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Chapter 1

Dean rolled over in his bed and squinted his eyes as he looked around the room. It was a motel room and things started slowly coming back to him. He gave the bed across from him a sideways glance to see a covered mound and knew it was his brother. He let his head fall back onto the pillow as he let out a deep sigh. They had finished a case and stopped at this motel for a couple of days to regroup and see where to go next. He glanced at the clock and saw it was early but there was no going back to sleep for him.

After sitting up on the side of the bed, Dean rubbed the sleep from his eyes and pushed up, shuffling to the bathroom. He decided to grab a shower before going to get breakfast for them. He shut the bathroom door and moved to the commode to relieve himself before turning on the water to warm. After dropping his briefs and pulling his T-shirt over his head, he adjusted the water before stepping under the hot spray.


Dean thought back over the last seven months and how they ended up at this point in time. He had been trapped in Purgatory with Castiel when they killed Dick Roman. It took over a year for him to fight his way out of that hell hole with the help of a vampire named Benny Lafitte. The worse part was Castiel would not try to come through the portal with him. He thought he deserved to be there to pay penance for what he had done when he absorbed all the souls in Purgatory to defeat Raphael and win the war in Heaven. What he ended up doing was releasing the Leviathan onto the world and almost destroying it in the process.

After Dean had found his way back to this world, he searched for Sam, only to find he had started a new life with someone he loved. He had stopped hunting and even had a real job. What hurt the most and was hard to deal with was he had not even tried to look for them when they disappeared that day in the plant. Instead, Sam had ran away and did not look back. That was still a touchy subject, but Dean was coming to accept the choices he made and decided to let it go. It was in the past and could not be changed now.

When they had reunited and Dean found out that Sam had not been hunting at all the entire time he was gone, he was shocked and disappointed. He could not believe Sam gave it up so easily and without any regret. After he learned about Amelia, he told Sam to make a choice, he could not have it both ways because he was not focused and was going to get someone killed. Sam saw Amelia one more time, spending the night with her, but knew the choice he had to make. Amelia's husband was back in the picture and he wouldn't come between them. Dean was his brother and knew that trumped all else. He left without a word and went back to his brother and the life.

At first, Dean found it hard to be back in this world after spending over a year running and killing every day in Purgatory to stay alive. Still, even with the threat of death hanging over his head, he found the place seemed pure and where you could be yourself and not have to hide behind a mask. He was a good hunter when he had been sucked into Purgatory, but he came out a superb hunter. His senses were honed and far superior than most other hunters and he used it to his advantage.

Coming back left him balancing on the edge of a sharp sword as he tried to fit into this world once again. He was always on edge, tense, jumpy and that did not help his relationship with Sam. Sam could not understand what he had been through to get back to him, so he did not understand his harshness, short temper, or clipped words when Sam asked him about what happened.

It took him a long time to be able to sleep in a bed again after all that time of hardly sleeping at all for fear of being attacked. Sam would wake in the middle of the night to find him roaming the motel room or be gone for a walk or outside in the dark drinking beers. Dean did not have the words to explain to him what was going on in his mind, but he had to give Sam credit for not pressing too hard.

Things were finally starting to get better as time passed, but Dean would still sort of freak out if someone or something surprised him unexpectedly. He had drawn a gun on the maid in one motel room when he did not hear her knock, so she let herself into their room with clean linens. He apologized to her and gave her a big tip before she fled the room. Sam was being patient and understanding with him and giving him time to adjust to this world again.

They had run across a new hunter several months back on one of their hunts, named Dominick Sebastian, from Romania. He was an interesting, unique, and complex guy who told the brothers his story and why he was in their country. He was tracking a creature that killed his grandfather and cousins in his country and it had moved to the United States. They decided to team up together to kill this monster since it was elusive and clever and was now killing in this country too. Dominick had been on its trail for nearly three years and he was not giving up his need for revenge.

What was a huge shocker for the brothers was to learn Dominick was one of the special children that Azazel had infected with his blood and he had powers like Sam. He had been taken out of the country by his parents, who died while overseas, and was taken in by his Romanian grandparents. His grandmother could see the powers in him and started training him and warded him from the demons that wanted him.

He told Sam that his powers were still there, inside of him, but they were trapped behind a wall, a barrier. He offered to help him break down this barrier and teach him to use his powers if he wanted. He also told Sam that most of his powers were natural, he was born with them, which was a surprise to both brothers. Dean was not sure it was a good idea, but Sam tried to convince him to let him try. After some consideration, Dean agreed to allow Sam to make his own choices about it and would stand behind whatever he chose.

It did not take Dominick long to help Sam unleash his powers and started training him in how to use and control them. Sam found out he had powers he was not aware of and began practicing so he could learn to use them. He concluded, why have them and not use them if it would help in hunts. Sam saw them not as evil or a curse, but an extension of himself that made him different, but he was not afraid of them. He was amazed at what Dominick could do and worked hard on mastering his own powers.

Once they killed the creature Dominick had been chasing, they parted ways, but Sam stayed in touch with him. They would meet up when they could for a couple of days and work on Sam's powers and discuss hunts, sharing knowledge with each other. Dean had taken this all-in stride and was seeing that Sam could make a difference on hunts when he used his powers. He had saved him a couple of times now by using them, but Dean noticed slight changes in Sam which bothered him. He was going to keep a close eye on Sam and see if it continued or any other side effects came to light.

Present Time

Dean stepped from the bathroom, letting a cloud of steam escape over his head. He glanced to the beds and saw Sam was still asleep. He snagged clean clothes and got dressed. After picking up his car keys and the room key, he headed out the door to get breakfast for them. The shower helped loosen his sore, tight muscles and he rolled his shoulders as he let himself out of the room.

The morning air was cool and fresh smelling as Dean stepped into the parking lot and looked around. He was deciding whether to drive or walk to a diner that was down the street. Thinking the walk would help his sore muscles, he strolled across the lot and made his way down the sidewalk toward the diner.

Traffic was picking up as people were heading to work, shopping, or on their way home from a third shift job. The diner was busy with the morning rush as Dean stepped to the counter to order takeout. He looked over a menu and waited for a waitress to take his order. Once it was placed and he got a to go coffee, he took a seat to wait for it to be cooked.

The coffee was hot and strong, just like he liked it. He looked around the dining room at the patrons enjoying their meals and tuned out the hum of conversation that filled the air. He sipped his coffee and listened for his name to be called to pick up his order. Twenty minutes later, Dean heard his name and went to pay for the food. He picked up the bags and drinks to head back to the motel.

After letting himself back into the motel room, Dean walked over to the table and put the bags and drinks down. He turned to the beds and saw Sam had not got up yet. Usually Sam would be up, showered and waiting for him to return, but it looked like he had not moved since Dean had gotten up.

"Hey Sammy, you going to sleep all day?" Dean called to him shaking his leg to wake him.

"Wha…" Sam slurred as he moved under the covers and rolled over to look bleary eyed at Dean.

"I got us breakfast, you wanna get up and eat while it's hot?"

"Give me a minute," Sam mumbled digging his fists into his eyes to clear his vision. He yawned widely as he rolled his head and stretched his long frame pulling the covers from his upper body. He had slept hard but still felt tired. Sam pushed his weariness down so Dean would not see it and sat up on the side of the bed.

"You doing okay Sammy?"

"Yeah, I'm good." Sam said too quickly as he stood and got his balance before heading for the bathroom.

Dean took a seat at the table and divided the food between them and began to eat. He looked up as Sam came out of the bathroom and thought his coloring was off. He did not say anything to him as Sam took a seat across from him and pulled a coffee to him to drink. They did not try to converse, each lost in their own thoughts.

After finishing his coffee, Dean gathered the trash and tossed it in the waste basket. He stretched for a moment trying to decide what to do now. He thought they both needed a few days of down time to unwind and recharge. On the last hunt they were on, Sam used his powers and Dean thought he seemed exhausted afterwards. It was like he had overexerted himself. He did not seem to snap back like he normally did, and this concerned him. Dean was not sure if he should say something to Sam about it or not. Maybe he would call Dominick and talk to him about it first.

It did not get by Dean that Sam was not eating as much lately. Months ago, after he started training, it seemed he doubled his intake like he was feeding whatever was within him.

"I'm going to go sit by the pool and read and get some fresh air and soak up some sunshine," Sam told him after tossing his trash. He wanted some alone time from his brother to process things.

"Alright. Put your dirty clothes out and I'll go find a laundry mat and wash them," Dean replied. "Might as well catch up on the chores."

"You sure? I can do them later," Sam offered.

"Naw, it'll give me something to do and I'll pick us some lunch up on the way back. Subs or burgers?"

"Subs sounds good."

"If you need me, call or text me," Dean told him as he emptied his duffle and sorted what few clean clothes he had left out. He watched Sam do the same with his clothes and left the dirty piled on his bed.

Sam kept out the one pair of cut off jeans and went to the bathroom to put them on along with a T-shirt. He slipped on a long sleeved shirt and left it open and dug out a book he had been reading.

"You have protection?" Dean asked giving him a stern, brotherly look.

"Sure," Sam grunted pulling a knife from the weapon's bag and stuffing it in his jean's pocket to satisfy his brother.

"You know what I taught you Sammy, don't let your guard down, that's how you get yourself killed."

Sam grabbed the room key and nodded his understanding before slipping out the door as Dean slung his duffle over his shoulder and followed him.


The pool area was empty as Sam opened the gate to walk inside and look around for a moment before choosing a lounge chair that the sun was shining on. He settled on the chair and stretched his legs out, tilting his head back to let the rays of the sun warm his face. It felt good as he let his body relax and breathed in slow deep breaths of the fresh air.

A breeze blew across the yard, ruffling his hair and caressing his cheek, making Sam suddenly think of Amelia and his time with her. He remembered when she surprised him in the park with a picnic and a birthday cake. He had never really had much of a celebration on his birthday growing up and it only made him love her that much more. She had been a shining light when his world was so dark and turned upside down. If he had not hit that dog in Kermet, Texas, he would never have met her. He found a kindred spirit in her because she was going through the grief and loss of her husband. They supported and loved each other and gave each other a little happiness for a short time.

Sam jerked out of his daydream and looked around to be sure no one was there as he wiped the tears from his face. He slid up in the chair and coughed, as the ache in his chest started to lessen. After reining in his emotions, Sam picked up his book and opened it to the marked page to begin reading, hoping to keep those memories locked away. He turned his thoughts to his book and began to read.