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Author's Notes: Everything in this piece of work is fictional, including the schools and festivals. I have no dance background therefore some of the dance movements described might not make sense to you if you are really into dance and stuff (though I really do hope that I make some sense because I've never researched so hard for a fic before).

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Pairing: RuHana (Duh)

Warning: Slash/YAOI whatever, PG-13 (just in case)

Dance to the Rhythm of Love
Written by Merri


Sakuragi Hanamichi was not your typical street ruffian. Not the ones you see loitering around the seedier areas of the Kanagawa prefecture, waiting to create trouble or to accost pretty young women as they walk past. In fact, he was not a street ruffian at all, despite the impression you might get when you see his crop of flaming red hair and the typical Japanese ruffian hairdo. He was a man with a dream. A laughable dream when you try to link it to his fearsome features and the kind of dream that you would never associate with a man like him.

"A what?" Mito Youhei exclaimed, choking a little on his pint.

"A dancer! I want to be a dancer." Sakuragi repeated impatiently, enunciating the word "dancer" with deliberate care while giving Youhei a look that meant that he thought his friend a little deaf to not catch it.

Youhei's eyes widen a little, as he took in the words. "Seriously, Hanamichi. Why the sudden interest?" he asked, looking incredulous at his friend's confession. "I mean," Youhei added slowly after Sakuragi flashed him a look of irritation, "you've never mentioned anything about this before... You don't suddenly wake up one day and proclaim to the world that your dream is become a dancer, am I right?"

Sakuragi shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "I... it was my childhood dream, alright? I just never... thought to mention about it," he said before proceeding to look anywhere but at Youhei, an obvious splotch of pink growing high on his cheeks, "since its nothing important."

"And it's important to mention it now?" asked Youhei, amused.

"Of course!" Sakuragi exclaimed, slamming both his hands palms down on the table, "the future of the Great Sakuragi Hanamichi is now in your hands, Youhei!"

"Wait, stop! Am I missing something here?" asked Youhei as he looked around making silent apologies to the dirty looks their neighbours were giving them. When he turned back to see the cheeky grin plastered on Sakuragi's face, he could only regret his decision to accompany his friend for a drink that night.

"Ne, ne, I heard from Nozomi about your friend's Dance Company," said Sakuragi while nudging Youhei's shoulder in a conspiratorial way. "He told me that they are looking for a male dancer and I think...," he paused to point a finger at himself, "that you've got the perfect candidate sitting right here in front of you."

Great, thought Youhei, I'm so going to kill Nozomi tomorrow when I see him. "Can you even dance?" he asked instead. "You do know that this is professional dance we're talking about and not some extra curriculum activity for adults, right?"

Youhei's vision shifted into a blur when Sakuragi moved to grab him by the front of his collar and proceed to give him a good shake. "Temee! Are you doubting my talent!?" exclaimed Sakuragi.

"No, no. Of course not. I'll – I'll just talk to my friend about this, alright? I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to have you..." Youhei explained. He is finding the idea of Sakuragi being a dancer a little hard to accept. Of all things, a dancer!

"Eh!? Really?" asked Sakuragi in disbelief. Though why in disbelief, Youhei had no idea, since the man probably knew that Youhei was going to give in to his whims in the end.

"Youhei! You're the best!"

To be continued…