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Here I am…alone

Staring bleakly ahead

And into the cold.

But I don't mind.

No, not at all.

The cold I am used to.

I hear a call, my name.

"Hiei!" Turning towards to voice, I see

Kurama, my dear trusted friend.

Beside him are others, laughing and joking.

My sister as well, though know she does not.

She smiles at me and I nod in return.

Her eyes, so wide, caring and innocent,

The color of sweet ruby wine,

The very opposite of mine: the color of spilled blood.

Alas, I feel myself beginning to thaw.

I look deep within my soul; I see a confusing reflection.

It is my pale face, and my red eyes, but it's smiling.

I scowl at the smile,

Wondering why it is so happy.

But, secretly, I know.

To turn from the cold is strange to me.

The cold understands, it's how I am, my very nature.

But, I feel myself beginning to open up.

They say this is good, Yusuke and Kurama.

My eyes are softening, no longer as icy and bitter.

Why is this happening?

I long for my old self.

My heartless, cruel self with no emotions or pity.

My distant and cold self.

They say people change, that I am no different.

I miss the scent of blood, the thrill of battle.

Why is this happening?

My once cold soul is melting due to my…

What are they? Friends?

Yes, I suppose that's what they are.

I smile, I seem to be doing that lately, and go inside.

I am cold, true, but cold fire is not true fire.

I don't mind the cold…

But perhaps they do.

Kurama turns and beams at me.

"Hiei, come out of the cold, it's not good for you."

Walking inside, faces look up.

Unusual for me to join them…yes

The cold is howling my name.

But, I shake my head, pushing it away.

If only they knew what I was inside,

And what I think and feel way down deep…

Terrified of being betrayed,

Of what it feels to love,

And be loved.

Just another fool, lost and wandering.

I don't tell Yukina who I am because

She would never want me as a brother, right?

But they do not know, or care for that matter.

Kuwabara looks up, grinning broadly. "Hey there Shrimp!"

I sigh, wondering how Yukina tolerates him.

This is home I suppose.

Way far away from the cold ice and blood

And into the warmth that my friends have pushed me into.

It's not bad,

No, I don't mind.

My cold soul melts, running through my veins, warming me.

This is where I will stay.

Emotions have broken me, though I say they have not.

But I believe they have, like it or not.

I suppose I shall be…lukewarm?

Not quite cold, and not yet warm.

I'll live by the sword and grin.

It's not so bad,

No, I don't mind.

I turn from the cold.

Did you like it? Love it? Hated it? Sometime later I might write a poem or a fic about Hiei that doesn't have such a happy ending, but that's to come.