Disclaimer: ::sighs:: To answer that nagging question I know you're all asking, I must say…no…I don't. Yoshihiro Togashi does.


As I look upon his face, wise and serene,

I wonder what he sees.

The cunning youko, demon in disguise.

A fighter, strong and pure.

Emerald eyes gaze at everything, taking it in,

Not missing a thing.

His fiery crimson hair falls in his face,

Shading his eyes-green as limes-unique.

He turns, grinning and laughing.

Don't make a mistake, a fight to the death,

Of this he is not afraid.

His weapon of choice: a rose, red as blood.

Human or demon, red or white, peaceful or killer,

He is both, his face a mask of what lies beneath.

The bandit, the loving son, ah, he is both.

Unique in all ways, warm heart, kind soul

Mirroring legendary demon causing fear.

He is unique right down to the core.

He has befriended the Koorime,

No small feat, it's hard to get past cold red eyes

And sharp cold metal, but it has been done.

And to put fear in the hearts of many,

Both enemy and ally alike look upon him

With revere and solemn respect.

Does unique describe him?

I believe it does.

Where else can you find a loving killer?

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