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Pearls of Experience

Chapter One – The Beginning…

It has been many a long year since the woman came to this barren and desolate planet. Her sapphire eyes scanned the desert sands as if searching for something while the hot winds whipped around her petite form. She tightened the hood and mask around her face so the sand would not sting her delicate skin. She sighed softly as she began shuffling along the scorching sands as her thoughts began to swing back to the distant past…


A bright flash of light illuminated Crystal Tokyo as a new enemy attacked the peaceful kingdom. The senshi that protected the planet fought valiantly against this evil foe alongside their rulers, Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. With her strength of will and the Ginzuishou, the queen managed to hold off the enemy for some time. But it was almost enough time to allow the senshi regroup and gather their forces. Almost.

A Sailor senshi garbed in a white and light blue fuku was at a computer terminal when a blast rocked the foundation of the crystal palace she was currently in. She swore lightly, something that did not happen often to this gentle and intelligent warrior. She knew that the enemy has attack again and was about to leave her post when the palace shook again. This time, the edifice quaked with such force that the senshi was knocked to the floor and some of the equipment fell on top of her. She blacked out immediately and did not come to for hours…

The woman finally regained consciousness and struggled to free herself from the rubble that used to be her private office. A feeling a dread overcame her soul as she moved in and out around the debris that seemed to litter the corridors. As she made her way through the palace, she would come across the dead bodies of her fellow senshi and her eyes grew bright with unshed tears. Tears finally came to her eyes as she finally reached the throne room of the once magnificent citadel as she spied a prone figure lying on the ground, her white gown tattered and bloodied…

End flashback

The woman shook her head from the thoughts as she continued to walk through the harshness of a mild sandstorm. The winds rolled by her at a furious pace, slowing her progress even more. She pulled on the reins that were attached to a Thomas, forcing the creature to follow after its mistress. A strange feeling passed through the woman's body, causing her to look up and through the sand the wind was blowing around. In the distance, she saw the shadows of a town and sighed. This would be a good place to stay until the storm blows over and she would be able to get a decent lodging for the night. Not only that, she might be able to find food for her Thompson.

It took a good two hours for the woman and her creature to make it to the town. By that time, the sandstorm already died down to a mere breeze. As soon as she entered the settlement, the woman got an uneasy feeling. She looked around and saw that there were no people in sight. There weren't any sounds of any animals around as well.

"Hello!" the woman called out. "Is anyone here?"

She sighed once more as she realized that the town was deserted and began walking towards a monument in the town square. She looked at the object and raised an eyebrow as she spied the name "Knives" written across it in what appeared to be either red paint or blood. She bowed her head as she realized that the people that used to live here were probably dead and recited an ancient prayer to guide the lost souls to the next life. As she put her bird-like creature in what looked like a stable, she felt the presence of a restless soul flitting among the empty buildings.

The petite woman brought her belongings to a nearby house and then followed the presence to an abandoned church. She slowly entered the structure, looking around the place carefully. She looked down onto the wooden floor and saw that there was a lot of dried blood that led from the door up to the front. She thought to herself that someone must have died here and it was a violent death. 'That would explain the restless soul,' she thought as she felt herself drawn to the outside of the church. She then walked behind the building and spied a relatively recent grave with a makeshift cross marking the spot. There was no name or anything written on the cross.

For some unknown reason, the woman placed a delicate hand upon the loose dirt. "It was not your time to die, was it?" she asked softly, knowing that no one would answer the question. "And the fact that you still have unfinished business left in the land of the living is what makes you toil upon the mortal world." A gentle breeze coursed around the feminine figure as if telling her that she was correct in her assumption.

The woman decided to exhume the body and see if it is still in good condition. With that in mind, she went back to the stable and found a shovel and set about to dig out the body. A few hours passed and the twin suns began to set as she finally reached a crude-looking wooden coffin. With a strength that belied her small frame, she managed to drag the coffin out of the grave and pried it open. She noticed that the body was still in good condition and not desiccated. That part surprised her since the planet was hot and dry. She also noticed that it was a man who appeared to be young and he had dark hair. Since his eyes were closed, the woman could not tell the color of his eyes.

"Yes, you were meant to still be alive," she murmured softly as she ran a hand through the man's dark hair. "And you have a loved one you wish to return to. Yet you also desire revenge…Even so, I shall give you a second chance at life."

The woman closed her eyes and placed her hands on the dead man's chest. She began concentrating her mind and energies and directed it to the body. If there were any living eyes around, they would have seen a soft silvery blue glow surround the woman and then encase the body. A silvery crystal appeared to float in front of the woman's chest during the whole procedure. Sweat began to pour down the woman's forehead as she focused her energy and the energy of the crystal into the man lying before her. After what seemed like an eternity, a faint heartbeat could be heard and then another one. A few more minutes went by and the man began to breath once again as the wounds he had sustained before he died were healed.

Once the man groaned, the woman stopped what she was doing and the crystal disappeared. The silvery blue glow remained, however. The man groggily opened his eyes and moaned softly.

"Did someone get the number of that bus that hit me?" he asked sarcastically as he put a hand on his face. "Wait a minute…I'm suppose to be dead!"

"You were dead," a soft voice answered, causing the man to sit up and stare at the woman before him. She had sapphire blue eyes and short hair that was so black it appeared to be blue. He then saw the glow around the woman.

"Are you an angel from God?" he asked, his eyes growing wide at the sight.

The angelic woman laughed lightly and shook her head as the silvery glow finally dissipated. "No, I am most definitely not an angel, sir. I did, however, bring you back to life because I sensed that your spirit was restless and it was not supposed to be your time to pass from this earthly life."

The man thought for a moment and shakily stood up and stepped out of the coffin. He then held out his hand to the woman. "I am grateful for this, miss," he replied. "I ought to introduce myself. My name is Nicholas D. Wolfwood. And who might you be?"

The petite woman stood up and glanced upward at Wolfwood's face as she firmly grasped his hand in greeting. "Throughout my life, I have been known by many names," she answered cryptically, "but you may call me Ami. Ami Mizuno." At that, Ami collapsed to the ground.

Two days had passed since Ami had resurrected Wolfwood and collapsed from exhaustion. He had carried her to the building where she had left her belongings and kept an eye on the woman. It wasn't easy since he was weak as well. He wondered what sort of creature she was since she had brought him back to life and if she was a Plant like Vash and Knives. It was apparent to the man that she had power within her petite body. How else was she able to do what she did?

The priest did a few things around the place to keep himself busy while Ami was unconscious. He fed her Thompson, found some food that hadn't spoiled and tried to fix an old jeep he found in the town. Wolfwood felt that he owed the woman and wanted to do something for her. Currently, he was wiping his forehead free of sweat and oil as he finished working on the jeep. It wasn't his motorcycle but it would do in a pinch. After he made sure the vehicle would start, he put the tools away and made his way back to the house that he shared with Ami.

The senshi in a white and light blue fuku nearly screamed as she saw her Queen lying near death on the floor of the throne room. She ran over to the woman's side and put the monarch's head in her lap.

"Don't die," the senshi whispered, her voice cracking with emotion. "Please, Neo-Queen Serenity…don't leave me here alone…"

The Queen opened her eyes to reveal bright blue eyes that once held laughter, kindness and loyalty. The eyes now revealed sadness and determination. "Sailor Mercury…you will never be alone…"

Ami gasped loudly as she bolted up to a sitting position on the couch she was laying on. It had been years since she had any sort of dream about the destruction of Crystal Tokyo and that fact disturbed her slightly. She quickly glanced around the room and realized that she was in the house her things were in. Slowly, she stood up and walked over to the front door. The blue haired woman opened the door to see Wolfwood walking her way. She smiled slightly at the dirty sight before her.

Wolfwood smiled back at Ami and felt relief that the short woman was okay. "I see that you are up and about, Ms. Mizuno," he remarked as he approached the porch. "Are you feeling better?"

Ami nodded as she stood aside and let the tall man pass into the house. "Yes, I am feeling better," she answered. "I did not realize that reviving you would take so much of my energy, Mr. Wolfwood."

The man shrugged and grinned. "I suppose that you didn't know that was going to happen anyway. By the way, call me either Nick or Wolfwood. Mr. Wolfwood sounds too formal for a man like me."

"Okay but only if you call me Ami. Calling me Miss makes me feel like a naïve young girl," she grinned in return.

"Deal," Wolfwood laughed and then saw that the short haired woman was wobbling slightly. "Why don't you go and sit back down, Ami? I'll clean up, make something that I hope will pass for dinner and you can tell me all about yourself."

Ami nodded as she obeyed the man and went back over to the couch and sat down. She thought about what she would tell the priest and knew that there were some things that he need not know. At least she won't explain everything for now.

A little while later after Wolfwood cleaned himself up and dressed in his usual clothing (AN: You know, the black outfit from the anime…) and fixed dinner, he sat the former senshi at the dinner table and put something on her plate. She looked at it strangely and then back up at him. He chuckled and assured her that it may not taste like much but at least it was edible. Ami nodded and hesitatingly tried some of the food. She ate more when she decided that it wouldn't kill her or make her sick.

"So, Ami, what makes a pretty little lady like you wander around this desert planet alone," Wolfwood asked, very curious about the woman in front of him, "especially if you don't have any guns or weapons to take care of yourself?"

Ami sighed softly as she finished her meal and pushed the plate away from her. She took a sip of water that was in front of her and then looked at him directly in the eyes. "I am searching for something," she answered.

"What are you searching for?" Wolfwood inquired, wondering about the woman's mysterious nature. "If you are searching for a friend, you found at least one."

The blue haired woman tilted her head to one side, as if she were examining the man before her. She smiled warmly at him. "No, that is not exactly what I am searching for, Nick," she responded. "I do not have any friends…I would like to be able to call you one."

The priest grinned and stood up from the table and bowed. "It is my pleasure, then, to call you a friend," he replied. He got a serious look on his face suddenly as he sat back down. "But I don't know if you would want to be my friend if you know what I had done in the past."

Ami smiled gently at her newfound friend. "It doesn't matter, Nick. I can sense that you have a good soul and that what you have done in the past is over and gone. The past will remain in the past." That statement brought a look of relief on the man's tanned face. "However, there is one thing that I would like to know. Were you really a priest?"

Wolfwood chuckled and shrugged. "If I was one, I wasn't a very good one. I smoke too much and like to drink…I did run an orphanage at one point in time. There are so many of them in this world. What about you, Ami? What do you do?"

"I was trained to be a doctor," Ami answered. "And that is what I do now if I come across people who need medical help. I carry the supplies I need on my Thompson from town to town helping people during my search. The money I make from that helps pay for meals and hotels."

It wasn't quite what the tall man expected, but he accepted her story. Wolfwood really wanted to know about that silvery blue glow he saw coming from her when he came back to life. He also wanted to know how she was able to do just that. He decided that she would tell him about in her own time and would not rush her. He made up his mind and decided to tell Ami how he ended up dead in the first place. He told her about his first meeting with a man called Vash the Stampede and the girls from the Bernadelli Insurance Society.

Ami smiled softly when Wolfwood talked about one of the girls named Millie Thompson. His eyes became unfocused as he described the tall woman in detail, including how she looked right down to her personality. The senshi knew that this must be the woman her friend was in love with and got up from her seat. She walked over to the tall man and gave him a hug and made him look in her eyes.

"Nick, I think that we should leave tomorrow and find your friends, what do you say?" Ami asked, already knowing the answer.

Wolfwood grinned and returned the hug. "That sounds great!" he exclaimed. "I miss those friends of mine…especially Millie and that needle-noggin Vash."

Ami laughed as she gave the man one more embrace and then gathered the dirty dishes. "Then it's settled. We will leave tomorrow at first light."

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