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With eyes sculpted from emeralds,

As green as a fresh rose's leaf,

And as piercing as its thorns.

With hair composed of fire,

Burning red, flickering in the breeze,

As crimson as the blood a thorn draws.

A human body, a demon inner-self,

Coming out, flitting inward and outward,

Into the light, into the shadows.

Honey-gold eyes, ice cold appearance.

Frozen amber orbs, alert and bright,

Perpetually watching.

Protruding from flowing silvery hair,

Fox ears appear, the color of molten clouds,

Swiveling and twitching, perpetually listening.

This human, this demon,

Co-existing in one body,

Made into two separate entities.

This beautiful fox,

Alive and reborn,

Appearing after so long.

He is here,

He is watching,

Waiting, listening.

Solemn smile,

Forlorn laugh,

Sweet bitterness.

He will be here,



I hope you liked it since it was my first Kurama poem. Please review! ^__^

~~ UPDATE: I revised the last stanza. It's true, the last 'perpetual' just didn't fit, so I just took it out. ~~