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All my life I have been alone.

Perhaps not physically,

But alone just the same.

So cold and silent,

My face and eyes

Do not speak a word, not one.

They do not scream the words

My bleeding heart howls.

They can't, I won't let them.

Banished from my people,

Hina…would she be proud?

Or would she weep at my bloodstained soul?

So many tear gems I have,

More than one, my heart mourns,

Spilling bitter tears down my face.

My sweet sister, dear Yukina.

I long to tell, don't think I don't.

It's but another thing I'm forbidden to do.

Forbidden Child…I laugh bitterly at the name.

Forbidden to tell, to speak, to go back…

Life sucks, especially mine.

But, that is life.

I narrow my eyes and charge

Life head-on.

In my existence, I've finally learned.

Learned that there is no time for regrets.

The past…means nothing to me.

While it haunts, snarls, and tears my heart and soul,

Causing it to bleed even more…

Something has got to give.

Sitting in a tree, looking up

Into a cold, black sky,

Life isn't so bad.

At least I'm not totally alone,

Friendships with bakas and kitsunes

Are friendships all the same.

But they won't know, cannot know

The pain my heart feels.

Killing makes it go away…sometimes.

Who am I kidding?

My life will suffice, while the pain,

That damned pain lies within…

Wounds heal, this is true.

A smile closes gaps,

Directed at my face.

Reflecting on my life, I find

That being thrown off the Isle of Koorimes

Wasn't a bad thing at all.

I can deal with it,

My problems won't go away while I do nothing.

I'm stuck here, might as well stop sulking.

In my life, I've learned something's got to give.

Well, it won't be me.

Of this I am sure.

Nothing is endless,

Life, Love, and…

Pain must end at some point.

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