Okay, so I just wanted to write an AN to quickly tackle some... issues that came up from the last chapter, mostly because I don't know when I'll be writing the next one and I just want to nip some misunderstandings in the bud. I'll just make it simple and go in order.

1) Reality Marbles: I'm aware I was wrong about what I said, and this is mainly because of some translation errors and me misreading the wiki. Sorry about that. It didn't really affect the story, and honestly doesn't change how I feel about Beryl, so it's not a big deal, just something for me to keep in mind for later. Honestly, I can see why it would become fanon; the only two Human Reality Marble Users are messed up in their own ways. This is less of an issue and more of me getting flooded with PMs and Reviews of people telling me that, so I'm just saying; I'm well aware. Thank you for educating me.

2) The Fourth Holy Grail War and the Grand Order Timeline: This issue is also my fault, because I didn't clarify in an AN that I was making this a slight AU by including the previous Grail Wars. The reason I did this is because although FGO claims that none of the Grail Wars happen, that doesn't make ANY SENSE if you look at the facts.

First of all, the fact that there were no previous Grail Wars means that the Holy Grail System was invented in 2004, which is utter bullshit; Zouken is a husk who is a mere shadow of his former self when it comes to Magecraft (If he's even alive, since there wouldn't be a Holy Grail for him to wish for immortality on), Tokiomi is ass at Magecraft when compared to his ancestor, and whatever Homunculus the Einzbern rolls out would NOT have Justeaze's Skills. It just doesn't make sense, because I highly doubt the original three invented the Grail System way back in 1790 and just... decided not to use it until over 2 centuries later.

This isn't even the only discrepancy, merely one of the big ones. Singularity F, which is supposed to be in the PAST, not another dimension, has nearly the same lineup of Servants as the mainstream 5th Holy Grail War, which again makes no sense, ESPECIALLY Archer EMIYA. The reason why Archer is the most anomalous Servant if this is the only Grail War is because that would imply Rin was the Master, which wouldn't happen because Tokiomi would still be alive and would've become the Master if the 4th HGW never happened, and thus would not have used the pendant which acted as Archer's Catalyst. Medusa was summoned by max compatibility with Sakura, Cu was summoned from a Catalyst, and Saber was summoned by Avalon.

You can argue that the Einzberns just kept Avalon on hand and used it now, or that Bazett became a Master again, but that doesn't really fly for Medusa or EMIYA, the latter being the biggest anomaly because it's still possible for Sakura to suffer the same fate as the FSN timeline. I get that a Singularity means that Events in the past have changed, but for EMIYA to be there, which would require the events of the 4th HGW to kill off Tokiomi and for no other HGWs to occur, the Singularity would have been FAR in the past, instead of in 2004. Because of all these discrepancies, I decided to use the History of the main timeline, except similar to Apocrypha the Einzberns summoned a different Servant. However, instead of Ruler or Avenger, they decided not to fuck with the System and just summoned a normal Class.

Since it's so confusing, and since so many people put Shirou in Chaldea in their Fanfics, which is literally impossible in the FGO Timeline because Shirou wouldn't have been a Master (or an orphan, or even an Emiya) in that timeline, not to mention the Grail would've been corrupted, I just decided to use it. Didn't realize so many people would care about that, but I suppose that's on me because I didn't make it clear. My bad. Also, to my knowledge, they never actually said there was only one HGW in the NA version of the Game (I was told it's in the Accel Order Event, but I don't know for sure and that's technically non-canon).

3) Enkidu's Power Level: Oh lord, the harassment I faced for this was no fucking joke. I counted easily 30 PMs on this topic, and several Reviews all yelling at me about the same thing.


I literally did not say that, and there was even like 4 paragraphs in the chapter with Roman talking about how strong Enkidu is! Honestly, it makes me wonder if half these people didn't even read the Chapter, but instead flew off the handle from the AN itself. I said that the enemies who showed up in FGO aren't normal Servants, usually possessing some kind of OP enhancement that you have to break before defeating them.

One of the major points of misunderstanding here is how we look at it. You guys just see the standard FGO movie, anime and game and be like; oh, it happened so easily; Enkidu should be able to just steamroll all of this considering we were able to win even without Enkidu since in canon the only people going to each Singularity were Mash and Ritsuka and they still won without much issue.

That is true, actually. If you look at it from that angle, then Enkidu could probably speedrun till like London or Camelot.

However, that isn't the way I look at it. When I look at a scenario, I take into account the PEAK danger potential an enemy is capable of, and every way the protagonist could use to defeat them, even taking the environment into consideration.

For example, Singularity F; you guys just see a fight against normal Saber Alter, which is an easy fight for Enkidu.

As for me, on the other hand; I see an already powerful Artoria Pendragon Alter who has the Holy Grail in her possession, giving her nigh-unlimited Magical Energy, allowing her to spam her A++ Noble Phantasm without breaks, whose Rank would probably increase because Excalibur amplifies the user's Magical Energy as a Beam. She also has Prana Burst, which she could keep active permanently thanks to the Grail's power, making her Parameters basically EX around the board except for LUK.

Now, do you see Enkidu winning so easily? At MOST, in this scenario, she would be locked in a stalemate with Artoria.

That's the way I've been looking at it this whole time. I've been measuring their MAXIMUM potential, the peak of what the enemies can do. You guys have only been taking into account Enkidu's full power. FGO really didn't emphasize how difficult the enemies they set up were; Vlad in Orleans is technically almost twice as strong as Apocrypha Vlad thanks to Jalter using the Holy Grail to power them up and turn them into Berserkers with a Madness Enhancement Boost, and that's without taking into account Legend of Count Dracula, which allowed the NORMAL Vlad to drive back the likes of Karna and Achilles, AT ONCE. Imagine what he could do with the additional Madness Enhancement Boost. And he's accompanied by another 6 Servants who are similarly buffed to be WAY stronger than normal. Enkidu would be absolutely screwed if she tried to fight a 1v7 battle with the enemies being THAT roided out. She would be pinned in a 1v1 with Vlad, while the other 6 just corner her and keep blasting with Noble Phantasms. Even if she wouldn't truly die thanks to her nature, they would certainly be able to get past her and kill Ritsuka, which counts to me as a loss.

So yeah, that's what I meant when I said Enkidu wouldn't be able to face even Singularity F alone; I was talking about if BOTH sides use their full potential, not just Enkidu. I'm cranking the enemy difficulty up to the max level, and unlike in canon, they will use EVERY TOOL IN THEIR ARSENAL to try and win.

4) The Trap Clause: This one honestly wasn't much of an issue for me at first, because I knew there would be people who wouldn't like it, but then the word "transphobic" came up in a complaint, which started setting off alarm bells. I don't want to be set upon by the perpetually-rabid subspecies of humans known as SJWs, so I'd just like to nip this in the bud before it grows into something that's way more of a headache than any FanFiction is worth. Let me clarify something first; the word "ambiguous" means "unclear", at least in this context. The same Review that called the Trap Clause Transphobic said that it was worded offensively, which I honestly do NOT compute, so I'm just making it easier to understand for everyone.

The reason I included the gender identity correction is because it would be horrible to suddenly find yourself as a different gender as biologically speaking, your hormones influence your mentality and it would fuck you up to suddenly be on the opposite end of the spectrum. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially a Heroic Spirit.

Honestly, the Trap Clause wasn't intended to get back at Astolfo for tricking Fate fans or even for the sake of genderbending people to become Waifus (which I actually hate). I actually created it to HELP Enkidu.

One of Enkidu's biggest mental stigmas is that they can't understand humans because they're too different from them, even more so than other beings like Yu. The Trap Clause, by turning Enkidu into a female and thus giving her a gender identity like human beings, also would help her connect to humans easier by removing one of the key differences between them and making it easier for her to not see herself as just this weapon meant to be used by another. Of course, it's not something that's going to happen instantaneously, but it provides the foundation for her future character development.

Now, you could argue that I could have just made Enkidu male. And I was actually going to. But this is a DATING SIM GAMER fic. It would literally clash with the theme of the story if I did that, which is why I decided that the Trap Clause would be a thing. There's also the fact that mythologically, Enkidu patterned their appearance in the likeness of the Divine Harlot (that's literally her title, I kid you not), Shamhat, so it made more sense that Enkidu would be converted into a woman.

Astolfo and the others were honestly just casualties of war, which I didn't see as a big deal because very few Servants fall under that category.

But now that certain people are trying to make this into an issue, I'm just going to be surgically precise with it. The Trap Clause is only going to affect Enkidu, Astolfo and Chevalier D'eon. People like Qin Shi Huang don't get affected because even if they're technically genderless, they were still once a guy and identifies himself as one. On the flip side, people like Da Vinci and Caenis don't get affected because even if they hopped genders, they still have a CLEARLY DEFINED present gender. Lan Ling is clearly a dude, even if he's a total bishonen.

There. Case Closed. Sure, some of you might not like that Astolfo's a girl now, but every other FanFiction version of him is a dude so I think I'm allowed to get away with it.

Okay, so that's everything I wanted to clarify. I'm pretty busy so I'll be ending this unceremoniously and bid you a good day. I literally just took an hour off when I was working on an assignment for college to write this.

One thing I'd like to say is this; I know that not everyone likes the same thing. It's part of human nature. If you don't like some of the stuff that occurs here, then take a hike; I'm not forcing you at gunpoint to read my stories. However, don't complain about it because I'm long past the stage of listening to every demand that's thrown at me. If something is GENUINELY wrong with my writing, I will accept it without question and make changes accordingly (I rewrite a lot of my stories for this reason), but if what you're going to complain about is your own opinion and nothing else, then there's honestly not much I can (or will) do.

On a lighter note, I'm genuinely glad to see that the rest of you are enjoying this story, even if the last chapter was kind of lackluster thanks to it being a transition chapter. I know that you guys don't need an in depth explanation on everything, but I'm practicing proper Worldbuilding and Defining Power Mechanics because I intend to write my own stories in the future. Please bear with me.

And don't forget to stay safe.

Spatialphoenix here, burning to ashes.

P.S. - Thanks to Austin S, subhi, Nico M, Chris D, ReedRacer, Dakota A and Q-dog-97 for being my first ever Patrons! I really appreciate the support, from the bottom of my heart.