Dr Sigourney Gaines examined frankie and found out she was more advanced than before. She no longer needed charging and was completely waterproof.

It has been a month since it happened and they were going to a dance.

Thomas was going to meet Tammy and her friends there.
A week ago he decided to reveal to her friends that he was a terminator

Makayla and Lucia had many questions but were cool with it.

Thomas was dressed in a white button up shirt and black pants.

You excited to dance with Tammy ?

Frankie asked Thomas as she came in wearing a beautiful white dress.

Yeah Thomas replied.

How do I look ? Frankie asked him.

Good Thomas assured her.
I'm sure Cole would love your outfit.

Thanks she said.

Meanwhile Dayton and Cole were getting ready as well.
Zhane asked Dayton to the Dance and she was excited for that.

Ready to go ? Cole asked her. Yeah she said smiling.

2 hours later.

When they got to the dance there was music and lots of colorful lights.

Thomas and his friends sat down and waited for their dates to come.
Zhane then came over to Dayton.
Wow Dayton you look hot. He commented her beautiful yellow dress.

Thanks she said.
You want to dance?

Sure he said and she dragged him onto the dance floor and they started dancing.

They were soon joined by Andrew and Simone as well as Makayla and Lucia.

Thomas was sitting there alone when suddenly Tammy came in wearing a beautiful dark blue dress. Thomas was in Awe as she walked over to him.

You look gorgeous Tammy he told her.
Tammy smiled.

So you want to dance? She asked him.
Thomas grabbed her hand and dragged her onto the dance floor .

They slow Danced the night away and they kissed.

Thomas never felt happier . He helped tammy change and he learned more about humanity. As a bonus he found love.
He couldn't wait to find out what happened next.

The end.

Hope you enjoyed my story.
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