Chapter 32 A breath of Fresh Air

It's been seven months since Harmonic Convergence and since Korra became pregnant with triplets. During that time vines have spread through some parts of the city like in Raiko's office much to his annoyance.

Most of the people just suggested moving out of the areas where the vines were and make some new homes and buildings mostly out of respect for Korra and her husband since they put their lives on the line against Unalaq and Vaatu with the later nearly killing Sean had Deimos not made the ultimate sacrifice. Of course Raiko was against the idea but the people already went ahead without his approval much to his anger.

Korra moaned as she slowly woke up from her sleep before finding an arm around her waist making her smile holding her seven month pregnant stomach. Over the last six months since she announced her pregnancy to the world her stomach had grown.

"You three are making me look like an over inflated airship ready to pop." Korra said.

"Oh please." Sean said yawning as he woke up. "This will all be gone after you give birth to them and you won't let them go." Sean joked making her giggle.

"Maybe." Korra said turning to face her husband and kissed him.

Soon the two were in the kitchen with Korra eating.

"Are you sure you can't stay? The city is making plans to expand since the vines are in the way." Korra said.

"If I don't Raiko will keep coming here and bugging us. Asshole has gotten way worse since his approval rating is at 2%." Sean said making her laugh. It was amazing he was still in office. The Statue was proof enough he was more focused on his image.

"Ok good point. I'm gonna head over to the island since Kya said she wanted to inspect me." Korra said kissing him. "Be careful since I don't know what your gonna find out there." Korra said.

"Oh like what a Vaatu Junior?" Sean teased making her smack his shoulder making him laugh. "I'll be fine." Sean said before he left.


Bumi was chasing his Spirit friend before climbing a tree.

"If you don't wanna wear the sweater I made you, Thats fine. I'm sorry I got mad." Bumi said climbing towards but he flew away. "I'm running out of tree here." Bumi said before it began to break.

"Oh shit." Bumi said before it broke making him scream wailing his arms around like crazy before he shockingly airbended.

"What? I'm airbending!" Bumi yelled before crashing down. "Ow. That still hurt like hell."


Sean, Tenzin, Turok and Jinora walked through an abandoned district with a few Spirits following them.

"Now how are we gonna get rid of these things?" Sean asked before taking out his blades and cut some up only for them to grow right back.

"Well, that didn't work." Turok said before turning into a rhino and charged right through some hoping nature was stronger but had the same results.

"Bah! This is pointless. People are already building new homes and buildings since the work force went up since the barrier went down." Sean said putting his blades away.

"Raiko is desperate to restore his reputation after that stunt with the papers." Tenzin said before they walked out.

"Well, now I gotta go tell the press about them proceeding with the construction plan." Sean said using fire to fly away.

The President was meeting with the press and boy were they criticizing him big time.

"Mr. President are you concerned that the Avatar has a 90% approval rating while yours is nearly at Zero." A reporter asked making him glare.

"Or about the fact that your ability to lead this city is in question?"

"Will you support the construction project and abandon the now vine infested spirits?"

"How can anyone be so calm about this! Theres a tree in my office for gods sakes!" Raiko yelled making them boo him which pissed him off before Sean landed creating a gust of wind that blew into Raiko's face.

"Mr. Kruger. Are you and your wife gonna support the construction project?"

"Yes without question. I know some people have been forced to abandon they're homes and businesses but rest assured they will get them back when the construction is complete." Sean said getting an applause.

"You and your wife have put us everyone in a difficult position." Raiko said.

"Oh like I need to listen to the guy who refused to help unless I let myself be killed by your hands." Sean said making the crowd boo at Raiko pissing him off. "You know what I take it back my brother was right you are worse than Unalaq and Amon." Sean said.

"At least I'm not a demon who slaughtered..." Raiko tried to say before Sean grabbed him by the throat strangling him.

"You wanna finish that sentence? Please say yes." Sean said grinning before Lin pulled them apart.

"Thats enough." Lin said as Raiko stomped inside his building.

"Dumbass. How are the police handling things?" Sean asked.

"So far so good. Raiko is one of the only few people that are having issues with all of this. Him and gang members." Lin said making him snort.

"What a surprise." Sean said before leaving.


Korra and the others were at Air temple island enjoying a nice meal while Bumi was trying to airbend. He said he could earlier but nothing was happening.

Thats when Sean walked in.

"Hey honey." Korra said as he sat down and kissed her.

"What the hell is he doing?" Sean asked about Bumi.

"He says he Airbended earlier. Probably another one of his jokes." Korra said giggling.

"I gotta say, I love being a part of this family. You got the grumpy dad, the wacky uncle. The put-Upon mom, Crazy kids. This is great." Bolin said making them chuckle in amusement

"Where the hell is Mako?" Sean asked.

"He's staying at the police station. I offered him to stay at my place but he said he didn't want to be a bother." Asami said sadly.

"You know how he is. He'll come around." Sean said holding his wife making her smile.

"Did you see that? I think the napkin moved." Bumi said.

"You blew on it." Kya said annoyed.

"So how was the inspection?" Sean asked.

"Everything looks good. Though I guess thats to be expected since she's carrying half gods." Kya said.

"Maybe I can only do it when my life is in danger." Bumi said.

"Enough." Sean said. "I've had a stressful day because of Raiko your making it worse." Sean said.

"Maybe Bolin could bend some boulders at me." Bumi said.

"Were you dropped as a baby?" Turok asked.

"Yes." Tenzin said.

"I was not!" Bumi said before Meelo threw a plate at him making him yelp before waving his hands around before he actually airbent it.

"I TOLD YOU!" Bumi yelled as everyone was beyond shocked.

"Holy shit." Sean said amazed.

"Unbelievable. Your actually an Airbender." Tenzin said.

"Oh mom! If this your doing best gift ever!" Bumi said before it dropped and shattered.


Bumi was trying to airbend again but nothing was happening.

"Do you think being in the spirit world during harmonic convergence could've given him bending?" Korra asked Sean as he held her by the stomach.

"No...Thats not it." Sean said.

"Maybe uncle Bumi is just a late bloomer...Like Korra was with her airbending." Ikki said making her glare at her for that reminder.

"Remind me not to invite you to the baby shower." Korra said.

"HMPH!" Sean said amused.

"I have been noticing a change in your aura lately." Kya said.

"And you didn't tell me?" Bumi asked making her annoyed before Lin and Mako walked to them.

"Invisible spirit monster attack?" Lin asked.

"Not even close. Mother fucker just started airbending." Sean said.

"He ain't the only one." Reznov said as he and Julia walked to them.

"What do you mean?" Tenzin asked.

"There have been reports all over the world with people using the power of the elements. Greece, Midgard, Egypt. Even the nine realms are experiencing this. The whole world has benders now." Julia said shocking them.

"How is that possible?" Korra asked.

"Hmm." Sean said in thought. "This is just a theory but it might make perfect sense." Sean said.

"What is it?" Lin asked.

"In order to get all the armies here before the convergence the barrier had to go down. It's possible because of that the energies released during the convergence spread out all over the world." Sean said.

"And created benders of every nation and country." Tenzin theorized.

"But why is it only happening now?" Korra asked.

"Delayed reaction maybe. Things like this have happened before in the past." Sean said.

"Well this is the first time the entire world has been united. Maybe this is a good thing. New Airbenders to rebuild the air nation and people who can use the gifts from these lands all over the world." Tenzin said.

"I agree. But we also have to make sure they don't misuse those gifts." Sean said.

"Speaking of new airbenders Mako ran into one last night. Caused a rather horrific disturbance with the amount of destruction he caused since he can't control it." Lin said.

"Where is he now?" Tenzin asked.

"He got away. We have an all points bulletin on him right now." Mako said.

"Turok." Sean said.

"I'm on it." Turok said turning into a hawk before flying away.

Sean and Korra however went back home so she could rest.

"Can you actually believe It? New airbenders. Now Tenzin and his family won't be the only ones left anymore." Korra said excited before realizing something. "You know I just realized this. Why didn't your father bring back the air nation?" Korra asked.

"Well, since there were still Airbenders in general there was no need unless they actually did Die out. As long as they bloodline of airbenders does actually continue there was no need to interfere. There were rules back then for a reason." Sean said.

"Ooh Ok." Korra said understanding before sitting down before taking water from a vase and used water bending on her stomach making her smile.

"What are you doing anyway?" Sean asked.

"My mom said she did this to me when I was still inside her. Said it kept me calm since I kept kicking so much." Korra said giggling making him chuckle as he held her before placing his hands on her stomach.

"I can already tell these three are gonna be strong." Sean said making her smile.

Thats when someone knocked on their door before Sean answered it seeing Lin.

"Find our Airbender?" Sean asked.

"Uh no. The president is about to unveil his statue and wants everyone there. That also includes you two." Lin said making them sigh.

"Fucking figures." Sean said.


Everyone was at the docks where Raiko's statue was revealed making him portray himself as some savior. Also a deep mist surrounded the whole area.

"What...An asshole." Julia said.

"Aye." Reznov said.

"This is why I hate politicians." Sean said.

"Think you could smash it tonight?" Korra asked grinning.

"Tempting but..." Sean tried to say before the ground began to shake.

"Now what?" Lin asked as the shaking got worse.

"You ok?" Sean asked his wife.

"Yeah I'm...OH MY GOD!" Korra said making him look up seeing a massive being with four arms.

"You gotta be kidding me." Sean said before this being lowered himself down while everyone coward while Raiko hid behind his statue like a coward.

"I have not forgotten you...Demon of Sparta."

"Atlas." Sean said glaring at him.

"Another Titan?" Tenzin asked in shock.

"We have some history." Sean said.

"If it wasn't for YOU I would have destroyed Zeus and the gods. But you got in my way. Slave of the Gods." Atlas said.

"You would have destroyed the entire world if I hadn't stopped you 150 years ago with that stunt of yours. You tried to destroy the pillar of the world. You think I was gonna let you do that?" Sean asked.

"It matters not. I will finish what I should have so long ago." Atlas about to crush him only for Sean to blast him with lightning making him roar before Sean summoned the claws of Hades.

"Your not even worth fighting honestly. Cronos gave me more of a fight." Sean said before latching the claws onto him making him growl before Sean started to pull.

"What are you doing?" Korra asked.

"Temporarily taking his soul. Permanently is more of my uncle's thing. Death would be a release for his former crimes of trying to destroy the world." Sean said pulling hard before his soul was seen.

"AHHHHHH!" Atlas roared as Sean gave a vicious pull before his soul came out and entered Sean's body before Atlas began to fall over.

"EVERYONE GET BACK!" Sean yelled picking Korra up as Atlas fell forward as people scattered before Atlas crashed down...Right on Raiko's statue much to his horror.

"Well...That was lucky." Korra said kissing her husband who chuckled while Raiko sobbed at the loss of his statue. (Not much of a fight but this was funny and makes him miserable so it works fine)


Korra was sitting on the porch holding her stomach. Atlas was taken back to the Underworld where the other Titans were at.

And of course Raiko was beyond furious for the destruction of his statue.

Everyone else...Not even a little.

"Hmm." Korra said smiling before Sean walked out.

"Whats with that look?" Sean asked.

"Oh just enjoying Raiko suffering." Korra said making him chuckle before sitting down. "How do you do it?" Korra asked.

"Do what?" Sean asked.

"All these massive fights. Gods, Monsters and Titans and you never seem to be afraid." Korra said.

"Hmm. Call it my Spartan Training. Told us never to show fear when in battle. Admitting our fears makes us stronger of course but showing it every time we're in battle gives the enemy something to use against us. Some of Ares training also had some benefits as well in that regard. But I use those methods for good things unlike him." Sean said making her smile holding his hand before seeing the look on his face.

"What is it?" Korra asked.

"With a majority of my enemies dead and the most dangerous gone...I think the time is drawing closer for me to put my blades away for good." Sean said surprising her. "The world is finally coming together. The gods have a larger role now in the leadership of humanity. The days of needing people like me are drawing to a close." Sean said making her smile.

"Is this because of them?" Korra said holding her stomach.

"Theres that as well. Once the triplets are finally born...I'll take that as a sign my days of fighting are finally over. Something I'm actually looking forward to." Sean said making her smile more as she kissed him.

"So am I." Korra said holding him close.

Thats when Bolin rushed to them.

"Mako Just called. The cops found the new airbender guy. But when they tried to bring him in, He ran away and climbed to the top of Kyoshi bridge and he won't come down." Bolin said before seeing the two. "Oh did I ruin a good moment?" Bolin asked.

"We're ok." Sean said as the three left.

Spyro flew them to the bridge before they landed and saw Lin trying to talk him down.

"Let me have a shot." Sean said flying upwards to him.

"You seem to be in a good mood." Tenzin said to Korra who smiled.

"Yeah. Things are looking good for both of us." Korra said before Sean managed to get the guy to come down and used his chain to get them down making the crowd cheer.

"That was easy." Tenzin said.

"Eh." Sean tried to say.

"Is this the deal now? We have a crisis every day because of you?" Raiko asked approaching them.

"Look pal. Your one of the only few who are having issues..." Korra tried to say before he tried to smack her but Sean grabbed his arm while the crowd gasped at Raiko's attempt while Korra was shocked at what he tried to do.

"You would assault a pregnant woman?" Sean asked angered before letting go.

"If she was pregnant with humans no. She's carrying future demons is what she has!" Raiko said.

"How dare you." Korra said holding her stomach.

"You two have caused me nothing but trouble since you got here!" Raiko yelled.

"Really? So saving the city from Amon is our fault! Saving the entire world is our fault when you wouldn't lift a finger!" Korra yelled. "I wouldn't be surprised if you supported Amon back then." Korra said getting most to agree while he glared.

"I certainly hope those things inside you die the moment they come out!" Raiko roared making Korra gasp in shock holding her stomach protectively while everyone glared.

"You better watch what you say!" Sean yelled having his blades out.

"Oh I got something Better. I prey to you Ares that you..." Raiko tried to say before Zeus appeared behind him making him freeze as he slowly faced him. "Lord Zeus." Raiko said in fear.

"You DARE to make threats of my grandchildren?" Zeus asked glaring.

"I...Your so called son is a demon in human Flesh. He's caused me nothing but trouble. I beg you to see reason. End the threat once and for all!" Raiko yelled.

"You will suffer a fate far worse than Death." Zeus said before a mark appeared on Raiko's neck making him scream in pain.

"What is this!" Raiko yelled.

"That is a mark of the damned. When you die your soul will forever be trapped within Tartarus to be forever tortured every single day of your existence until the end of time itself. Your actions have now cost you more than you could ever realize. You will share the same fate as Wan Shi Tong." Zeus said before vanishing making Raiko tremble as he tried to remove the mark. (You all didn't think That Owl was getting off that easy did you?)

"Oh you are so screwed. Thats worse than anything I could ever do to someone alive." Sean said as Raiko ran off.

"This is one of those perks of your in laws being gods." Korra said grinning while holding her stomach. "Maybe some time outside the city could do us both some good." Korra said not wanting to be here for a while because of Raiko.

"I think thats a good idea. Maybe we could search for the airbenders until your really close to giving birth." Sean said holding her close.

"Don't think I'm not going with you two." Tenzin said making them smile. "It's so exciting. who knows who's out there right now, discovering the gift of airbending for the first time?" Tenzin said. (For the record Most of us can agree that the second he said that something bad was gonna happen)


On tall mountain a bridge was being extended to it before members of the White Lotus appeared with one holding food. (A thought had just occured to me but where the hell were these guys in season 2?)

On this mountain was a special cell before the front was metal bended open.

Inside was none other than Zaheer who had changed in the last 15 years.

"You know the drill, Zaheer."

"Of course." Zaheer said facing the wall with his hands behind his head.

"I hope you still like Rice."

"Tell me...Have you ever read the poetry of the great airbending Guru Laghima?" Zaheer asked.


"Guru Laghima lived 4,000 years ago in the northern air temple. It is said he unlocked the secret of weightlessness and became untethered from the Earth, living his final 40 years without ever touching the ground.

"Is that how you plan to escape, with something you picked up from an old airbender children's story?"

"We once thought the stories of the lands being created by gods were stories. And look at the facts now." Zeheer said.

"Fair enough."

"Tell me...Does the Avatar still have her protector? Kruger?" Zaheer asked making him smirk.

"You've asked that question for 15 years. Since your not getting out I don't see the harm. Kruger isn't her protector anymore. He's her husband now. And their expecting."

"Are they?" Zaheer asked.

"15 years is a long time. Not that it matters since your not getting out of here. And even if you could you wouldn't be able to beat him alone."

"We nearly did bring him down before." Zaheer said.

"Thats because he held back like 90% of his power. Even you a non-bender couldn't beat him alone."

"Who said I was a non-Bender anymore?" Zaheer asked before he airbent him to the bars before dashing to him with quick speeds.

"WHAT! How! Your not an Airbender!" As his fellow White Lotus got ready.

"Nature is changing like the wind!" Zaheer yelled freeing himself before using airbending to force them inside before locking them in. "The end of White Lotus is coming. And so is the age of the Avatar. And this time Kruger will not stop us." Zeheer said jumping down the mountain using his new found powers.

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