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Also, some major spoilers from 'A Dance to Impress' and 'Dance in Defence!' stories found in GoldGuardian2418's story boards.

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Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun

Chapter 1: A Moon Lost in Darkness

It was another typical cloudy day at the Grant Mansion. Fitzpatrick Sisters, Tina and Amy, were busy doing their own thing while waiting for their friends to return. Tina was working on one of her newest outfits inspired by Big Chill and Alien X with Amy checking at Frankenstrike's lab in awe.

"Wow! This lab is so retro yet so high-tech!" Amy exclaimed, looking over some of the devices.

"And I love the new patterns I keep finding from the new aliens we meet!" Tina added, hearing her sister from a distance as she was in the living room with different fabrics all over the couch.

Frankenstrike chuckled. "It's always refreshing to have new allies visit us here at the Grant Mansion."

"I'll say. If I knew Macy was Black Rebel from the start, I would have offered to help invent some new weapons or gadgets when fighting crime!" Amy explained, adjusting her glasses a bit to examine an advanced computer.

"And I would have at least helped make the most avant garde outfit for her," Tina added, sewing a black dress with white sparkly dots.

"You know, not all of the missions involve fighting. Some are simple research missions," Frankenstrike provided. "As to Macy's outfit, I believe black on black holds a very well-concealed look."

"You make a good point, Frankenstrike," Amy nodded her head.

"I suppose so. I would have at least had some color in it, but black would be more inconspicuous," Tina responded, now adding some transparent laced material around the bottom part.

Creak. Thunk.

Frankenstrike turned as he listened to familiar paw steps came closer to the lab. Soon, Sage and Macy arrived, both looking disheveled and tired. Sage's shoulder had claw marks scraping down to his leg while Macy had several pieces of her armor missing, along with small scratches on her cheeks and chin.

"OH, MY STARS! Macy, Sage, what happened?!" Tina nearly shouted, dropping everything and coming close to her friends with concern.

Amy and Frankenstrike came out to see the commotion and were surprised to see Macy and Sage beat up.

"Yikes! Looks like you were attacked by a gang of mutant wolverines," Amy cringed.

Sage groaned, shaking his head. "Nope. Try a very persistent Vladat who won't take no for an answer when it comes to Macy."

"You were dealing with Lord Transyl again?" Tina asked, with she and Amy knowing the stories about that creep.

"Yeah, it was field day for the both of us," Macy groaned.

Sage nodded. "Seriously, he tried kissing you, twice, and used me for a scratching post. Plus, him ripping your armor off to get closer to you."

"Don't remind me. Not counting your family, but I seriously hate evil, flirty Vladats hitting on me," Macy remarked, crossing her arms.

Amy got closer to examine the damage on Macy's armor. "You should really upgrade your mech-suit to withstand attacks from strong aliens,"

Sage sighed. "She's been trying, but the problem is that each alien can amplify its strength more, due to the situation it's in. The other problem is Transyl's persistence. I'm starting to wonder if and when I place a ring on Macy's hand if he'll even stop then."

Macy's eyes went wide on that statement. "Let's not take drastic measures here. I'm still too young to be engaged for marriage!" she nearly shouted.

"Hmmm...If he wasn't evil, I would at least help find the perfect match mate for him. I happen to be very good at match making," Tina replied, thinking thoughtfully as she rubbed her chin.

"Not the time, sis," Amy deadpanned, facepalming.

Sage chuckled. "Besides, I doubt you could find a match for that tyrant."

"That's what I was told from Amy involving Macy not finding the perfect guy for her. And yet, here she is with you," Tina remarked with a smile, placing her hands on her hips. "There's always a special someone for everyone."

"Well, not in this case. Transyl is just a hopeless romantic alien...Without the romantic part," Macy quipped.

"Still, if he found someone that liked him, maybe he'll stop obsessing over you, Macy," Tina reasoned.

"The possibilities of that happening would be nine point eight billion to one," Amy reasoned, adjusting her glasses. "Although, it would be interesting to know more about the mind of a Vladat that's bonkers as Transyl's. Learning about their desires, fears, and motivations."

Macy shuddered. "I prefer not knowing. Especially if it involved that Fanged Creep,"

Sage growled. "I just hate that he not only torments my Moon like that, but also makes it seem like I'm not good enough for her."

"That's crazy! You and Macy were totally meant to be," Tina reasoned. "I can't imagine how you two can handle something so stressful. I could never do anything like fighting baddies,"

"I sometimes wish I knew what it was like to go on an adventure. I bet understanding plus learning new species, planets, and so on would be fascinating," Amy replied.

Sage just sighed, his ears pressed to his head.

"Sage, what's that in your saddle bag?" Frankenstrike asked, as he noticed something sticking out of his nephew's saddle bag.

"Transyl's transformation crystal. Old Trans was trying his 'trans-mutating Earth like Anur Transyl' plan bit again." Sage said grumpily, as he allowed his uncle to take out the crystal.

"An actual Transfiguration Crystal? How fascinating!" Amy replied, adjusting her glasses to examine the crystal better.

"You mean Transyl has tried to turn our world into your parents' home planet before?" Tina asked.

"Yep. And the last time he did that, I almost lost Tommy as a Vladat and be married by him," Macy remarked, folding her arms.

"Oh, goodness!" Tina gasped.

Sage nodded. "That was one of our toughest fights yet. Not only because of Transyl, but because of the people of Anur Transyl being against humans. It was quite a shock for them when they found out their prince was marrying a human and had two human children."

"And let's not forget the fact that the citizens in Anur Transyl see humans as the monsters," Macy reminded.

"Us?! As monsters?! I'm not hideous and ghastly, but I guess, in their point of view, it would make sense," Tina replied.

"That's actually ironic, if you think about it," Amy thoughtfully replied.

Sage smiled. "Add to that with me being royalty and Macy as my courted plus some stowaways. It was an interesting trip."

"Stowaways?! What kind of stowaways? Evil alien kind or human thugs?" Tina asked, a bit concerned.

"Try my little brother sneaking your cousin and Marcus in the ship around the back," Macy remarked.

"Wait, Andy was in on the adventure and never said anything?! Wha-when?! How?" Amy questioned.

"Tommy felt bad for Andy and Marcus not coming along. So, when the two said they were on a camping trip with the Wolf Rangers, they were actually being snuck aboard the transport ship. They nearly got caught by an evil Loboan and almost hurt by the people of Anur Transyl." Sage explained.

"Wolf Ranger Camping Trip? That was months ago! Can't believe our own cousin nearly got eaten by a space wolf and mobbed by alien monster people!" Tina exclaimed.

"And we didn't even notice," Amy added.

"Yeah. The place was pretty dark and spooky in a futuristic way," Macy nodded her head.

"In the end, though, the people were a bit more open minded with humans." Sage said, wagging his tail.

Frankenstrike, meanwhile, was examining the Transfiguration crystal by doing multiple scans while also scanning and cataloging data on the small device on the crystal's surface.

"Hmmm, very interesting." Frankenstrike said with interest.

"That's a relief. Is there anything you two need from us?" Tina asked.

"Right now, I'm gonna go take off what's left of my suit and rest," Macy responded.

Sage sighed. "I think a hot shower and a warm fireplace is on my list."

Amy turned her direction towards the Transylian Scientist and cocked her head a bit. "What is it, Frankenstrike?"

"It seems like Transyl connected a charge to expand the crystal's power. Similar to shock waves when something crashes down." Frankenstrike said as he fiddled with the crystal.

"Um, should you two be messing with that crystal? It doesn't sound safe to mess with while out in the open," Tina pointed out, getting a bad feeling about this.

"Relax, Sis. Sage's uncle and I know exactly what we're doing. Trust the scientists," Amy assured.

Sage backed up with a stiff nervous gait. "Uh, yeah. No offence, but I'm not totally sure about that statement."

Frankenstrike flicked a switch and an ominous light began to glow from the crystal.

"Uh, is it supposed to do that?" Tina asked, moving the same direction as Sage.

"Everyone, get back!" Macy shouted, quickly moving to grab the crystal from the two scientists and away from her friends.

"Macy, no!" Amy exclaimed, watching her brunette bestie taking the glowing alien crystal somewhere else.

Promptly, the room was filled with blinding light and a loud humming noise.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Sage yelled, going to the floor covering his ears.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Tina and Amy screamed, covering their eyes from the lights and feeling an electric shock from their bodies.

"MACY, THROW IT STRAIGHT UP!" Sage shouted in pain.

Hearing that, Macy, whom was struggling from a large strange electric surge inside herself, threw the alien crystal hard up into the ceiling.

"ZETSU TENRO BATTOGA!" Sage shouted, cutting and destroying the device. The expander turned off, tuning the light and sound off in the process.

Groaning, Sage landed while shaking and rubbing his ears. "Sound off. Anyone on worse row?" Sage asked in a sore voice.

"Ugh, my head. I feel so weird," replied Tina.

However, her voice sounded a bit...different. It was like she was speaking from a breathing mask or something.

"Me, too," Amy responded, also sounding a little different.

Sage shook his head again before opening his eyes, where he found a sight that he was not expecting. Three female Anur Transylians: a Vladat, a Transylian, and a Thep Khufan.

The Vladat girl had the usual pale-blue skin tone and sharp yellow teeth underneath her black lips. She had short black hair and yellow pupil-less eyes that contrasted the red mask on her face. Her outfit appeared to be a sleeveless, red and black warrior outfit with a red chest plate and bat winged-like shoulder pads, a silver sharp belt around her waist, and high knee black heeled boots hinted with red. She wore spooky yet stylish long black, fingerless glovettes that also connect a see-through black fabric from behind that appeared as giant bat wings.

The Transylian female had long black hair with yellow wire streaks that acted like highlights, had several uneven seams, combining grayish yellow skin with darker grey skin, and a pair of mismatched colored pupil-less eyes that was orange on the left and purple on the right, underneath an electrifying clear-glasses with bronze frames around them. She wore purple steampunk short dress that was visibly stitched, a bronze belt around her waist with a gear in the center as a belt buckle, medium sized electro rods on her back, some bolts on her wrists plus two on each calf, and black boots with bronze-colored platforms.

And the Thep Khufan girl had bandages all over her with pupil-less light blue eyes appearing in that black darkness on her upper face. Her hair was ribbon curled bandages being held by a golden, crescent moon ponytail holder plus a golden cobra crown around her forehead with one tiny curled bandage loose in front of her face on her right side. She even wore a cute light blue Egyptian outfit that was complimented with gold trimming necklace, gauntlets, and anklets.

"Who are you three?" Sage snarled, his hackles raised with his fangs.

The Vladat snarled back, glaring with her yellow eyes. "Back off, mutt! No one snarls at me!" she bellowed with her Transylvanian accent.

"Sage, what is wrong with you? Why are you snarling at us?" the Thep Khufan girl said, only to suddenly look down to see herself. "AAAHHH! Sequence and sapphires! What has happened to me?!"

"Oh, whoa! Sage, you're not gonna believe this, but it's us! I'm Amy and the Thep Khufan is Tina!" The Transylian exclaimed.

Sage stared at the three, still on edge. Turning to the Vladat, Sage eased a little. "If you're really Macy, what is the name of our secret place?"

The Vladat shook her head before answering, feeling her forehead. "Lunar...Meadows..."

"Mace...My Moon?" Sage said in disbelief. "Do you know who I am?"

The Vladat that was Macy continued groaning, feeling a bit woozy until she stopped and had her head down. In response, Macy opened her eyes and hissed, lifting her head.

"I do not cooperate nor socialize with lowlife weaklings like you, Loboan! And how dare you insult your superior Vladat Queen by calling me such pity names!" she shouted, pointing at Sage.

"Uh, Sage? Frankenstrike? Sis? Why is Macy talking like that to us?" Tina the Thep Khufan asked, whimpering.

"It seems that the crystal has affected her genetic makeup more than just on a physical scale," Frankenstrike said. "She is acting more as a Vladat."

"So, that's bad, right?" Thep Khufan Tina asked.

"If by bad, you mean our best friend has become one of the most dangerous and power-hungry aliens in the known universe, then yes," Transylian Amy answered.

The alien mummy girl gulped. "That's what I was afraid of."

Sage held his ground, not wanting to believe what his love was saying to him. "Macy, you know I'm not a Loboan. I'm a Wolfblood." Sage replied, trying to keep his voice from cracking as he shifted to human form.

"A human?!" Vladat Macy nearly gasped in surprise, her eyes wide. "I do not know what tricky this is, but I will relish the taste of what's left in that fleshly skinned body of yours," she smirked, licking her fanged lips.

"Uh, oh. Sage, I think you might wanna run," Franken-Amy suggested in worry, knowing what Vladat Macy was thinking.

The Wolfblood shook his head. "She won't hurt me. I know her."

"Sage, she doesn't know who you are! You're gonna get eaten!" Tina-Patra nearly shouted in fear.

"Technically, she's gonna drain his energy and leave him for-" Franken-Amy started to correct.

"NOT HELPING, SIS!" The Thep Khufan girl interrupted her sister, not wanting to hear any more detailed scenarios.

Countess Macy snarled. "I must feed!" Without warning, she lunged forward and flew straight towards Sage, reaching both clawed arms to nab him.

Sage let it happen, allowing Macy to shove him to the ground. He was not fighting at all, as she sat on his stomach on top of him. Breathing calmly, Sage exposed his neck to her. Unknown to everyone, Sage only showed this submission to a few people.

"Take what you want, My Moon." Sage said through their mental link.

Smiling evilly, Countess Macy let out another hiss before lunging her mouth to bite him. Just when she was about to sink her fangs on him, the Vladat suddenly felt herself restrained around her torso and being pulled back.

"WHAT?!" Countess Macy nearly exclaimed in rage, turning her head to see Tina-Patra using one of her bandaged limbs to stretch and snare the Vladat Female.

"I don't know how I'm doing this, but leave poor Sage alone!" Tina shouted, using as much of her strength to keep her alien bestie from doing something dumb.

"Sage, get out of there!" Franken-Amy cried from a distance. "Tina can't hold her much longer!"

Sage laid frozen. "She...she won't...she..."

"Insignificant Thep Khufan! You and the Transylians would side these worthless beings?!" Countess Macy bellowed in anger, now flying up and moving fast.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" Tina-Patra screamed, getting pulled and thrown all over the place as she kept her grip on Vladat Macy.

"Hey! Let go of my sister!" Amy shouted, activating the two conductor coils on her back to fire a yellow electric shock that managed to push herself back across the room and hit the wall before collapsing to the ground. Fortunately, the blast cut the bandages connecting the two that caused Tina-Patra to fall and land in Frankenstrike's arms.

Vladat Macy stopped and snarled in midair at the four below her. "Traitors! All of you are traitors! If this is how you treat your new queen, then I will find the right subjects to make you all suffer!" she threatened, already flying out a window that was closed but broke once going through it.

Sage remained frozen. His mind and body still unable to comprehend what had just happened.

"Is everyone okay?" Frankenstrike asked worriedly, as he helped the girls up.

"Other than the fact that I'm stuck as a toilet-themed being and probably sick plus bruised from that wild ride, I'm okay," Tina-Patra answered, feeling her legs wobble from all the rushing excitement.

"I'm fine, too. Man, you make shooting electricity look easy without getting pushed back from doing such a hard blast, Frankenstrike," Amy responded, feeling the back of her head. "I couldn't keep balance."

"Sage, are you alright?" Tina-Patra asked, feeling concerned about the Wolfblood in his stunned state.

"Not again. I can't lose her again," Sage said in a worried tone.

"Again? Frankenstrike, what is Sage talking about?" Tina-Patra asked, worry and curiosity mixed in her new voiced tone.

"Are you two both familiar with a foe named Crimson Gambit?" Frankenstrike asked, as he knelt by Sage's body and helped the boy sit up.

"You mean that master criminal thief that showed up weeks after that Evil Alien Frog War?" Tina-Patra responded.

"Uh, huh. What about him?" Franken-Amy answered, both curious and concerned on the subject plus Sage.

"Earlier during the middle of summer, Sage and Macy were patrolling in search for a master thief. At that time Sage was testing his wolf abilities in human form under the disguise of Street Wolf. He did this without Macy knowing and when she found out, she left Sage without giving him the chance to explain. On her way home, Crimson Gambit, along with Catsandra Feline, kidnapped her. When Macy left Sage, it was in a similar state as he is now. He basically shuts down because he blames himself. Honestly, other than training, Sage has never raised a paw to her and even in training, he uses soft bites," Frankenstrike explained.

The two alien girls looked at each other in shock before staring back at their friends, now understanding the dilemma.

"Sage, we will get Macy back," Amy assured. "Right now, she has amnesia from when changing into a Vladat. We just need to contain her, first."

"Hopefully, we'll find a cure to turn us back to normal, as well. I can't sew with these things!" Tina added, lifting up her bandaged fingers. "And how come Macy lost her memories when being transformed while we didn't?"

"I think it's because she had closer contact with the transfiguration crystal. We were only hit from a long distance. Macy must have absorbed the energy long enough that not only changed her DNA, but also warped her mind," Franken-Amy explained.

Sage whined a little, shifting to wolf form and laying down with his head on his paws.

"My curious notion is why Sage is perfectly fine and not changed at all?" Frankenstrike wondered, as he tried to calm Sage down.

"Hmmm...Maybe it's because of his Wolfblood DNA. Must have protected him from getting effected by the crystal's energy," Franken-Amy theorized, rubbing her chin. "Or perhaps the Crystal must only have an affect on humans, which would also explain why Frankenstrike wasn't transformed like the rest of us."

"Can we focus on the bigger picture here? Like where in Lady Liberty is Macy now!?" Tina-Patra questioned.

"Female Vladats have a high mate drive. With her acting like a high Vladat, she will be trying to recruit armies," Frankenstrike said, as he felt Sage shrink back into himself.

"I'm almost afraid to ask, but how does she plan on finding recruits?" Tina-Patra asked.

"If I had to guess, either control them by using these devices called Corrupturas to control their bodies or hypnotize them by eye contact...If she doesn't try to drain their energy, first," Franken-Amy guessed.

The alien mummy girl yelped in horror, jumping on top of Sage while still in his wolf form. "Do you have to be so honest and specific?!" she questioned her alien sister.

"Well, excuse me for answering your question!" The Transylian girl nearly argued, placing her hands on her hips while glaring at Tina-Patra.

Sage lightly removed himself away from Tina-Patra by standing, and then moved towards the door with his head and tail low, as he dragged his paws against the floor.

"The sooner we find Macy and turn her back, the better. It looks like Sage has already got the case of girlfriend blues," Tina-Patra pointed out, following the Wolfblood.

"Frankenstrike. While Tina, Sage, and I search for Macy, can you try to rebuilt or make another transfiguration device to get all of us back to our original forms?" Franken-Amy asked the bigger Transylian.

Frankenstrike nodded. "It is a simple make, so should be easy. However, I'm going to tell you that Sage is not an easy one to get out of this state. More than likely, he'll be going to the fireplace and lay down."

"Well, mopey or not, we need Sage's help! Besides, he's the only one who can track Macy with that bloodhound nose of his," Tina-Patra reasoned, suddenly tripping on her own bandages and fell face first on the ground. "Ow."

"Also, we have no idea how to control our new alien body forms," Franken-Amy pointed out, cringing on her sister's cluzty fall.

Frankenstrike looked at the girls. "Snare-Oh will be able to help Tina with her powers and I can give you advice over a comm-link. As for Sage...I'm not sure how we can snap him out of his state."

"Leave that last part to us. We'll straighten him out to get his head back in the game," Amy assured. "I just hope that we'll do it in time before Macy comes back with who knows what she'll be dragging in."

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