2031 san Francisco

John connor and the resistance were fighting hundreds of terminator robots as they were breaking into skynets core.

We need to get in there ! John shouted as they all charged through the doors blasting all the terminators in their way.

They ran through the doors as two terminator robots charged at them.

A tx000 blasted a soldier killing him.
Kyle Reese threw a grenade at the tx1000 blowing it up.

They arrived into the control room where a terminator with the appearance of a teenager stepped onto the platform. The time machine activated starting to spin.

Stop him !John shouted.
They blasted the time machine causing it to overload. Error error the computer said as they ducked for cover suddenly the time machine exploded and the terminator was gone.

Did we stop it ? Kyle asked.
I think so John Said.
Little did they know that they sent the terminator to a alternate earth.