The age of exploration has dawned upon the world of Arcadia. Its disparate landmasses, islands held in wondrous stasis within a sea of clouds, were once thought solitary. Men and women were born on small rocks and died on those small rocks. The sky was untamed and unknowable. How could mankind dare venture upon the realm of soaring birds and streaming fish?

The answer came from the Moons themselves. Each of the six known Moons cast its glow upon the lands below and granted their blessing. Rocks charged with the elemental magicks of their mother Moons fell from above. These were the first moonstones, whose unique properties sent humanity into a rapid age of development and growth. The crimson stones of the Red Moon brought warmth, heating hearth and home. The galvanized rocks from the Yellow Moon held a spark that brought industry. The shining gems from the Green Moon held the secret songs of healing and granted mankind resilience. Chilled stones of the Purple Moon brought the powers of ice and illusion. Churning shards of the Blue Moon unlocked the mercurial potential of the wind and gave birth to alchemical wonders. The mysterious fragments of the Silver Moon held sway over life and death, extending mortals' lives.

Their collective energies helped tame the sky itself. It started with rafts and other meager vessels, and has grown over the ages into galleons, frigates, and clippers. Sails unfurled, these ships soar the sky leviathans of legend. Fishing vessels bob on clouds in search of the best catch; merchants glide from port to port. The world has been connected. The sky has become knowable. All an enterprising soul needs is a sail and some wind. Fortune is sure to follow in their wake.

Not all is well. The Valua Empire, thriving under the electric light of the Yellow Moon, has grown arrogant. Nearly twenty years ago, the Empire made war upon its neighbors in a bid for land and resources. Its fanatic soldiers, under the command of Empress Theodora I, yearn for renewed conquest.

Many maps in Arcadia bear a warning within the unknown margins: "Here be Dragons." To merchants and explorers, it is a warning. To Valua, it is a challenge. If dragons exist, it is only right that the Empire claim and command them.

The skies have darkened as Valua's war engines expand outwards. Cannons roar and flags of conquest flutter in the wind. In spite of this, brave adventurers set sail across the vast skies in search of untold treasure. And where there is treasure, there will be Air Pirates.

These adventurous souls answer to no authority but their own hearts and set off into the clouds chasing wealth and glory. The merciless, calling themselves Black Pirates, fly a sable standard and steal indiscriminately from anyone they happen upon.

Those possessed of a more chivalrous soul wave blue flags and seek to pillage from the rich and powerful. They are the Blue Rogues, unlikely champions against Valua's gross expansion. Where tyranny reigns, they do little but laugh and ready their boarding parties.

So it is that a Blue Rogue crew chances upon a Valuan flagship in the dead of night. They seek fame and fortune. What they find will alter the balance of history.