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"Tomo, I tried to convince the airport staff, but they say no," Yukari said, "But the good news is that the hotel that we slept in is letting us have an extended stay, the bad news is that they don't have room for 10 more people!"

"But Yukari-sensei, where are we're going to stay?" Chiyo asked.

"I know where we're going to stay," Kagura spoked up, "My father's house, it's not that far for here."

And so, Kagura led her friends, teachers, and Kaori to the place she lived for the first fourteen years of her life, but the humid air and scorching sun made the trip much more intolerable than normal. It was so sufferable that Sakaki has to give Chiyo-chan a piggyback ride.

"Hey Yomi! can you give me a piggyback ride?" Tomo asked Yomi, but the glasses-wearing girl got annoyed really fast, "Ask me that question one more time and I'll make you regret everything."

"Come on, Yomi, Chiyo-chan's making it look fun," Tomo whined, " And besides, I bet there's some muscle underneath that fat."

Yomi groaned, but she doesn't have the will to hit Tomo right now.

"Sakaki-san, can you please give me a piggyback ride?" Kaori asked Sakaki, but no response came from Sakaki.

"Oh Kaorin, can you give your little old uncle Kim-Kims a piggyback ride?" Mr. Kimura asked Kaori.


Soon, noon became dusk, and the seven girls and 3 teachers finally made it to Kagura's old home. It was in better shape than when Kagura last remembered. A two-story house painted white, with a patched-up door and roof. Kagura then pushed the door open.

"Dad, I'm home!" she said.

Then, a dark-skinned man runs up to Kagura and hugs her. "Kagura!" her dad said, "Long time no see!"

"Oh, daddy," Kagura said, "I miss you so much!"

"Oh look at the daddy's girl," Tomo comments, before a slightly taller girl came into the room.

"Gura, what are they doing here?" Keito asked her little sister.

"Yeah Kagura, what are those Yamatonchus doing in our house?" Kagura's father asked his daughter.

"These are my friends and teachers, dad," Kagura explained, "They're staying here until our flight back to Tokyo is uncancelled."

"At least they're not Americans," Keito mentioned.

"You're right, Keito," Kagura's dad signed, "Okay then, all of you can stay here and have dinner with us. By the way, the name's Akio. Akio Katawagawa."

"So, what's for dinner?!" Yukari asked.

"Ha! It's goya champuru with soba noodles!" Akio guffawed, "Kagura, may you do the honor of cooking dinner-"

"-With mom's pot, sure!" Kagura finished, dashing towards the kitchen only to find Osaka being there first. "What in that-?!"

"Ah, Kagura-chan," Osaka calmly said, "Yer pa told me that I can help ya with the cookin'."

"Okay Osaka, you'll get the tofu, pork loin, eggs, goya, and noodles, I'll get my mother's cooking pot," Kagura said to Osaka as she walks outside to fetch her mother's old pot. When she lifts it, she felt some added weight to it. "Huh, it's heavier than I remembered," she noted as she walked back inside the kitchen, set down the pot, and opens the lid. Inside the pot, there was a plump and round Ryukyu boar piglet, taking a little nap.

"GOYA!" Osaka shouted.

"Osaka, it's not a goya melon," Kagura said, holding the little squeaker, "It's a boar piglet."

"But where's its ma and siblings?" Osaka asked.

"I don't know," Kagura answered, "It may be an orphan, but I'll be its mother. Now, to give it a name. Osaka, got any ideas?"

"Uri-botan," said Osaka.

"Uri-botan?!" Kagura shouted, "How did you come up with that name?!"

"It combines 'boar piglet' with 'peony'."


"That's what they call boar meat back in the day."

Kagura's face turned blue when Osaka said those words, giving the common "WTF" expression that comes from hearing everything that comes out of Osaka's mouth. Then, the boar piglet woke from its nap, laying its eye on Kagura.

"Puhi~" it squealed, causing Kagura to blush for the first time since the second cultural festival. "Shit, it's so cute!" she said.

"Wow, Kagura-chan," Osaka exclaimed, "I haven't see ya blushin' that much since Chiyo-chan in a penguin suit."

"Osaka, no time to talk about cute things and junk!" Kagura shouted, setting down Uri-botan on the floor and turning on the stove, "We got mouths to feed!" She then pulls out a piece of yellowed paper, which has her late mother's champuru recipe on it.

"Kagura-chan, I didn't know that ya can cook so well," Osaka said, seeing Kagura stir-frying the ingredients in her late mother's pot.

"Well, when your mother taught you how to cook when you're a toddler, you'll have the experience," Kagura said.

Meanwhile, in the dining room, Akio and Keito told their guests stories of Kagura's childhood when Kagura came out of the kitchen with enough goya champuru and soba noodles to feed everybody in the room. Everybody then started to chow down on the food.

"Wow, Kagura!" Tomo said, taking in a huge mouthful of champuru, "You made this all by yourself?!"

"Yep, mom taught me," Kagura said.

"Kagura-san, you never told us about your mother," Chiyo said, "Where is she?"

Kagura went silent when Chiyo asked her that question before she got out of her chair, took out a photo album, and showed her friends a black-and-white photo. The photo has a picture of a long-haired woman with a 4-year-old Kagura on her shoulders.

"This was the last photo I took with my mother, Sachiko, before-" Kagura paused as tears started to form in her eyes, "That fucking American soldier killed her!"

Everybody except Kagura and her family was shocked, even Mr. Kimura.

"Sachiko was an amazing woman," Kagura's dad explained, " She managed to raise two kids with so little money. She was Kagura's role model. That is before the incident."

"Gura was running around the streets when an American soldier grabbed her," Keito continued, "Mom was able to save her, but the soldier beat mom to death. Gura was so traumatized by the event that she vowed to never speak or learn English."

"So that's the reason why Kagura gets bad grades in my class," Yukari said.

"Other than you taking her from my class," said Nyamo.

"Touche, Nyamo, touche."

"Well then, now that everybody's full, it's time to go to bed," Nyamo announced as everybody finished their meal, "Tomorrow, you students will go out and do something while us teachers will try to contact the principal."

Kagura is in her old bedroom with Uri-botan in her arms, when suddenly the door to her room opens.

"Who's there?" Kagura asks.

"Your good old friend Tomo Takino, that's who!" Tomo answered, jumping on to Kagura's bed, "You know what, the more I think about it, we're kinda the same."

"Like how?"

"Well, we're both energetic and aggressive, we both tried to make Sakaki our rival and failed, we're both Knuckleheads, and we both have dead mothers."

"Wait, your mother's dead?!"

"Yep! She died from a disease when I was 10 years old!"

"At least your mother didn't die at the hands of a crazed American soldier."

"Well, when you have 4 siblings and an awesome dad to comfort you, you're not going to be as traumatized."

"4 siblings?!"

"Yep! I'm the middle child of 5!"

"No wonder why you have an over-bloated ego. Say, Tomo, wanna go up to the roof?"

"Sure!" Tomo answered as she and Kagura climbed a ladder to the roof. On the roof, the two Knuckleheads admire the nighttime Okinawan sky, though Uri-botan felt uneased.

"Puhi, Puhi~" it squealed.

"Uri-botan, what's wrong?" Kagura asked her boar piglet.

"Uh, Kagura," Tomo said, pointing her finger at the sky, "Is that blue swirly effect on the sky natural?"

"No, " Kagura answered, "but I know my anime enough to know that's a sign of-"

"A force field!" said both Tomo and Kagura. And they're right. There was a force field encasing all of Okinawa Island!

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