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Chapter 1 – Today was the Day.

The sun streamed through my window in a ray of gold, casting a glow around the room. Today was the day. The day I started my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Forgive me let me introduce myself, my name is Michelle Lillian Evans Potter and yes, I am the sister of one Harry James Potter. His older sister to be exact, I was 3 when our parents died but instead of being taken to the Dursleys like Harry, Remus took me in. Where Harry looks like our father with the messy black hair with mum's bright green eyes, I am the spitting image of our mother, except for the three scars around my right eye. I was very curious as a child and when I was five, I tried to understand why he would disappear when it was a full moon. One day I decided to follow him, and it turned out to be one of the worst decisions I made. I got too close to him and that is the story of how I received my scars and became a werewolf myself. 3 years later Remus decided that it would be more practical for me to grow up with a family that could take better care of me. Those were his literal words. That is how I came to live with the Weasleys. Molly Weasley was the perfect mother figure, well you would kind of expect that after dealing with 7 children, now 8. Bill was the oldest, followed by Charlie, then Percy, then Fred and George the twins who are the same age as me. The final of the boys was Ron who was the same age as Harry and the youngest was Ginny. How Molly coped day in day out with the eight of us I will have no idea. I tried to help out where I could, helping with Ron and Ginny, but also causing the occasional bit of mischief with the twins. Fred and George were not just brothers to me, they were my best friends as well and in a way my protectors.

However I digress back to the story. Today was September 1st, 1989, they day that Myself, Fred and George would be sorted into our houses, but we first needed to travel to Diagon Alley to buy all of our books. I sat up and stretched my muscles feeling each one tense then relax. The Burrow had been home for the last 3 years and believe me when I say it would be strange to leave for some other worldly castle. Bill and Charlie would spend their summers telling us about the wonderful world of Hogwarts and the many wonders it held. They would tell us of the four houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin and what it meant to be in each house.

Gryffindors were brave, chivalrous and daring, so it came as no surprised that Bill and Charlie were sorted into that house. Percy I was surprised at I thought he might have sorted into Ravenclaw, the house known for their wisdom, wit and cleverness. Percy was quite reserved but clever in his own right and had all the makings of a potential prefect.

Charlie would tell us of his friend Nymphadora Tonks or just Tonks as she preferred to be called. She was a metamorphagus, someone who had the ability to change their physical appearance through sheer will. She was in Hufflepuff, as house where you could find students that were loyal, fair, modest and hard working. I was really looking forward to meeting her and learn more about her ability.

The final house was Slytherin, house of the cunning and ambitious. Bill told us to try and steer clear of them as that was the house known for being home to many a dark witch and wizard, such as Voldemort. They both assured me that I wouldn't be in Slytherin as I was too kind and gracious. I had to laugh at that, as I was kind but far from gracious especially when the twins were involved.

"Come on Mickey, today's the day!" Fred exclaimed as he burst into my room and began jumping on the small single bed. Now I know what you're thinking 'Mickey' as a nickname for Michelle? Fred couldn't pronounce my name properly when we first met and kept calling me Mick which then evolved into Mickey which he's called me ever since. George on the other hand calls me spud or Scarface, which was very suddenly stopped by Molly when she saw how much it upset me. Molly helped me learn that my scars are part of who I am, and they make me unique and to this day I hold her kind words close to my heart.

"It's not what's on the outside that makes you who you are Michelle, it's what is in your heart that defines you" I would never forget those words and I now live by them.

"Geez Fred at least let me wake up first" I chuckled as he stopped bouncing around and sat at the foot of bed.

"Sorry I can't help being excited, we finally get to go to the place that Bill and Charlie have been telling us about" He grinned.

"I know! You'll definitely be in Gryffindor I mean its in your blood" I giggled; his excitement was infectious.

"And you! I mean your Mum and Dad were Gryffindors right?" I nodded a smile spreading across my face. James and Lily Potter were two of the most talented witches and wizards of their time and they were both in Gryffindor.

"Yeah" I looked down at my hands suddenly feeling unsure. I never thought of my self as brave or chivalrous, they just didn't seem to fit in with my personality.

"Hey Mickey, I'll be your friend no matter what house you're in, George too" Fred pulled me into a hug.

"Thanks Fred" I hugged him back "So first day of school huh?" We both burst into a fit of giggles. That's how Molly found us, holding our stomachs and tears streaming down our faces from laughing.

"Come on you two we have books to buy and a train to catch" She shook her head, but I saw the smile creep along her features.

"Sorry Mrs Weasley we'll be right there" I wiped the tears on the sleeve of my Pyjama top.

"Michelle It's Molly" She smiled warmly. I gave her a small smile then proceeded to evict Fred from my room so that I could change. With it being September I dressed for the cold weather, pulling on a t-shirt, jeans, boots and a warm hoodie. The Weasley's didn't have a lot of money, but Remus helped us out where he could, be it buying clothes for me as I grew or helping out with the Weasley children so that they didn't always have to use hand me downs. Molly told me that my parents had left Harry and I a small fortune, which was held in one of the safest places in the wizarding world: Gringotts Bank.

"Ah Michelle there you are" Arthur Weasley smiled and pulled me into a hug "Are you ready to go?" Mr Weasley was an employee at the Ministry of Magic, specialising in Muggle Artefacts (Muggles being non-magic folk).

"As I'll ever be" I pulled on a woolly hat and a light jacket that Molly handed me. He smiled and retrieved a small plant pot from the fireplace, inside lay a sand coloured powder: Floo Powder.

"Okay, Bill, Charlie and Percy you first" Arthur instructed as he held the pot out to them. They each took a small handful before turning to the fire. It was a case of blink and you miss them, one minute they we're standing in front of us, the next they were gone in a flash of bright green flames.

"Okay George you next" Molly eyed the twins carefully waiting for the usual speech of 'He's not George, I am'. They found it hilarious that they're family couldn't tell them about, but I could. George called it my extra werewolf sense but in fact it was just clear observation.

"Fred you can take Michelle, that way she won't get lost" Arthur placed an arm round my shoulders and pulled me into a small hug. I smiled up at him grateful. I had travelled by floo before but was still a little unsure when it came to use it. George followed the others lead taking a small amount of powder and announced his destination before disappearing in a flash.

"Ready Mickey?" Fred held his gloved hand out to me. To say we were the same age, Fred was a good few inches taller than me. I took his hand and we both turned to the fireplace as Fred took a small amount of powder. The breath that I was holding in escaped me and he squeezed my hand in an attempt to ease my nervousness.

"Diagon Alley!" He spoke clearly before throwing the powder into the grate and pulling me into the green flames. Travelling by floo was almost like sliding down the world's biggest slide with a variety of destinations at the end. Seconds flew by before we landed at the feet of Charlie in what I knew to be Flourish and Blotts the bookstore. Bill helped me to my feet, dusting the ash off of my jacket. Moments later Arthur and Molly appeared along with a 9-year-old Ron and a 7-year-old Ginny.

"Okay Charlie you go with Michelle to Gringotts, take this" Arthur handed him a small golden key "We will meet back at the Leaky Cauldron, gather the supplies and head to the station, we have 4 hours before the train leaves so don't be late". We all nodded and went our separate ways. I head towards the bank with Charlie, listening intently to all the stories and fascinating facts about dragons as we went. Besides the twins and possibly Bill, Charlie was my favourite brother, he was an amazing storyteller and was the first one to comfort me if I ever had a nightmare.

"Here we are Shell" I looked up to the enormous off-white building, with plated gold doors: Gringotts Banks, run by goblins and a pretty daunting place in my eyes. Charlie pulled me towards the doors and let us both inside. I felt my eyes widen as I took in my surroundings, along each side of the room lay two desks, each filled with about seven or eight goblins. At the end of the room was a smaller desk with just one goblin, his eyes watching us with a cold stare. I felt like I was having an out of body experience as Charlie handed him the key. I don't remember much from then on, all I could really recall was being taken to a vault, Charlie collecting some of the money and then being back outside in the crisp September air.

"Shell are you okay?" Charlie placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Um…Yeah just a little overwhelmed" I ran a hand over my face before looking up at him.

"It's okay" He smiled "Come on best find Mum and Dad before they send out a search party" I laughed and fell into step alongside him. Diagon Alley was bustling with life as new and old students rushed to get their supplies before the train left.

"Ah Charlie, Michelle there you are" Arthur waved frantically at us as Molly tried to wrangle Ron and Ginny. "Bill took Fred and George to get the books and Percy has gone to get you a cauldron Michelle" I frowned.

"But Mr Weasley, Charlie and I have only just picked the money up" I panicked thinking that they were going to make themselves broke by trying to help me out.

"Don't worry Michelle, Remus sent us some in advance so that we could help you" Molly smiled " Which is why we sent you with Charlie so we could get this for you" She turned to reach behind her. As she turned back to us, I saw a medium sized domed cage in her hand, home to a gorgeous snow-white owl. Its piercing yellow eyes met mine and I felt a smile cross my face.

"Mrs Weasley you shouldn't have" I hesitantly moved forward taking the cage from her. The owl squeaked at the movement but soon settled once the cage stopped moving.

"Michelle it's Molly and we wanted to as a thankyou for helping us out" She placed a hand on my shoulder then wiped a thumb over my check. I realised then that I had started crying, once again feeling overwhelmed.

"What's her name?" I sniffled, my greens eyes flickering up to meet Molly's kind brown ones, the small lines around them showing as she smiled.

"She doesn't have one yet, we thought you'd like to name her" she pulled me into a half hug being careful of the cage.

"Thankyou" I smiled through my tears and quickly wiped my eyes as Percy, Fred and George appeared. Molly began dishing out instructions on what we needed to do next, she sent Bill with Fred, George and I to get our wands, which turned out to be a remarkably interesting experience. Fred and George must have gone through four wand each before they found the right one. Poor Bill ended up waiting our side with the amount of times he hand nearly been hit with flying objects.

"Now Miss Potter, try this one" Mr Ollivander handed me an extravagantly carved wand, I gave it a small wave and watch as a couple of wand boxes flew off the shelves.

"Nope not that one" He disappeared into the stacks and could be heard moving around before he came back with another box "try this one" he smiled handing me another wand. This one was slightly twisted, and the handle was intricately carved with swirls. My fingers curled around the handle and I felt a warm tingle run down my arm.

"Ah that is the one for you Miss Potter, Pear wood, unicorn hair core, 12 ¼ inches" Ollivander took the wand from me and placed it carefully back in its box then proceeded to wrap it in brown parcel paper.

"Thankyou" I smiled a small smile before handing over the money to pay for it.

"You're welcome Miss Potter, it shouldn't be too long before I see your brother in here, I should guess" he patted my shoulder as we left. Bill took the package and added it to the books and other items that he was carrying.

A good hour later we all met back up at the Leaky Cauldron supplies in hand.

"Okay so everyone has everything?" we all nodded "Good now the train leaves soon so we need to be going" Molly and Arthur bundled us ahead of them passing through the Leaky Cauldron and out onto the streets of London. I clutched Snowy's cage (Yes, I know I'm not creative with names, but it suited her) close to me as we navigated the busy streets. We finally reached King's cross station commandeering some trolley's so that we didn't have to carry everything. We reached the wall between platforms 9 and 10 and I watched in awe as Charlie, then Percy ran at the wall then disappeared. Now I had seen magic before as Mrs Weasley used it around the house, but I was still amazed every time I saw something different.

"Okay Fred you go, then Michelle" We both nodded and steered our trollies towards the wall. Fred took a good run at the wall disappearing as soon as he connected with it. I took a deep breath and took a run as well, closing my eyes as the trolley connected with the wall, but opening them again when I didn't feel it stop. My eyes widened as I looked around. I was on another platform, platform 9 3/4. The scarlet red engine to left of me glistened, smoke puffing out of the funnel.

"Amazing isn't it" Fred grinned as he bumped my shoulder with his.

"It sure is" I smiled back, it finally sinking in that we were going to Hogwarts.

"Come on Mickey we're going to miss the train" He laughed as he ran towards Charlie so that he could help put his trunk on to the luggage carriage.

"Coming!" I chuckled and pushed my trolley towards Mr and Mrs Weasley. I hadn't seen them come through the barrier but the must've done while I was in awe of the Hogwarts Express.

"So first year at Hogwarts" Molly smiled as my face lit up with excitement.

"I know it's exciting" I grinned, fiddling with the strings on my hoodie.

"Keep and eye on them for me, I have asked Charlie and Percy but they're more likely to listen to you" She tilted her head towards Fred and George.

"I will Mrs Weasley" I bit my lip as I caught Fred's eye, watching as he mischievously winked at me. I may only be young, but I'm allowed to have a crush…. right?

"Michelle call me Molly" She pulled me into a hug before kissing my forehead.

"I'm sorry, Molly" She chuckled and began checking that I had everything.

"What did Remus say about the full moon?" She quizzed me.

"He told me not to worry, I've got the potion he gave me and he told me to send an owl if I run out" I recited, we had been over this countless times but I knew it was to make sure that I would be safe.

"Good, now Professor McGonagall has given you permission to leave the castle once a month to meet Remus so that you have some one with you on you're transformations" I nodded feeling a little relieved that I wouldn't have to go through this alone. "And Dumbledore has informed us that for yours and your brother's safety, until Harry attends Hogwarts you will be using Evans as your last name"

"Okay, I understand" I took a deep shaky breath, the nervousness once again setting in.

"Everything will be okay Michelle, I promise" Molly placed and arm around my shoulder and walked me to one of the carriages, while Arthur and Bill placed my things in the luggage compartment. "Charlie has promised me to look out for you and I'm sure Fred and George will too"

"Thankyou for everything Mrs—Molly" I smiled shyly hugging her one last time before boarding the train and heading off on a new adventure.

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