Chapter Thirteen, Full Moon

It was two days before they all went back to Hogwarts after the Christmas Holidays and unfortunately it was a Full Moon too. Euphemia and Monty had allowed Regulus, Marlene and Pandora to come over the day of the Full Moon so all the pack could be together to minimise stress to Remus, but with the condition that they rest the following day before they took the train back on the third of January.

"Are you sure you don't need anything?" Euphemia asked everyone, standing on the back steps with her husband as the sun was starting to set.

"We'll be okay, Mum." Josie said, smiling reassuringly to her parents.

"You better start shifting." Fleamont said, looking at the setting sun that sat in the distance; closer to the horizon.

He and Euphemia were extremely proud of their twins and their friends for thinking of something that would help Remus through his terrible ordeal but they also couldn't help but worry about all of them they were only fifteen and sixteen years old, fourteen for Regulus. Fleamont and Euphemia watched in amazement as Sirius and Regulus shifted into a Grimm and a Black Dog respectively, Marlene a honey coloured Niffler, Pandora a soft brown coloured doe, Jamie a dark brown stag with lighter markings around his eyes for his glasses, and Josie a white and light grey coloured wolf with an almost star-like pattern on her tail. Taking one last look at the animal turned teenagers; who they loved deeply, the two parents locked and warded the house tightly with the help of the House-Elves before heading up to bed wincing at Remus's pain filled screams as the Moon rose Full in the sky.

"They'll be okay Mia, I promise." Fleamont assured, pulling his wife into his arms as they stood at their bedroom window overlooking the grounds.

"I know but it's a mother's job to worry." Euphemia sighed, resting against her husband as they watched Remus or rather Moony settle pack order with the three newest members. The pair smiled in relief as the pack mingled together rather happily for a co-symphony of different animals, both predator and prey, after the initial pack order was established.

The next morning as the sun rose and they all turned back to their human forms; they were completely exhausted. There was a few aches and general soreness after playing all evening, and they all thankfully only had a few scrapes and bruises that could easily be healed with Essence of Dittany and a Bruise Salve. There was a loud pop and Lou-Lou appeared besides Remus draping him in a long, thick and fluffy blanket.

"Youse are all's to go have a hot relaxing bath. Lou-Lou has run it and Master and Mistress have put Muscle Relaxers in the water. Lou-Lou, Elisa and Harper will brings you some breakfast and then you will sleep!" Lou-Lou said sternly, a small balled hand rested on her hip and pointing a finger at all of them warningly.

"Thank you Lou-Lou." James groaned, climbing to his feet and helping his half asleep twin and girlfriend to their feet.

While Regulus helping a sleepy Marlene and Sirius helping an exhausted Remus to his feet. Lou-Lou followed behind them into the Entrance Hall where Euphemia and Fleamont were waiting for them with some Essence of Dittany and a Bruise Salve in hand.

"Everyone is here as asked Mistress Mia, Master Monty." Lou-Lou informed, closing the door behind them and cleaning most of the mud from the group of teenagers with a snap of her fingers.

"Thank you Lou-Lou." Euphemia said kindly, as she and Fleamont started to check over everyone and healing them of their scrapes and bruises. "Could you organise the others and make sure their breakfasts are ready for after they've had a nice hot bath." She instructed, finishing of Remus's cuts with some Murtlap Essence as his were the worst.

"Of course Mistress." Lou-Lou agreed, disappearing to the kitchen with a loud pop and startling the teenagers that were half asleep on their feet.

"All of you go and have a bath and get some sleep." Fleamont said firmly, as he and his wife helped them upstairs so they didn't fall down and seriously hurt themselves.

"Night Mama, Night Papa. Night." Josie said kissing her parents', James's and Sirius's cheeks before bidding a sleepy goodnight to her friends.

"Night." The other teenagers muttered in between large yawns.

"Good night my darlings." Euphemia smiled, watching as they all went to their rooms for a much needed bath and well deserved sleep.

"Sleep well." Fleamont bid, just before the bedroom doors were shut. "Right, now we know they're all safe we should get some rest too Mia, we've been up half the night." He added, hiding his own yawn behind his hand as they headed towards the Master bedroom.

"That sounds wonderful. I love you Monty." Mia agreed, kissing her husband lovingly before they too climbed into bed.

"I love you too Mia." Fleamont said lovingly. They were asleep before their heads even touched their pillows along with everyone else in the Manor; none of them had been able to eat much of their breakfast and fell asleep as soon as they were in bed. Their food sat under a Stasis Charm and a Heating Charm on the nightstands for when they awoke.

Josie awoke later that afternoon stretching like a cat as she rubbed her eyes, she still felt tired but she felt much better than she had this morning. Rubbing her eyes again she grabbed the hot chocolate off her tray, humming a little as she took a sip successfully waking her up some more and easing the weariness she felt in her bones for being in her Animagus form all night.

"Mweoaw!" Merlin called from besides her.

"Hello Merlin." Josie cooed, running a hand over his head eliciting a loud purr from her familiar. Smiling the youngest Potter, levitated the tray across her lap, eating her porridge one handed as she bonded with her familiar. Not rushing to get out of bed anytime soon she levitated the tray back on to the nightstand when she finished, and curled up cuddling with Merlin and a good book. There wasn't any rush for any of them to get anything done today.

Her parents had made sure they had all packed their trunks before the Moon rose yesterday. They were all content to just relax with their own company for today as they conserved their energy for the long journey back to Hogwarts and the rigorous studying for their OWLs at the end of the year.