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Hermione is a hormonal teenager & Abraxas enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, so there will be quite a few bedroom scenes. Will be MA/R rated (18+).

Rodolphus and Rabastan will be in the same year, this is due to Rodolphus being born after September, just like Hermione was in first year with Harry & Ron. Please remember this is to fit into my story, it's not per canon. Please also note Lucius, in this story has been born in 1951 along with Bellatrix and Hermione. Again, this is to fit into my story and is not per canon.

A/N: A few of the character's birth dates have been changed to fit into the story, not by a large number of years but noticeable enough, however do kindly remember that this story is AU & OOC.

Summary: Follow the adventures of Hermione Dagworth & her friends as they begin their seventh year at Hogwarts, find love, suffer heartache & declare themselves to the rising Dark Lord. Hermione will be dark and slightly sadistic and Bellatrix isn't completely nuts. Mentions of Canon Pre-Hogwarts. OOC & AU. The story begins in the year 1968.

Chapter 11

The end of January was upon them bringing with it an icy wind that had Hermione and Lucius wrapped up tightly, scarves around their necks and gloves covering their hands. Lucius had been let out of the infirmary three days after the Quidditch accident, he'd never been happier than the day Madam Pomfrey released him, "I can't wait to get inside, I need a mug of that hot chocolate now." Hermione giggled at Lucius as he stomped his feet along the stairs as they headed inside the castle. They'd just finished their Herbology lesson and both were feeling the cold as it seeped into their bones. Heading for the Great Hall, they find Narcissa walking toward the Hall herself, "'Mione, do you mind?" Hermione glanced over to where Lucius was looking, shook her head and continued on toward the double doors of the Great Hall, leaving Lucius behind to wait for Narcissa.

Bellatrix was already seated with Rodolphus, Rabastan having taken a seat next to his latest love interest, Rita Skeeter. Hermione spotted Rabastan with the Hogwarts hag, rolled her eyes and sneered in disgust. Sitting next to Bellatrix, she started filling her plate, "I see my brother has become enamoured with the sleaze Skeeter." Hermione made a noise of disgust as did Bellatrix both witches looking in the direction of Rabastan and Rita. "What a vile creature, we all know which part of Rabastan is thinking." Hermione chuckled along with Rodolphus at the sound of Lucius' comment. "Hello Cissy, nice of you to join us for a change." Hermione nodded in agreement with Bellatrix. "Yes, well, Lucius requested my company for lunch and a lady does not refuse." Hermione sniggered behind her hand and Bellatrix rolled her eyes, Rodolphus smirked in Lucius' direction and looked over to Bellatrix, "Why don't you behave like little Cissy over here?" Bellatrix turned to look at him and Hermione pulled her lower lip between her teeth in an attempt to stop herself from laughing out loud.

Lucius wasn't tactful in any way and laughed openly at Rodolphus' comment which earned him a glare from Bellatrix as well. "And just what is so funny?" He shut his mouth and looked away from the intense glare he was being given. "I am a lady, when I want to be and you didn't have any issues when I performed my lady-like duties for you Rodolphus." Now both Hermione and Lucius laughed loudly as Rodolphus' face went beet red in embarrassment. "Bella, that's private." He hissed out between clenched teeth which she completely ignored, "If you want to try and embarrass me then I shall just have to retaliate." She fluttered her eyelashes and smiled coyly at him. Narcissa looked between the two and rolled her eyes, "Utterly ridiculous Bella, a lady shouldn't embarrass their future husband in any way or form, it's not proper." Hermione pursed her lips and glanced at Bellatrix who had stuck her tongue out at her sister, "That's the reason why you're the only lady out of the three of us. Mother gave up with me a very long time ago and clearly her teachings never stuck with Andy."

A high-pitched giggle sounded out which had all their heads turning toward Rabastan and Rita, finding them both leaning close together, "Why does he have to find a bed partner with her?" Rodolphus groaned with his head falling into his arms, "Just hope he doesn't make it permanent Roddy or your father might lose what's left of his hair." Bellatrix muttered which had Rodolphus chuckle softly in response. The two disappeared after a few moments leaving the others to follow their path as they walked past, "I'm so glad we've been paired, at least I know of who you've been with." Rodolphus laughed at Bellatrix's parting comment, "I must agree…" Hermione trailed off when she realised, she'd said her thought out loud, earning her a few questioning looks, "Which lucky wizard has been promised to you?" Rodolphus asked with a curious expression, "Pray tell, which one has Lord Malfoy promised you to?" Corban questioned when Hermione was not forthcoming with her reply. She glanced at the two boys that asked and raised a delicate brow, "And why is it any of your business?" Bellatrix laughed at their flummoxed expressions and turned her knowing eyes onto Hermione.

"We're just curious is all, we've never seen you with anyone other than us. Have you received any proposals at all?" Corban asked, his eyes sweeping the length of the table before finding Hermione's again, "Not to my knowledge." Lucius noticed a small gleam enter his friend's eyes, this had him making a mental note to inform Hermione that his father might receive a letter from the Yaxley's. "As fascinating as this is, I must be off, I have a class to get to you." Bellatrix murmured standing up from the table and moving away from her friends, "'Mione, I'll meet you after class." Hermione nodded and stood up herself, "I'll see you all later." The two witches moved through the throng of students all heading to their next classes. Hermione split from Bellatrix's side when she got to Ancient Runes class, "See you in a bit." Bellatrix nodded and continued along the opposite side of the hallway.

By the time classes were done for the day, Hermione had ventured into the corridor to head for the common room once more, only she happened upon Bellatrix and Andromeda who were in the middle of another screaming match. "Your mind has been warped by the dark Bella! I've found the peace I've always longed for with Ted and the light side." Bellatrix flung her arms in the air in exasperation, "You're misguided Andy! They're not the right people to be with, your family and our heritage is!" An irritated growl escaped Andromeda's chest as she rubbed her face with her hands. "Bella, you are so wrapped up in your pureblood supremacist ways that you're missing the full picture!" Hermione made her presence known when Andromeda said this, "And you're missing the future that we're trying to achieve Andy." Bellatrix and Andromeda both turned at the sound of Hermione's voice.

"We want our traditions back; we want our future to be as glorious as it once was where our children can grow up knowing the old rites and rituals we have. The mudbloods and blood traitors keep us from doing this because they don't understand the necessity behind the old traditions." Hermione moved to stand beside Bellatrix and Andromeda rolled her eyes, "That's where you're wrong, without the muggleborns we won't have a future, they are what help keep our magic alive." Bellatrix growled under her breath bringing her wand up to become level with Andromeda's face, "Then you leave me no other choice, I've tried to protect you and help guide you back to our ways but I see now that you are completely lost." A spell was fired but it wasn't Bellatrix who cast first, it had been Andromeda, "I'm not going to be bullied by you any more Bellatrix, I'm not Cissa." Hermione raised her own wand to throw a shield in front of Bellatrix when a jinx was cast her way.

More spells flew back and forth, some hitting their target and others not, "I don't bully you Andy, you're my sister. All I've tried to do is help you and protect you!" More spells flew back and forth, Hermione's shoulder was clipped by a blasting curse and Andromeda was flung backwards by a misplaced Bombarda that Bellatrix threw at her. "Andy, just accept what it is you were born into, we can make sure you'll never be harmed." Andromeda responded by shooting a bone breaker at Bellatrix's legs. This continued on for close to thirty minutes before they were found by a seventh year Gryffindor. Rodolphus and Lucius were informed through the Hogwarts rumour mill that the two Black sisters and Hermione were in the care of Madam Pomfrey and had decided to visit them in the infirmary. "What do you think it was this time?" Lucius muttered as they reached the double doors of the hospital wing, "Most likely the same argument they've been having all year." Rodolphus replied while pushing the doors open.

Walking into the room they spot Andromeda with Ted sitting by her bedside, "Such a disgrace." Came the comment from a sneering Lucius as he and Rodolphus walk past. Lucius sat down on the chair next to Hermione's bed with Rodolphus taking up the other unoccupied spot next to Bellatrix. "The smell in here is really disgusting as well." Lucius nods his agreement at his friend's words, glancing over to Bellatrix lay. "Then leave Lestrange." Rodolphus looked over to the mudblood and Andromeda and snarled, Lucius responded to the uttered comment with a superior tone in his voice, "The one that should leave is you mudblood, it is after all your stench that we keep smelling." Rodolphus clenches his other hand that wasn't holding Bellatrix's when Ted glares over at them, "You wouldn't have to be in here if those two twisted bitches hadn't picked a fight with my Andy." Lucius growled along with Rodolphus but couldn't retaliate due to the arrival of Poppy Pomfrey.

"I will not tolerate any fighting in this wing, boys. I am warning you now if you continue along this path, I will kick you out and not allow you back." Lucius looked over to Madam Pomfrey and nodded, "Of course, Madam Pomfrey." She raised her brow at him and turned back toward Andromeda's bed. "Could you tell us when they can leave?" Rodolphus asked when the nurse moved over to Bellatrix next. "They will be in here until tomorrow or until they wake up on their own and I've had a look at them." Lucius inhaled deeply and looked at Hermione's prone form. "How bad are their injuries?" Poppy looked over at Lucius and smiled gently, "Mild burns, some broken bones and lacerations, nothing that couldn't be fixed." Rodolphus shook his head and turned his gaze upon Lucius when the school nurse had moved back to her desk, "They'll kill themselves before the year is out, we have to stop this now." Lucius nodded and looked at Hermione's peaceful face and couldn't help but wonder what his father would say if he found out about the fighting, especially with how old school his father was regarding women.

"Stop thinking so hard, you'll burn away your hair." Lucius looked at Bellatrix's bed and chuckled, "Nice to see you awake, how are you feeling?" Bellatrix groaned and leaned up in the bed, "I'll be fine, how's 'Mione?" Rodolphus moved slightly to let her see Hermione, "Still unconscious." She sighed, "When can I get out of here?" Lucius shifted in his chair, "When Madam Pomfrey clears you." She fell back against the pillow and groaned, "So tomorrow maybe?" Rodolphus hummed an affirmative. "Damn." Lucius stood up and patted his pants down clearing them of any creases before turning to face his friends, "I'm going to head back to the common room." Rodolphus nodded and Bellatrix merely waved her hand. "Make sure they don't try murder each other Rod." Rodolphus chuckled but agreed nonetheless, turning to glance in the direction of Andromeda and Ted, seeing that he was caressing her hair and squeezing her hand. It had him bare his teeth at the display, wanting nothing more than to cut the boys hands off for even daring to touch Andromeda.

The following week saw Bellatrix and Hermione walking down the winding path toward the Black Lake, both girls having been released from the hospital wing a day after they'd been taken in. They were now on their way to meet the boys for a quick meeting with Lord Riddle who had called for them while they were still in class. Neither were aware of the green eyes that had been following them, "Roddy, we're here." Rodolphus turned at the sound of Bellatrix's voice and smiled, "Oh good, we're just waiting for Corban, he said he has two others that he thinks will do nicely amongst our ranks." Hermione raised her brow and Lucius responded, "Corban thought perhaps Evan and Theodore would be good picks, he's hoping to present them to the Dark Lord."

Rabastan smirked, "Evan will do brilliantly, Theo might take a while to get used to the idea but he's a good sport." Hermione turned her head in Lucius' direction, "The Dark Lord?" Bellatrix pulled away from Rodolphus' side at Hermione's question. "Well, I figure we may as well begin using the term, we are after all Death Eaters now and he did tell us that we must refer to him as such." Hermione pursed her lips, Bellatrix nodded and looked at Rodolphus, "That's true, I guess we got so used to referring to him as Lord Riddle." Lucius nodded and turned his attention to the sound of rustling leaves further away, "That'll be Corban with the others." Rabastan shifted to stand behind Hermione and waited for the three wizards to appear. The green eyes followed the movements of the students as three more Slytherins broke through the thick foliage of the trees.

"Right let's get going, the Dark Lord won't wait patiently for much longer." Rodolphus led them down the path to where the break in the trees allowed them to reach the tall iron gates of the school grounds. When the eight students passed through the gates, they gathered around the gravel path that led to Hogsmeade village, "Are you ready?" They nodded. Rodolphus took hold of Evan, Rabastan the same with Theo and Lucius took Corban. "See you there." Rodolphus disappeared in a cloud of smoke after that. Hermione and Bellatrix looked at each other when the others had disapparated, "Do you get the feeling like we're being watched?" Bellatrix nodded and looked around, not seeing anything. "We must be careful from tonight onwards." Hermione nodded in agreement before they both disappeared in clouds of smoke, leaving behind the silver furred, green eyed cat that flicked its tail in agitation.

Bellatrix and Hermione arrived seconds apart, both giggling at the sight of Theo bending over a bush as he got sick. They all walked into the main foyer and headed for the throne room, Bellatrix dancing around Rodolphus as they walked, "Bella, what's got you so happy?" She hummed and gave him a bright smile, "I'm just thinking about when we're free to do this all the time. I want to please the Dark Lord, move up in the ranks, prove myself worthy of his praise!" Her cackles bounced off the walls as they entered the room that had a lot more Death Eaters than what they were used to. "Ah finally, I do hope you were all able to leave without too much fuss?" Rodolphus and Rabastan stepped forward and bowed before Rodolphus responded, "Indeed Milord, we managed to clear the school without incident. We do apologise for the delay as both Bella and Hermione were stuck in a class upon your calling." Lord Riddle nodded and waved them away.

Bellatrix moved to stand slightly behind Rodolphus, Hermione bringing up the rear when Lord Riddle began speaking, "Tonight we welcome new recruits to our fold, tonight we welcome the new Death Eaters." He motioned to where Hermione and her friends stood, a thunderous applause rent the air as the higher-ranking Death Eaters welcomed them into the fold with a loud cheer. "I see we have three new recruits that have yet to join our ranks, Rodolphus why don't you bring them forward and introduce them to us." Corban, Evan and Theo all moved forward to follow Rodolphus, "Milord, fellow Death Eaters, allow me to introduce Corban Yaxley, Evan Rosier and Theodore Nott." The three wizards stepped forward and bowed to Lord Riddle, each thanking him for allowing them to join their meeting. "My followers please excuse us as I issue them with a task." Hermione watched proudly as another three wizards joined them.

"Hello my dear." Turning around she found the masked visage of her fiancé, "Hello my love." She whispered when he leaned forward slightly, "Nice to see you after so long." She smiled up at him, "Have you been behaving?" His voice took on a sterner tone and she blushed slightly, "Yes, I have been." He nodded and turned to see Lucius making his way over to where they stood. "Father." Abraxas nodded and turned his masked face back to that of Hermione, "I trust that you have also been following the commands given to yourself and Miss Black?" Hermione's cheeks flared again and she lowered her gaze. "Hermione." Her eyes found those of the mask and she gently shook her head in the negative. Abraxas rose to his full height before he responded, "I wish to speak with you when the Dark Lord has dismissed us. You are to remain on the grounds until we've spoken." She nodded, "Yes, Abraxas." Lucius tapped her shoulder and she turned to face him, "Come 'Mione. Father, it was good to see you." Abraxas nodded; his masked eyes trained solely on Hermione as the two moved back to where Rodolphus had taken Bellatrix.

Lord Riddle reappeared and raised his arms, "My followers, I have some news…" Casting a look across the multitude of wizards and witches gathered as he spoke, Lord Riddle smiled, "It would seem that we have gained the attention of the 'light side' and its leader, Albus Dumbledore." A hum of noise filled the room at his announcement, "Fear not, we have far more numbers than they even realise and soon we will be bringing a fight to them." Some more followers began murmuring amongst themselves, "I have been sending a few of my inner circle to speak with the giants of the north as well as the werewolf pack down south and they have agreed to align themselves to me and the cause." Some followers shifted uncomfortably at their leader using the likes of giants and halfbreeds but none of them spoke their thoughts. "I understand some of you would find this upsetting or disturbing but fret not, it is better that we have their allegiance, this way we can control them." Hermione grinned as did Bellatrix, both girls agreeing with his logic.

"I do believe that there is a stirring in our world that our young have been kept from but trust me when I say that there will be a war and it is nigh upon us. For now, I wish to keep a low profile, I believe that Dumbledore is aware of my presence and wishes to prevent my reign from happening." Lord Riddle looked over his followers once more before speaking again, "He believes that I am the next Gellert Grindelwald… Only the fool doesn't realise that I am more powerful than Grindelwald ever was for I am the only living heir of Slytherin himself." A thunderous cheer broke and Lord Riddle smiled, absorbing the praise of his followers. "My followers, I urge you to be wary of your surroundings, keep your thoughts protected under your Occlumency shields, be careful of those in the light, they may be the eyes and ears for Dumbledore and his ilk." His eyes trailed over every member that had sworn themselves to him. "Tonight, we will begin our reign of terror. Tonight, will be the starting point of the downfall of the Ministry and the so-called light side."

Bellatrix and Hermione along with Rabastan and Rodolphus cheered loudly at his words, they were excited to begin causing mayhem on his behalf and couldn't wait to bring fear into the hearts of those who denied him. "You are to go out and cause destruction, destroy the mudbloods and muggles, wipe them out. I want this to be a message to Dumbledore and the Ministry that we are not weak and we will not back down for anyone." Bellatrix's excitement evident in the way she cackled, Hermione was cheering loudly, her grin turning sadistic at the prospect of causing fear in the hearts of those who oppose Lord Riddle. "Go now and strike fear in their hearts!" One by one those gathered disappeared in clouds of smoke, Rodolphus and Rabastan disapparating along with Lucius leaving Bellatrix and Hermione behind, "Shall we go pet?" Hermione nodded, not seeing Abraxas anywhere until she felt his presence behind her, "We'll speak later, meet me here when you're done." Hermione nodded before turning back to Bellatrix who was radiating excitement.

When Hermione appeared outside Riddle Manor, she was covered in dust and blood, her eyes shone with murderous glee as her body thrummed with adrenaline. Turning to look at the destroyed gardens, she spotted Abraxas standing beneath a broken tree that looked as if it was once a magnificent Willow. Walking along what little was left of the grass, she eventually made her way to his side. "You've angered me once more my dear, I told you to behave, to abide by the rules and you haven't." Hermione looked to the ground not wanting to anger him more, "What is it that you've been keeping from me? What has happened at Hogwarts that has you fearing my wrath?" She felt him take hold of her chin, his fingers biting into her flesh as he forced her to look him in the eye.

"I've been helping Bella with Andromeda; we've been fighting with her over her affections to the mudblood…" His grip tightened almost painfully making her wince. "She refuses to acknowledge what we're saying, I've been in detention due to the verbal fights and only once in the hospital wing due to the duel Bella and I had with Andy." The unexpected and yet entirely painful slap that connected with her cheek had her crying out, hand flying to her face to hold the throbbing flesh. Shock at the slap rendered her frozen, she'd never been hit by Abraxas before. "I warned you, I told you not to misbehave and yet you disobeyed me. Who else has witnessed such events, who else has gossiped about you and Bellatrix. Do you not hear my words or are you simply that defiant?"

Hermione's tear-filled eyes found his furious gaze, her fear evident in their depths. "No one has seen nor heard of them." He grabbed her upper arms painfully, pulling her close, "How can you be so sure!" He hissed between clenched teeth, his hands tightening around her flesh. "How do you know that no one has seen these fights? How?!" She felt her lips quivering as she attempted to answer him and with her taking too long to answer, she felt her head snapped to the side as stars exploded behind her eyelids, the force of his slap having left her slightly dizzy.

"What of the incident that had you in the hospital wing?" At this, she felt her heartbeat quicken as fear flashed down her spin, "A Gryffindor found myself, Bella and Andy unconscious in the corridor after our duel and took us to Madam Pomfrey." His outraged shout had her reeling back in an attempt to escape his ire. Another smack had tears falling, "A Gryffindor!" Another hit, "They are the biggest gossip in school!" She tasted blood on the next hit he gave her, "I told you Hermione, I told you I would not be lenient." Hermione felt pain explode along her body when the spell hit her. Her scream piercing the air at the intensity behind it, "We cannot draw attention to ourselves or all the hard work that the Dark Lord has done will have been in vain!"

She felt the searing pain race through her nerve endings, drawing another scream from her lungs. When he lifted the curse, she gasped for air, curling into a ball to try and curb the aftershocks that racked her body. "Now when I tell you to obey me, you obey me." She looked at him through bleary eyes when he knelt down next to her still trembling frame. "I'm s...sorry" She gasped a shuddering breath and turned her eyes back to him, "I'm so s...sorry Abraxas." He stood back up and looked down at her, "I swear Hermione, if I find out that you've disobeyed me again, tonight will seem like a dream." Hermione slowly got to her hands and knees, her body trembling and arms shaking as she began to stand.

When she was standing upright, she turned to face his broad frame. "I s...swear, I won't do it ag...again." He nodded and stepped forward, pulling her into his side heedless of the pained hiss she let out. "I don't like hurting you like this but as your father would have taught you, when you are engaged and then married, your husband's word is the only one you obey, of course you will also obey the Dark Lord." Hermione nodded in response, allowing him to tighten his hold on her, "I… I understand." He took her chin again and placed a firm kiss to her split lips, "Good." Squeezing her chin until she looked at him, he smiled, "I love you." She tried to smile but stopped when her cheeks stung from the pain, "I love you too." After patting her swollen cheek, Abraxas disapparated.

Hermione arrived back outside Hogwarts early the next morning, she snuck through the Entrance Hall doors and headed for the side stairs that would lead her down to the common room for Slytherin. Pushing past the door she came to a stop when she saw Bellatrix sitting in the armchair by the fireplace. Taking the chair opposite her, she heard a sharp inhale from her companion, "What happened?" Hermione cast her gaze to the fire, watching as the flames licked at the wood in its grate. "I told Abraxas about the detentions and fights…" Bellatrix audibly sighed causing Hermione to look in her direction, "Did you tell him about the hospital too?" Hermione nodded, resting her elbow on the armrest. "He did that to you?" Again, Hermione nodded, her reply nearly lost in the room, "I deserved it, I disobeyed my future husband."

Bellatrix tried to protest but Hermione shook her head, "You can't deny it Bella, it is how we are brought up. I am to obey him at all times and if I should disobey him in any way or form, he can punish me in whichever way he sees fit." Bellatrix shook her head, "Nonsense pet." Hermione gave her a sharp look, "Bella, please... You must remember that Abraxas was brought up in a completely different way as well and he still believes in his upbringing, just as we must do with our own." Bellatrix huffed, turning in her chair to hang her legs over the armrest, "I still don't believe in a woman being abused." Hermione clicked her teeth together in annoyance, "Bellatrix, he is not abusing me, this is the first time he's ever struck me." She watched as Bellatrix rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Yes, until the next time he thinks you've disobeyed him…" Trailing off she missed the dangerous look that passed through honey eyes. "Don't presume to know how my relationship works Bellatrix." Hermione growled at her friend. "I don't pet, I just care for you and I don't want to see you getting hurt."

"You lost that right a long time ago Bella." Bellatrix turned her head in Hermione's direction, "Which right, to look out for you or care for you?" Her glare did nothing on Hermione and she replied with just as much venom, "Both. I can take care of myself; I don't need you." Hermione stood up and made to walk away but a body tackled her, twisting around she found herself being pinned to the floor. "You'll always be someone I'll care for and someone I'll look out for; you've been my friend from day one!" Hermione struggled beneath Bellatrix but her friend had a massive amount of strength hidden under her small stature. "You can't stop me from being there for you 'Mione, I made you a promise in blood and I won't back down from that." Bellatrix leaned over Hermione, her messy curls covering their faces and hiding them from any prying eyes. "I promised to always be there for you, to be your shoulder and comfort until we died." Hermione struggled again but gave up when Bellatrix tightened her hold, "That was when we were lovers Bellatrix…" Hermione glared at Bellatrix, "It was still a promise that I intend to keep regardless."

Hermione relaxed under her friend, the emotional build-up breaching her barriers and soon her eyes filled with tears. A thumb swiped the fallen tear from beneath her eye and she looked at her friend, "I'm sorry Bella." Bellatrix allowed Hermione to sit up, moving off her lap to sit beside her. Pulling her head to rest against her shoulder, she rubbed her hand into Hermione's back as the other girl cried quietly. "It's okay pet, it's been a bit of an emotional time for you tonight." Bellatrix felt a hand grip the front of her robe tightly as the soft sobs penetrated her ears, sighing out, she pulled Hermione closer and placed a delicate kiss to the top of her head. "Let it out, get it out of your system." Hermione continued to cry into her shoulder until eventually she passed out from exhaustion. Pulling away so as to get to her feet, she bent over to grip Hermione, lifting her into her arms and stumbling over to the stairs that led to their dorm room. By the time she got Hermione into her bed, Bellatrix's arms were shaking. Running her fingers over the bruised cheek and across the split lip, she sighed, "Oh pet, let us hope this never happens again."