Disclaimer:none of the Harry Potter characters belong to me they belong JK Rowling. Also thank you to Annd-Peggy1123 for some of the story ideas and inspiration which is why the story is dedicated to her.

Extended summary: Josephine Potter has lived her entire life in second place. She may be funny, but her older twin brother could always make people laugh. She may be great at Quidditch but her brother once scoffed more points in a single game, making him a legend in Hogwarts history. Maybe Josie is pretty... but hell, James was a hair model until he turned ten. She has learned to live with it, though and goes through life with a 'What the hell?' outlook.

That is until her best friend speaks his opinion one next, in third year. Sirius thinks Josie has so much to offer the world, and helps her by showing her how to flaunt her quirks. Josie has been apart of and best friends with the Marauders since first year, but... doesn't it seem like Josie and Sirius have chemistry they didn't have before?


Josie sighed as she sat in the woods at the edge of Potter Manor playing with the Bowtruckles, Poppy, Twig and their son, Button (as he was always popping off her buttons and playing with them, which is where he got his name). She loved their home, it was in the Scottish highlands in John O' Groats in Caithness, you could see the snowy mountains standing tall behind their home from the pond and walkway out front. Her home was also surrounded by forests which held numerous magical creatures, being where it was and all the different terrains that surrounded her home, meant Potter Manor had a vast range of creatures within and outside its wards.

She would often be found in the woods, or somewhere on the grounds interacting with the magical creatures. It was a distraction from the fact that she would be going into her fifth year soon, and to be honest she was dreading it. James was still the same way, more interested in wooing Lily then what was troubling his little sister. It had only been Sirius who surprisingly noticed what was wrong in their third year, and had spoken to the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain to let her try out for the Seeker position after only a year as a Chaser.

Sirius' reasoning was he'd seen enough of her playing Seeker in the summer to know she would make a better Seeker than a Chaser, and therefore she'd be more at ease. She was grateful to Sirius, who helped her continuously and brought her out of her shell, but she couldn't help but think that it should've been James' job. But since then she's adopted this 'What the hell?' outlook on life and thrives on being good as a Seeker, and in her favourite classes Athrimancy, Ancient Runes, Magical Creatures and Charms. Which all tied together with what she wanted to do; be a Magizologist.

But she loved Sirius for that especially when he gave her credit for the pranks he knew she pulled, that James took credit for and for helping them all become animagus in third year to help Remus. She even told him that she was the first Seer to appear in the Potter Line since Ignotus Peverell himself. And he had believed her without question, and assured her she wasn't a freak or anything of the sort. He had even believed her without question when he was told Peter would bring about James's death, and had distanced himself from Peter and was convincing Remus and James to do the same. Even refusing to allow Peter to be added to the map they were close to finishing.

Over the years the bond had changed between Josie and Sirius along with a chemistry appearing that hadn't been there before. It had been at the end of fourth year, a month ago, that Josie had come to the realisation that she actually loved her best friend, Sirius Black. Which came to the other reason why she was nervous, as she didn't want to ruin the friendship she had with Sirius. But, she was also looking forward to passing her Owls as she had an affinity with magical creatures as proven by the Bowtruckles sitting happily on her, along with her familiar Merlin who was a silver and black Kneazle. She also wanted to be a Magizoologist and get her Masters in Ancient Runes, Magical Creatures and Charms.

Inside the Manor the three boys were gathered in James's bedroom while Sirius sat glaring at one of his best friends. He'd been glaring at James ever since he had arrived that morning, after running away from his own home in London.

"Sirius why are you glaring at me?" James asked fed up.

"You know why I'm glaring at you!" Sirius snapped.

"I really don't." James argued.

"Well, then maybe you should spend less time thinking about Lily! And more time thinking about your sister!" Sirius shouted.

"Josie? Is she sick again?" James asked suddenly frantic with his worry that he started panicking. Sirius and Remus shared a look, confused as they haven't seen this side of James before.

"What do you mean sick?" Sirius asked confused. "Josie isn't sick. I'm talking about how you make her feel like she's second best. Like making her be a Chaser when she's better as a Seeker. It was me who got her to tryout for Seeker and come out of her shell James, me. When it should have been you. But instead you fawn over Lily, take credit for pranks Josie did when you know she did them.

She even helped us become Animagi to help Remus for Merlin's sake! None of the girls liked her before end of third year as they all thought she was arrogant like you! Do you get that James! Josie had no one except us! No one! Do you even know that she's the first Potter to become a Seer since Ignotus Peverell!" Sirius ranted before slapping a hand over his mouth. As he realised what he said, and that he'd promised he wouldn't say anything about her being a Seer. But he had been so angry it had just slipped out. James sat there stunned as he knew Sirius was right on some accounts as he has been more interested in getting Lily's attention lately. But he was also so desperate to protect his sister he didn't realise he was making her feel like that; making her feel like she was second best. When that wasn't true.

"I know she's a Seer so do Mum and Dad. It would've been hard not to when the visions came to her in dreams when we were younger making her scream sometimes. I wanted her to be Chaser with me so I could protect her. When we were ten she suddenly became very ill and had to be in St Mungoes for weeks, at first we thought she wouldn't make it. It was a viral form of Dragon Pox and it had caused her to get pneumonia, even though we had our shots. They had to create a new one and she was in there for so long we thought she wouldn't be able to go to Hogwarts. I had to do the hair model photoshoot that Josie was meant to do, otherwise Dad's potion wouldn't get launched." James explained sadly.

"So you were so worried she'd get ill again, that you tried to keep her as close to you as possibly could and took the credit for the pranks so she didn't get the long detentions outside." Remus realised. James nodded his head sadly hoping he hadn't screwed up too badly. Even though he focused on Lily he still watched and looked out for his sister, he knew of her affinity with magical creatures. It would be hard not to notice considering her Kneazle had come from Newt Scamander himself, when Merlin was a kitten. He was a friend of their Dad's and they had went to his just before Josie got sick and Merlin had immediately attached himself to her side, and it had been that way ever since. But he swore he would do better this year he would not put all his attention on Lily making his sister feel second best.

"I never meant for this to happen." James said sadly as he started pacing the room running his hands through his already messy hair. "Josie is my twin, my other half and I've done this. I've made her feel second best, like she doesn't matter. It's not true I know she has an affinity with Magical Creatures, that she's close with the Creatures she has on our property, and is with the Bowtruckles right now, that she's named them. That she wants to be like Newt Scamander and become a Magizologist and get her Masters in Magical Creatures, Runes and Charms. She's..." James ranted only to be cut off by Remus.

"Maybe it's Josie you should be saying this all to instead of us. Tell her what you told us." Remus explained.

James' eyes lit up as he tore out of his bedroom and out of the Manor ignoring his parents calling after him.

"Do you think he'll be able to fix his relationship?" Sirius asked Remus.

"I hope so Padfoot I truly do." Remus sighed feeling sorry for Josie and guilty he didn't notice. "That's why you've been warning us against Peter, Josie saw something." Remus realised and he wasn't the only one to realise that, James did as well as he ran towards his little sister.

"Peter betrays us and joins Voldemort. He gets James and Lily killed and nearly their son, Harry too." Sirius growled. Remus growled loudly his eyes glowing amber as he broke the start of the pack bond with Peter.

"I'll kill him!" Remus growled.

"Remus calm down! We'll deal with it but you need to calm down before you lose control." Sirius placated.

Meanwhile, out in the gardens James had finally found his sister, Josie, who was deeper in the woods then James first thought.

"Josie!" James exclaimed, panting a little.

"What is it Jamie?" Josie asked a little bite to her voice that made James frown.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything, I was just so worried that you would get sick again that I couldn't think straight and wanted you where I could watch over you. It's why I made you be a Chaser with me, and why I took credit for your brilliant and amazing pranks so you didn't get the long detentions outside." James started to explain as he kneeled down in front of his sister and apologised for everything.

When he was done he took a deep breath, while Josie sat there and stared at her big brother unsure what to say but also incredibly touched.

"Please say something Starfall?" James begged. "Anything, shout, or scream at me but please say something."

"I thought that you cared more about Lily then you did me or more about Peter." Josie said softly with tears in her eyes. She jumped a little when she felt James's thumb on her cheek wiping away the tear she didn't know had fallen.

"And that is my mistake and I'm so sorry you've felt second best all these years. But I swear to you, it isn't true.

You are a amazing, kind, caring and beautiful young woman who puts everyone before herself even Magical Creatures, and I'm extremely lucky to call you my twin sister." James said softly, his own eyes brimming with tears. "I will do everything I can to make this up to you Josie, just please let me try, please?" Josie stared at older twin for a moment before she nodded her head a soft smile on her lips as James pulled her into a tight hug, both of them laughing with tears running down their cheeks. After all the pain and hurt that has been caused since the start of Hogwarts, it was slowly easing away and the Potter twins were well on their way to being as close as they were when they were small children.

Only this time, their bond would be stronger than ever.

"Now, tell me about Peter?" James asked as he sat next to his sister, his arm around her shoulders. While Merlin spread out across both their laps and Button, and his parents Poppy and Twig danced over them as Josie explained everything to James.