Chapter 1 The protector

Like change of the seasons Avatar Aang has passed away from this world and begins a new era of a new Avatar.

However unlike previous Avatars before in the past something new will happen.


Three members of the White Lotus were walking in the South Pole to a small house before a man known as Tonraq approached them.

"The white Lotus has honored my family by coming. Thank you." Tonraq said before letting them inside seeing his home where his wife was cleaning.

"Welcome." Senna said before a piece fell down.

"We have investigated many claims, both here and in the northern tribe. All have turned out to be false." The leader said making them smile.

"Then you should be happy to know your search has come to an end." Senna said.

"What makes you so certain your daughter is the one?"

"Korra, please come in here." Senna called out.

Suddenly a piece of the wall flew past the White Lotus shocking them before they saw the four year old Korra.

"I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it." Korra said demonstrating every Bending ability minus Airbending. (HAHAHAHA! I laughed my ass off when I first saw this)

Suddenly however Outside lightning began to strike making Korra yelp before hiding behind her parents.

"Odd. We don't really get lightning storms around here." Tonraq said before they went outside seeing the lightning shoot randomly.

Suddenly one landed right in front of them blinding them by the light.

When it died down they were shocked to see a man in robes with a long white beard and white eyes.

"Who are you?" The Leader of the White lotus asked getting into defensive position.

"I am the creator of these lands. I am Zeus! King of the gods of Olympus." Zeus said shocking them before the White Lotus bowed. "I have come here for the Avatar." Zeus said.

"You aren't taking her away are you?" Senna asked holding her daughter.

"Nothing so cruel my dear. The Avatar caused great damage because he ran away. For understandable reasons but the damage was great and almost was beyond repair. I will not have that happen again. I created these lands after the war against the Titans using their very power. The Avatar is meant to keep the lands in perfect balance." Zeus said.

"So why are you here?" Tonraq asked.

"I am not here to take her but to give her something her predecessor should have been given along with every past Avatar. A protector." Zeus said.

"Lord Zeus. If I may. We of the White Lotus can protect The Avatar." The Leader said.

"My mind is made up. She will have a protector who will guard her with his life and also train her to be a true warrior." Zeus said.

"And just who is this protector?" One asked.

"My son." Zeus said before another strike of lightning hit the ground. Next to Zeus was a man with a well built body from countless hours of training. He had white skin brown hair and forest green eyes and also had a red mark on his left eye which connected to his upper body. He also had armor on that was well crafted and had two blades on his back. (Mark of Kratos and his Armor during his time as the God of War and his Blades of Chaos)

Korra ran to him.

"Korra!" Senna yelled before Korra stood in front of the son of Zeus who looked down at her.

"Hi." Korra said waving making him smile before picking her up.

"Well, aren't you just brave for a four year old."

"He is my son. Sean Ashburn Kruger. 300 years old and an elite warrior who has survived the most brutal battles. He will protect young Korra well." Zeus said.

"Lord Zeus, I understand sending a protector to guard and protect the Avatar...But why your son specifically?" the leader asked making him frown before looking at his son who nods.

"I will speak with you all in private." Zeus said as they went inside.

"Brrr." Korra said freezing before Sean's hands were engulfed in fire keep her warm making her smile.

"Don't tell me the Avatar is afraid of the cold?" Sean teased making her stick her tongue out.


"And that is why I wish for him to protect her." Zeus said shocking them.

"Hmm. I see. That is indeed a very troubling past. But you truly believe Korra can heal the wounds?" The Leader asked.

"I do." Zeus said before they left seeing the two by a fire. "It is time for him to let go of his past." Zeus said about to leave.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" Sean asked making him look.

"Ah I see." Zeus said before a bolt of lightning hit next to Sean and Korra making her jump before something appeared behind them. In front of them all was a large black dragon who snarled lightly. (The Bull dragon from Reign of Fire. I grew up watching this since Childhood and ever since it has been my favorite dragon)

"Oh my." Senna said in shock before it approached Sean and Korra before she started petting the nose making it purr.

"Relax. Spyro is a pretty calm dragon." Sean said as Korra laughed.

"Farewell my son." Zeus said before vanishing in a bolt of lightning.

Authors Note: I can't get this story out of my head so I have to write it before the inspiration for it vanishes. Now unlike every other story I have ever written in my life this will not be a harem story. Just strictly Sean and Korra. As the story develops we learn more about Sean's past and why Zeus sent him here to protect Korra. And as time goes by these two become close. Will she be able to heal the wounds from his past and what will happen in the future? Read and Find out. Read, Review, Fav and Follow. REVIEW MY LOYAL FANS! See ya!