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Author's Note: This will be an AU story and the characters are OC. There will also be mentions of canon in this story. This is not a Time-Travel fic, merely one based in the past.

A/Note: Hermione is a hormonal teenager & Abraxas enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, so there will be quite a few bedroom scenes. Will be MA/R rated (18+).

A/N: Rodolphus and Rabastan will be in the same year, this is due to Rodolphus being born after September, just like Hermione was in first year with Harry & Ron. Please remember this is to fit into my story, it's not per canon.

Author Note Update: Story has been edited slightly – Please note Lucius, in this story has been born in 1951 along with Bellatrix and Hermione. Again, this is to fit into my story and is not per canon.

Summary: Follow the adventures of Hermione Dagworth & her friends as they begin their seventh year at Hogwarts, find love, suffer heartache & declare themselves to the rising Dark Lord. Hermione will be dark and slightly sadistic and Bellatrix isn't completely nuts. Mentions of Canon Pre-Hogwarts. OC & AU. The story begins in the year 1968.

Hermione Dagworth & The First War


Twelve nearly thirteen year old Hermione Dagworth, heir to House Dagworth, stood before an imposing Manor House deep in the countryside of Wiltshire, England. Her heart still hurt from the recent loss of her parents, Hector and Eloise. She'd just come back from the reading of their last will and testament, their last wishes having said she was to move into Malfoy Manor under the guardianship of both Abraxas and Adalene Malfoy until such a time as she came of age or received a marriage proposal from a well-to-do pureblood family.

Wiping a lone tear from her eye as she followed behind Lord and Lady Malfoy, Hermione thought about how she'd been cut-off from her home and everything she knew due to her being a female born heir, it wasn't fair but that was how her family had worked for years. "Come along Miss Dagworth." Turning her gaze to Adalene, she realised she'd fallen behind and was still standing on the drive while they were already walking up the stairs towards the large double doors.

Walking into the grand Manor, she was led past an empty foyer and three closed doors on the way toward the large staircase. "Adalene, bring young Miss Dagworth to my study please." Hermione turned to see the tall platinum blonde haired Lord standing just outside the second door, she followed slightly behind Adalene, looking at the hardwood floors for a moment when they stopped in front of the broad shouldered wizard. "Thank you Adalene."

Hermione watched as the matriarch left before turning to look at Abraxas again. "Come in." Stepping through the threshold she looked around the sparse office, only seeing a desk with a few books behind it and a large loveseat across from the desk near to the bow windows. "Have a seat." Abraxas took his seat behind his desk and waited for his young charge to sit across from him.

"Now Miss Dagworth, I know you've been through quite a lot in the past few months and I understand that you'll feel uncomfortable for a while but I want you to know that this is now your home, everything inside and outside this Manor is as much yours as it is ours." She kept her eyes downward as she'd been taught when she was younger, she nodded her head, "Thank you Lord Malfoy." He leaned forward and placed his fingers beneath her chin, moving her head up until he could look into her eyes. "You don't have to keep your eyes downcast when we are together, I won't be angry or upset with you." She looked into his crystal blue eyes and allowed her gaze to trace his face, picking up the smallest hint of stubble on his chin and the slight upturn of his lips.

"Thank you for your kindness to me, sir, it must be difficult for you and Lady Malfoy to take in another child." He released her chin and moved back, "Nonsense my dear girl, we are only too happy to have you stay with us and Lucius is just as excited, he now has a permanent friend in the house and doesn't have to remain around his Mother or I for long periods of time."

She smiled softly and twiddled her thumbs wanting nothing more than to be in her own home and with her family. Abraxas obviously having seen her discomfort stood up and moved around the side of his desk, kneeling down next to her he turned the chair around and pulled her into his strong arms, letting her tears fall upon his shoulder as she tucked her head into his neck. "It's alright my dear, you're alright." She tightened her hold of him and cried harder.

Chapter 1

Hermione woke with a start, feeling the last remnants of sleep disappear from her brain along with the memory of her first day in Malfoy Manor as she rubbed at her eyes. Legs swinging out from under the duvet and feet touching the cold tiled floor below, she stood up and stretched out her body. Trudging across her bedroom and heading to the bathroom, she stripped from her sleeping clothes. Turning the faucets on in her shower, she tied her hair up into a bun and slid inside the shower.

Humming softly to herself, she squeezed the shower gel onto her mesh loofah sponge, gently rubbing the skin on her arm before moving across to her other arm. When she got to her legs, she felt a sudden cold filter into the shower, as a body slipped in along with her. "Mmm, good morning gorgeous." A pair of hands encircled her waist, pulling her firmly against their front as a kiss was placed against her shoulder. "Good morning to you too handsome."

Turning her body around, she wound her fingers in the soft silvery blonde locks of her lover, "Not that I don't enjoy our showers together, but I do have an appointment in Gringotts this morning." A chuckle broke from their lips as hands stroked soft trails across her rear, hands resting over both cheeks before squeezing them. "Yes, but that appointment is only in another two hours, we have time." Feeling her insides warm when a stiffness made itself known between her now spread legs, she willingly allowed for her body to be lifted up and then lowered down until she was able to feel her centre stretch to accommodate his firmness. "Oh."

Giggling when he pulled her back up and away from his stiffness, she smiled when his beautiful blue eyes roved across her chest, tongue flicking out and tasting her skin. "If you're going to tease me, then do it with your cock not your eyes." Laughing at her, he slowly lowered her back down to his stiff appendage, sliding into her wet warmth in one move. She groaned at the feeling of him, stretching and adjusting to his size, "Mmm, my darling you're always so tight for me." Pulling out and thrusting back into her, in a steady rhythm, her moans of pleasure filled the bathroom and soon her cries were drowning out the sound of the water hitting the floor.

Hitting her in just the right spot over and over, he slid his hand between their joined bodies, pinching and rubbing at her engorged clit, his mouth latching onto her stiff nipples. A combination of pleasure hit her sensitive nerves and soon she felt her muscles tighten around him, drawing him in deeper, her walls quivered and her hips jerked as her eyes scrunched. "That's it my darling, let go." She felt her walls fluttering as heat spread through her core, extending out toward her limbs, her toes curled as her release came.

Hermione felt him pounding into her, over and over, sliding in and out with a fast speed, his thick cock slamming into her with fervor. She could feel her insides coiling, the heat beginning to build again as his head fell to rest against her shoulders, his hands held her hips tightly as he continued his pace. His grunting got more primal, joining in with her cries, her nails sunk into his shoulders and head fell back against the tiles. It wasn't long after that she felt his seed fill her, bringing her own release washing over her a second time, pulling a second scream in a space of minutes.

Their erratic breathing the only other sound besides that of the still running water, he slowly lowered her until her feet touched the tiles, legs shaking slightly from her two orgasms, "Wow Abraxas, that was…" Chuckling as she rested her head against his broad chest, "Just wow." He only laughed as his arms encircled her waist, pulling her closer until his lips captured hers in a deeply passionate kiss. "'Mione! Hurry up, Mother says breakfast is ready." Pulling away from her lover's lips, she looked up into his twinkling eyes, "If Adalene ever found out…"

He placed his index finger against her lips, "My dear, the only way my wife would notice, would be if it involved Lucius." Sucking his finger into her mouth, she ran her tongue around the appendage, "My dear if you continue doing that, I might just need to bend you over the bed." Pulling her lips away with a soft 'pop' she grinned and took his hands in her own, placing them against her breasts. "Then why don't you Lord Malfoy." He growled and lunged for her lips once more, sucking on her bottom lip before thrusting his tongue into her mouth, his hips grinding into her own, he let his hands assault her breasts.

"'Mione, for Merlin's sake, hurry up or you're going to be late!" Lucius' voice broke through their passion and she grumbled. "Alas my dear, I will have to ravage you tonight before you return to Hogwarts and if you're a good girl, I'll send you off with a lovely bang." Winking and moving away from her, he slapped her backside and disappeared from her bathroom. "Bloody insatiable beast." Muttering to herself, she hurried to finish her morning routine. Slipping her emerald green dress over her head, she exited her bedroom and made her way down the hallway to the stairs and eventually entered the dining room, finding Lucius and Adalene already seated with Abraxas walking in after her moments later.

"Finally! Merlin, I swear you and Cissa take about the same amount of time to get ready." Baring her teeth at him, Hermione stuck her tongue out. "Shut up Lucius, unlike Cissa, I don't take all the time in the world on my hair." Adalene chuckled and nodded in agreement, "I do agree, Miss Black is worse than her mother ever was and Druella could take hours." Lucius' eyes widened and he shook his head, "Then I'm happy I was born now and not earlier, Lady Black is scary." Abraxas and Adalene laughed at their son's even paler face, "Druella is certainly scary, but you needn't worry my son, Narcissa is much calmer."

Hermione shook her head at Lucius and his wide eyes. When the two youngsters had finished their breakfast, they excused themselves from the table, "We'll see you later." Lucius said after Hermione disappeared from the room, pulling her travelling cloak over her shoulders and securing it round her neck. Throwing a pinch of floo powder into the fireplace, Hermione stepped into the flames, "Diagon Alley" the green flames engulfed her body and swept her from Malfoy Manor and within seconds, Lucius was stepping out from the Leaky Cauldron's fireplace after her.

"Right let's get this done, you'll finally be able to claim your title, shall we head for Gringotts first or enjoy the morning looking around first?" Hermione looked at Lucius and shrugged, "I'm only really interested in getting what's needed to be done at Gringotts sorted, I don't mind looking around with you afterwards though." Taking his proffered arm, Hermione let Lucius walk her to Gringotts, "Gringotts it is, when we're done, we can go through to Quality Quidditch Supplies, I must replace my polish before Quidditch try-outs start again."

Taking the stairs to the bank, Lucius pushed the door open and allowed Hermione to pass him, walking in behind her. Both of them headed for the main teller at the end of the walkway, "I'm here for an appointment." The Goblin in front of her looked up and sneered, "Name." She glared at him, "Filthy beast, who are you to ask a witch of my standing for my name, you should already be expecting me." He growled at her, sharp talons digging into the wood of his small desk. "'Mione, shut it."

Lucius jabbed his elbow into her side, "Your name witch or I'll have you thrown out of this bank." Sneering at him, she snarled, "Hermione Dagworth." He nodded and scrawled upon his parchment, motioning with his gnarled hand to the side door just behind him, "Go through there, Hookfang will attend to you." Hermione snarled in his direction and walked toward the door, Lucius trailing behind her. Taking a seat in front of a slightly larger than normal Goblin, Hermione folded her hands in her lap. "Good day Miss Dagworth." She nodded, "Mr Hookfang. Thank you for taking the time this morning to get my affairs in order."

He steepled his gnarly fingers together and smiled, "Yes, well this account has been in a full stasis for far too long, your Father should have known you'd be cut off upon his death due to you not being a male heir. The reopening of the account and updating of your assets shan't take too long, I merely require a drop of your blood and your signature and all will be sorted, the rest of your affairs will be taken care of by myself should you choose to follow in your ancestor's footsteps." Lucius shifted behind her and gave her an imperceptible nod. "That sounds fine to me, what is it that is needing my signature?"

Opening his drawer, Hookfang withdrew an envelope. "These are the documents, two for the Ministry, two apiece for the Russian and French Ministries due to a portion of your inheritance being housed within their countries and the last for Gringotts." Pushing the documents across his desk, Hookfang waited for Hermione to read through everything, satisfied with the contents, Hermione signed each demarcated area. "Thank you, now all you need to do is drop a small dot of blood next to each signature on the last page of each document and we will be sorted."

Hermione took the proffered dagger and did as requested, watching as each document rolled up and disappeared with a flash of light. "There we are, all sorted." Pulling yet another envelope out of the drawer, Hookfang handed it over to her, "Inside is the key to your vault and your new purse, it has a direct link to your vault and will remain filled to the amount of fifty Galleons unless you require a change in the limit?" Shaking her head, she took the envelope from him and withdrew her key and purse. "No, fifty Galleons will be quite alright. If that concludes our business?" Hookfang nodded, gnarled fingers steepled once again.

"All is sorted. If you choose to make changes to anything in your vault or assets, please contact me directly." She nodded, stood up and thanked him for his time before looking to Lucius and walking from the room. After departing the bank, Lucius led Hermione down to Quality Quidditch Supplies, "I won't be too long, if you'd prefer to go somewhere else, I can meet you back at the Leaky Cauldron?" Hermione smiled, "I'll look around here, I've no need of anything from the Alley." He nodded and turned to walk down the narrow space between two shelves. Hermione looked around and walked across to where the Quidditch gear was housed.

Looking at all the different coloured jerseys and protection gear, she spotted a signed cloak from the two beaters of the Falmouth Falcons, Karl and Kevin Broadmoor. Walking down to the counter, Hermione rang the bell and waited to be assisted, "Good morning, how may I help?" Turning she faced an older gentleman who smiled warmly at her, "I'd like to know if the signed cloak of the Falmouth Falcons is for sale?" He looked over to where she'd pointed and shook his head, "Unfortunately not." She smiled at him and looked around their general area before she stepped a bit closer, "How much would you be willing to take for it?"

His eyebrow raised and pulled his lips thin, "My dear, that cloak is not for sale." Turning away from her, he headed back to stand behind the counter. Lucius came to stand next to her moments later and paid for his polish, "Thanks Mr Higgins, you have yourself an excellent day." Taking Hermione's arm, he led her away from the store and out into the Alley, "Come on you, I'm starving." Heading down to the Leaky Cauldron, they bumped into Rabastan Lestrange, "'Mione, Lucius, fancy seeing you both out and about." Hermione flung her arms around her second best friend, "Rab! Oh, it's lovely to see you. What are you doing out in the Alley?"

He smiled and brushed a few strands of his hair from his face, "I forgot to purchase my Potions textbook, Rod reminded me to double check my stuff and what do you know, no Potions book." Sharing a laugh, the three of them started for the Cauldron, "Join us for lunch?" Rabastan nodded, "Thanks Lucius, I'm actually starving." Hermione looped her arms through both her friend's arms, all three joking and laughing as they walked through the door to the well known pub.

Plopping down on the bench of one of the long tables, Hermione and Rabastan fought over the small pub menu while Lucius headed for the bar to order three butterbeers. "Let me have it first." Hermione tried to yank the menu from Rabastan's hands, "Rab! Come on let me have it first." She turned her honey eyes on him and fluttered her eyelashes. "Please." He pulled it out of her hands and smacked her head with it before releasing it with a laugh, "Down you beast, down." Laughing at her disgruntled expression, Rabastan stood up and headed for the toilet.

Hermione scoured the menu and decided on a toasted sandwich, dropping the menu down in front of Lucius, "What do you suppose this year will be like?" Lucius shrugged, "No idea. We'll just have to wait and see." Hermione pouted, resting her cheek into her hand. "Why the pout pet?" A very feminine body pressed into her side, an arm looping around her shoulders. Hermione turned her head to face the dark haired beauty, "No reason Bella." Hermione felt her lips pull into a smile at the sight of her female best friend. "Ah Bella, what brings you to the Cauldron?"

Rabastan took the seat next to Lucius, "I actually came in search of some pub grub, I just so happened to spot my gorgeous friend over here and decided I'd join you lot." Rabastan nodded in response, "Hello all, what will it be?" Hermione looked at the young witch, "A salty beef toasted sandwich and chips for me." Lucius and Rabastan both ordered two ribeye steaks and grilled vegetables. "What about you love?" Bellatrix briefly glanced at the young witch, "Chicken schnitzel and roasted vegetables."

Plates of food appeared in front of each of them and they all tucked in. Hermione happily munched on her chips before tucking into her sandwich. Her thoughts on the other hand were swirling, she had been toying with the idea of finally telling Bellatrix of her relationship with Abraxas Malfoy, but didn't quite know how to bring it up. "What's on your mind pet?" Hermione looked at Bellatrix and shook her head, "Too many ears." Reluctantly Bellatrix let it go, "When we're on the train we can talk." Hermione nodded, "It will be better." Lucius and Rabastan got chatting about the upcoming school year and their Quidditch try-outs and Bellatrix and Hermione were chatting about how they were going to annoy the professors.

"Well that's me, I'm off. I'll see you on the train tomorrow." Rabastan tossed a few sickles down to cover his portion of lunch before heading for the floo. Bellatrix stood up after some time, "I'm off too, got to make sure all my stuff is packed. I'll see you tomorrow." She bid Hermione and Lucius farewell and disappeared through the floo. "I suppose we should head back now as well, I promised Mother that I'd help her in the gardens later." Lucius stood up, taking the sickles that Rabastan and Bellatrix had left and headed to the bar to pay their bill. Hermione headed for the fireplace to floo home, Lucius joined her a few moments later.

Taking a pinch of floo powder, Hermione tossed it into the fireplace, "Malfoy Manor." She was swallowed by a ball of green and minutes after, she was stepping into the welcoming room of the Manor. Lucius appeared behind her seconds later, "Thank you for the morning Lucius, I'll see you at dinner time." Hermione headed for her bedroom. Along the way to the stairs, she spotted Abraxas stepping out of his study, "Ah my dear, just the witch I was looking for." Smiling at her lover, she walked over to where he stood, "Join me my dear."

Motioning for her to step into his study, she did as requested and waited until he'd warded the door and room. "Did you get sorted at Gringotts?" She sat down on the loveseat and waited for him to join her, putting her feet into his lap, "Yes, thankfully. The British, Russian and French Ministries have been updated with my details so I now have full access to my assets as well as my vault." Abraxas nodded, rubbing her legs as she spoke, "I've been meaning to speak with you dear."

She watched him kneading her muscles for a few moments before acknowledging his words, "About what darling?" She groaned in appreciation when his fingers began kneading her thighs, "Come sit." Hermione moved until she was straddling his thighs, arms resting across his shoulders, "I've been made aware of your relationship with Bellatrix Black, is this a serious situation or just a school fling?" She began playing with his hair, leaning back a bit to look into his eyes, "It was a fling, but we ended it last year. We were just trying to find ourselves, I guess."

He eyed her with slightly narrowed eyes, "I don't like sharing." Hermione slowly slid down his legs, "You're not cross with me are you? It was only last year." He looked away from her and ignored her. Looking at him with a pout she leaned closer and kissed his neck, then his jaw before she started unbuttoning his shirt, "My darling?" He continued ignoring her, she shifted a bit on his lap and turned his face to hers, licking at his lips, begging him to kiss her, "Don't be angry with me my love." He moved his hips and turned away from her again. She leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear, "Don't be cross with me…"

Letting her hand fall between them to rest against his sleeping cock, "Don't be angry with me my sweet." Licking the shell of his ear and feeling his cock twitch in her hand, she pulled away to look at him. "I'm not angry with you baby, I could never be angry with you." Pushing her down into the loveseat, he crawled on top of her and kissed her. His tongue slipped between her lips and began battling with her own as his hands fondled her breasts. "As long as you're done with your experiments?" Hermione nodded, exposing her neck for his lips.

"I promise Abraxas, nothing will happen between her and I again." Lifting her legs to rest over his thighs, she encouraged him to move against her, only for a loud knock to interrupt them. "Oh for the love of Merlin." Abraxas glared at the door, "My love, we'll have to finish this later." He stood up and fixed his clothes, hiding his half erect member. Removing the silencing ward, he made sure that whomever was on the other side heard nothing but a normal conversation. "I'd like for you to look into working with my account manager…" Opening the door he found Lucius, "Ah my son, what can I do for you?" Hermione by this time was sitting comfortably on the loveseat.

"Oh, I was actually looking for Hermione, but if you're busy then it can wait." Abraxas shook his head, "We've concluded our business son." Hermione was walking over to the two Malfoy men and smiled at Abraxas, "Thank you for helping Abraxas." He smiled softly at her. "I'll see you both at dinner." Dinner was a quiet affair, Lucius and Hermione were discussing their upcoming year while Adalene discussed Lucius and Narcissa's betrothal with Abraxas, "I've spoken with Druella and she's agreed to let Narcissa marry Lucius one month after her graduation."

Abraxas nodded, not paying that much attention to what his wife was saying, his focus entirely on what he would be doing with Hermione after dinner. "Will Cygnus honour the agreement by paying her dowry?" Hermione and Lucius at this point were now paying attention to the ongoing discussion, "Yes, Druella has confirmed everything." Abraxas nodded and Adalene stood up from the table, "I'm going to the drawing room, Lucius dear, if you would be so kind as to come to my side of the Manor later, we must further discuss your marriage with Narcissa." Lucius nodded and turned to face Hermione again, "You'll be alright with me missing out on our traditional game night before school starts?"

Abraxas' eyebrow lifted and Adalene headed for the door, disappearing from view before Hermione responded. "That's alright, we can have a game on the train tomorrow. Go, do what needs to be done." Lucius smiled and gave his thanks before returning to his dessert. After dinner, Hermione bid Lucius and Abraxas a good night and headed back up to her bedroom. She undressed, tossing her clothes into the hamper as she walked over to her bed. Sliding under the duvet after changing into her night clothes, she got comfortable and found herself growing tired. Looking toward the wall when the shadow of a tall muscular figure appeared, she turned over and found her lover standing near the bed, "Hello my love." Whispering as he joined her in the bed.

"Sorry for keeping you my dear, I trust you're ready for a long night of passionate sex." She could see his smirk and so answered by sliding up to his body and placing her leg between his thighs to grind down against him, "I hope that answers your question darling." He growled deep in his chest, rolling them over until he had her pinned to the bed, practically ripping her night clothes from her body as he did so. He slid his throbbing cock against her thigh and slowly rubbed against her slick centre, "Mmm Abraxas, don't tease." Grinding down against him as his lips sucked on her nipples with equal attention, she arched into him.

She spread her legs wider to entice him further, "Please." He slid into her tight wet centre with a slow thrust, enjoying her long drawn out moan. Their bodies met with passion, a slow rhythm driving Hermione crazy with need. Abraxas was enjoying their gentle love making, his lips and hands brought absolute pleasure to her body. Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her deeper, "Ahhh Abraxas, please, faster." Not wanting to disappoint his lover, he quickened his pace, angling himself slightly so that he was hitting her sweet spot. Pushing his hand down between their joined bodies, he began playing with her clit.

Hermione squealed when he pinched both her clit and nipple with a particularly hard thrust. Crying out with her pleasure, she egged him on, "Harder." He complied with her request and soon felt his climax building along with hers, after his last hard thrust she felt her release explode and she cried out. Abraxas of course, kept thrusting into her until he spilled his hot seed deep into her still quivering core. "What am I going to do when you're not here?" She snuggled into his neck, kissing and nipping at his skin, "Visit me on Hogsmeade weekends." Came her slightly tired reply. "I might just have to; my cock will miss your tight core too much." She chuckled and pulled him closer, "Shush Abraxas, enough talking, I'd rather be screaming."