Chapter 4: The Promise of the Wolf and the Moon

Down on the ground, Sage, Amy, and Tina were making their way towards Macy. Sage kept his head even with his shoulders, as he moved forward, walking stiffly when they got closer. Abruptly, Sage paused, looking up at the sky.

"Alright, this is it. From here, she'll sense us coming." Sage stated, calmly.

"Okay. We'll keep whoever Macy has under her control busy plus free them while you do your Wolfblood thing," Tina-Patra nodded her head on the plan.

"Let's hope it works," Franken-Amy responded.

Sage sniffed the air tentatively, instantly recognizing familiar scents.

"Uh oh." Sage stepped back, whining his tail waving nervously.

"Why do I have the feeling that something has gone wrong?" Tina-Patra whimpered, seeing Sage act like there's a problem.

"This is going to be extra tough. I can smell my uncles, Way Big, Vamps, Big Chill, and Rojo, nearby...along with Macy." Sage replied, as his back grew rigid.

"So, either your uncles are chasing after Macy or...they've fallen into her control," Franken-Amy deduced in concern, knowing which was the real answer.

"Oh, dear. You mean we have to fight Sage's uncles?! Including his scary alien vampire one!?" Tina-Patra exclaimed, starting to freak out.

"Technically, it's not just a Vladat we should be worried about. Necrofriggians are illusive and sneaky with their intangibility, cryokinesis, enhanced speed plus strength, and many other key factors," The Transylian Girl explained.

"Not sure if that's making me feel better," the Thep-Khufan Female retorted.

Sage sighed. "Look, if you guys want to leave, I understand. No judgement on if you want to bail out. I've had training to deal with this situation. Plus, you'd be fighting a friend...I honestly won't pressure you to continue with me."

"No, Sage. We said that we were gonna help bring Macy back and we meant it," Franken-Amy replied. "Like you said, this plan just got trickier. However, thanks to you, Tina and I know who we're up against."

"And we can still continue whatever plan my sister has on freeing them...Right?" Tina-Patra questioned, looking at her Transylian sister.

"Yes!" the Frankenstein alien girl exclaimed in slight annoyance. "But, in order for this to work, I need you to be ready and give me a boost when I tell you,"

"Why?" The Alien Mummy Girl asked in confusement.

"Just trust me on this. You'll see,"

Sage sighed, before nodding. "Alright. I'm going to draw their attention here. Then, I'll race forward towards Macy. Remember, if anything goes wrong, pull out. I don't want you guys getting hurt."

"Noted. And I have Frankenstrike on the line with the com pieces he gave me to help out, just in case," Franken-Amy reasoned, placing her two index fingers on the communicator on her right ear.

Sage nodded, before stepping close to both Amy and Tina raising himself up a bit he gave each girl a lick on the cheek before nuzzling their hands. "Be safe."

"Don't worry, we will," Franken-Amy assured.

"Just be careful out there, as well," Tina-Patra responded, smiling with her eyes since she doesn't have an actual mouth.

Sage nodded. "Cover your ears. This is going to be loud."

The Fitzpatrick Sisters nodded their heads before covering their earholes.

The wolf gave them a moment before throwing back his head and taking a deep breath.


From a distance, Countess Macy heard that howling and smirked to reveal her pointy fangs.

"He's close," she purred, signaling her minions to follow the source of that howl while she left to go somewhere.

Sage looked at the girls one more time, before giving a stiff nod and taking off into the woods.

"Hang on, my Moon, I'm coming." Sage said a new determination in his voice and stride.

"Let's do this, Little Sis," Franken-Amy said with confidence, following Sage's lead with Tina-Patra doing the same.

"Hang on, Sage's family! The Fitzpatrick Alien Sisters are gonna rescue you!" The Mummy Girl exclaimed.

Vamps, Big Chill, and Rojo flew into the clearing first.

"FOR OUR MISTRESS!" Vamps roared.

Big Chill and Rojo raced at Amy while Vamps went at Tina.

"Here they come!" Franken-Amy shouted, still running until she slides underneath them to avoid a double ice breath attack and kicked them behind with a high split-kick.

Tina-Patra focused deeply and unleashed her right tendrils to whip Vamps back.

Vamps dodged upward before charging down at her from above.

"For the Mistress," Rojo growled, as he unleashed his freeze burn at Amy.

Meanwhile, Sage stalked the edge of the woods where Countess Macy stood alone in the moonlight. In the dazzling light, for a moment, the Shifter saw his beloved as she was. Her beautiful hair and eyes staring up at the sky in awe.

'Macy,' Sage thought, before remembering where he was.

"I was wondering when you would show up," Countess Macy spoke, not keeping her gaze away from the sky. "Although this planet is filled with worthless weaklings and my inferiors who are even bigger fools in protecting them, I find where I'm at right now...fascinating. It's not Anur Transyl, but I somehow think it's all beautiful. And...familiar."

Sage stepped out into the light. "Maybe because this is your home. I asked you about a place that means something to the both of us. The Lunar Meadows is where I took you on our first date, Macy Monroe."

Countess Macy snarled, finally taking her gaze off the sky and her fiery glare on to the Wolfblood. "Don't call me that name! I may not remember my past, but I know that I would never stoop so low in going out with a human that can turn into an earth hound! The only thing humans are good for is being slaves and or food sources!"

Sage steeled himself up, before taking a deep breath. "If that's really how you feel," Sage shifted to human form, his eyes were the only things to reveal the wolf within, "Then, feed on me."

"Gladly," Countess Macy lunged towards Sage, ready to drain every ounce of energy within him.

While that was happening, the Fitzpatrick Sisters continued fighting their opponents. All five still strong and not backing down.

Franken-Amy stood her ground and melted the ice attacks from the Necrofriggian Brothers using her two conductor coils to create an electric energy field to protect herself. Tina-Patra was using her shapeshifting technique to slip pass Vamps' sharp claws until she managed to snake one of his ankles and flip him across the forest.

"Is that all you got?" Tina-Patra asked, becoming solid again.

Vamps flipped to his feet, sliding across the grass before stopping. His eyes glared at her, before turning into the telltale swirls.

"For the Mistress," Vamps said, as he stalked forward.

Big Chill went intangible and dived into the ground, just as Rojo launched another freeze-burn at Amy.

'For the Mistress,' Rojo thought.

Remembering what Sage had told her, Tina-Patra quickly focused on something else besides Vamps' hypnotic gaze by looking at a tree with a bird nest from a long distance. Once in range, she stretched her left limps to wrap Vamps' eyes around to cover his hypno-abilities and, while her enemy was distracted plus safe to look again, punched him hard with her right armed fist to the ground.

"That will teach you to mess with-" Tina-Patra's sentence was cut short when seeing Big Chill coming out of the ground to get her sister. "Amy, watch out! Behind you!"

Hearing her sister in time, Franken-Amy quickly turned around and let out an electric blast to shock Big Chill away from her. Unfortunately, that made her lose her concentration on her electric field and made Rojo smack her.

"OOF!" Franken-Amy tumbled a bit until she got her ground back.

"Sis! Are you okay?" Tina-Patra hollered, keeping her eyes on her enemies coming close.

"I'm good. But we can't keep fighting these guys forever. Remember that thing I told you before? Stretch yourself around two trees and get ready for what I'm about to do!" Franken-Amy shouted.

Without hesitation, Tina-Patra used her shapeshifting powers to slither past her enemies and wrapped herself between two trees, as if she was like a rubber band trampoline.

"Oh, I hope this works," Franken-Amy spoke quietly to herself, running around the Necrofriggian Brothers plus Vamps. "Hey, you Monster Posers! Can't catch me!"

The three aliens charged after Amy, not thinking anything except...

"FOR THE MISTRESS!" the trio yelled.

Franken-Amy continued running with Big Chill, Rojo, and Vamps hot on her tail. Once reaching Tina, she jumped on top of her, flipped back high enough to go over the three aliens, and created an electric power-stomp shockwave that shocked her enemies completely plus fell on the ground when making a tremendous landing. Even the corrupturas on their foreheads broke into a million pieces.

Tina-Patra returned into her original alien mummy form and stared at the unconscious aliens. "Whoa! What did you do, Sis?!"

"Simple. I created an electro-magnetic frequency that's harmless to knock a person out but powerful enough to overload the corrupturas plus mind control ability Macy put on them," Franken-Amy explained, crossing her arms proudly. "Once they recover, Sage's uncles will be back to normal."

"Amelia Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, you truly are the genius of the family!" Tina-Patra responded with joy.

Franken-Amy chuckled. "Thanks,"

Back in the Lunar Meadows, Sage fell onto the ground with Macy on top of him. Her claws digging into his shoulders. He watched her eyeing the black leather collar on his neck.

"You gave it to me that night in the Lunar Meadows, my Moon. It was part of our promise that we would never leave each other." Sage said simply.

"I don't recall doing that nor made any promise! You are really getting on my nerves, Wolf Boy!" Countess Macy blinked once on that last part. Why would she call him that?

Sage stared at her kindly. "See? You do remember. That's a nickname you called me, Mace. I know you're in there. I want you to know that I'm here for you, just like that day with Crimson Gambit. I'd never leave you alone. I love you, Macy Monroe."

Countess Macy felt her head start to ack, hissing in pain while placing both clawed hands on her head. "No! I can't...Stop...STOP TALKING!" she growled.

Sage shook his head. "Macy, I told you before I'm not going anywhere. Do what you need, take what you want. I only want to help you, just like with Crimson Gambit or when we went to Anur Transyl. My love for you will last forever. You know I'm not lying. You can feel my heart beat, you can see it in my eyes, and you can hear it in my voice. I love you, Macy, with every fiber of my being and soul."

Just then, Countess Macy felt the same pain in not just in her mind, but also her heart. It became so unbearable that she let out a long, loud shriek and passed out.

Sage held Macy close, kissing her temple before getting to his feet. Macy cradled in his arms with her head resting on his shoulder and neck.

"I've got you, my Moon. Now and forever." Sage whispered, as he walked back towards the girls.

"Ugh, my head...What hit me?" Vamps asked, rubbing the back of his head.

"Probably the same thing that hit us," Big Chill said, helping Rojo up.

"Ugh…Last thing I remember was a female Vladat," Rojo replied, swaying on his feet.

"Oh, thank goodness, you three are back to normal!" Tina-Patra exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, that female Vladat was Macy and she was using all of you as her mindless slaves to fight us and help her rule the earth," Franken-Amy responded, helping Vamps up with her sister doing the same.

Vamps grew worried, as he looked around. "Where's Sage?!"

"Out fighting Vladat Macy on his own," Franken-Amy answered. "But he said that he can handle her."

"I'm surprised that you're not weirded out about two random alien girls helping you nor bothered to ask whom we are," Tina-Patra responded, flipping her ribbon curls. "One would think that they'd recognize my beauty, even with these bandages all over me."

"Oh, please, not right now, sis," Franken-Amy deadpanned, facepalming.

Vamps looked at the two girls. "Tina? Amy? Where is Sage? He doesn't know how dangerous nor how much a Vladat's draining power can be."

"I'm fine, Uncle Vamps. And more importantly, this mission was a success," Sage stated, stepping out of the trees' shadows with Macy cradled in his arms.

"You got Macy? Yay!" Tina-Patra cheered happily. "I knew you could do it!"

"How much of your energy did you give her?" Franken-Amy questioned.

Sage smiled. "She didn't take any...It was strange. The more I told her I loved her and how I wasn't lying, it seemed like she was hurting. She passed out on top of me." Sage replied, nuzzling Macy's hair.

Vamps stepped over to Macy, resting a hand on her neck. "Looks like her body was overwhelmed by your love and determination."

"I'm just glad that it's finally over," Tina-Patra exclaimed. "Now, let's take her back to Frankenstrike so he can turn her, Amy, and myself back to normal."

"Uh, guys? Sis? I don't think it's over just yet," Franken-Amy spoke up, just realizing they missed something important.

Sage stiffened, as a new scent caught his nose. "Oh, no..."

"What? What is it!? What are you two not telling us?!" Tina-Patra nearly shouted, hating how her friends are not being clear on the situation.

"Remember when Sage told us that we had to deal with his uncles?" Franken-Amy explained.

"Yeah...?" the Thep-Khufan Female answered slowly.

"I think we missed one," the Transylian Girl gulped.

Oh, dear. Looks like the group has one more BIG problem to deal with, before this battle is over. Get ready for the final chapter coming up sooner than expected.