Chapter 2: A Countess' Bite and a Wolf's Lament

Out in the darkest parts of the forest, Countess Macy was hanging upside down on a tall tree branch, plotting her vengeance on the four traitors that opposed her.

"I'm somehow in a miserable planet that's not Anur Transyl, I have my inferiors defending such weak species, and I need an army to take them down," Countess Macy spoke to herself, thinking how to destroy her enemies. "Where can I find such powerful subjects that would be easy to control?"

Vamps and Way Big, whom was wearing his sizing bracelet, were out on patrol looking around the area for trouble.

"Area seems clear, Way Big." Vamps said, landing on the ground.

Countess Macy turned her head, smiling at the two aliens she was seeing from a high view.

"They will do nicely," Countess Macy said lowly, smirking her black lips while sneakily going down.

"Guess we can head back. It's quiet for the night." Way Big said, as he stretched his arms.

Vamps smiled. "I hope Sage hasn't gone to bed, yet. I wanted to talk to him about having a tussle with him tomorrow."

In a distance, Countess Macy grabbed a branch and broke it in two, making a loud noise to catch their attention.

"What was that?" Way Big asked in a startled tone.

"Sounds like a crash. Let's go." Vamps replied, taking to the air.

Countess Macy chuckled quietly, getting herself in a hurtful position by leaning her weight towards a nearby tree, as if she was wounded. Even moaned in slight agony.

Vamps quickly spotted the person against a tree.

"Excuse me, are you hurt?" Vamps asked.

"Help! Oh, thank goodness you're here!" Countess Macy spoke in distress. "I need your assistance!"

"What happened?" Vamps asked, as he got closer.

"I was attacked by a bad Loboan and captured from my home planet. I managed to escape with my own life," Countess Macy explained, placing a backhand on her forehead dramatically.

Vamps stared at the female Vladat. "Have we met before?"

" your dreams," Countess Macy cooed so innocently. "It's nice to finally see a Vladat in this strange world,"

"You're on Earth. How did you get here?" Vamps asked skeptically.

"It's a bit fuzzy, but while I was trying to fight that mean Loboan after he captured me in his ship, we crashed," Countess Macy explained, stumbling forward on purpose to land in Vamps' arms. "Oh, sorry. I just feel so shaky with these weak ankles of mine."

Vamps looked dumbstruck, not sure on how to handle this. "A Loboan, you say?"

"Yes. A big, bad, mean Loboan who kidnapped me. Please, say you will help. You must save me from that horrible beast!" Countess Macy continued, gently caressing his face from the side to down his chin.

Vamps lightly pulled her away from him, shaking his head a bit to remember he has a wife. "Okay, I'll help you. But I want to make it clear that I have a mate already."

"Oh, thank you! I feel safer already. And my apologies on not knowing your heart is already taken. It would make sense that a striking Vladat such as yourself would already have a special love," Countess Macy thanked and apologized innocently. "I would not like to oppose your Vladat mate."

"My mate is not a Vladat. She is a native of this world. A human." Vamps said calmly.

The Vladat's eyes were wide in surprise, not believing her ears. "You're a high mighty Vladat, and yet you are mating with a species that is not worthy of our standards?" She asked, having slight anger in that shocked tone of hers.

"We are equals, on this planet. I am part of the Plumbers. My adoptive sister, sister in law, nieces and nephews are all human." Vamps said, stiffly.

Countess Macy sighed, taking a few steps away from Vamps with her back turned. "That's a shame. I thought you were a true Vladat. Guess it's time for a different approach,"

Without warning, Countess Macy quickly lunged at Vamps and pressed his back hard towards a tree, lifting him up by the neck with one hand.

"LET GO!" Vamps said, as he struggled to breathe.

"VAMPS!" Way Big said, running into a clearing.

Smirking, Countess Macy reacted in time and fired a red plus yellow Corruptura that hit Way Big right in the forehead. Once that happened, he stopped at his tracks.

"Relax, Big Guy. I'm not gonna hurt my own kind. Even if he is a traitor, like those two Transylians, Thep Khufan Girl, and human dog boy I met in some mansion," Countess Macy assured, turning towards Vamps with a devious smirk. "I still need an army to destroy them, and I'll definitely need both of your help for that."

"Two Transylians, a Thep Khufan Girl, and a dog boy?" Although unsure of the first three, the Ultimate Vladat was able to identify that last part. "Sage! What did you do to him?!" Vamps snarled.

"Nothing, yet. I was going to drain his energy, even though he didn't fight back. However, I was stopped by those three traitors defending him before I had the chance to feed. He couldn't quit insulting me by calling me his moon and some peasant name," Countess Macy replied.

"He called you his moon? But that means..." The trapped Vladat suddenly had come to a horrible realization. The Female Vladat was someone he did recognized. She is his nephew's girlfriend! "Listen to me. Your name is Macy Monroe. You were born on Earth. This is your home world," Vamps said worriedly. "Macy, this isn't you at all. You are not a Vladat."

"DON'T CALL ME THAT WORTHLESS NAME!" Countess Macy shouted, gripping harder on Vamps neck and pressing his back further to the tree. "I know exactly what I am and where I originate from! The only one who is not a real Vladat here is you!"

And with that, she spat another Corruptura at Vamps' forehead before letting him go.

"Now that you boys are more compliant, make yourselves useful and help me find more recruits to take this Sage boy down. Along with the rest of his revolting companions," Countess Macy ordered, placing her hands on her hips.

Meanwhile, Sage had just made it to the living room where he laid depressingly in front of the fire. The wolf's mind was clouded with grief, even more than the last time.

'How could I lose her again? This time, possibly forever,' Sage thought to himself. 'She nearly bit me...I've lost her.'

The Alien Fitzpatrick Sisters walked over to the sad Wolfblood, really concerned about him.

"Oh, dear, Amy. He's really upset about what happened," Tina-Patra replied in concern.

"I know. This calls for some serious, sister-comfort," Franken-Amy replied.

The alien mummy girl nodded her head, sitting down on her knees next to the Shapeshifter on his right. "Sage...We know that you're sad and think Macy is gone, but we want to let you know that we're here for you," she calmly said, petting on his soft fur.

"Yeah, buddy. Frankenstrike is already rebuilding that transfiguration device to not only return us in our humanoid state, but also Macy. However, in order for this to work, we need your help in finding her," Franken-Amy reasoned, sitting next to Sage on the left.

"I'm no help to her. She didn't even recognize me...she...she almost bit me. I've lost her...this time...this time..." Sage whined loud and sad.

The Smart Transylian girl was about to say something, but was caught off-guard when her mummy sister nearly whipped Sage hard on his wolf-behind to make him stand up in startlement.

"Man-up and don't you dare finish that sentence, Sage!" Tina-Patra nearly shouted, placing her hands on her hips while standing on her bandaged feet and glaring. "Macy is not gone. I said before that you two belonged together, and I meant it. The only time you lose her is when you give up. And right now, memories or no memories, Evil She-Vampire or not, your lady needs you! Are you really gonna just sit there feeling sorry for yourself over nothing, or are you gonna be the knight in shining wolf fur and save the woman you love and care in the known universe?!"

Sage sat startled with his tail between his legs, looking shocked and a bit unnerved.

"What do you suggest I do? Honestly, I know her strength because of my family. I know what she's capable of...I can't beat her. Not just because she is the love of my life, but because I physically can't." Sage stated angrily.

After getting over the shock from Tina-Patra's sudden boldness, Franken-Amy stood up gently to make her reason.

"You're wrong. If you know her strengths and moves, then use those as her weaknesses. You know more about Vladats than me, and I'm still learning. It will give us a fighting advantage," Franken-Amy responded. "Tina and I don't know any combat skills nor how to work as a team when being in a battle field. In order for us to get Macy back, we need your help. If I know anything, the best team requires a good leader."

"And right now, we need your expertise to lead us and get our best friend back," Tina-Patra added. "If Macy were here, what would she say?"

Sage sighed looking down for a minute before looking up again with a smile. "Don't over think it. Do whatever I can to get the job done." Sage replied standing up and wagging his tail.

"That's the spirit!" Franken-Amy exclaimed, grinning happily.

"Yay! Sage is back and better than ever!" Tina-Patra cheered, only to accidently shoot one wrap of her bandages up with one hand and wrap her older Transylian sister up plus knock her to the floor with the other. "Oops...Sorry, Amy,"

"Ughhh...Where's Snare-Oh on those Thep-Khufan lessons when you need him?" Franken-Amy deadpanned, struggling to get herself out of these strong bandages.

Sage chuckled. "I can help. It's no different than me controlling the wind. So, as for the team up, you guys are more long-range fighters where I'm close up fighting. Using the offense for defense, that's going to be our play."

"Great. Can you start by helping me get out of this bandaged trap my sister put me in?" Franken-Amy asked, still struggling.

"I said I was sorry, okay? You try moving around with wraps of toilet-paper all over your body without tripping!" Tina-Patra argued, trying to help her out.

"At least you're not heavy and get knocked down every time you make an electro-magnetic pulse blast!" Franken-Amy defended back, creating an electric spark that shocked Tina-Patra back.

"GAH!" Tina-Patra shouted, on the ground with her limbs twitching a bit.

"Tina!" Franken-Amy exclaimed in worry, looking halfway up due to being tied at the moment.

"OKAY!" Sage shouted, catching both girls' attention. "Step one to all this is, we all take a deep breath and calm down. Both of you are acting on fear and that is not going to help. Something that helps is picturing you in your dream landscape, doing what you love to do. Tina, Amy, what is that for you? Close your eyes and tell me."

The Fitzpatrick Sisters took a moment to take a deep breath and gently let it out, closing their eyes to vision their favorite thing.

"I see myself in the beautiful landscape of Paris, having my own fashion show to share my greatest couture to all," Tina-Patra answered, smiling at that fantasy.

"I envision myself working at a lab, creating new inventions and cures to help those in need," Franken-Amy responded, feeling her body relax enough to get herself out of the wraps.

"There, that's it. Now, try to keep yourself in that feeling of ease. Now, Tina, your bandages are an extension of your arms and legs. You control each and every move. Focus on the feeling you have, then shape it into a move." Sage said calmly, as he walked around her. "Amy, electricity is your element. Not only for offense or defense, but for knowing your opponent's moves. You can feel the electricity in the air and colliding that with your own personal electricity creates the fields around you."

Nodding, still in her peaceful state of mind, Tina-Patra followed Sage's instructions by shapeshifting into a flurry of bandages that snaked underneath a chair and punched it up when becoming solid again.

Franken-Amy, whom also was calm and going with Sage's steps while closing her eyes, flipped herself back on her feet and focused deeply on when to take her shot. Once sensing the chair about to come down towards herself, she stood her ground and created an electric shield that deflected the chair from crashing down.

The Transylian and Thep-Khufan opened their eyes to see what they did before looking at Sage.

"How was that?" Tina-Patra asked.

"Very well done. Now, to use that as a defense. However, we'll be doing this outside," Sage said calmly, walking out the door.

Franken-Amy and Tina-Patra followed their Wolfblood friend, truly confident about their chances in making a great team with their new forms.

And so, the training begins. With Sage back on track, he's going to guide Amy and Tina the ropes on how to become one with their new alien powers. Let's hope it will be enough to stop Countess Macy from whatever she has in store for them.

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