down here with him. He tipped toed around until he found a nervous looking man trying to head to the exit. Damon sped up behind him.

"Hello Oscar."

Oscar sprang and turned to face him. "Holy fuck man, I…" His voice trailed off, and his forehead wrinkled. "I know you, you're Lily's boy." Oscar was disheveled, his eyes were red. Damon could smell the weed on him.

"I can protect you from Kai."

Oscar shook his head lazily and rolled his eyes, "I don't need protecting, Kai on the other hand." he shrugged his shoulders. "A lot of people want that Phoenix Stone. He keeps messing around, he'll end up dead." Right now Damon couldn't afford to have Kai dead yet, not until they woke up Elena.

"Thank god I don't care about him or the stone." Damon used his vampire speed to pull off a wooden railing, he launched it into Oscar's stomach, then punched him in his face. Oscar fell back, groaning in pain, trying to remove the stake from his stomach.

"Aerodux motus!" he chanted.

Damon flew up in the air once that spell bounced on him. He crashed into the ceiling then fell onto the floor. As Oscar got the stake out of himself, he sped over to Damon and held him in the air, choking him with one hand and raising the bloody stake to his heart. "Goodbye Damon."

Before Oscar could stake him, someone appeared in the room and hit him with a pain infliction spell that made him fall to his knees in discomfort. "Phasmatos morsinus pyrox allum. Phasmatos morsinus pyrox allum."

Oscar was screaming, never had he felt suffering like this before. He was in complete agony. He tried to lift his head to see who was the cause for this. For once, he wasn't surprised. In front of him, sneering in pure glee was Malachai. What he wasn't prepared for was the sharp pain in his back.

Bonnie Bennett walked in from behind, shooting Oscar in the back with her vervain dart gun, three times. Oscar crumpled to the floor and passed off. Damon's eyes were feral at seeing the two of them downstairs with him. Kai walked over to Oscar's comatose body and gave him one kick to the face with his combat boots. "Slimy bastard."

Damon was not amused by this. "Bonnie, what the fuck?"

Bonnie exchanged looks with Kai, who just shrugged at her. "Kai can help us."

"Help us with what. Bonnie, I have a plan."

"Your plans don't always work." She snapped.

Damon's head went erect and he looked all around. Meanwhile Kai was snickering at them. "We can get Elena back, and Jo and my Grams." Damon just stood there gazing at her, worried that he left her alone too long with Kai. "We'll use the stone, bring back Jo for Ric. Then use it for my Grams, who can bring Elena back."

Nothing was making sense to him. "Bonnie…"

"Bonster and I have it all sorted Demon. I have Jo's body back at Whitmore, I planned on using the stone to bring her back." Kai smiled causing Bonnie to look away, "As I told Bonnie, while I don't have the power to wake Elena, Shelia does. Granted, if her body is buried and not cremated, I can possibly bring her back."

"Possibly?" Damon questioned, with a snarky look.

Kai still has his wicked grin plastered on his face. "99.9% chance, which is why I wanted to speak to daddy dearest to work out any kinks." Damon was still snarling at him.

"Look, we can all get what we want." Bonnie said, giving Damon an appraising look. "Even if it's just a 1% chance that this could work, I need to take it, no matter how dangerous or insane it may be."

Damon knew how upside down Bonnie's life has been without Sheila, she missed that woman more than anything in the world. He didn't want to argue about it with Kai, because it seemed selfish to beg for Elena then deny Bonnie her own happiness. Deep in his gut, he knew this wasn't a good idea. Not for Jo, Shelia or Elena. And he sure as hell didn't trust Kai Parker.

Kai smiled menacingly. "Don't worry Damon, Bonnie will be in good hands."

Bonnie doesn't know how it happened, but she found herself walking over to Whitmore Medical Center with Kai. After their six hour drive back to Virginia, with Oscar in Damon's trunk and Kai awake in the back seat. Irritating Damon the whole ride back, Bonnie had to threaten Kai three times to shut up. Once she pointed her dart gun on him again, he stayed quiet. Damon dropped them off, and begged Bonnie to be safe, he promised to return in an hour after he spoke with his mother. By then Bonnie followed Kai down to the morgue.

Everything about today was crazy, none of this should be happening. Bonnie should just knock him out with a spell and take him over to Alaric's. But if there was even a chance she could bring her Grams back. Shouldn't she take it.

As they got to the room where the dead bodies were, Kai opens up the second drawer and pulls out a revealing body, identifiable by the tag on the toe that reads "LAUGHLIN, J." The sight of Jo's body visibly frightened Bonnie, who had to turn away.

Kai, however, keeps his eyes on his sister. "If I know one thing about my sister, is that she's still kicking." An amused grin spread across Kai's lips, "I just need to contact Joshua and …" As he spoke, Bonnie raised her hand.

"Maybe not," Bonnie turned an idea over and over in her mind. It had been brewing for a long time. She wondered if she really should give it voice, but she could no longer avoid doing so. "Your father's soul is probably at rest, which means we won't be able to contact him to do the spell." admitted Bonnie. "But on the night of Hallows Eve, the two of us will have enough power to raise the dead. Even if the body has been resting for years."

He paused for a moment and then stared hard into her eyes, "You and me together on Halloween, doing necromancy." He shifted over to her, grasping the witch's hand and kissed them.

Bonnie recoiled from his touch, she shut her eyes and began to tremble. The siphoning hybrid gently placed his hand on her chin, forcing her to look up into his eyes. Bonnie gasped as he moved closer in, taking up all her personal space. She felt as though her breath was being taken away from her. "Don't…" she said, breathy. "I don't know what your game is Kai, just don't…"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Kai said meekly, bowing his head. But Bonnie noticed, he gave a very swift glance around the room before he did so. "For everything I did. Especially to you, I'm sorry."

Bonnie wasn't expecting an apology, much less a sincere one from Kai. She never believed in the new Kai, who gained Luke's personality traits after the merge. But she knew as a vampire, his emotions were heightened, which meant those gained traits like protectiveness, compassion, and even guilt were consuming Kai. "It doesn't matter. We have bigger things to deal with." Kai raised his head up, wanting to explain himself. "I need to know everything about this stone." She licked her lips before speaking up again. "Whatever is going on between us, we need to put it aside."

"Okay." Kai said in a voice that was no more than a whisper.

Bonnie knew something was brewing up with Kai. Since she saw him a week ago, all she's been seeing was his face, all the visions she's been having of him with another girl. The sexual fantasies she couldn't' keep him out of. This was the first time he'd ever tried to make a move on her, which means he's been triggered by these emotions as well. And as much as she'd like to get rid of them, she wasn't sure if that was even possible. Kai was more gorgeous than when she first met him in the prison world. He got rid of his childish persona and became a man, a rugged one at that. His blue eyes were dark and dangerous, his lips looked so soft, and his biceps in that grey tee shirt showed off how buff he's gotten. All of this made her wet just staring at him.

Bonnie didn't want to like him, she didn't want to bond with him, the way Caroline did with Klaus, or Elena and Damon. She wasn't that kind of girl, she didn't like bad boys who did bad things. She will not play those types of games that would just lead into her getting hurt, she had enough of that with Jeremy, who was supposed to be her good guy and failed her at every turn. Her partnership with Kai is about resurrecting Grams, that's it.

"Tell me everything you know about resurrection." She and Kai had a long night ahead of them.

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