Okay, this is how it really ends.

Rachel, Aaron, and Connor eventually gave up on trying to fix the power grid, turning instead to fiber cables and solar power. It took about 10 years for everything to get back to the way it was, except now it was more efficient and better for the planet.

Aaron moved back to California, re-formed Google (motto: "This time we really won't do any evil"), and eventually married Jennifer Affleck during her second term as President.

Connor moved to California with Aaron, eventually getting a job at the newly formed Facebook. After working there for a time, he realized how dangerous it was to their newly formed democracy, and left to run for congress. He later married Jennifer Affleck's daughter and they're on their way to becoming a political super couple.

Rachel and Miles got engaged but never actually married. Once she fixed the power, she quietly died in her sleep one night.

Miles mourned Rachel, but also felt a sense of relief. He eventually met up with a former member of the Resistance, and married her. He continued as National Security Adviser and he and his wife hang out with Charlie and Bass as often as possible.

Charlie and Bass were married in a small ceremony in the courtyard of the hotel where they first slept together. Their officiant was the owner, who also happened to be a Justice of the Peace. ("I knew it when I first saw you! It was in the way you looked at each other," he said.) They went on to have two children, a girl and a boy. He became the Head of National Defense; she remained Ambassador and ultimately traveled the world with Bass. They often fight about her instinct to find commonalities with people and his paranoia that everyone is trying to kill them. They work it out and have great make-up sex. Their kids love Miles and his wife, who they call Uncle and Aunt. They don't understand why their dad likes to tease Uncle Miles and call him "Grandpa," but Uncle Miles seems to kind of like it.

When Charlie is in her mid-40s she runs for President and wins. Bass happily becomes First Gentleman.