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12 Grimmauld Place

Harry Potter looked around at his friends, seeing their various states of distress. Ron and Hermione were leaning on each other, Hermione's left leg had been shattered as they were retreating from Death Eaters and Ron most likely had a concussion based from the blood that would not stop dripping from his head.

Neville was forced to put his right arm in a make-shift sling when Fenrir Greyback nearly tore it off in multiple places, Neville now had to use his non-dominant hand to spell cast with which left the group at a disadvantage as Neville was one of their heavy hitters.

The only ones that were relatively unharmed were Harry, who had a few scratches, Severus, though one of his eyes were forced shut due to repeated blows to his head, and Luna, who luckily got away with just a few scratches as well.

Harry couldn't help the violent flinch that came as the wards around Grimmauld Place were violently assaulted by the group of Death Eaters that had came after them. These were the last of the Death Eaters as the rest were killed or were executed via the Dementor's Kiss after Voldemort was defeated more than three months ago, killed by Harry himself. This group, made up of Greyback, the Lestrange Brothers, Augustus Rookwood, and eight or so other lesser known Death Eaters, had resurfaced in the past week and were hell bent on getting revenge for their master and reminding everyone why they should be on the top of the Wizarding World.

The group had found them standing by the graves of their comrades that had fallen in the war and engaged them in a surprise attack, anti-apparition wards making it impossible for them to flee. They had been pushed back after significant injuries were taken, though they gave as good as they got, and with the enemy in greater number it was the best course of action to take. Harry settled himself and tried to be positive, at least Remus and Tonks weren't here and were instead taking care of their baby. They had wanted to come with them to see Sirius' grave but Harry talked them out of it, saying they should spend time with their son.

He took another look around at his friends and couldn't stop the warm feeling that rose within him. Though the odds were against them, each of their eyes showed Harry an unbroken spirit and the willingness to never quit. Neville seemed to be psyching himself up for a final battle, Ron and Hermione were quietly enjoying the company of each other as it might be their last chance, Severus was looking around trying to find anything that could give them an edge against the enemy trying to force their way inside the Black ancestral house, and Luna was looking straight at him with a focus he rarely saw in her. It was Luna that spoke first.

"So, Harry," came the prompt from the former Ravenclaw. Everyone's eyes shifted to him in anticipation. If he was younger, he would have been uncomfortable with having his friends' lives in his hands, but war had quickly changed this; especially since he was widely seen as the leader of the Light after Dumbledore was killed by Voldemort and his Inner Circle, though he took all of them with him save for Voldemort.

Harry quickly went through their situation, "There are six of us, three seriously injured, and twelve of them, some of which are also seriously injured. The wards around the house will fall soon as there is no Head of the Black Family and thus no one for the wards to draw power from-"

"Wait, I thought you were the Head after Sirius died? Didn't he transfer everything to you?" asked Hermione.

Harry let out a sigh, "We were going to but with the Voldemort's Inner Circle defeated and our gaining on Voldemort's location we thought it unnecessary, neither of us thought Sirius would die soon after."

Severus let out a contemptuous snort, "Mindless Gryffindors."

"Slimy Slytherin," came the automatic reply from Ron. And suddenly everyone had smiles on their faces despite their situation as old memories came to their minds.

Harry gave a wry shake of his head and continued, "The longest we have is maybe fifteen minutes before they barge in and start shooting spells. There are two exits in the house, the front door and the one in the cellar that leads a few miles outside of town. Sirius' ancestor had it built so that the family could escape if their dark activities were ever found out. We can't apparate out as we're are not keyed into the apparition wards. Only three of us can fight-"

"Oi!" yelled an indignant Ron, "we can fight, we're not invalid!" Neville was shaking his head in agreement, "Yeah, we are not going to let you guys fight them alone."

Harry smiled and Hermione reached out to steady her partner, "Ron, love, you're swaying, and you haven't stopped bleeding since we got here. I can't feel my leg and I can barely walk with help from one of you. And Neville, while you can still cast spells with your left hand, they are underpowered, and your aim is off. You are more likely to hit one of us than the enemy."

Severus nodded in agreement, "Granger is right. Another thing is, since the three of you cannot fight then you will be in the way as the three of us cannot fight the Death Eaters and protect you at the same time, it would be suicide for all of us. It would be best if the we just escaped through the tunnel to safety."

Neville and Ron grudgingly agreed with Severus' plan.

Luna hummed to herself and cocked her head to the side, "If we all run then they would just chase us. And in our condition they would catch up to us and the same thing would happed if we were to stay."

Ron groaned into Hermione's shoulder, "Bugger. Luna's right. This is utter shite."

"What do we do then?" came question from Neville.

Harry wearily ran his hand through his hair and looked at his comrades, "One of us will have to stay behind and hold them off while the rest get to safety."

Before anymore could be said the group instantly went off, arguing who it should be who stays behind. Neville, Hermione, and Ron each offered, saying that they were injured already and thus had less to lose. Severus offered saying he was the oldest, that he already lived, and that he was the most familiar with Death Eater methods and that maybe he could convince them he was still with them. Luna said that she was willing to as she saw no better end than dying for friends and that she wanted to find a creature that was only accessible in death.

Harry's soft smile never wavered as he listened to his friends bicker about who should stay behind. He needed to put a stop to this quickly, the wards wouldn't last much longer.

A loud bang from his wand had everyone looking at him once more.

"I can't ask any of you to throw your life away for this stupid war, it wouldn't be worth it. Ron, Hermione you both want to start a family together there is nothing more important than that, you both deserve to settle down. Luna, you still have yet to find a Crumple Horned Snorkack, don't give up so soon. Neville, mate, you will lead the next generation of magic users into a new age, you are needed. Severus, you have done more than enough for the Light and everyone that aligns themselves with it, let someone else do the same for you. I should be the one to stay, it is me their after. I killed their precious master and I'm the only one with large enough reserves left to take them out while you guys get away." Harry put up his hand as everyone in the room vehemently voiced their protests.

Harry smiled, "Besides, I'm shite at healing. Luna isn't and Severus is more than skilled in healing potions. Neville will help identify healing roots and herbs. Hermione and Ron will help make sure you guys get to where you need to be, they've always helped me in that regard. I couldn't ask for better friends than the one's here, don't worry I'll tell everyone you guys say hello." Everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. Luna had tears running down her face, Neville, Ron, and Hermione just looked at Harry with watery eyes. Severus had looked away.

The house shuddered. Everyone was quickly on alert. The fifteen minutes had passed. Harry quickly pulled out his wand and pointed at the floor revealing a hidden trap door.

"Quickly!" Neville tried to give Harry a hug but was forcefully shoved down into the tunnel. "There's no time! They'll break through any moment, hurry!"

Making sure Hermione and Ron got through safely, Harry turned and started throwing every locking charm he knew and laying traps by the door, while making sure he didn't burn through his reserves.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Luna jump down and Severus was the last one going down.

"Harry." Harry didn't turn as Severus spoke, instead keeping his gaze on the violently rattling door. "Are you sure? We could switch, the Wizarding World needs their hero not some double agent."

Severus couldn't see Harry's face as he spoke but he could see the determination on the young man, "You're right, they do. Luckily there is five of them traveling through a tunnel to safety."

With that the door slammed open, three Death Eaters were caught in a fire trap and were quickly disposed of. The rest were pushed back from the doorway as Harry sent a barrage of spells.

Severus couldn't help but watch in admiration and awe, how wrong he had been all those years ago. He took one last look at this hero before he dropped into the tunnel and hurrying after the others.

Harry felt, more than heard, Severus finally leave and let out a sigh of relief. The Death Eater's numbers had been cut drastically and now all that stood were Greyback, one of the Lestranges, and a nobody. The rest were either taken out by traps or Harry's wand.

Greyback moved forward letting out a low growl, "You'll die, Potter. And after we deal with you, your friends will make for tasty snacks."

Harry smirked despite his heavy breathing. He had maybe enough reserves for one more spell, "I'm sorry disappoint you but my friends are not up for grabs. Though you are right about one thing."

At the furiously confused looks in front of him, Harry laughed, "I will die today but you are all coming with me."

Lestrange came even with Greyback, "What?! You're willing to sacrifice yourself for them? You really are a fool, this will be easy."

Harry shook his head, "No, you are the fools. I will protect those precious to me no matter the cost, they have given me something that far outweighs the fear of death."

The unnamed Death Eater spoke up, "Oh yeah, half-blood? What's that? Indulge me in your last moments."

Harry closed his eyes and smiled, "Everything." And then, "Fiendfyre."

As Harry was burned alive by the demonic fire, he took grim satisfaction in seeing his enemies scream in horror. He wasn't worried about the fiendfyre getting out of control, once he died so would it.

Harry Potter's last thoughts were hoping his friends were safe.


It was floating, It didn't for how long but knew that It was at peace, yet something was missing.

Something important It assumed, why else would It remember?

Wait, what's this warmth?

Why is it familiar yet so different, this one feels more natural and had a flow to it, the other felt sentient and chaotic.

The warmth asked it something.


Go where?


What It's missing? What is it that It is missing?

A life? But It felt fine where It was. What is life anyway?

Connections? Trust? Comrades? Friends? Family? Ah. That's what It forgot. How does It get them back?

It was enveloped by the flowing warmth.